SoD/Video Games and Motion Sickness?

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Hey, everyone! So I have a quick question for y'all:

Do you experience motion sickness while playing SoD? Or any other video game?

Apparently it's a real thing, otherwise known as "simulator sickness".


~start ramble~

And quite frankly, I'm not sure how or why I have it. I used to be able to play SoD and other video games for hours on end without feeling nauseous, having headaches, and feeling extremely hot and sweaty. But the past few times I've played SoD I haven't been able to fly or even move my avatar for long periods of time without feeling these symptoms. And just today I was doing the new Loki maze and started feeling sick after only about 5 minutes. If I want to play I have to literally push myself to keep playing and try to ignore the nausea, headaches, and overheated feeling.

And I don't get sick when I'm in a car. Even as a kid the only time I got sick in the car was because I ate too much sugary stuff before school and threw up after we got there. guess who didn't have to go to school that day ;D I do get these symptoms lowkey heh, lowkey, Loki if I look out the window at a certain angle or if I concentrate on things that are close to the road. But that's easy enough to fix, as I can adjust where I'm looking or just not look out the window at all. I've never had this issue while I'm actually driving the car or when I'm in the front passenger seat.

Now, I don't play videos games often enough where this is a serious problem, but it is very annoying when I'm trying to play SoD. I am not sure if this happens with the Sims which is really the only other video game I play often (and I haven't played that in God knows how long XD). Though I do know the same thing happened when I was playing the HTTYD2 game for the Wii a couple of Easters ago and I think it happened while playing Mario Kart, as well (also on the Wii). But it doesn't happen on most phone games/apps- just SoD, which I deleted because it was taking up all the space on my phone anyway :P

And the symptoms don't just go away right after I stop playing too. Remember how I said I got sick after playing the Loki maze for 5 minutes today? That was 2 hours ago, and I still haven't recovered completely. Yippee.

~end ramble~


So, does anyone else experience motion sickness while playing video games? If so, how do you work around it? Is there anything you do that helps you? The article above mentioned medicine, but as I said earlier, I don't play video games often enough where I would be able to justify buying medicine to help.

I'd hate to have to stop playing SoD because it makes me sick, but if it comes between playing SoD and not getting sick, what else can I do?


TL;DR- SoD and other video games make me physically sick. This has never happened before, and rarely happens when I'm actually traveling or in motion. Buying medicine isn't justifiable because I don't play video games a lot and it only happens with video games and nothing else. pls help


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I'm so sorry that's happening, yuck.


Motion sickness can be a weird thing. My mom and sister get it really badly whenever they try to read in the car, or sometimes just from riding in the car. And like you, my mom never has a problem while she's driving. I myself almost never get motion sick, except for one particular swing we used to have. *shrugs* So while it can be sorta predictable, sometimes it just turns off and on when it wants.


Playing SoD and Mario Kart give a VERY similar effect to looking at things whizzing close by the car window, so it makes sense that this kind of fast-moving first person game is giving you trouble. Probably because it feels like you're moving or going somewhere, but your body really isn't and your brain refuses to process it. XD Games like Sims and other apps are more like watching a video.


I really wish I had something tried-and-true that would help, but I don't. They sell anti-nausea wristbands that are supposed to put pressure on a nerve at Target or whatever for about $10, so those might be worth a shot? I'm also reading that playing with the lights on is a good idea, and some have managed to acclimate by playing for short amounts of time with plenty of breaks. Not that five minutes in the Loki Maze is very long anyway... XD


I hope you find something that works soon!


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Slightly. Very slightly. I can always get over it personally as it doesn't affect me much, but there are games I'd rather avoid.

I once went bad due to a monitor's refresh rate though. (I assume). I had a blackout and forgot who I was for a couple hours. Now I steer clear from old crt monitors with low refresh rates.


However, my bf has some mad issues with specific games. There's certain games she simply can't play. I remember Duke Nukem Forever being one of them. He complained about the graphics being 'weird'. He had to lie down 15 minutes later due to what reminded me of vertigo.

For the rest, he has no motion sickness while driving. Neither do I.


Did you have any recent changes regarding your setup? A different chair, a different screen (or maybe you tilted it)? Did you update your graphics recently? Changed the refresh rate? Heck, even sitting differently could change a lot.


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