A Solution To Finding Names For Your Vikings/Dragons!

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So, earlier I was posting a reply to a thread, and as I was typing the CAPTCHA in, I realized how cool some of the words used for the CAPTCHA sounded. Then I thought, what a neat way it would be to look at CAPTCHAs and name your vikings/dragons after some of them! My CAPTCHA for this thread is: Ardea 1606. Ardea would be a cool name for a viking, or dragon. Of course, I'd advise you to look up what that word is that you're planning to use as your name. For example, I looked up what Ardea is, and it turns out Ardea is a town in Italy, and it is also a bird. This doesn't bother me much, so Ardea would be a neat name for a dragon, or viking! Using the CAPTCHA won't always come up with cool names, but every once and a while it does, so...why not take it as an advantage and use it to name your vikings/dragons?!?


Thank you for reading! ^_^

- Geo 


​(Profile picture of me and my Parakeet (A type of bird), Bella  that has already passed. Me and Bella we close.) The drawing is by the extremely talented Vanilia Viking! TYSM!













​(Below, edit by me!)

(Above, base by the talented xXHallaXx! Thank you!)


(Below, Edit by Me!)

​(Above) A spectacular blinkie of Jingle Bells, by one of my best friends, Archery and Dragons! TYSM!



​(Above) Splendid edit of Jingle Bells by another one of my best friends, Donnala! TYSM!


His name's Jingle Bells, and he lots one of his tail fins in a fight with his enemy, the Dreadfall Fury. I decided to make him a green tail fin replacement, and he loves it.


Now, here's the Dreadfall Fury!

Amazing Edit Done by My Friend, Archery and Dragons! Thank you so much!



Now for some art of my beautiful Nadder, Bella (In-game she's named Belle, a short version of Bella)! This Nadder, Bella, is based off one of my old parakeets who I lost a couple of years ago due to choking on her food. I absolutely loved her, and couldn't help but make a Nadder based off her! (It't not even close to having real Bella by my side, though)


(Edit above done by Me)


(Drawing below done by FloofQueen! Thank you so much, Floof!)


(Drawing below done by...Ruggedturf! TYSM, Ruggedturf!)


(Base below done by Megaboltphoenix, coloring by me! Credit all goes to Megabolt, TYSM, the base is AMAZING!)


Obviously, in-game, Bella can'thave those black stripes on her wings, nor can she have only that one little horn on her head bluish white. So, in-game, she has white skin, blue underbelly, and black spikes, and NO stripes on wings. Just picture this dragon above in bird form, with ths stripes on her wings and everything...and you got Bella!


Real Bella looked a lot like this, but she had some black stripes on her wings, as well as on her back and head. She had blue on her belly area, and on some other random spots. And she was missing a toe! (P.S. IN French, Bella means beautiful, which really matches Bella's appearance in my opinion!) Also, credit goes to the owner of the image above, the bird image is NOT mine.


Below, FANTASTIC drawing of me and Bella! Done by the crazy talented Vanilia Viking! OMG, TYSM!

(BELOW) My awesome Banana Fruit Wraith, Split, adopted by Grumpyforlife2! Thank you, he's amaizing:



​That's the end of my signature, it should be updated, however, really soon! XD





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Ah yes. 

The magnificent STOP.

Such a majestic name for a majestic dragon. 


((Jk, this is actually a cool idea))





To IisRandom's Signature



Imagination is like a constant flame

A light that never dies out



Dreams are like the smoke from the glowing fire

A visible whisper in the air before they dissipate to be replaced by another



Wishes are the embers from the flame

They keep your mind hopeful throughout your life



Stories are the fuel for the fire

They relay ideas, adventures, and knowledge to your mind




Never let your dreams die, your wishes go, and your love for stories leave you.




Once they're gone, so is the flame.



The flame that keeps your warm, happy, and hopeful through life.









Credit to myself for the story/poem

Credit to TosiLohi for the beautiful picture of my Nocturn Death Breather

Credit to NightmareRebuff for the Chiropan, Kigurumei, and Chibi Oriental Serpentfang

Credit to myself for the Hufflepuff Golden Snitch Dragon

Credit to myself for the silvery blue dragon

Credit to Witcherforever for the Dream Terrible Terror

Credit to xXPhinaXx for the Jelly-Bean-Crossed-With-Slime-Looking-Creature

Credit to a random online source for the amazing photo of Pearl


Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ^u^


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A wild post appeared!!!

Uh CAPTCHA is a system intended to distinguish human from machine input. How exactly would you use it for names? O.o


by Stinger23

By: Tosilohi




Hi there, for random reasons, try to find and count the diamonds (♦) Ive placed around my Signature. The answer will be given at the bottom.





Im Not  a art theif so I try my best to give credit. Im not perfect so please, I accept constuctive citisim, don't be rude. 



(by: ScaleFeatherz) 

 by Megabolt

By Pixel



 Profile Pic: Laykary

By: Witcherforever


Name: Wolf and Star

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Clan: Phantom Lords

Trophies: 5,000 (always rounded, not accurate. Gives you the General idea.)

Dragon Count: 35 








Oh! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot who made these banners! I really like them and would love to keep them so please, if you see one of your banners on here please tell me so I can give you credit!


Stryka:  (By: Me)



My Hideous Mudcutter Slpish and Splat By: Ladybrasa




By: CocoPuppy of Stryka








(by Nessie)

All of the Following images I got from online. And I give credit to whom ever made them...  if you see an image here you own and dont want me to display please PM me so we can work something out.


More toothless cuteness...
















(3D Toothlessness)








Now for OCs



This is Cleopatra also made by Autumn5467




This is my BewilderFury named Christmas made by: SpottedBreeze

This is Ornament made by: MidnightMare




This is Neon and Alpha hugging made by: TildenWolfGirl


images made by: Toothless572

frostandme.jpgThis is Forest And Solar's babies


This is Cleopatra and Ender Dragon's



boltfearless.jpgAnd this is Bolt's and Fearless's babies (Made by: Toothless572)



This is a nightfury and skrill hybrid made by: Rei♦


This is the same skrill Nightfury hybrid, made by Tryannosaur! Her name is Ferocity 




This is Cleopatra made by ELSA II♦

This is of wild toothless made by SadoMazoCat

This AMAZING pic of Solar was made by the one and only DUCKIE


Arashi by: AngNadder



By: Tryannosaur66


SandWraiths... xD

Answer: 13

Did you find them all?

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Most of the things in CAPTCHA are words in other languages.
eg: Ardea = past for the verb "a arde" in Romanian.
I'd rather invent things for names,like I usually do.Not for SoD though.



                                         MY SIGNATURE               




                                                      -LOST ACCOUNT-                    

                                                        Viking name: Black Saphir 

                                                              Gender: Female

                                                                   Age: 16

                                                            Country: Romania

                                     Languages I know: Romanian,English,French and Spanish

                                              Number of trophies: + 5000

                                                       Call me Saph or Saphira ^.^   


                            My Dragons:

                   - Lightning - Skrill

                   - Speed Spin - Deadly Nadder

                   - Smoky - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Snow - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Fireball - Monstrous Nightmare

                   - Yes and No - Hideous Zippleback

                   - Lava Blast - Gronckle  

                   - Dream - Gronckle

                   - Gumball - Gronckle

                   - Sharp Tooth - Whispering Death

                   - Saw - Whispering Death

                   - Warrior - Whispering Death

                   - Fire Wing - Typhoomerang

                   - Stormy Rain - Raincutter

                   - Air - Stormcutter

                   - Cloud - Stormcutter                                               

                   - Danger - Boneknapper

                   - Rocky - Hotburple

                   - Solar - Fireworm Queen

                   - Thunder - Thunderdrum

                   - Neon - Flightmare

                   - Sunset - Rumblehorn

                   - Ocean- Scuttleclaw

                   - Surfer - Tide Glider

                   - Aqua - Tide Glider

                   - Sky - Snafflefang            

                   - Wintry - Woolly Howl

                   - Icicle - Shiver Tooth

                   - Shadow - Changewing

                   - Sahara - Sand Wraith

                   - Galaxy - Shock Jaw

                   - Roar - Screaming Death

                   - Shield - Sweet Death

                   - Turbo - Speed Stinger

                   - Glacier - Groncicle

                   - Snow Storm - Groncicle                

                   - Paradise - Moldruffle

                   - Phantom - Grapple Grounder

                   - Snowflake - Snow Wraith

                   - Splash - Sliquifier

                   - Platinum - Razorwhip 

                   - Toothless - Night Fury

                   - Illusion - Hobblegrunt                                                                                                                                                                          


      <br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi68.tinypic.com/xen32u.jpg" href="http://oi68.tinypic.com/xen32u.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>




                                                     -NEW ACCOUNT-  

                                                        Viking name: Dark Saphira

                                                             Gender: Female                                                                

                                                                  Clan: The Furys

                                                                  Pos.: Member                                                                                

                                             Number of trophies: + 200


                             My Dragons:

                   - Vince - Devilish Dervish

                   - Turbo - Speed Stinger

                   - Speed Spin - Deadly Nadder

                   - Earthquake - Catastrophic Quaken

                   - Lightning - Skrill

                   - Watermelon - Whispering Death  

                   - Fireball - Monstrous Nightmare

                   - Leader - Night Terror

                   - Lava Blast - Gronckle

                   - Gumball - Gronckle

                   - Neon - Flightmare    

                   - Snappy Trap - Snaptrapper

                   - Shadow - Changewing

                   - Sahara - Sand Wraith

                   - Snowflake - Snow Wraith

                   - Phantom - Grapple Grounder

                   - Wintry - Woolly Howl

                   - Glacier - Groncicle

                   - Platinum- Razorwhip

                   - Remix - Death Song

                   - Melody - Slithersong

                   - Gecko - Singetail

                   - Flare - Singetail

                   - Cliff - Eruptodon

                   - Healer - Prickeboggle

                   - Puppet - Prickleboggle

                   - Solar - Fireworm Queen

                   - Ocean - Scuttleclaw

                   - Air - Stormcutter

                   - Cloud - Stormcutter

                   - Icicle - Shiver Tooth

                   - Splash - Sliquifier

                   - Danger - Boneknapper

                   - Sky - Snafflefang

                   - Roar - Screaming Death

                   - Paradise - Moldruffle

                   - Shield - Sweet Death

                   - Fire Wing - Typhoomerang    

                   - Galaxy - Shockjaw

                   - Smoky - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Snow - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Tree Rex - Timberjack

                   - Stormy Rain - Raincutter

                   - Yes and No - Hideous Zippleback

                   - Sunset - Rumblehorn 

                   - Volcano - Thunderpede

                   - Builder - Shovelhelm

                   - Thunder - Thunderdrum

                   - Current - Scauldron 

                   - Rocky - Hotburple

                   - Armor - Armorwing

                   - Wind Claw - Windwalker




                                My Night Fury OC,Bloody Claw!                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                <br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/fd6b06.jpg" href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/fd6b06.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>     



                                                          Made by AniuRavenwolf                                                             




                                         Made by Gigimon




                                                                                                                                                                Made by kimbenoso                     




         My FNaF OC,SpearTrap!         








  My favorite characters from all I have seen!



  Purple Guy from FNaF






   The Xenomorph Queen from the AvP Universe 






 Dagur the Deranged from Dragons: Race to the Edge






           Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls







                                         DON'T KEEP CALM           

                                                   Dance the Trapped Dance!






              My best ghostly helper!


              The Gentlefury Ghost






                                                           Crazy meetings!


      Foxy and Smoky

                                  Made by my best friend,DragonOfGalaxy                             




                                                             My Bouncies!



                                        Made by Defy                                       







                                                   My Evil Skrill Army!






           Black Bolt                   Pyro                          Cyan Storm











                                                          My Adoptables!


                      My Grapple Grounder!

                  Made by my best friend,DragonOfGalaxy




                              For Black.png



                                                                 My Triple Stryke!

                        Made by Wutend Bonfire








                                                    My Greater Banded Geckus!  

                                Adopted from themasterplan47                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Venomous Claw



                                                                           My Chiropans!

                        Adopted from NightmareRebuff


                  Alphonse                          Tricklust

                             Serial Magician by BreathOfNightmare




                                                                         My Kigurumei!

                          Adopted from NightmareRebuff







                              My Oriental Serpentfangs!  

                          Adopted from NightmareRebuff  


         Xi Suk                                                     Watruko





                                           My Daggermaw Flamestalker!  

                           Adopted from NightmareRebuff







                                  My Hufflebuck!

                        Adopted from chameishida








                                                              My Spacial Beauty!

                         Adopted from Krazykira24



                                        <br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/5ybvax.jpg" href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/5ybvax.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>