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My game isn't working at all at the moment.... it takes forever to load anything and even when it does it still doesn't work: I can't move my viking and none of the usual buttons appear (chat, backpack, viking and dragon levels,etc)


I've already deleted the game and installed it again as well as shutting my computer down but nothing seems to work. 


What should I do ?

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At least..i know im not the only one...

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        Your not in this alone in this I have been having the same problem!


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You're not the only one lol

You're not the only one lol xD

The admins are aware of this. The team is working on fixing the servers.

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Try this

Try this: Start SoD -> click on Play now -> don't click on Play but go to the racing -> leave racing room. I have same problem but only on my main acc. Only this way I can play. Hope it helps!
Somewhere I wrote same answer lol


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Yeah... these exact issues

Yeah... these exact issues are what made me quit the game for over 2 years in the first place. I am recently revisiting the game though and I found that disabling MMO makes it run pretty smoothly. Other than that, the game seems to run okay when it wants to, you'll just have to be lucky.


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