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Fanfiction Contest for anyone whose interested

Please click HERE for more information. Everything you need is there.

Due Date: December 14.


Let my life song sing to you
Let my life song sing to you
I wanna sign your name
To the end of this day
To admit my heart was true
Let my life song sing to you <3 



Current Fan Fiction (HTTYD)


He'd never know. An innocent fifteen year old afraid of dragons. Viggo was never wrong. But it's not like it mattered, because he'd be like everyone else. And nothing would change her mind. (Hiccup x OC; Rated T in case)


Synopsis: A collection of short stories focusing on Melodious Malena, Victoria Trainer and Manera, as they balance their lives and looking after an island full of unwanted dragons. Included will be stories from the dragons point of view.



Loudmouth's Dragon

(credits to Arrow for the photo)



(drawings by Arrowalker, and Pixel!)




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*DNR directly to this

*DNR directly to this comment*

What is this?

This is a thread for the SoD Fan-Fiction club. In this thread, members will introduce themselves to the group and get acquanted with fellow club members.


Can I join the SoD Fan-Fiction Club?

Yes! For more information about the club, visit THIS thread. And if you decide to join, you can fill out THIS form. You will messaged, after, with card templates and will be asked to choose one for your signature!


I'm a member. Can you tell me how this works?

Yes. All members are asked to come to this thread and introduce themselves. Interaction is encouraged! Members are asked to comment on other individuals introductions. There's a form below for those who are introducing themselves, so please check that out!


Can I have the Form?

Certainly. The introduction form is as follows:

  • Your Username:
  • Your Favourite HTTYD Character:
  • Your Favourite part of the HTTYD Franchise:
  • Why Do you like HTTYD?:
  • Your Favourite Fan-Fiction:
  • Favourite Book/Movie/Song, etc.:
  • Faourite HTTYD Quote:
  • Anything Else?:
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Hello, bore da, good day,

Hello, bore da, good day, buenas dias, bonjour and hi to you all (Just being multi-lingual, don't mind me. Bonus point for anyone who can name the second one off of their head!). 

I am InTheTardis2, the second incarnation of this body. The first was lost in the darkest midst of oblivion as I forgot my password and email associated with that account. 

Now, my favourite HTTYD character. This is a difficult one, and I did answer it on one of my FAQ&A pages. And so, if you don't mind, I shall steal my answer from there. Just a minute...

" Viggo Grimborn. if you ever talked to me back centuries ago in Primary School, and asked me about 'the perfect villain' then showed me Viggo, I would freak. This guy is SO perfect at being a villain, you won't believe. He is spectacular. Every quality of a villain I ever wanted was in this man. 

-He is slow. He doesn't rush anything, and is always calm.

-Even if his whole fleet was sunk by a bird, he would not accept defeat.

-He's British. All great villains are British, and have strong British accents. That's why I'd be so perfect!"

There you go. That's him, and that's why, basically.


My favourite part of the HTTYD Franchise? I, personally, adour the seriousness of the films compared to some of Dreamwork's other children's works. It actually shows some the things we all haver to deal with one day. It is serious while having a bit of fun. However, if talking about something different, then I'm in love in RTTE. At first I thought it a stupid idea, just something to keep us quiet until the third film, it was only in season 4 that I saw the seriousness of that too. It was that finale [SPOILERS AHEAD]. That two parter which reminded me of a serious adult drama. When the villains split up, and one of them helps us, and then an ultimate disaster comes at the end and everything just falls to pieces and the villain is so desperate to get what he wants, he shan't stop. It was so perfect, you can't fault it.


Why do I like HTTYD? It was in Year Four that we, as a class, read the first book, and saw the first film. And, by jove, I loved the both of them. Soon after I would start reading the 11th book in the series and then I would start watching the program. They captivated me. I would then find a small game online which would get me engrossed further and make me fall in love with the Whispering Death even more. SoD. I think the fact that there is a forum and a game that I keep liking HTTYD.


Favourite book: Probably Dan Brown's Inferno, or How to Steal a Dragon's Jewel, or The Star of Kazan, or The Last Dodo. Very undecided.


Favourite Film: Probably You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks. Meg Ryan. That woman who directed the two other films with these two in. Rom Com. Great Music. CAN'T FAULT IT!


Favourite Song: Currently in love with Disney Villain Songs. So, Hellfire. Why? I'll extract a quote from another one of my threads.

"If you know me even more, you will know my love for this song. This song finds its origins in 1996's The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Moments after Quasimodo's song about his love for Esmerelda (Heaven's Light), clashes this number by Frollo, about his love for her, but his hate for his love. This song in my eyes is just pure beauty. It is sung by a villain who believes they are right, they are not being evil for the sake of it, but becuase he thinks that the gypsies are evil. His mind plays tricks on him, showing him a jury that he must prove himself to. He is doubting himself for he is in love with the devil and is willing to burn down all of Paris to either have her to himself or let nobody have her.


This song can never be beaten, with the orchestral chorus supporting it and the religious background. Along with the fact that he thinks he's doing good yet he is still doubting himself. The number's issues, placement, and general listening is fantastic and so it earns top place in my list."

Yeah. That's why. Find the full thread HERE.


Favourite quote? Really don't know. I might come up with one one day, I don't know.


I don't think there's anything else, as yet, to say. So, goodbye, hwyl fawr, toodle-pip, adios, au revoir, and bye. 












“May this Beast descend back to Torment,


back to where it began and Loki doest stay content,


selling the souls of humans to free this foul creature,


only to let it back, and I, the Preacher,


Doest one day hope for a Dragon-less age,


Where all of the corpses do lay in a cage,


Then they shall never retreat or conspire,


For this will be the age of 'The Umpire's Empire!'


- The Umpire, Archivolt Dell    

 Finding the Afar-Land, Chapter Six   

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Hello Peoplz

Hello! Im jenniemkitty! Im exited to join the fan-fiction club, and cant wait to read all of your pieces! My favorite HTTYD character is Astrid, because she is kind (exept for most of the 1st film, but im refering to RTTE and HTTYD2), passionet (i cant spell), feirce (dont get on her bad side! ;-), loyal, and just a strong, awesome character. My favorite part of the HTTYD franchise: Pretty much everything: dragons, episodes, the characters, the movies, SoD, ect. I havn't read any of your guy's fan-fiction yet, so probably this HP one my friend showed me about Serius Black's past and adopted daughter. It was really good. Favorite move: HTTYD2, and RTTE as my favorite episode series. Harry Potter and Ranger's Apprentice are my favorite book series, but at the moment I am reading the Lunar Chronocles. I dont really have a favorite quote....Hiccup, Stoik, the twins, Astrid, everyone has great lines! I am joining as a reader for now, but may possibly join as a writer later (I have an idea floating around in my head...)Thats all for me! Cant wait to meet you guys and read your fan-fiction!




Siggy (Always) Under Construction


Thanks SOO much to Rebell for making my Profile Picture dragon edit!!!


Hello! I am jenniemkitty! I'm always open to chat, but may not get back to you super quickly. I am a bit of a goofball you have been warned. =-)

(I know the siggy looks really long, but dont worry its mostly pictures ;-)  )

My (brand new) Q&A 

(click the words)


I am crazy about...

How to train your dragon

How to train your dragon 2

Race to the edge (yeah I know, this and all of the above are ovious, but still, I can hardly leave them out of this list can I?)

Harry Potter (i am completly nuts about this and have always been, and if you are too, i always love to talk to other Potterheads! =-) More about Harry potter stuff down lower, about half of the way down & at the bottom in the funny's)

Rangers Apprentice (not many people have heard about this book seiries, but it is Awesome! )


Pet Peves:

Judgeing other people


insulting (on purpose, sometimes people do it on accident, but as long as they apoligize they should be forgiven.)


I may get mad if you do these. 


Im a part of...


My Viking OC


More about my viking soonish...


Name: Geveda

Personality: freindly, but socialy akward, loyal, compasionet, weird but in a good way, its part of her charm, with a sense of humor that sometimes leaves her standing akwardly when no one gets it. She is a very loyal person, and will not switch to the opsoing team, give away information, or help them if she is on the side she knows is good. However, while she is very loyal, it takes some time to for her to trust someone, and until then is figuring out if they are a good person to trust. There are reasonms, however, that will get  her to break the rules, for example, going off to free trapped and caged dragons from dragon hunters despite being told not too (thats how she met CloudStream). She hates any kind of serious harm to people, which is why her arrows only freeze the targets, not hurt. She also will try to get people to aviod injuring others if it is possible.

This awesome drawing was done by Fireflash! Thank you sooo much!




Dragon Art by Others



my Woolly Howl (and my favorite, don't tell the others!)



















                                                                                                                                                                            ^ Thanks so much to Arrowalker for this amazing drawing!   ^


 ^ This drawing is made by AlexaDragonFire! Thank you!

Thanks SOOOO much to Rebell for making this! (also my profile pic)



                                                The tripple strike

 ^ This adorable and amazing dragon was made by LissaFish! Thanks!



Night Fury

  ^ By DukinaDragon, thank you and congrats on ur first edit! =-)




The Fireworm Queen


 ^ Thanks so much BoomBox74! I love it!!! Amazing!  =-)




the Tripple Strike














^ This was drawn by Mystery-Venomnshift - thanks and welcome to the forums!


















Thanks BoomBox74! She's adorable!




Dragon Screenshots

I decided to put in on a google docs instead. It was taking up to much space: 




(I am huge potter-head)


I am proud to be  Hufflepuff!

If you, like too many others, dont like hufflepuff, or missunderstand the qualities we have, PLZ read this link (hufflepuff wiki page)

It hopefully will change your perspective. 


My wand: 

Larch wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¾" and slightly yielding flexibility

My patronus: Dolphin

My Ilvermonery house: Thunderbird




My Fandoms/stuff I like

I pulled most of these pictures off google, so if i owe someone credit, and didn't know it, please PM me



HTTYD! (of course)




Everything Harry Potter, though the books are best.




Rangers Apprentice (its a book series)


























moved to a google docs:

ENJOY! =-)


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le bloop

Ciao, it's RedWind 123! But please, call me RedWind or Red. Now, without further adue, let's get this introduction thing started. 

Your Username:

As stated above, my Username is RedWind 123, however, on my Ao3 page (where my fanfictions will be written and no where else. I abandoned my Wattpad for a good reason) I'm known as just RedWind. 

Your Favourite HTTYD Character:

Honestly, it's a mix between Stoic and Mala. I'm a fan of the mentor static type character in movies (ex. Gandalf and Obi-Wan from the first Star Wars movies) that don't need to speak much but their wisdom and knowledge is felt from all angles. HTTYD is chock full of these types of characters, from Gobber (whose more of the comedic mentor) to Valka. But Stoic and Mala stand up to me. Partly because they're two sides of one stone, a rough and course edge, and a smoothly sanded cleft. Stoic is more prone to outbursts, while Mala is more keenly foccused to quiet wisdom that comes from generations. 

Your Favourite part of the HTTYD Franchise:

I think it's the enviorments. It's hard to write backgrounds in stories without relying on previous knowledge on how to build one or having an artist draw one for you. HTTYD however, gives us a clear picture of them, mostly because it's an animated movie. But, to me, it's the easiest world to write. It's a very large archipelago with mountain ranges and forests. A lot easy to write than space, lemme tell ya. 

Why Do you like HTTYD?:

Like I stated above, it's the evniorments. I love seeing the underground caves in the movies and shows, and am a fan of all the islands they visit (my favorite is Valka's ice cavern). The clothes are very nicely designed too, with each character having their own individual stylistic choice and weapons. 

Your Favourite Fan-Fiction:

Is this asking genre? Cause it's a mix between Fantasy and Sci-fi. But my favorite fanfiction to write are just soley Star Wars and Bayonetta Fan Fictions (I had started a Bayonetta Fan Fiction I was really proud of but didn't have the time to write.) I only really write HTTYD stories when requested to do so, because then I have to force myself to write something I don't exactly want to write. (Hey readers, this is your que to request me to write more HTTYD!) 

Favourite Book/Movie/Song, etc.:

Okay at the moment (I have very shifting likes and dislikes) I'm really into Bayonetta 1 and 2, having a total of 300 hours on Bayonetta 2 and 100 on Bayonetta 1. The main character, Bayonetta herself, is just so accurate to witches of the time and embraces her feminity while remaining so tomboyish. It's honestly really refreshing to see a strong female character in 2009 and 2014 that isn't Laura. In terms of movies and books, I'm actually a fan of the Marvel Comics, Marvel Movies, Star Wars Books, and Star Wars Movies (yes, the prequels too). I'm a big ol sucker for the hero stories. 

Faourite HTTYD Quote:

"Hiccup, where's my hug?" 

Anything Else?:

Do we have to write solely HTTYD? This is more a question to Vic rather than anything extra about myself.

(Haha I'm a liar, HERE's my Ao3 where you can read some of my works. You can also DM me here to request HTTYD requests and I'll reply as quickly as I can with a form you can fill out!) 


 (Please, just call me Red, or RedWind. No need to add 123 on)

RedWind's Sig

Clan: Swift Champions

Top left is made by SilverDragonFox. Top Right is by Nessie

Two bottom left and right are by Sunivee

Gender: Female

Shipping Affiliation: Omniship

Fandoms: Wof, Marvel, Warriors, OUAT, Nintendo, SWTOR



by Pixel(check her out HERE)

Nat by Arrowalker

by ScarfyWings

by Varku

by Silence

by Victoriae


~My past is my own

~You're Late

~Everyone's afraid of something

~“Three minutes and twenty seconds, really? If you were my agents, it wouldn’t be for long.”

~My subconscious is about as subtle as Captain America on the Forth of July 

~I'm not going to dance with you

~I'm ugly :D!

Proud Black Widow Fan!

~I'm not the one who needs to watch their back

~You know the rules: no cockroaches or crying babies

(click on my dragons to go to my FR page or click HERE)


Indominus Rex wishes you farewell!


Personal soundtrack list HERE

(Some of the songs have vulgar words so please tred carfully)

(Also I know I listen to trash music but I like trash music :3)


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guess who's here to intrODUCE THEMSELVES
it's definitely not me what are you talking about


Your Username:

AwkwardSquiid. But most people just call me Squiid, or Squid. Also McSquiggles. Or Squiiddo the Kiddo. Or- I'm gonna stop here.

Your Favourite HTTYD Character: Dang, toughie right off the bat. Okay, so in terms of favorite character, everything is a little complicated for me. If you want me to tell you who my favorite character is in the Gang, I probably couldn't tell you because I love them all, though I'm extremely partial to Snotlout. My favorite character overall is definitely Dagur. My favorite villain and second-tier with favorite character is definitely Viggo. Also, don't get me started on how much I love those two. You'll never shut me up. (Ask anyone.)

Your Favourite part of the HTTYD Franchise: Call me plain, but literally everything. Everything. I'm not even joking.

Why Do you like HTTYD?: Golly gee whiz. Um...nah, I'll kick myself if I say "everything" again. So I'm gonna go with the characters. I really just love the variety of them, and how enjoyable all of them are, and how well they fit together as a family group, mainly the gang. I just can't see them with anyone else. They've like...grown together, fought together, and I'm sure they'd together. I mean seriously, how many shows portray that kind of friend group? They rock. Oh, also, basically everyone else rocks too. (I'm looking at you, Dagur and Viggo.)

Your Favourite Fan-Fiction:, my favorite of someone else's works? Don't really have one. But I'm really attached to this one RP with some friends, that's basically a fanfiction (we're gonna get it going soon). It's called Storm of the Beyond, and it's pretty great. The Rogues is another one that's basically a fanfiction by now, LOL.

Favourite Book/Movie/Song, etc.: Heck, uh-

Book: Lots. Wings of Fire, the HTTYD books (*fangirl crying*), Dragons in Our Midst, and a bunch of others I don't have the time to list.

Movie: HTTYD Franchise, Back to the Future, Star Wars, all the Jurassic Parks...and a lot more but I don't have the time for thaaaaaaaaaat.

Song: The Judge- Twenty One Pilots


Favourite HTTYD Quote: "As someone who has spent most of their life in varying states of existensial crises, I know the meaning of meaningless!" -Dagur

"Gobber, take off your pants!" -Hiccup

Anything Else?: I'm currently in love with a green triangle robot.



Disclaimer: This signature is image and fandom heavy. Approach with caution and a shovel.


Image result for funny cat peeking gif




Hi, I'm Squiid~



"Who needs other people when you can have puns?"



I like...dragons and memes and stuff

And if I'm being honest all I do in life is play Star Wars: The Old Republic and scream and cry about kids' shows :,) Oh and I like...write stuff I guess? 

I'm a Christian, and always willing to chat! 

If you're ever having a bad day, just PM me. I have a whole list of really bad dad jokes and some terrible puns if you want them.






"Yeah, I am a loser, but I am the coolest loser you will ever meet."


"They open fire, we set a galactic record from zero to space dust."


"If you think this is bad, you should see my other personality."


"This is a jar of dirt."


"As someone who has spent most of their life in varying states of existential crises, I know the meaning of meaningless!"


"The darkest thing about being an optimist is that, being an optimist, you believe it'll go away."





Clicky clicky above to stalk my Google Docs file full of all the art the wonderful artists here on the forums have done for me. REVEL IN THE BEAUTY!

I'd like to shoutout my 12 AM brain for finding the motivation to do this. Thank you.


Proud founder of the



I'm Trash For:


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And a lot of others...


I'm mostly SWTOR trash though.

Image result for star wars the old republic quinn I'm insecure and sensitive and I ruin everything I love

we don't talk about the Quinncident here



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Please frown upon her for it so she can feel bad about herself!


Bae, do not touch


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other bae, also do not touch


and this because yeah




"You're having a shindig without me? The Prince of Panache?"

"Boom boom, shake the room."

^that's my lawfully wedded husband are you jealous^


And that's like...all I got. So I'll just be sipping my tea here. In silence...