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Singing Skies
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Hey all! I'm here to represent the new SoD amino, and we would love for you to join us! (Click on this post for more information)



First of all, what is amino?

For those of you who don't know, amino is a large network of communities that let you explore, discover, and participate in the things that interest you. Here you can find and meet other likeminded people!


Alright, but what is the SoD amino about?

The SoD was created for the appreciation of School of Dragons. It is was made for fellow Vikings to:

-Talk about your favorite dragons

-Post art or screenshots of adventures/time in the game

-Chat with others and even make activities with your clan

-Roleplay with other members

-Meet new friends and play with them

-Have fun!


Not convinced yet? Well, here's the vision.

Yes, we are a new amino. We're still under development, but as with everything, we grow as we go!

One ultimate goal is for clans to easily communicate with each other. It's difficult to quickly communicate with your team in-game or even on the forums, so the SoD is offering the opportunity to create chats with the ability to easily talk to your teammates ^^

Also, just like there is an official discord server for SoD, we would like this to become the official amino one day!


( If you need the link to the discord server, here it is: )


Join Us!

Come help us make new content, activities, etc! Or, just come and have fun.

We are also in need of active staff! If you're active enough and you're interested enough in the growth of the amino and the planning, you may be offered a leadership position.


Find the amino here:



Table of Contents


∙IG Info

∙About Me

∙My Dragons




IG Info


1k+ trophies

33 dragons and counting

10 titans

Stormcutters are the absolute best


Friend Code: GAGN21

Always looking for new friends ^^

2 gold stars (170000+ UDT)




About Me

Hey fellow dragon riders! I’m Singing Skies (what I use for everything), but you can call me Skies. I played this game about 4 years ago, but I came back on April 14, 2019, and started fresh. Ever since then, I’ve been pretty active and am currently growing my dragon army ^^


I am 15 years young, and my zodiac is a Virgo. I’m also very independent; I don’t like relying on other people when I need to get/do something (*cough, parents* >.<)


As for my hobbies outside of SoD, I am a pianist (8 years) and a cellist (4 years). I also enjoy reading, listening to music, writing stories, practicing art, etc. (I’m probably forgetting a few).


My favorite music genres include Classical, Pop, Jazz, and R&B, but I also just like whatever sounds nice. Here’s my Spotify link if you’re interested!




My Dragons

Favorite Dragon Breeds: Stormcutter, Night Fury, Sand Wraith, Triple Stryke, Deathsong, Skrill

Favorite Dragon Classes: Sharp, Strike, Stoker



Omru - Titan Male Stormcutter (Primary!!!)

Imera - Titan Female Stormcutter (Primary)

Razzy - Adult Male Razorwhip



Equinox - Titan Female Wooly Howl

Shadowstorm - Titan Male Skrill

Vespa - Titan Female Triple Stryke

Pikachu - Adult Male Triple Stryke

Toothless - Adult Male Night Fury

Light Fury - Adult Female Light Fury

Deathvenim - Adult Male Deathgripper

Dozeer - Adult Female Deathgripper



Emberflight - Adult Female Flame Whipper

Firevapor - "Adult" Female Singetail

Cloudwater - Adult Female Hobblegrunt

Pyvnai - Adult Female Silver Phantom

Firefox - Adult Female Monstrous Nightmare

Darkblaze - Adult Male Monstrous Nightmare

Galadia - Adult Female Monstrous Nightmare



Na hide- Adult Female Deadly Nadder


Lutoro- Teen Male Mudraker



Kathaleen - Titan Female Sand Wraith (Primary)

Marqua - Titan Female Scauldron

Sonic Terror - Adult Male Thunderdrum


Scylla - Baby Shockjaw



Allegro - Titan Female Deathsong

Auqania - Titan Female Flightmare

Trojan - "Adult" Male Armorwing


Wart - Baby Male Sweet Death

Fire and Fury - Baby Male Hideous Zippleback



Magnar - Titan Male Crimson Gorecutter

Sentin - "Adult" Elder Male Sentinel

Laval - "Adult" Male Eruptodon

Cloudspike - Adult Female Whispering Death


** "Adult" means that they're grown and can fly, but since they came from the expansion quests, they're not at the game's actual adult level (10)


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Singing Skies
Joined: 04/19/2019

*****Something I forgot to mention!!!*****

In order to join amino, you need to be 13 or older. These aren't my rules, they are Amino's official guidelines found in their terms of service


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Singing Skies
Joined: 04/19/2019

Updates to the Amino! 

Here's the working link:


It changes because of the change to the amino! We are now including all types of HTTYD games, including Rise of Berk and Titan Uprising. The new changes also come with the opportunity to advertise and talk with more clans (especially in Titan Uprising because I know a lot of you are there).

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I've been in since a while back! You all are really friendly on there! :D


Hi guys! I'm really sorry for my current inactivity on the forums. I will defiently be more active. I've been a bit busy with schoolwork and helping out with the HTTYD Games Amino, but I will be back! 



^^ The above photo was found on Google, and the other was a screenie I took of me and my Deadly Nadder, Firefly. :)



Things in my siggy: 

My Viking

My Clan 

A tribute to my bestie <3 

Other amazing SoD friends

About me in real life

Gif section

Art made FOR me by others


Main Viking account name: EllaAcademyOfBerk 

Membership: Ha, I wish XD

Friend Code: I actually don't remember, but I will post it once I jot it down. I say yes to every friend request, but I do prefer active friends over non-active ones.


Garffiliorg (Garff for short - Deathsong - Mystery Class

Iceshear - Hideous Zippleback - Mystery Class 

Burst - Sweet Death - Mystery Class

Icestorm - Groncicle - Boulder Class

Stormwar - Gronkle - Boulder Class

Vallhalla - Eruptadon - Boulder Class

Summerwing - Stormcutter - Sharp Class

Seaside - Razorwhip - Sharp Class 

Suncatcher - Fireworm - Stoker Class

Hookfire - Monstrous Nightmare - Stoker Class

Firefly - Deadly Nadder - Tracker Class

Watershout - Sand Wraith - Tidal Class

Bam - Thunderdrum - Tidal Class 

I'd like to stop you right here to mention something. A few weeks back, I met a very amazing friend here on the forums. Her name is TillyO5, or xOTillyOx in-game. I'd like to give her some special recognition for being my best friend on SoD, and in real-life too. <3 :D This is for you, Tilly! 



This is for that brave warrior I'm proud to call my friend. She's strong, stands up for what she believes in, kind, generous, and an incredible friend. I consider myself lucky to have met Tilly on the forum a few weeks back. Honestly, right now, I don't know what I would do without her. Thank you, Tilly, for always being there for me. I hope I will live up to be the incredible friend you are, and always be there for you! <3 :D


These are a few of my other amazing forum & SoD buddies! (The ones in orange are both SoD buddies & forum friends.)

Lady fighter - such a kind, caring, and over all incredible friend <3, HPowers - leader of Isle of Gazoo and a really calm and kind player :) LaGuardianaDeNadders - another fellow Spanish-speaking player with a very fun personality ;D







This is art by others drawn for me by request. Thank you guys for being awesome! <3

Firefly, my Deadly Nadder. Done by the awesome artist; Root. :) Thanks again! 

Firefly, my Deadly Nadder. Done by the amazing artist; Lady fighter. Thank you so much! <3

My Sandwraith, Watershout. Done by the absolutley incredible; Lady fighter! You're awesome! <3

This is my Viking, Ella. She was drawn by Mimu. Thanks again! Firefly! I love her and my Razorwhip, Seaside, to the death. Made by the extremely talented Andrea! :D Thank you so much!



Joined: 02/19/2019

Hi guys, I'm Mari, the original creator of this amino.

I became a bit inactive due to a few personal irl reasons, and forgot about handling the amino. 

Skies has done a great job of picking up where I left off and is so far proving to really care about it and is putting much effort to revive it. I'm glad the amino was left in capable hands, and I'm coming back to join as a regular member in the amino and hope to help out as much as I can and get this going again, HTTYD means alot to me, and alot to many other people and I hope we can make this community thrive and have fun playing games and chatting/roleplaying together.

The link in the original post is broken, here is a fresh one (If it breaks again I'll just edit this comment and post another fresh link)

It's no longer SchooIOfDragons, but H.T.T.Y.D Games, and tbh I think it suits it better since we're obviously going to be chatting about more than just the SOD game, although that was the main focus, there are more HTTYD games than just SoD :)

I hope I can make up for my absence and help in any way I can, thank you for understanding





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