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Ok, so I've been seeing the Phantom clans saying we are against all hacking.

I would put that in my signature, BUT I am not a member of the Phantom Lords/ Shadows


So, I made a few things that you guys to put in your signatures. Show how much you hate hacking!

Feel free to make your own and put them here!









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Main Dragon: Venus

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   Personality: Loving and caring



Age: 23

  Relationship Status: Married to Shadow

  Personality: Very competitive, a great warrior, uses brawn before brain in battle, but uses great battle tactics.

  Other: Spends most of the time in the training arena. Got expelled from school for murder.

Main Dragon: Comet

   Species: Monstrous Nightmare

   Personality: Stubborn, loves training.




Age: 19

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  Age: 12

  Personality: Loves to explore, draw, and hang out with friends.

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   Personality: Loves to have fun, and pretty protective of anyone that encounters Viky. Of coarse, with the exception of her friends.



  Age: 9

  Personality: Loves to map and create charts of the ocean. Can be a troublemaker at times.

  Other: Her parent’s were killed in a Dagur ambush, and was adopted by the Sorethons

Main Dragon: Anna

   Species: Thunderdrum

   Personality: Loves flying, never wants to touch the ground.



Age: 36

  Relationship Status:  Married - Married to Kate

  Personality: Very stubborn and strict, expects everyone to put forth their best

  Other: Is next in line to rule over the Sorethon Clan

Main Dragon: Der & Rick 

   Species: Zippleback

   Personality: Stubborn but a hard worker if they put their minds together




  Age: 34

  Relationship Status: Married -  Married to Samuel

  Personality: After she lost one of her twins daughters, she dedicated her life to the practice of healing

  Other: Head Healer of Sorethon dragons and vikings 

Main Dragon: Ericka

   Species: Hobblegrunt

   Personality: Helps everyone and loves everyone




  Age: 14

  Relationship Status:  Currently dating a recently found, long lost best friend, Iris Kayline

  Personality: Sensitive, loves to sketch and spend time outside in the woods, doesn’t try in school, and is a bit lazy

  Other: Spends a lot of time with Iris at the Isle of Night

Main Dragon: Dalin

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Lazy, but very alert and protective when it comes to caring for Kent



  Age: 12

  Personality: Born for pranking. Takes part in the Trouble Makers Clan, makes a great team with her twin sister.

  Other: Found her thought to be dead, twin sister and her chagewing, they got together and saw how great of a team they are. But Maybelle wanted to stay away from Berk, and stay back with her Changewing pack. 

Main Dragon: Kora

   Species: Thunderdrum 

   Personality: Really quiet and agile for a thunderdrum. Really good at pulling away Maybel from the scene of action.



  Age: 12

  Personality: Was very sick at birth, and was stolen by a Changewing, leaving everyone to think she died at birth. She was found by her twin Maybel and together makes great pranks. Only a few people know she’s alive. 

  Other: Lives on a classified island with the Changewings that raised her, stays invisible in Berk, never being seen, but in the few cases she has, she looks just like her twin.

Main Dragon: Marissa

   Species: Changewing

   Personality: Very caring, knew what was wrong with baby Maybelle and took her and raised her as her own.




  Age: 8

  Personality: Wants to be a grown up, tries her best to prove herself.

Main Dragon: Zac

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: loves to play and explore with Maggie



  Age: 15

  Personality: Happy and outgoing, spends all her time exploring with her one and only adorable Nadder.

Main Dragon: Wyler

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Extremely adorable behavior, loves and obsesses over shiny things, the only way to draw him away is with brown trout. 


  Age: 13

  Personality: Dark and violent. Loves spending time in Whispering Death Tunnels. Prefers to be alone.

  Other: Very good at training Whispering Deaths

Main Dragon: Viper

   Species: Whispering Death   Personality: Stays and protects Sage


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Wow, that is really a good work! I'll use one :)

Ps. I really dunno how many banners against hacking members of lords/shadows made, but I think even not being a member of lords/shadows you can use it ^^ 


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 Hope you didn't mind me being an extra person, you may call me Emy too.

It was nice to meet you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Ps:. I am actually having a existencial crisis goddess am SO OLD in this game


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I will certainly join!!!!!!

I have experienced being face to face with many hackers. I saw a person with a timber jack who likes me and I reported him instead of applying his friend request. Hacking is duper unfair!


P.S.- My clan has a rule that you must report a hacker when you see one, and anounce it in a nice way



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- Please respect everyone!

- Stay safe online and have fun :)


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- Sapphire: Adult: Female: obsidian black (body) spphire blue (pattern) Deadly Nadder

- Glostix: Adult: Male: Pinnapple Yellow (Belly) Mango Yellow (Main) Red (pattern) Flightmare

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That's a good rule!*makes

That's a good rule!
*makes note of it*

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How to report someone

How to report someone ?


    Scroll down...



  Proud member of S.O.D.A.H.T.





                                                                credit to JBmiller for this banner

In progress


Hi.. look for me ( if u want to ) in "straw hat samurai : duels". Find a guy named Scarb and he'll tell u where I am (if you want to talk to me) 

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The best way to do that is to

The best way to do that is to pm one of the admins, i.e. Brynjolf


Rest in Peace NarixuZen.  2004-2017

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Click here to report a hacking:


Also use this form to help better keep track of the hackers:  (click here for the Hacker Report form)


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Chapters 8 and 9                        Chapter 10                                     Chapter 11

Chapters 12 and 13                     Chapters 14, 15, and 16             Chapter 17

Chapter 18                                    Chapter 19                                      Chapter 20

Chapter 21 and 22                      Chpater 23                                     Chapter 24 and 25

Chapter 26 - There is a hidden surprise.  Can you find it?

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Chapter 32                                   Chapter 33                                       Chapter 34

Chapter 35                                   Chapter 36                                       Chapter 37

Chapter 38                                   Chapter 39                                       Chapter 40

Chapter 41                                   Chapter 42                                       Chapter 43

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does this include?

does this include what i have been told as "jumping" the same as hacking?  where someone starts before the race, is in the races say... 50 seconds and finishes and leaves, leaving the rest of us to basically time out?


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If they jump the Count Down

If they jump the Count Down Timer, they are probably a hacker.


A good way to see if they are is to see if they seem to jump/glitch/hitch across the track and finish the race in 50 some seconds like you say.  If they do that, then they are more likely a hacker than before.


Now there have been a few cases where the person just doesn't have the best of internet connections and what we see from the race feed is the player "glitching" across the track.  However, I haven't seen a case like this in a long time as these cases are rare but can happen.


Does that help?

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so... they are! a hacker!

if they start before the timer coundown, and finish the race in 50 seconds, then they just hacked the race, right? yeah, it looks like they are like a rock skipping across a pond, jumping from one place in the track to another.  the reason im asking is someone tried to convince me that it wasnt hacking but using a glitch in the game and called it "jumping" not hacking, but to me it amounts to the same thing, like backwards racing. using a glitch in the game to gain an advantage of another racer, am i right?

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Chances are, yes they are.

Chance is, they are a hacker.  There is still a possiblity they aren't.  Like I said there have been cases where it was something to do with the internet connection.  But I say roughly 60% to 80% more likely they hacked if they jump the race in addition to jumping the counter.

Taking advantage of something in the game that isn't supposed to be there is cheating.  I just use "hacker" as a basic general term.  I think it is hacking because to finish the race in that amount of time, some outside program must be used.

To me:  All Cheating and Hacking should be reported as it is not right.  So if they just take advantage of a glitch, I still say it should be reported.

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yeah! i totally agree, i really dislike hacking, jumping, glitching, etc... whatever anyone wants to call it! LOL

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Star Wars, do I enjoy. Evident, is this not? XD

And then when someone just uses a speed boost in Thunder Run, like what happened to me (read the last post on the last page in this thread), they jump all over you for cheating or hacking when you did nothing wrong.

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did you see my response? hehehehe!

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Yeah I saw it.  XD

Yeah I saw it.  XD

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How can you tell that

How can you tell that a dragon is hacked?


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Only thing I can think of...

I think it's when you see unusual colors. That's the only thing I can think of that makes a hacked dragon stand out. :O If it's a color not possible to do on the dragon color palete, theeeen it's probably hacked and worth noting.

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Hey, Nessie. For some reason

Hey, Nessie. For some reason my computer won't let me copy and paste the images to my signature, so I have no choice but to type it into my signature. But I am wondering if I can sign up for this team.


Proud leader of The Outliers!

There will be a link below of HTTYD 2 put to the song Centuries (Fall Out Boys). It's a condensed version of the whole movie and worth the watch.


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Use this link to share your support and feedback! Let's make it possible to race on Speed Stingers!


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-Being Me

-The Black Cowl (Also a roleplay. PM me if you wish to join.)

-Twice the Twins, Twice the Fun

-The Dragonsblood Curse (With special thanks to Scensoredearchers) 

-First Friends 

-Last Remnant

-A Different Angle (A Big Hero 6 fan fic)

-Living a Lie 

-Middle (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic)

-Welcome to Our Family 

-April Heist (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic. Graphic Description. Reader's Discretion Advised.)

-A Cyber Kitty Named Wisdom (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic)

- Gobber's Daughter 

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My favorite reads:

Toothless' Kingdom (Dragonmic14),

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Also, if you'd like an uncensored version of my fanfictions, here's the link to Bond Between on Wattpad


Link I promised about the condensed version of HTTYD 2:

If you see a hacker, you can report them here:


Spiker. (Whispering Death bouncie courtesy of Hattori!)

(Gronckle edits by Skypeoplephoenix.)

Here's a little side project I was almost finished. I just need to get the racing banners I recently lost due to a glitch back so I can complete it.

I recently created a blog for Nina, so if you're interested, here's the link:

Here are my adopted dragons.

Noche, from Smidvarg's Night Terrors. Thanks snowflake!

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DId you copy and past the

DId you copy and past the URL? or just the image itself?


Well... I mean, I JUST made the SoD Anti-hacking Team up.....

But Maybe we can turn this into a legit club?


Any ideas on this my fellow vikings??

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I tried the URL for

I tried the URL for everything, really, and nothing works. I've had this problem for a month now, so there's nothing the Admins can do. :/ Story of my life, but I think we could turn it into a legitimate club. 


Okay, so I can copy and paste in Chrome, but not I.E. It just doesn't show the image. :/


I feel really dumb right now...I didn't click the little picture icon, and just pasted the URL into the signature itself, expecting it to turn into an image... [3-.-# (<-This is supposed to represent a facepalm.)

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Yay! :D I'm glad you got it

Yay! :D

I'm glad you got it to work(:

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totally putting that on my

totally putting that on my signature



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Now time for some art by other vikings of my dragons :)

<-created by the amazing MajoraTheHylian

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<-by Aeral

<-moonpool and thunderowl by The Dragon Trainer

<-created by Scoubidous<-by Defy 

<-created by Autumn5467, love ya girl ;)

<-also made by Autumn

<-created by toothless572


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Ren Roar
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Yup yup~

I'ma add one as well, I'm sick to the back teeth of people hacking!

Why can't these people just work for what they want... for example:

I want to get a lot of trophies and prove how good I am at Thunder Run Racing but I'd never hack just to make myself look "good" when in reality I couldn't race for the life of me!




~ ...The Fire Breathes... ~





(PM me for my in-game friend code or to request a Headshot of your Dragon)



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Made more:         

Made more:




Sirenemoon (not verified)
These are...

All of these are really good!  It warms my heart to see all the honest vikings sticking together against these horrible hacker/cheaters!   Someday we will get our beloved game out of their dirty, cheating hands!  

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Ginger Clancy
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These are all really cool,

These are all really cool, but it doesn't really help anything.


My profile picture was made by Phoenix107. Check out her DeviantArt page here!

Dusk the Seasong, drawn by Adopto66

Amphitrite the Aquaborealis, by 1Flower! :D

This is Raster, the fictional Albaraptor, by Megaboltphoenix.

Giotheal, a second Albaraptor. <3

Here's his headshot.

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Yeah, you're right, BUT it

Yeah, you're right, BUT it passes out hope

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Diamond Racer
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These pictures also help

These pictures also help players know where others stand on this whole hacking nonsense. :)


Thanks Nessie! :)

I am definitely adding one... Or two to my signature! :)


I am the founder of Diamond Storm but have now stepped down from leadership.

Artemiaz is the new leader. :)




{Thank you for these brilliant artworks Stworzydlak, Storm and Red WInd123! :)}


{I have been playing SoD for 1 year from 12/12/2014}


Took part in the Race To Dawn Tournament with the wonderful Phantom Lords! :)




{Diamond Racer Artwork made by me} 


{Anti hacking banners wonderfully made by Nessie!}


Character: Diamond Racer

Clan: Diamond Storm

Position in clan: Leader

Friend Code: Private

{Smoke dragon art created by Nessie!}

V My dragons V


{Credit for this amazing collage goes to Skyler Smile!}






{Absolutely amazing photo edits by NightFuryLover!}


{Absolutely amazing Hobblegrunt Banner and Nadder bouncy (above) by Rae Didgeridoo!}


{Smokey banner made by me}


{credit for this fantastic whispering death signature goes to Asvald Veleif!}


{Amazing Smokebreath and Whispering Death bouncies briliantly done by Hattori!}


{Diamond Storm banner made by me}



{Diamond Storm emblems made by me} {This really cool Diamond Storm GIF was made by Meen}


Gift from The Phantom Lords! :)

Click the image to go to my art thread

Sirenemoon (not verified)
You are...

You are absolutely right Diamond!  And it also lets the admins know that we are not going to just let this issue go.

Happy flying all!

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Great idea !


never knew that I deleted my 

cool old signature, cause I came

from the past 

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Nicely Done :)

I am adding this to my siganture as well ! I hope admins stop this hacking soon and we can all enjoy playing the game safe and sound :)




(School of Dragons Anti Hacking Team)




A proud member of The Phantom Lords


& The Phantom Shadows


(Note: All the Titan possible dragons are now Titans)


~ JessyWolf's Dragons ~






~ XxMoonShadowxX's Dragons ~




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Wow! These are all really

Wow! These are all really great!






Click to view my art thread!

RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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I just came up with a motto

I just came up with a motto for us. The three Muskateers had "All for one and one for all" so ours can be just an adapted version from the Green Lantern saying. 
"In brightest day,

In blackest night,

No hacker shall escape our sight.


(Admittedly that last line is a bit of a mouthful. So maybe just S.O.D.A.T.?)

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Or S.O.D.A.H.T.   Because we

Or S.O.D.A.H.T.


Because we are so daht

(like so that)

meaning we are cool.



Sirenemoon (not verified)
Love it!

I love it!

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I love it!     

I love it!



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Ren Roar
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Haha, I love it too~

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Guys subject here

Guys this is the new definition of AWESOME

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i like them but wish they would sparkle like the other ones!  and i think it should be S.O.D.A.H.T, School  Of Dragons Anti-Hacking Team!

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With the subjects heed them u don't have to Sound like Yoda I do

S.O.D.A.T looks official


S.O.D.A.H.T. looks cool.


Like, "SO DAHT a Hacker?" XD Lol


I like them both.

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I am in.

I am in.




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(No subject)

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Against Hacking/Cheating

Anyone can use these & add words



Stworzdlak made them.  He is offering them to anyone



These I made for myself



This I made for members of TPL & TPS to use if they wanted to


Not associated with the Phantom Knightz clan, it belongs to adad


Retired from tournaments - Last tournament ride 2018


Fallen Viking - Might Wind Rider (Got hacked by a hacker)

Forever gone 2/07/14 - 1/16/2015

The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers


A tribute to Hiccup of HTTYD, who would never have achieved anything if he'd obeyed the unjust authority figures in his life. If he'd 'stayed put' like he was commanded at the beginning of the story by his father/Gobber, he would never have met Toothless, and would've probably been killed in dragon training. Instead he refuses to obey- he runs from the ideals of his father and what it means to be a 'traditional Viking', and ends up changing an entire society's outlook in the process. To the Phantoms watching this who are losing hope that we can change the fate of SoD, remember that "running is a victory"- even taking the smallest stand against authority (like sneaking out the back door in Hiccup's case) can have powerful, unforeseen consequences. We have to keep fighting, even if we can't see the end of the road right now.  Roar Phantoms!     by Art


by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

Above Made by Blossom - (used Might Wind Rider as model).  Below made by Stworzydlak

by NightFuryLover Thank you NightFuryLover 

made by Orcawave101

 View Full Size Image

from Buffert

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Nessie you are great :)

Nessie you are great :)


Hi, my name is Ayliin.

My friend code is ARYJ7C.

I have 7000+ trophies.

By the way sorry if my english is bad :)

And my fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Person of Interest, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers (Everything Marvel related actually), Harry Potter, HTTYD, Naruto, Fairy Tail...

I'm a proud elder of Order of the Flames

And proud member of S.O.D.A.H.T.



My Lovely Dragons:


Azaraks (Level 20) (His name stands for Son of the Fire)


The Tardis (Level 20) (I'm a proud Whovian :D )


Harmony (Level 20) (Her name comes from Eye of Harmony a.k.a. Heart of the Tardis)


Maya (Level 20) (Her name comes from Eight Below)












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Let's crush hacking!


Pins made by Nessie, found here
Apologies for the image-heavy sig!
Note: If images below fail to load at first, scroll the entire page down (not my sig) a bit and the images should pop up.

   ~~Please PM me for my friend code if you want to add me~~

~~Stormwing (Stormcutter) Picture-TBA~~

~~Sunblaze (Fireworm Queen) Pic-TBA~~

Iceclaw+Iceclaw+Iceblaze+Icebreeze (Groncicles) Pic-TBA

Ambersong (Death Song) Pic-TBA

Silverwing (Razorwhip) Pic-TBA



In order of signature layout

Pins made by Nessie, found here

Star Sky picture by me

Green dragon page breaker gif found on second post of this topic

All dragon pictures by me

Star and Sharpspine Racing Banner by Jennifer Fire

TDR blue swish GIF by Nessie

TDR HTTYD 2 movie banner by Nessie

TCC Family Banners by unknown

All flaming lines in signature by Nessie

If you made something on my signature and I haven't credited you yet or I credited the wrong person,

please feel free to PM me about it!

 *rages* When is my signature ever going to finish loading ._. 


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- Insert Title Here -

These are awesome Nessie!




  Threads and Links 

    Adopt one today!   

❄️ My Fanfictions: "The Family Secret"Sequel: "Star Alliance": Coming Soon! ❄️

 My Art Thread ❄️ 





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I wonder what the Admins

I wonder what the Admins think of all this?

Dragon Trainer
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We need to make a clan called

We need to make a clan called Anti-hacking team so we can stop hacking once and for all.


Mystery the night fury by tildenwolfgirllBrambletail the nadder


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Maybe, but do poeple have an

Maybe, but do poeple have an extra viking ?

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I don't, and I'm the leader

I don't, and I'm the leader of Academic Acers, so I'm not willing to disband it.

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Yeah, I was thinking this was

Yeah, I was thinking this was more of a "club" ya know? We can still unite in-game without being in the same clan.


Who knows, maybe we can set up meetings in game?

(but I don't want to use in game chat, I will set up a chat room if nessacary.)

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Oh. Okay then. That sounds

Oh. Okay then. That sounds good. I changed my Viking's looks recently. Now she looks more like Nina, my fanfic character who is Hiccup's adopted sister. She has a white Deadly Nadder with pale blue spines, whereas Speranza has a Deadly Nadder featured in my profile pic. I also have a Gronckle, a boy named Steinar, and he's pale pink, hot pink, and yellow. I know it's not very masculine, but it's the only colors that would show up! :/