So I Found Some Useful Information... (RTTE S4 SPOILERS!)

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Hi guys, it's Squiid here! I was browsing the HTTYD Wikia yesterday, and I found out something extremely useful. Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but I thought I'd share it anyways.

Okay, so, remember him?

Related image

That's the dude. Anyways, so, I was checking out the Wikia, and apparently it was confirmed that his name is Krogan! As appeared in the credits of Midnight Scrum, the episode he was featured in, they revealed (or perhaps leaked) that our potentially S5-S6 villain is named Krogan. I tried to find the definition of the name, perhaps to give us a clue, but I couldn't find anything. (If you do, let me know!)


Well, now we know...thanks DW! Not sure if it was intentional or not, but all the same.





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You know, I have a slight suspision that he is more of a good guy than a bad. I'm probably wrong. Anyway, I still think Viggo will have a way to come back, whether it's to life or just his shops and clues.

Also, what I would really like and what I predicted was that probably season 6 would be set after HTTYD 2. That then would round off the season in time for Dragons 3.


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You could be right! It's pretty obvious our Krogan either isn't or was at one point allied with the Hunters. I think he's probably just working for himself- but, of course, we have no evidence whether his allegiance will lean more towards the good or bad. He is found wearing the symbol of Drago Bludvist (as seen on his belt), and I'm wondering if the suggested alliance between Drago and the Hunters is a bit of a shaky foundation...he's not with the Riders, or against them, which I find interesting.


I honestly can't say what I believe in terms of Viggo living or not. Every inch of me wants to believe he's alive, but he fell in a hot lava pit...either he's dead, he'll come out looking like Anakin Skywalker (;u;), or DreamWorks will come up with some miraculous way he survived. And actually, you're right! The things Viggo left behind could play a part. I never actually thought about that before.


I heard somewhere that S6 will be going up to HTTYD 2, but I'm not sure. I also heard somewhere that DW was considering doing another few seasons taking place between HTTYD 2 & HTTYD 3. They hadn't decided anything, but it was up in the air for a while...


I guess all we can do is wait and see! (June-July can't come fast enough.)







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Oh cool! I've been wondering what's gunna happen with him. There's also Rhyker. Or however you spell his name. Yes, ill call him that. WE NEVER ACTUALLY SAW HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME DIE!!! Viggo however.... ye hes ded. Or who knows he might've absolutely trolled everyone watching and survived. Cause his 'death', too easy and whatever. He ran straight for the Dragon Eye and fell to his doom.


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OOH! I love talking about this kind of stuff! So many theories! I feel like Krogan might be related to drago...or he COULD BE I really was wondering what would happen to that guy. It just didn't feel like that was the last time we'd see him....I do wonder if viggo died or not...hmm...I only saw him holding onto the boat for dear life but maybe he managed to escape from the boat and the submarippers whirlpool who knows!! 


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On the httyd wiki it says Krogan is a member of Drago Bludvist's army  and a bounty hunter who attended Viggo Grimborn's Dragon Auction. So, I think you maybe right. I looked at the page about Drago's army too. It said:

Tribe members:

Drago Bludvist (Cheiften)

Krogan (representivive)


.This is the first tribe that doesn't have a pacific name.

.Drago's army could be connected to the dragon hunters due to the fact that the "special guest" Krogan, has Drago's insignia on his belt.

.Krogan is also the first human character Hiccup intentionally attempted to kill (WHAT!!!!!)

.The armor of drago's men appears to be of Finnish or Kievian Rus designs.

.It is unknown why the army never showed up during the final battle on Berk, even though Drago told them to be there.

.It appears Drago's men are skilled fighters, as Krogan was able to hold his own against Throk and defeat several dragon hunters with ease.


(All the bold info is about Krogan)


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That and in S1 Ep1, we see the same symbol that Eret has on his chest. Used by the hunters, when they were trying to get Hiccup to lead them to Toothless or whatever.

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Here We Go

Here is my full, detailed theory on the Hunter/Bludvist alliance.


Okay, so, first off, Viggo has dropped plenty of hints about Drago. "I have no desire to rule the world, unlike...some people." (S3 Defenders of the Wing, Part 1.) Drago wants to rule the world, eh? Yep, yep he does. Plus, the insignia that the Hunters tried to burn on Hiccup in Enemy of my Enemy. That's the symbol of Drago Bludvist's tribe. So, they are obviously acquaintances or allies. Viggo wants wealth, Drago wants a dragon army and control of the world. Contrasting goals, right? Not exactly. Viggo could sell the dragons he's collecting to Drago, most likely for a good price. Plus, we often see the Hunters capturing dragons alive, and not killing. Perhaps selling them to Drago for his army? Likely. 

But it gets more interesting. Drago, in HTTYD 2, was unaware of any existing Riders. He reacts with nothing short of surprise. And if Viggo is trying to get the Riders' dragons, why didn't he tell Drago about the Riders? Why is my probably-dead and clever evil cinnamon roll keeping secrets from his employer?

Who knows? But I'm thinking Viggo and Drago have an alliance, if not a shaky one.

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I don't know. I've always

I don't know. I've always thought of the dragon hunters as a business trade. And each company wants the most money. Drago definitely is in desire of the domination of dragons and looking through the information, Viggo and him HAVE made deals but they are as you say, shaky. If The Dragon Hunters insignia wasn't enough. A blood red fist. A Bludvist. I never noticed the quote from season 3! That's amazing!

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Oh my Thor. I just found out some information regarding SotL. And particularly what was inside the labyrinth. Give me half hour and I'll be back with what I've deducted. 

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Little longer than half hour but still.


While searching through SotL, I came across a symbol of which I knew I'd seen somewhere in the past and the closest thing I've got to it is on Drago's belt:


Just look at his belt buckle. Right? Acknowledged?


Then look at this inside the part of impossible island that wasn't made by Mala's ancestors. 



Could Drago's possible brother have made this? If not where else has this symbol appeared? (Don't you dare mention Tangled, :D It's only a little simular, lol).




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I'm probably wrong, but hey.

I'm probably wrong, but hey. It was fun trying to decode it. The symbols are probably irrelivant.

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I Like Waffles and Ukuleles

Ohmygoodness, I totally see that! I always thought that symbol on Drago's belt was just the same symbol as on his sails, but NOOOOPE, I completely missed the fact it was a sun. (In fact, I DID think of Tangled, shame on me! Now I'm imagining Drago with Rapunzel's hair...nope. Nopenopenopenope.)


That's a good theory! I was pretty curious about who made that part of the labyrinth, anyway. I wonder why Drago's tribe would've made that part...but honestly, I'm amazed that I never noticed the sun symbol thingy on Drago's belt earlier. I've seen that movie 500000 times.

This will require some further thought from me...but, of course, I keep getting distracted by my HTTYD Viggo AU and SWTOR One-Shots. Bad Squiidy!



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Why you have to give me ideas bruh?!! *goes to find the perfect shot of Rapunzel's hair*

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I simply must see the finished result.

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No regrets. :')

No regrets. :')

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Pure, divine beauty.

Pure, divine beauty.

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I Like Waffles and Ukuleles

I am both scarred for life and blessed for eternity.

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Wow AWESOME!!! I'm gunna replay so that I can see this! Eventually, when I can ACTUALLY play. *cri* nice how you noticed this!