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So, question. How am I supposed to get 2600  scrolls in a few weeks? I want a Nightlight, but getting hundreds of gems without paying is nearly impossible with Battle Events only for scrolls now, not to mention that I would still need to get tons of scrolls to age up the Nightlights! And if you think the game was glitchy before, now it's even worse! How is that possible, I don't know. But it is. At this point, Sod feels pay-to-win. And I wouldn't even trust giving Sod my money, because it would probably glitch and I would have spent my money on absolutely nothing. Does anyone else feel this furious at Sod, or is it just me? And is it just me that's feeling like Sod is pushing the pay-to-win on us a bit more now?


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SOD has become increasingly greedy. What I did was save every gem and gem chest for a big ticket prize, and because of my stewardship...or hoarding lol...I was able to get 2,600 scrolls within the same day I found out about the event. The only thing stopping me from aging my babies is the glitch in "It Takes a Village" quest... But it is possible to win events without spending a penny, you just have to take what you can get and save. Save like your life depends on it--your game quality does.


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I wouldn't worry too much. The NLs will most likely be back at some point in the future(they've already made several appearances in the store)so you'll have another chance to get them. I also think aging them up to adults will become like any other dragon in the future. It really wouldn't be fair to lock players who join the game after this event out of being able to age up the NLs to adult just because they missed this event. This is most likely just like any other event. The people who complete it will have early access to adult NLs and they'll make them able to be aged up like any other dragon within a year.


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Thank you!

Thank you for the help and comfort! Because I don't have much to do for a while, I've been obsessed with Httyd and Sod, making me obsessed with every update to the game. For some reason I take this game very seriously, and both your comments helped me! Thank you! :D

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You're welcome! Glad I was able to help! :)

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sheesh my subject

I suggest you doing dragon tactics and selling everything or most of the things you get :) i already have 800 points and im just 24h into event, that might be the only way to finish event without spending money, good luck :D


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Do I get anything to sell

Do I get anything to sell from DT? Like warpaint or a flight suit? And if so, what are the best levels for that?

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My dramillion grabbed a sword when I mentioned Grimmel

The best level (or the ONLY levels I know of that you can get stuff from) is the Night Light Levels. So, you need to get quest 2 (I think) to unlock it, and then just play it constantly and claim everything you get, then check if you can exchange any of it.


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You can also get stuff to exchange for notes from the Summer Event levels(I can't remember exactly what they're called but they're underneath the Night Light levels). I got a Silver Fury Hood from the first Summer Event level yesterday.