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There are a things that I want to talk about ... for now I will only mention 2.
A problem and an addition that could be improved, unless I only that notice it.
Problem: A problem with fishing rods; no pulls only twists, can you fix ?. It's like having the starter rods and I have the advanced one.
A new addition that could be improved but something that served: Now you can get rid of some things from your bag. Just click on the object and you can delete it ... way to improve; that allows us to get rid of the dragon eggs we do not want (or at least I do not know if it's still there because I do not have anything to incubate). However, it conjoined the fact that I still have 4 Groncicle eggs that I STILL can not get rid of that I obtained years ago due to the expansion of Icestrorm Island. Or they let them incubate or take them away, they occupy a place and they do not work.
More details coming soon ...
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Another idea that occurred to
Another idea that occurred to me to think, to make it more "realistic" and to do more things in the game besides the Battle Event.
I thought that you could ... I do not know ... you know how are hunters, persistent, cruel live to trap and cage dragons. I thought we could receive an alert when a dragon was caught and we would have to go free them. Never is miss a hunter wanted to capture all the possible dragons. In addition to that I also thought .. the hidden world was wonderful, beautiful however there was another end of that place, I do not know, for later they could add it (with a load screen in between as it is typical). That I thought, I do not know; what do you think?.
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Flying through the clouds??

im sure im not the only one to suggests this but PLZ ADD REALISTIC CLOUDS WE CAN FLY THROUGH you have added them to a quest to fly to gothis hut and its honeslty the best quest beacuse of it. that took the game to a whole other lvl it felt so real PLZ ADD CLOUDS WE CAN FLY THROUGH!!!



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Yes, that too and I said it a

Yes, that too and I said it a long time ago. I also thought about bath for dragons, dentist for dragons, gain up affection with caresses and to raise the mood, among other things.

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Stolen subject

Would be cool if we can have other methods of making our dragon mood higher other than dragon nip and playing games with them, Maybe a new game could be a good start?


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The truth is that I would
The truth is that I would like to see the New Berk a bit more populated. Place more houses despite being closed / blocked, would give more realism, but it seem very sparsely populated, there is only a small percentage living there. And the house of Patán ?. But we do not want to overload the game, right? It's just an idea. Think about it
Also another idea based on a --> 'Zeezur' <-- publication, I always wanted to see a desert in the game, it was one of my ideas but I never proposed it. What you think?.
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Add ideas and better things
In total we have these ideas that we would like to implement in the game:
- Bath for dragons
- Dentist of dragons
- Remove the flight limits (no more 3rd map)
- A desert?, interesting hahahaha XD
- An update of the boats in the Battle Event. We no longer have those enemies, it's better the fleets of Grimmel and Drago.
- Mission extra similar to the Battle Event, but like an alert when a dragon is captured and we have to rescue it in the Glacier Island.
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Stolen subject

Maybe it's time that we raid the hunter's place once in quite a while and free dragons! We always get the attacks and threats so why not us attack them at their base? It could be a rare event for once in a while since we need to be realistic and rebuilding a base is no joke. We can free dragons in a way that we need to solve those puzzle locks in cages like on the Singetail in Return to Dragon Island, also the more dragons we are able to free, the higher points we get. Of course, we need to get a new set of map everytime so we don't get to memorize cage locations and win the game easily and the game difficulty may also vary!

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Maybe also a button for the

Maybe also a button for the dragon to not follow you. I want to say how to say him "stay" and your viking can explore alone and then with the same button but now with the "call" function, the dragon will automatically appear walking or flying. As a way to temporarily remove the magnetism of dragon and rider. Sometimes that magnetism ends up being weird because sometimes the dragon seems to come much closer and tremble. I think this would be a good way to give your viking and dragon freedom. I do not know if I explain myself very well. What do you think?.

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Speed Stingers?

What about the Speed Stingers? Maybe something like a ground only dragon event or minigame and they could add Cavern Crashers and/or a SOD original wingless dragon.  



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Well; yes ... an island for

Well; yes ... an island for the Speed ​​Stingers, an exclusive race track for them would be very good since they are not flying dragons. And in the case of Caver Crasher it would be the same, with its own island, but we have to think about the limitations of the game and what they can work with on the moment.

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Oh, ok right sorry.

Oh, ok right sorry.

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Why do you apologize? I just
Why do you apologize?
I just throw ideas and see what they can use, and if does not can; not matter. There are things that are hard to do, but if we help more, maybe it can be done, that's what I say.