THIS IS Some SUGGESTIONS to the SCHOOL OF DRAGONS TEAM- Read This Important Message

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Hey SOD TEAM. I know this may be a long letter, and you’re probably thinking, 


Well I’m here to tell you that’s NOT what I’m here to do. 

I’m going to offer some advice about the game, the setup of it, and even the basis of which the storyline is set off from.


Before we start I just want to say that I LOVE How to Train Your Dragon, and I find it GREAT that the franchise is so popular. Which is why I’m suggesting that while the game is fun and light, it needs to go deeper into the depths with the game living up to the movie.


Because I think we can all agree how amazing this game wouod be if it was currently what it COULD be, if you take into account these ideas.


I have a very creative mind, and so I have a lot of ideas about how to keep the audience engaged in a plotline. I would first like to point out that your target audience currently appears to be fans of HTTYD and DRTTE, both of which I personally enjoy to watch very much. I would suggest however that collective villains (like the Dragon Hunters soldiers) become more realistic in their behaviour (in that they don’t raise their swords and charge and then instantly jump in the water when Toothless roars at them) remember, one of the most important aspects of a good movie/TV show is to have a good villain, as was well established with Drago Bloodvist, and in the movie his soldiers were relentless and sneaky.

I do also find it weird how the Dragon Hunters all have exactly the same face, armour and clothes 


What I’m saying about the show is that since it airs on Netflix, it reaches a much wider and slightly older audience than on CN, and because of this it may need a few tweaks to the collective villains. It would also be awesome to see a more intense action like the scenes with Hiccup and Toothless in the movies, but keep this moderated (as it is nice to see that lighter side of HTTYD that we all love)


I’m just going to say that this game would be absolutely the best game of the 2000s If it was literally like a game version of HTTYD, where players can explore Berk and the HTTYD and RTTE world as if it was a real place, with life-life action and physics. (Graphics could honestly really use an update)

Also this game seems to be not very consistent and communicated in the World between Dragons: Rise of Berk and School of Dragons as Berk and the Edge island is suddenly miles smaller that’s in RTTE


I also hope to bring no rudeness to the discussion of the name: The game seems to be an adventure game where you can explore and discover in an open MMORG world, but The title seems to put it down to a picture of young kids sitting in a classroom with their dragons, when in reality it should be open, beautiful and vibrant world exploration like the movies. The problem with this is it makes the target audience seem younger, and HTTYD fans like me may feel like the game can’t decide whether it’s a Little Kid’s Science guide for Dummies or an action, adventure MMORG game. That part can be left for the Alchemy Adventure game. Sure, talk about Science and everything, but do it in a way that actually sounds like the characters would say it in the show or movies. For example, Heather (who does not need to dress like that to do an experiment, and what is the huge stick for? Is there a life-threatening scenario where fiddling with this ridiculously huge magnifying glass would be useful?)

But yes, the physics, graphics and character acting and the storylines needs a reboot to satisfy the HTTYD and RTTE fans. My only request lef is: Don’t be afraid to 


What I picture:

I picture a game where players can interact with the world of dragons, train them, and explore life-size versions of Berk, The Edge, and the rest of the archipelago on the back of your personalised dragon that can age up like the player. The dragons are personalised, and have individual traits and personalities and can be bred over time, and grow and decide whether they want to be with their rider when the hatch. I picture a World with life-like physics where the player can perform wild and freestyle stunts with their dragons, and wild dragons roam, nest hunt and fly on islands from the Shows. So go ahead. Include every seen island from the Show. What would be awesome to see is that the show hints at events that happened in the game.


You could, if you felt the need, make a new game entirely, and maybe even call it ‘World of Dragons’. Players create a character and enter the world Cressida Cowell envisioned for her readers, and the DreamWorks team bringing it to life through their top-notch animation


Look, I know the SOD team may be sorter of staff than they’d like to be, but I feel this is the way to keep moving forward and continue promoting the show and the HTTYD Franchise. Also, don’t end the franchise there. Make spinoff movies and franchises and shows that eventually cover it all. Think outside of the box. Fans are so attached to Hiccup and his crew and, even if it is the last of HTTYD, don’t stop dead in your tracks.

‘who knows what you do if you if you only give it a go’


Ok, so to wrap up a long post I would like to thank the HTTYD team. HTTYD was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid. It got me going crazy












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Gemshard the Whispering Death

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good care. Interestingly, unlike his spiny hostile

brothers, gemshard's spines consisted of a hard,

crystillic substance, hence his name, which leads us to believe

that one of his ancestors may have been a

Crystal Sand Wraith, which puts a whole new

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Apophis the Whispering Death


​Apophis, surprisingly seemed to be the literal

personification of what a wild Whispering Death

was... and more! Apophis grew up to be

incredibly sneeky, and took pride and pleasure in

causing havok, (I'm honestly not surprised he got

along with the twins- that is, until he destroyed

their Monstrous Nightmare Gel Bombs), and hard

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along with Barf and Belch though. His name

came to him when I noticed he took a keen

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to enjoy learning bedtime stories about him...


Spark and Ember the Zippleback

​Spark and Ember... those strange two. Spark and

Ember seem to posess different genders of

personality... Which is strange considering both

heads protrude from the same body... Anyhow,

their favourite hobbies include testing who can

make the biggest Zippleback explosion. They also 

try to be the fastest they can, even though Stormflash can easily beat them without breaking

a sweat


Celestio the Raincutter


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IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Or is this just fantasy? Well it

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behind a bush while I looked for him, and he sat

there throwing chickens at me. It was awesome.

Feathers Galore!

When he was a newborn baby I showed him to

Hiccup, and during a long and nerdy conversation

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for him and he didn't need it anyway, but if I've

learnt anything from my Champion Skrill, it's

that anyone, even a dragon, can dream big!



Discovery is constantly curious about what

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*Ahem; and unintentionally stolen a

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putting that one back I might say)


Here’s your stupid image that I spent an hour drawing, and it taking me even longer to figure out how to use this freaking forum.

Oh my God. This forum is so inconvenient for posting regular and easy comments and keeping up with my clan.


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

It sounds like what you want is a game with a much higher budget then SOD has. I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool but this is a free to play game that relies on the people who are willing to pay for memberships and gems. It essentially runs on donations. Some of the stuff you want is typically in games that cost 60 dollars up front. The current graphics and size of the islands for example are they way they are because of the game's budget not because of a lack of work on the dev's parts.



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Yes. I agree, it’s just that the game has so much potential

Hey HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker I understand that SoD has a limited budget but I’m suggesting that if it was funded a bit more it would help attract a wider audience and definitely help promote the franchise. I think that the game has a lot of potential and it could use some updating. They could add features like players inventing their own tools and contraptions by collecting parts and using them on their farm or to build ships at the docks. 

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If they do that it's gonna be

If they do that it's gonna be another star stable a horse game I rarely play because its only free up until level 5

and to get the money they need to do this idea is for everyone to buy like a membership and I will not play if this turns into another star stable








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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

If you want it funded more I suggest buying a lot of gems. The company won't spend more on the game unless the game is making enough as is for them to feel it's worth it.

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Cats Rule!

     Okay, most of your ideas are good, just not likely to happen. They would need a ton more money, and I don't really want to pay much to do that (I'd pay $1.50/Month to play this game, but not much more).


  There is one thing, however, that I CAN agree completely with. Is this an adventure game, or an education game. I feel like its split. I want to do the adventure, but I get sick of the vikings going on and on about something. Furthermore, some of those smart vikings are Ruffnut and Tuffnut. WHAT IS GOING ON! I can only conclude three things.

  1.They only pretend to be stupid when they are truely bright.

  2. This is a completely different world where the twins can actually count to ten (which, from Defenders of Berk, we know they can't).

  3. The admins have no idea who they're dealing with.


  I also agree that Heather looks crazy with all that stuff. I never truely liked her (don't get me wrong, she's okay, just not my favorite), but I know for a fact that she isn't some science nerd. If she is the 'Science Nerd', then Alvin is the 'Physics Guy'. Hey, there's an idea! Maybe we should put him in a white outfit, put a quill behind his right ear, and have him start giving us long talks about  something we don't understand! (Please note: I'm not trying to be mean, I just have been against 'Science Heather' since the game launched and I've finally got the chance to go off.)


  I think I made my point. Good day, GOD bless you, Happy Snoggletog, and Merry CHRISTmas.


  -Lack Lunason.





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