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Yeah... just earlier I got banned from chatting for an hour for saying "I got stuck in a wall lol" during thunder run racing. The issue is that yes, this is a kids game and bad language should therefore not be tolerated, however, perhaps there is a much easier way to change the system so that 'bad' words are censored but the person doesn't get banned for it.


I have spent many years playing Roblox (Quit almost two years ago) and I think the Roblox chat system could be applied to this game where the 'bad' words are simply censored out but not the entire sentence. This therefore allows players to know what words were censored so that they don't use them again and it also solves the issue of entire sentences getting censored because of one single word.


Of course, the Roblox chat system isn't perfect, but it is tolerable (And certainly much more so than the SoD chat system). We all know how bad the chat system is and I think it really needs to be updated, otherwise what is the point of chatting to your friends if it's going to ban you every hour?


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Yeah, this game's chat filter is just excessive. I've seen other games where the chat filter is nowhere NEAR as bad. Even in some PG and PG-13 MMOs I play (and let's face it, SoD should be leaning between PG and PG-13 due to the movie audience's ages and such), it'll censor out certain words, but not the entire sentence.

So for example, you could say "LF (Looking for) Eng guild!" ('ish' is censored for some reason in Digimon Masters). So if you said English, it'd instead say "LF for Engl**** guild!", and people would understand you just fine. Sure, it's got its faults ('spoon' is a word that's censored in that game), but it's soooo much better then SoD's chat filter. They understand that their audience isn't soley children. They understand that there's teenagers, and that teenagers don't want or need to talk like 1st grade level.



Heck, even with all the science stuff in SoD that'd be learned in 4th-5th grade on the game, the game expects you to talk at a lower level and that's no fun. 


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Granamyr don't burn my... *shoots fire* ...subject

I agree whole heartedly with this. I've said this once before, in a post talking about the chat system, I've been banned for words like 'hope' and 'it' and 'bed' etc. and none of those are "bad words". This chat system is not set up well at all and I've played roblox once, the chat system is 5000 times better than this one.






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