So the Friday update is???

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Hi, so i guess everyone saw the video SoD "Secret of the Levathian" but, what is this Friday update?


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Coming soon

At the end of video is Coming Soon. I am waiting And there isnt ANY update of something new


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Lilac ate my subject...

Well, I hope they at least release something today. Man, I just can't stop thinking about the new expansion!! SO hyped!



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Coming soon

At the end of video is Coming Soon. I am waiting And there isnt ANY update or something new

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Coming soon

At the end of video is Coming Soon. I am waiting And there isnt ANY update or something new

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why not

Why wouldnt there be any update ..... Its Friday and the video isn't an update to the game ..... It just shows that there will be a future update to the game .... But that doesn't mean no update today. That wouldn't be fair on UA for them to use the video as an excuse .... That's how I see it !!


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Actually they always leave a week or 2 or no new updates before a expansion release, their probably just fixing up the day adding finishing touches.
After all, its not just new quests and dragon/s but new places too.  Defenders of the edge being one of them!.

Besides gives us plenty of time to watch RTTE before a new expansion.  Just be patient guys. if the other expansions are to go by, it will be worth it!.



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in fact

In fact Admin upload video in 14 of Feb maybe this Friday or next week so...






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