[SoD] ► Hatching Bloof the Buffalord

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[SoD] ► Hatching Bloof the Buffalord


One of the rarest dragons, the Buffalord was thought to be hunted to extinction. But now, the dragon riders of Berk are trying to help the Buffalord population. I am fortunate enough to own one of these beautiful dragons to help the cause. Introducing Bloof, my newest edition to my dragon family!




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Hello everyone! My name is Sigridd, fellow viking of Berk and trainer of dragons. I attend the School of Dragons to learn the history of dragons and how to train them, using "The Scientific Method." I love to make new friends at the school, whether viking or dragon. All of us together can have a new adventure and learning expirence. 


The world of dragons just keeps growing. After years of being at war with this species, it seems now that the Archipelago is centered around these reptilian creatures. Everyday, we can learn something new about them. I make it my goal to learn about dragons, using techniques and information to bond with them. Each dragon is different, and requires different care patterns. I've learned a lot on my journey thus far, but I still have so much to learn. I hope to become a great dragon rider, just like Hiccup Haddock III and the rest of the Dragon Riders.








Viking Name: Sigridd

Current Level: 31

Trophy Count: 297

Dragon Bonding Level: 17

Fishing Level: 23

Farming Level: 13

Dragons: 11

Stables: 4













----------------- Dragon Stable -----------------


Crystaline (Deadly Nadder)              Bloof (Buffalord)




---------------- Boulder Stable -----------------


Pinky (Whispering Death                          Lemon (Whispering Death)


Shadow (Flightmare)                                       Emerald (Hobblegrunt)





-------------- Boulder Stable UTD -------------






    Salmon (Sand Wraith)                                Asmund (Skrill



    ZipZap (Hideous Zippleback)         Swift (Speed Stinger)




The Dragon Racers is a clan dedicated to the art of dragon racing in Berk. This community is very welcoming and very passionate about the traditions of the school and Berk's community. The Dragon Racers is one of the top clans on the leaderboard, and they are very deserving of their spot. So much has been put into this clan; the leaders and elders have worked very hard to create a welcoming and fun community that everyone can enjoy, even if you're not in the clan. They wanted to create a message; that if a fellow viking sees the Dragon Racers logo, they can associate it with positive feelings. Happiness, friendship, and leadership. It means so much to see this logo, and it means so much to me to see this logo everytime I open SoD. Thank you!



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