SoD app update "General bug fixes"

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Once again the app needs an update. Normally it doesn't say anything but this time it says:
*Thawfest has ended
*general bug fixes

Anyone notice what they have fixed? I imagine it's probably related to the Thawfest rewards page popping up when you login.



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Ummm well it takes longer to load now but that's the only change. :)


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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Well that's just great. I was having trouble logging in

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Saving people hunting things family business

I think they got rid of everything for Thawfest however I still get the quest arrow to go to New Berk (I completed every single quest and expansion) and when i go the arrow vanishes lol so that bug is still there for me.
For the big fixes I flew around every island to see if I get lag and the only place is the training grounds when a battle event is starting which is expected. Getting in the back (phone and computer) is taking forever :/ I looked in my stables including my backpack just making sure if anything changed...nothing. SO, i think they fixed bugs for an expansion because everything seems the same (on mobile i haven't tried computer yet)



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Cant Get In????

I Think they did fixed battle (Havent tried) But when i get to my Viking Page it says Server Timed called out and i cant get into the game


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Yare yare daze

Me too, except I can't even get to the viking page, it just loads forever after I login until it says server timed out.


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Maybe, the thawfest event stuffs... but there's the annoying "New Quest" arrow that can't get rid of while playing on mobile platform. :thinking:


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I use the download version to play the game and it required me to update it today and I haven't noticed anything different and now my game is running really slow. It takes forever to load into the game, to water and harvest my crops, to feed and harvest my animals, and to have the xp from the fish/chicken eggs to be added to my dragon's level. It's really annoying. Hopefully things will start running better again in a few days.


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So that's what happened. i

So that's what happened. i thought my computer was dieing.



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fix it fast

fix this censored glitch and want my dragon come back

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fix it fast

fix this glitch and want my dragon come back

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fix it fast

fix this glitch and want my dragon come back