SoD Can do this ?

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Hi SoD ,  i have new ieda  please add new game like thunder run  play team vs team and do pvp or a player send me a invite to do pvp with him  i have 3 friend and me  4    and in this game add 4 mods   1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4 


i think it s good for us


Hi Boys And Girls


My Name :  Nazim , I'm 14 years  I'm forme Algeria And my best dragon is Toothless And Snow Wraith 


Name on SoD :  NAHZIPRO    MY CODE  : DTQ791




ADD ME ON SKYPE said.nazim76 or  (NAHZIPRO)

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Good Idea

Good idea to think of that


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Want to add me? Code: EFYN2C


Viking Name: xXLostEchoXx

Gender: Female 

Clan: *No Clan*

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'A Little About Me:

Old Information, needs to be updated: (I'm usually alone or with a close friend. I love racing and farming, its what i do on my own time. I enjoy talking to friendly/random people. I accept most friend request.  I don't like visiting people unless im close to them. When i'm online, I just race, battle and farm. I love farming, its a great thing to do. I've also been on this game for 4 years now, just a new account.) 

  • Want to ask me anything, you're welcome to PM me anytime 


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~I like anime as well!~

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