SoD is broken for the weekend

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As I know from the many threads that have bombarded the forums and the massages on Discord, SoD is having problems for the weekend. I do not recommend playing it, almost every aspect of it is severly glitchy right now, and the servers are being rude. So please, stop making countless threads on bugs everyone already knows about.


Current list of the Bugs this weekend:


Thunder Run Racing, Flight Club, Battle events, Fireball Frenzy, Farming, and Dragon Tactics rewards are all broken, they give no xp, UDT points, gold, produce, or trophies, and the minigames take forever to load out of.


To clarify on the battle events, it will show the Victory (or defeat) sign, then the message saying 'Sorry, Unable to show rewards this time'


The bright stormcutter armor is broken, all parts except for the mask have the texture of the old stormcutter armor, and the mask is only in the store for certain people.


Not able to complete stable quests.


Generally unstable with server call time outs frequently


When making a new viking, at the tutorial in Berk Docks, when you go to mulch and click on him, a message pops up saying 'Progress Failed to sync with our servers'


I'm sure there are other bugs, but the point is that this weekend is super buggy.


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Maybe we're getting an update soon? I had a friend saying they couldn't get into the game cause they had to update, but it wouldn't let them. I don't see one for myself, but perhaps an update??


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Sure Why Not....



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I have a problem of completing quest, or rather, not being able to complete them.






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Aloha Lola

I used to have a 'Server Error' message pop up whenever I tried to type into the chat. 

I tried again today and it's been miraculously patched. Still though, so many bugs... Especially in TRR, when you finish a race you get to wait between 5-10 seconds to wait so the system recognizes you've crossed the finish line. 

It was... a bit annoying, I won't lie. 




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Topaz the Slither Wing just poisoned my subject

It could be the slither wing update maybe because of a new dragon it's kind of glitching that's my theory 


Hello I am the leader of a glorious clan known as the Terror Titans and I am a strong member of the outcasts and Alvin's new commander 



if anyone wants to have a friendly chat or you just want a random boi to talk to here's my media outlets 


my school of dragons code is DGNMSM

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Idk what to put here

So, when do you think dragons will be back up again?  Will it be fixed on Monday or in two weeks because my friend got a membership and I don't want her to lose quests cus you can't complete them because the server will fail to save your progress. My sister also plays and got a membership so I don't want it to happen to her either.


Hi, my name is SilverNIghtFuryStitch (or Stitch for short).

I am a crazy person addicted to dragons. SilverNIghtFuryStitch is my main character but I have four others.

I have four guinea pigs called - Polo, Muffin, Autumn and Smudge.

Have a great day and stay safe!


My Dragons:


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Sapphire - Light Fury (I didn't actually rename her)

Ivie - Changewing

Blizzard - Groncicle

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Plasma - Hobblegrunt

Rusty - Razorwhip

Pouncer - Night Light

Cactus - Death Song

Ore - Armorwing

BlueTip - Singetail

Throk - Eruptadon

Little Lady - Flamewhipper

Pikachu - Triple Stryke

Osvald - Elder Sentinel

Zippy - Death Gripper
Omen - Smitten Hobgobbler

Pyro - Monstrous Nightmare

Snek - Whispering Death

Mjonjir - Skrill

Candyfloss - Deadly Nadder

Meatball - Gronckle

Thunder n Lightning - Hideous Zippleback

Inferno - Monstrous Nightmare

Crumble - Catastrophic Quaken

Sparrow - Deadly Nadder

Orca - Deadly Nadder

Lynx - Deadly Nadder

Dart - Night Light

Ruffrunner - Night Light

Marshmallow - Smothering Smokebreath

Maple - Timberjack

Holli - Prickleboggle

Avalanche - Silver Phantom

Strawberry - Shovelhelm

Potato - Titan Gronckle

Polo - Rumblehorn

Lunar - Dramillion

Hatching another Timberjack

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They'll at least start trying

They'll at least start trying to fix it Monday. So hopefully it'll be good to play on Tuesday for the Slitherwing 






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sorry, but on Tuesday 23.2. will they add Slitherwing and will we be able to buy it?

Hi my name is Marryboron on 28.05.2020 I became a Dragon Rider, my favorite dragon is Death song
I shoot on Youtube
                                           My Dragons:


Sand Wrait - Lovesong 

Deadly Nadder - Deathlovesong 

Deadly Nadder - Sabika 

Death song - Garf 

Armorwing - Palmicka 

Slither song - Jewelina 

Razorwhip - Vetrostriska 

Groncicle - Blue

Whispering Death - Simir 

Hobgobbler - Khan

Light Fury - Light Fury 

Night Fury - Toothless

Skrill - Viggo 

Eruptodon - Miak

Eruptodon - Velká Ochrankine 

Singetail - Mala 

Elder Sentinel - Guardian 

Dramilion - Alfa

NightLight - Dart 

NightLight - Pouncer

Dreadstrider - Loki 

Typhoomerang - Covid

Titan Flightmare - Mischief 

Titan Death song - Melodia 

Titan Skrill - Lailfaly 

Stormcutter - Toruk Makto 

Chimeragon - Shira 

Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus 

Deathsong - Mihrimah 

Deathgripper - Eimi 

Thunderdrum - Kowil

Flame Whiper - Grimborn


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Hopefully, but like the new

Hopefully, but like the new armors, it may appear in store on Wednesday.

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Thanks, I hope that by Wednesday I will be very much looking forward to it and it is incredible for me that the developers were able to fix the game on Saturday and Sunday.

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Idk what to put here

So, when do you think dragons will be back up again?  Will it be fixed on Monday or in two weeks because my friend got a membership and I don't want her to lose quests cus you can't complete them because the server will fail to save your progress. My sister also plays and got a membership so I don't want it to happen to her either.

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Idk what to put here

Just annoying

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

I hate the infinite-scroll wheel when I try to complete my quests.

I jsut want my Nightlights back ;-;



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Co się dzieje

I tried completing a few races, server call timed out on most of them, and if that didn't happen it would endlessly load at the end. None of the races I won gave me trophies. I even won a game in FBF and no trophies were given. 




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Lady Arthin
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I haven't tried getting in to SoD yet, I've been rather busy playing roblox, but I'll check to see if I can get in.


Edit: Very glitchy, I can hardly get in. I advise not to play at the moment.


...alas, that will never be the case now.



not done


Profile picture done by toothless0603!

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Wiggles the Whispering D.eath ate my subject

Ya'll are very determinned but I don't know why people are still trying to get in game. The SOD staff very likely does not work on weekends. At the very least we know the forum admins don't.

Just....give it some time. Even a bug ignoring team like the SOD staff won't leave it in the state it's in right now.



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 when are they going to fix

 when are they going to fix it, i olny get to play on weekends and now i can't play because its broken!


Hi, this is not my real acount, for some reason i can't login into my real one. AnnabethChaseAhalfBlood






    More Coming 




























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If you can't play this

If you can't play this weekend then you should be able to next weekend. And you get to enjoy the Slitherwing next weekend.

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Yeah, I haven't seen the game this bad in a long time. I remember there was one time several years ago that this same thing happened. Racing wouldn't give rewards, you couldn't farm, ect.(and just like this time it was over the weekend) This is the first time since then that I've seen this happen. I'm going to log in to get my daily bonus because I don't want it to reset due to me missing a day and then I'm just going to log off. There's no point in being on the game with it like this. I really hope it's fixed tomorrow. I still don't understand why it wasn't fixed Friday because the game was this buggy all day Friday too but whatever. It is what it is. Hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow.


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For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses, for answers to your Bible-based questions, or for information on a varity of topics, some of which  include: animals, countries, how to deal with bullies, how to have a happy family life, how to make real friends, and depression, please visit



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Lady Arthin
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Hopefully indeed. If it's not fixed, I wonder what we would do? This is a good game, so it'd be extremely sad to watch it crumble under a heap of glitches.

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This explains a lot. I was very worried after trying to play again after not touching it in a few months. At first I thought it was on my end. Bless the game devs who have to deal with all of the same bug reports.


On another note

*siltherwing hyperventilation fangirling*


Andrea/Andy • She/Her • 19 • Libra • Grade A Procrastinator

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(i'm picky and edgy, ok?)

love horror, orchestral music, and classic gothic romance novels

I do the art, I do the write*, I do the obsessive derg collecting

Jooooooin meeeeeee

*i mean, i mostly write fanfic that will never see the light of day-

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Anime Nerd
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I actually got on earlier this morning without realizing that SoD was having so many issues. Another bug I found was in the daily rewards. I had to restart back to day 1 (Don't worry, I got my day 5 yesterday), and you know how the reward for day 1 is 5 gems? Yeah, it gave me 4. How ridiculous is that! Just ONE short!! Weird bug, but yikes. Hopefully SoD will fix these errors soon. Then again, who knows, I've heard otherwise.

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Some of the bugs have been

Some of the bugs have been fixed. Stable Missions, Battle events, and racing rewards have reportedly been fixed.

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Yay! So glad things are back to normal! :D

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.....Not anymore



(I mean, it's obviously still broken with all the bugs and other issues, but it's fixed for the bugs that happened during the weekend)



My friend code is G21PNV if you want to friend me. I've been playing School of Dragons since October 3rd, 2020. I'm one of those vikings who just does it for fun. A list of all my dragons can be found below. My discord is AventadorSV_Roadster#0990 if you want to dm me for anything whether it's about School of Dragons or just for fun. Yes, I know, my siggy isn't very good and very long compared to your siggy. But the truth is, I don't really have any other things to put in!




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A bit about me in-game~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Proud and loyal member to The Dragon Racers 




Banner made by the amazing EmeraldHuntress65! 


Expansion packs completed:  Icestorm Island  Call of the Deathsong  Battle for the Edge Return to Dragon Island quest icon Return to Dragon Island Wrath of Stormheart quest icon Wrath of Stormheart in progress.



My in-game name is EpicNightFuryofBerk and I am covered in valka armor. I will probably be riding either cloudjumper (I say cloudjumper because my stormcutter is painted like cloudjumper; I just haven't renamed it yet but anyways onto the next one!), my speed stinger, my titan thunderdrum, or Toothless so good luck if you choose to partake in that adventure. I race on a daily basis and am earning trophies at a fast rate. Hope to see you in-game! (if we do meet, tell me your forum name and discord address)


(if you want to try and find me, here are your top 5 places to)


1. The Training Grounds

2. The School

3. The Wilderness

4. Thunder Run Racing lobby

5. The Lookout




List of Dragons:


AlphaToothless: Adult Sand Wraith (yes, he's painted blue and black - lvl 19)



AlphaZippleback: Adult Hideous Zippleback (colored a sky blue with grass color - lvl 13)



Sonic: Titan Thunderdrum (warpaint activated; black skin blue underbelly - lvl 44)



Typhon: Adult Speed Stinger (purple and red - lvl 16)



Duskstriker: Adult Stormcutter (aka cloudjumper - lvl 20)



Darksoul: Adult Deathsong (pink, yellow, and black - lvl 15)



Ironmaw: Adult Snafflefang (left as stock - blue and orange - lvl 11)



Lavaspitter: Adult Eruptodon (red, green, and black - lvl 10)



Toothless - lvl 37



Light Fury - lvl 23



IceWing: Titan Triple Stryke (blue and white - lvl 25)



Dawnbreaker: Adult Whispering Death (red, green, blue, black - lvl 15)



Icebreaker: Adult Singetail (blue and black - lvl 18)



Whirlwind: Adult Razorwhip (blue and red - lvl 12)



Moonwalker: Titan Crimson Goregutter (blue, white, purple - lvl 24)



Dart the Night Light - lvl 14



Vortex: Adult Typhoomerang (red, blue, green - lvl 10)



Pouncer the Night Light - lvl 12



Cyclone: Adult Silver Phantom (red, blue - lvl 12)



Firebird: Teen Monstrous Nightmare (red, orange, black - lvl 8)



Icicle: Adult Woolly Howl (green, blue, red - lvl 13)



Acidspitter: Adult Deathgripper (red, blue, black - lvl 11)



Alloy: Adult Armorwing (left as stock, yellow, brown, orange, gray - lvl 4)



Scorchbite: Adult Flame Whipper (red, blue, black - lvl 10)



Stormwind: Teen Grapple Grounder (dark green, white, blue - lvl 6)



Stardust: Teen Deadly Nadder (purple and white - lvl 6)




Snowflake: Teen Groncicle (blue, black, white - lvl 1)


Thank you for taking the time to read my lame? siggy!