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idk, was just an idea that popped up into my mind. i know that the game can't handle it, but it would be really cool to have. 


((Feel free to comment more controls for other consoles you like.))


i feel that this would be a great addition, giving other players a chance to have a smoother experience.


PS4 controls:

Move - Left joystick

Move Camera - Right Joystick

Mount/Dismount - Square

Jump - X

Fly - X+X Quickly

Boost - X

Select - Triangle

GUI/UI movement - Arrows

Dragon's Fire - L1

Switch targets - L2

Flightsuit - L3 

Self-Actions - R3

Reel in fish - O

Map - Tap Trackpad

Zoom in Camera - R1

Zoom out camera - R2

Settings - Options


Of course, you can change the controls in the settings. 

Just something I like to think about.


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weird or personal stuff about me that im fine sharing


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Flower/Feathersky lost account so had to rename - Woolly Howl

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Paralyze - Shockjaw

Nation - Stormcutter

Icicle - Snow Wraith

Airborne - Grapple Grounder

Bonlie - Boneknapper

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Needle - Whispering Death

Zues & Andrew - Hideous Zippleback

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Nightsong - Slithersong

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Armor - Razorwhip

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Serphant - Tide Glider

Wonder - Sandwraith

Camo - Changewing

Agaiga - ArmorWing

Tune - Thunderdrum

Unit - Eruptodon

Patches - ScuttleClaw

TOTAL: 24 dragons! (main viking)



Sticks - Deadly Nadder

Drain - Shockjaw

Animal - Stormcutter

Parade - Flame Whipper

Maw - Boneknapper

Ceu - Stormcutter 

Slither - Triple Stryke 


TOTAL: 7 dragons! (2nd viking)


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some gifs i enjoy looking at.










i guess thats it go home now.


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I highly doubt it would get on PS4; the community on there would just rip on it as much as they did on SoD's steam page.


Actually, if you play SoD on mobile, you can use a game controller. The controls are a bit janky, but it works.


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how would you even use mobile controller support? there isnt anything to plug it into.

and on pc, i used my ps4 controller and the camera is being all weird. 

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bluetooth :þ


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i actually figured that out myself. i did some googling and all junk aside i figured it out. controls and camera were wack but it was ok.