SOD is taking forever to open

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Ive been on this game for years n whatever and i havent really had this problem before, idk if its a computer issue or a actual game issue for me but so basically the problem is everytime i try to open the game itll act as if its running on my compter and show up in my task manager but the game will take so long going up to hours to actually open and load up. This problem started right after i both updated my adode flash and when the servers where down/doing awful so thats maybe about like a week in total for how long its been going on. If anyone knows stuff about computer data, running, fixing, or any problems with the game itself like mine id appreciate it if your able to give any tips or anything. Maybe reinstalling the game and files might fix the problem but i wanna see if theres a quicker way to fix whatevers happening.



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SoD doesn't require Flash. The quickest possible fix is always to just reinstall the game, so I'd definitely try that first.


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