SoD Web Player not Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 52

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Unfortunately, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (Firefox 52) has discontinued supporting plugins that include the Unity Web Player, which is used to launch School of Dragons when you are playing from your web browser. As a result, and as we update our website to reflect these changes to our system requirements, we ask that any players attempting to play via Firefox now begin accessing the game by downloading it directly to their Mac or PC.


As mentioned previously, the benefits of downloading School of Dragons on your computer include:


  • Faster Gameplay
  • Highest visual quality
  • Increased stability
  • The most optimized dragons gaming experience yet


To do this, simply select the Download button from our homepage or login as you normally would do and select the "Get it Now" option from the pop-up, outlined in red below -






Please give this a try and if you have any issues getting back to your Vikings, just let us know. You are also welcome to try other platforms such as our Steam or mobile versions. Thank you!

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You got to be joking right.

Firefox is the only thing I use. What the sudden change.


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Unfourtnately that's Firefox's choice and Not SoD's. Programs like Firefox change things all the time thinking they're making it better for everyone, sometimes they are, sometime they're not

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It was a planned change, and it has been planned for a long time. Many browsers already tossed NPAPI support a few years prior. NPAPI is deprecated because it's archaic (and thus often incompatible, insecure etc) basically :þ


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The get it now one is not an option for me.

It crashes all the time and nothing I've done works. I honestly don't like this change I can't play anymore. Plus steam also crashes my computer.

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Another option

Mozilla Seamonkey still works for the time being. It plays the same as Firefox and it is compatible.


I would have preferred Firfox, but since that seems to be out of the qution now, I just went back to Seamonkey.


Doing some searching, there are other browsers, based on the Mozilla platform. Although the article is from 2012, many of the browsers have current updates, so should be good. You can check them out here.


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Will IceDragon still work for it? 


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Alterntive Browsers

I downloaded Waterfox and Palemoon (64). (Windows)


Waterfox uses the Firefox batabase, so won't run when you are running Firefox.


Palemoon uses it's own database and it DOES work with Unity 3D. Unfortunately, it doesn't import Firefox settings, only IE and Chrome. But you can use it when you are using Firefox.

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I think you can also play SoD

I think you can also play SoD on Steam or something?

I just have it downloaded

Such a bummer that we lost Chrome and now Firefox???

These browsers seem to have it out for Unity for some reason??





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cant use game app.....

No one can use the game app for a tournament it overheats our PC's and even my Gaming edition DELL over heats because of your SOD app. 

   There has to be another solution.



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That sounds wierd. A program alone can overheat a computer. Overload, I understand but Overheat, that just means you either need to clean out your vent or let your computer sleep more. The sciance on how a series of syntax sentances can heat up a computer boggles me. Unless of course, you're computer lacks the safety measures for your batteries and cannot handle something that takes up apparently 2GB of your storage. Thats the only solution I have that makes sense. (Or at least, makes the most sense)


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Yeah computers can overheat, even with proper airflow. 

The rest doesn't make any sense at all. Sleep more? Why? What does storage space have to do with it? What does the battery have to do with it?

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Alternative Browsers

There ARE alternatives to Firefox. The Mozilla-based Waterfox and Palemoon browsers, built on the same framework, don't block the Unity plug-in.


Waterfox uses the same database as Firefox, so you can't run both at the same time, but Palemoon creates its own database, and I have been using for several hours. It still has the same issues as playing SoD on Firefox (occasional plugin hangs), but nothing worse than using the FF browser.


Give them a try. You can find them using a search, or check the links below.

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I downloaded it through the green button, I typed my username and my password, I tried to send a "forgot password" ticket, but if I give my e-mail and my username I get "THERE WAS AN INTERNAL ERROR" It's like you don't want us to play!!!


Get this fixed!!!













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Can't log in

Hi,I can't log into my account i am stuck in the play screen where i can see my viking but it is not letting me play :(

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A few more details.

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. In order to further help you we need a few more details. Which platform are you using? What were you doing in-game before this occurred? Were you in a quest, racing, etc? Do let us know. Thank you! 

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Alternative Browsers - Update

OK, I have now had a chance to use two of the Firefox alternatives on my Windows machine. Here is what I have found:


Pale Moon works OK. You can run it with or without Firefox. The Unity quirks (hangs, crashes) seems to be similar to Firefox. If you are looking for just playing SoD without having to download and reconfiguring your Firefox settings, this is the one to go with.


Waterfox can't be run at the same time as Firefox, and that's because it directly uses the Firfox configuration folder. All your plug-ins and extensions, themes, logins, cookies, adblock, everything are identical (even Firefox Sync!), except Waterfox doesn't block extensions like Firefox does. Unity runs the same as it used to on Firefox. If you are looking for a Firefox replacement, this is the one to go to.

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Well, that's it.....

Time to start people.  (And by that I mean I'm going to be pressing charges against SOD and Firefox for this issue).

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.....  Or maybe I'll just go blow up some Creepers in Minecraft.

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No browsers now...

I've tried all those browsers, they don't work. If you don't know you password or have that glitch where username and password don't match, say bye-bye to your SoD account.

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I still can play with the Internet Explorer!!! I tried to download the game but if I try to Login than I can`t cause it is not working!!! Brynjolf please help me!!!

Viking Warrior
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This won't affect using

This won't affect using firefox for the SOD forum, will it?

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It shouldn't. Google Chrome doesn't support unity web player anymore either but you can still use it for the forum. I use Google Chrome when I want to post pictures on the forum.


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I see no reason why it would.

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The problem also being how

The problem also being how there is no Facebook login option in the downloaded game.

I even tried putting my SoD account name and the password of my FB account, but nothing, it says that it is incorrect. Plus, the problem where it won't send the email with the new password is also shown to me. It says 'error' after I click 'I forgot the password'.

Now that Firefox mode isn't available as well as the downloaded version one, I am doomed to not play SoD ever again, what a pity. :l

Unless these bugs can be solved.



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You could always use a different browser for the game.

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Point being that I do not

Point being that I do not have any other Browsers. Chrome and Firefox were all I had, but then poof, the game is now not available in none of them. Even other people have my same issue, so that means we just need to wait for SoD's developers to at least fix the log-in access in the downloaded version.

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You can use an internet browser to download another internet browser.

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Hello! If you are playing on a Facebook linked account please follow the steps below to obtain your username in order to play through the downloadable or mobile app. Do let us know if you experience any issues. Than you. 


 - First you would log into your Facebook home page and then highlight and copy the full URL of your Facebook page.
- Then go to the following link and paste the URL into the box.
- Click on the “Lookup numeric ID…” button and it will give you the Facebook user ID number for your account.
- Once you have the number go to and click the Log in button in the top right.
- Click on the forgot password option and in user name field put the Facebook user ID number you just got and then the email used to authorize the account and hit “Request Password” and a password will be sent to your email address.
- You can use the password that is sent to you and the Facebook user ID number to log into the site or mobile app with now.
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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

Awwwwwwwwwww, man!!!!!!! I was wondering why I couldnt play on Firefox anymore!!! Gosh dang it..... I guess I'll have to stick with mobile for now, since our downloaded version is out of date and we cant update it...


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