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A. I had this thought the other day when I entered the lab. The dragon I was riding on at the time is one that has a rather long neck and of course it's head went straight through the door. It occured to me "Hmm... wouldn't it be nice if the doors swung open when you walked up to them...?" A minor detail yes but it would still be nice so that we didn't constantly have doors decapitating our dragons. Now, I won't start on all the layering errors there are because 1) there are too many to fix and 2) I find it funny when you can fly through what looks on one side to be a cave then you get to the other side to see yourself going through a mountainside.


B. Make water splash when ever you or your dragon jump into or out of it. This is another minor thing that would make the game seem just a touch more... immersive (I would have said realistic but all things considered with people riding around on the backs of fictional creatures that's already outside the relm of possibility XD), for want of a better word. The only time we ever see water splash is when fish are jumping or you jump into an area of water that makes you respawn back on shore.


Other little tweaks I would like to see are things like dragons being able to actually roar, not just make noise when you have them firing at something and have a few more dragon sounds. But there are already other posts about such things so I won't go into those too much. I know that while these little tweaks seem minor at a glance, they actually take some extenisve coding to actually make a reality so I'm not really harping on these I just would like to see them done for quality sake. I'm sure there are some other "little" tweaks others would like to see as well so if anyone would like to post something similar, knock yourselves out ;3.


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Forgot to mention...

Some tweaks for the Hideout.


First of all, the door defies physics. The handle is on the right side when you are facing it from outside and is on the right side when facing it from inside. That's not how a door works -_-... The handle needs to be moved to the left on one of the two sides.


Rugs, make them so we can actually walk on them. There's like this invisible forcefield above the rugs. You literally can't walk on the things... makes no sense.


Lastly, the same thing we were begging for for years from our Pokémon games... let us sit on stuff! Literally, when X and Y came out and we saw the game fotage for it, my best friend and I were actually excited to see one particular detail GameFreak had added - "Yay! We get to sit on stuff now!" I'm not kidding; that was the actual reaction my friends and I had to finding that out. I have an idea for how this could easily work: make it like when you walk up to the trees or a moveable statue. Once you get close to a stool or a chair or a bench or the bed in your hideout, have a little button pop up (like the one for the axe or to push a statue) that has a sitting viking on it, click it and we sit on the object and have it change to a standing viking to click on it and we stand back up. Coding for this little thing would probably take at least a month or two I'm sure, but it would be nice to be able to sit around the tables in the Great Hall and chat with each other for a change.

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I agree! The invisible force is also on the bed and when you want to aproach your dragon from the right side (the giant porch, thing XD) you can't walk there anymore. Instead, you kinda, fly. It's seriously bothering me -_-



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