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I have created a new dragon with the help of Chameishida's awesome Dragon Generator! Also special thanks to Huntress of Storms for coming up with the name.

Funny and cool names this dragon species could have had: Twilight Wraith, Goldenfrill Starwing, Shiningfrill Daggertail, Goldtusk, Signalfrill, Frozen Flare, Whiskered Whiptail, Ruthless Thicktusk, and Billowing Goldspine

Without further ado introducing the....


The Hopeless Deathtrail

Class: Tracker

Fire Type: Billowing Icy Smoke (Hoarfrost)

Features: Bright colorful but dark body, two tusks in the front, whiskers, frills on side of head, head appendages, and large fins on back

Abilities: Tracking, signaling, and keeping warm

Size: 30 feet tall

Habitat: Unknown

Ability to Train Level: Expert Trainers Only

Time of day: Daytime only

Behavior Traits: Ruthless and cunning doesn't camoflague due to the fact that it tries to be intimidating and scare everything off. This is a dragon that isn't scared to fight and usually starts a fight with anything. It was once reported that the Hopeless Deathtrail had fought its own reflection in the water! They hunt in packs like wolves and use their colorful frills to signal the pack to close in. Different colors mean different things like: red means attack, blue means stand down, green means take off, and purple means use Hoarfrost.


Fighting style: When on land they will run and charge at opponents with their tusks and razor sharp wing claws. Their tails also can swing around in a whip-like manner stunning their opponents. Also their fire type they use to cause confusion and to paralyze them with the iciness of the smoke.

Hatchlings: Usually are born without their mother and stay partially in their eggs until they reach the Shortwing age when they grow out the rest of their fins and are able to protect themselves more effectively. They use the eggs as a source of nutrients and protection against the elements. Their eggs can be many colors even mimicking other dragon eggs as another defense mechanism. They are less aggressive than the adults and waddle around like ducks hauling their shells wherever they go.

Flaws: They can't see in the dark like other dragons but they can use their scales like flashlights or their whiskers to help see but this makes them an easier target at night. They are also easily distracted and forgetful.





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Hi! :)

Reference sheet: (Top) Left corner- view from above, Middle- Full body, (Bottom) Right Corner- height compared to viking, (Bottom) Left Corner- Baby Hopeless Deathtrail


Why these are limited:

It has nothing to do with rarity these dragons are actually common believe it or not. It's also not due to how long it takes me to color them because I've been working on ways to color faster to get in as many requests as I can. I am on a time-limit in real life right now. I have three days before I go off to college three days. Packing isn't easy and all my stuff is everywhere and its stressful making sure I have the right stuff. My roommates haven't even emailed me which worries me a bit. So I am sorry they are limited they have a time-limit until Saturday. So get in your story, colors, and name of the dragon asap and I will work diligently to finish them up inbetween moving to Rhode Island (URI go rams!).



(this is the best part!)

  1. Be appropriate and mature this is a kid's forum
  2. Be as creative with the story as you like (doesn't have to be in the HTTYD universe even), use fun things ex: (trolls, villans with an army of Deathrails, unicorns, phoenixes, etc) this is fantasy/fiction have fun with it!
  3. Don't go crazy with creativity there's a fine line between logical fun creativity and insane creativity (ex: Dozens of cupcakes fall out of the sky and hit the Deathtrail and knock him out, then a rainbow unicorn swoops in and takes him inside a volcano where they meet a fairy princess...) don't do that please :)
  4. You will have supplies with you (tools for your story)- Each trainer will be given a: Hornpipe, book of dragons, dragonnip, some fish, a satchel, one dragon companion (chickens are allowed and so are friends), a shell horn to call for help in emergencies, water, mead, firewood, and a small tent
  5. If you read this put you're subject as 'I'm gonna die! XD'
  6. Things you can't use: Profanity, magic (Deathtrails are allergic and will hidefrom it), and decapitation (there can be violence just don't go over the top)
  7. Things you're allowed to use: Your mind, your creativity, and keeping a partial realisticness if you encountered a wild animal in real life
  8. Things to watch out for: This dragon is smart, resourceful, highly aggressive, protective, and determined. Also they have a highly acute smell and can use hoarfrost to freeze opponents.
  9. If you manage to tame this wild beast: This is an honarble dragon known to chivarlous, loyal, and hardworking (similar to a Gryffindor)
  10. Backstories don't have to be a master piece it's just you having fun writing whatever you like (of course sticking to the rules)
  11. Have fun! (also babies are avaliable to request as well!)
  12. Also if you have any questions regarding the dragon, backstory, help, etc. I'll be glad to answer! :)

Adult Form:



Main Colour:

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed):

Marking colour/s:

Fin color(s):

Glowing wing color:

Tail Spikes:

Backstory (optional):

Personal Details (ex. eye colour, injuries, dragon name on picture etc.):


Baby Form



Main Colour:

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed):

Marking color/s:

Fin color(s):
Glowing wing color:

Tail Spikes:

Egg markings:

Egg marking color:

Backstory (optional):

Personal Details (ex. eye colour, injuries, dragon name on picture etc.):





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Last post you can't reply to. Promise :)



In progress




Requests Closed


Status: Finishing these as fast as possible



  1. Ladybrasa
  2. infinity12356
  3. Huntress of Storms
  4. Witcherforever
  5. grumpyforlife2
  6. Monkorpio (backstory can be optional)
  7. Buddyfan1 (spot saved)


Update: Please put if you want a background or not on your forms! Thank you! :)

*I'm going in order of posts for requests*


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Tracking Post!

Track this post and this thread! Excited for requests! :D

Cupcakes and Awesome points if you track! ;)

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I'm gonna die! XD

Save spot ^^ ?





Hi I'm Witcherforever, but you can call me Yen :)


I recently came back to the Forum and I'd love to make some new friends so feel free to message me :)





Cadash and Iocaste blinkies by Defy :3



Iocaste gif edit by me 


My Woolly Howl Bigby by me 


Dettlaff blinkie by me :)



Yen and Iocaste :) (I love this one <3)


by me 


by me 

Edit of Yen and her terrible terror Vhenan by me

Edit of Yen by me






 All the drawings above 

By Me :) 




Yennefer and Iocaste By the endlessly talented TosiLohi


Thank you so much!!!




An amzing edit of Yen by the one an only Nessie :D



Yen by Frytha TYSM!





Yen and Bigby Wolf by me


Bigby by the amazing Kattistal :D




Bigby by Nessie :D 







Acid by Nessie :D















A dragon my little brother did for me <3


(this is his first drawing in digital and he's seven years old)


Little Dettlaff - By Me






Dettlaff Blinkie by the amazing Nessie :)






Dettlaff - By Me




Base by xXHallaXx



By the amazing artist Nessie Thank you!!! ^^




By the talented Fury of the night TYSM ^^









My Timberjack Vesemir and Yen by Aelyras TYSM !!!!










My Flightmare Kelpie by me ^

My Screaming Death Aranzeb by Fun Dragon TYSM!!! ^




Narcis by Nessie TYSM!!!


by GymLeaderCheeky






Mist- Stromcutter




Iron Bull-Razorwhip

Midas- Armorwing

Dettlaff-Sand Wraith 



Iron Bull- Razorwhip

Diablo- Whispering Death

Poison- Monstrous Nightmare

Nerisa- Scauldron

Silversong- Razorwhip

Cadash- Deathsong

Eskel- Skrill

Midas- Armorwing

Frostbite- Groncicle

Mist- Stormcutter

Lilac- Graple Grounder

Dettlaff- Sand Wraith

Dante- Screaming Death 

Toxic - Deadly Nadder

Vesemir - Timberjack

Aranzeb - Screaming Death

Lime and Lemon - Ziplleback

Bigby Wolf - Wooly Howl

Kelpie - Flightmare

Narcis - Deadly Nadder



My adoptables


My dream guardian Vhenan

by me ^

By kcrockette and 1flower Thank You!!! ^^



Lemonade by the talented chameishida TYSM!!!



Yen met Lemonade on an unusually hot day on Berk, she decided to make herself some lemonade and brought some from trader Johan. When she got at home with her woolly howl Bigby, she told him to cool of the lemons by frizzing one of the metal bowls in her house. Bigby happily did so and she put the lemons in the bowl that was now full of ice. She went to find some sugar before she cut the lemons, and her dragon followed behind, when she came back she found a green baby dragon chewing on a lemon that was covered with ice, Bigby growled at the dragon, but Yen shushed him and told him to wait outside, she knew how he was near new dragons. The wooly howl hissed, but waited patiently outside the room. When the dragon noticed Yen it made a cute squeak and tilted its head curiously at the human. The dragon bit the ice again, but this time his teeth hit the lemons surface, when the juice touched its tongue the dragon made a funny face and threw the lemon away. Yen chuckled and petted the baby dragon. The hatchling purred and nuzzled her head in the human’s hand. Yen named her Lemonade and she lived with her and Bigby ever since this little accident. Bigby was a bit jealous, but he liked Lemonade nevertheless, the dragon was too cute for him to be angry at.






Borovinka my blueberry fruit wraith  and my green elemental dragon Jago by grumpyforlife2 (I only made it digital) Thank you so much !!! ^^




Albino my Cave Raider by Valoris620 Thx :)




Yen growled in frustration as she threw her map on the ground. She had been searching g Icestorm Island for three days now, searching for a groncicles. She rubbed her temples to calm down and sat on one of the icy rocks near the entrance of the ice tunnel caves.

“Why do all the dragons hate me so much? “C’mon Yen, go tame a Nadder, it will be fun” She said mimicking Hiccup’s words as she pulled out a Nadder spike from her old wooden shield. The dragon just attacked her on sight. Next she tried a Nightmare…. Yup she still owed Fishlegs a new copy of the book of dragons, after the Nightmare attacked her and turned the old one into ashes. Now had spent days on the only island in the whole archipelago that she hated, searching for a dragon that simply disappeared after she land foot on the island. It was like if all the dragons knew about her past… Yup she was a dragon hunter, but she couldn’t stand it when she had to kill a dragon, capturing one wasn’t the problem, but when Viggo gave her the task of killing one and skinning it… It was too much. Lucky for her they were on Auction Island and she managed to escape the ship the same day, by hiding in another ship’s storage room until it reached another Island and she traveled with trader Johan to Berk.

But back to the present…

Yen snapped out of her thought as she heard footsteps nearby, it was like if someone was running. She quickly gripped the handle of her sword and dodged the axe that was thrown at her. She rolled on the ground and was quickly back on her feet, her sword already drawn.

“Gardar? Why am I not surprised?” She said, rolling her eyes at the familiar dragon hunter.

The white haired man, simply smirked as he charged at her again, she dodged again and swung her sword at him, only to have him block her attack. She kept her sword to his axe refusing to back up.

“Good to see you to, Yen. I’m always glad to see an old ‘friend’” He said sarcastically and with one swift move he sent her sword on the ground.  The sword stood straight up as the blade buried itself in the icy ground.

Gardar swung his axe at the girl again, but she dodged and rolled to were her sword was. Yen pulled out her sword and this time charged at him instead of dodging. She was much faster than him, but Gardar knew her better than anyone else, he knew how she fought and this move didn’t surprise him one bit.

He moved to the side, dodging her attack and pinned her with all his force to one of the cave walls near them. She dropped her weapon from the sudden move and Gardar pinned both her wrists above her head, preventing her from escaping. Yen tried to kick him and break free, but it was no use. Gardar was much stronger than her.

“Sorry that it had to be this way…” He said and he sounded like if he really meant it. Yen didn’t get what he meant by this at first, she didn’t even had time to react when he pulled out a rag cloth and pressed it to her face. Within seconds everything became black…

When she opened her eyes, her head hurt and her vision was very blurry at first.

There was someone talking to her and a silhouette in front of her, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying or who they were. After her vison cleared up she recognized the figure as Gardar.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty” He said mockingly and Yen groaned in pain as she turned her head to him. She was chained to the celling of a cavern.

“Where am I?” She said with a serious expression, with no fear in her voice.

“That’s not important now. Viggo told us to get whatever information we can from you about the Berkians” He explained.

Yen’s face fell to the ground as she sighed.

“Why are you doing this to me Gardar?” She asked her voice full of sorrow.

“I had no choice, it brings me no joy to see you like this, believe me. I never wanted to hurt you. We could have ruled together… we were the best hunters after Viggo and Ryker.” He said with a frown on his face.

“But I made my choice” Yen said not even daring to look in his eyes. She never wanted to leave him…All this years he had been there for here, everything she knew she knew it from him. Even though he was a bit older than here he always treated her as equal. Their friendship soon turned to something more…but they never got the chance to continue their relationship after she left the hunters.

“You choose the live of a traitor instead of staying with me?” Gardar said his voice much lower than the usual.

“I’m a lot of things Gardar, but a traitor is not one of them. Yes, I left the hunters, but I didn’t told nothing about them to the Berkians, and I never will. And I didn’t choose them instead of you. I choose to do the right thing. And staying here and killing dragons was not the right thing to do-“Yen started, but he interrupted her.

“I’ve seen you on the battlefield Yen, and killing was never a problem for you.”

“Yes, but on the battlefield it’s either me or the enemy. Here it was me against a defenseless chained dragon. There’s no honor in killing a dragon that’s chained to a wall and is starving. Gardar, I know what you think about dragons… I thought the same thing, but… It’s a lie Gardar. All of it. Dragons are not evil, they feel no need to kill. The ones that destroyed your home… They were just defending themselves, because we destroyed their nests. You can’t blame them for that. You know I’m right. Please, it’s still not too late to do the right thing…Come with me, and leave all of this behind. Please, I lost you once… I don’t one to lose you twice.” Yen said this time looking straight in his eyes, a single tear streaming down her face.

Gardar didn’t answer. It was a good sign, he was actually considering her offer. Yen knew that he was good at heart, and she hoped that he’d listen to her. She examined the room that she was locked in and noticed a magnificent dragon chained in the other corner. It was unlike any other she had seen. And it did looked more than just a normal dragon, he looked like an albino. Even though it was chained it didn’t looked one bit like the other dragons that she had captured before, instead of cowering it stood up proudly and still continued to scratch its chain in his tries to get it off. His neck had a lot of scars and it was clear that he was also in the room for the same reason as her… to be broken. She snapped out of her trance as another man walked in the room. She recognized him as Alexius, in her eyes he was nothing but a coward, working as an interrogator to save his hide from fighting a dragon. He was always a coward and even if she was the one chained to the wall, Yen had no intentions of giving him the pleasure of seeing her be afraid.

“Well, well. What have we here?” Alexius asked a smug grin on his face.

Yen gave him a disgusted look and kept her chin up, looking her gaze with his.
“Do whatever you want, Alexius. I have no reason to fear someone like you… Once a coward, always a coward. Even here and now, with me chained to the wall and you being the one to hold a knife to my throat, I can still see the fear in your eyes. Hear your voice shaking as you try to play it cool, but we both know the truth don’t we” Yen said returning his smirk.

“We’ll see about this very soon…Won’t we?”

Gardar turned to the man, a serious look on his face as he walked towards him and pulled the helm of his shirt.

“If a single hair falls from her head, I swear, you’ll wish that the dragon laid its claws on you before I did” He said quietly through gritted teeth to the man as he left the room. Alexius gulped and nodded.

After a few hours of basically talking with Yen in circles, he got nothing. No matter how he tried to make her talk, no matter if there was a knife to her neck, Yen didn’t told him anything. He was wondering if he should torture her, but Gardar’s threat was not to be taken lightly. He knew what the man was capable of and getting him furious was not helping. He growled in frustration and pulled out his sharpest knife, holding it just next to Yen’s throat.

“You will break!” He said through gritted teeth, anger burning in his eyes.

“I will hidefirst” Yen answered spitting in his face. The man pulled back in surprise with a disgusted look on his face. All this time the albino dragon watched the human girl. He had to admit she was impressive. No matter what the man threatened her with she didn’t betray her friends. She reminded him of himself. Loyal to the end, perhaps the human was different than the others that he had seen before after all. The dragon noticed the girl motioning him where her sword stood with a tilt of her head. He turned his gaze to it and noticed that the sword was displayed on the wall near him, with the scarp end sticking out of the wooden board it was hanged on. He quickly connected the dots and realized that this might be his only chance to escape. The only thing that really kept him locked up was the muzzle on his mouth, it was preventing him from using his hot flame to melt the chains. He quicly jumped up and cut the muzzle with the sword. After he felt it fall to the ground he quickly freed himself from the chain.

“What the…?!” But before Alexius could even finish his sentence let alone draw his axe, Yen had him knocked out with a kick in the head. Her legs were not chained so why not use them. The dragon turned his gaze to her, he slowly approached the girl. Yen closed her eyes in fear of what might happen. All her encounters with dragons so far didn’t go well. She waited for the pain, but it never came. Instead she felt a soft snout against her cheek. She opened one eye only to see the dragon nuzzling its snout in her cheek. When it pulled back it carefully blasted the chain that kept her hanging from the wall. She fell on the ground with a quiet thud. As she dusted herself she expected the dragon to be already long gone, but instead it waited for her patiently with a calm and friendly look on its face. She finaly realized why when the dragon motioned her to mount up. She smiled widely as she hopped on its back. The dragon blasted the bars on one of the holes in the walls that was used like a window and flew off as fast as it could. Yen was amazed by the creature, all it did was something that she never expected to see from a dragon. Before they left the island she turned her gaze back to it.

“Well meet again, my old friend” She murmured quietly as she turned her gaze forward again. The dragon sensed her sadness and made a low rumble to catch her attention. Yen barely had time to react when he dove down and was now flying just above the water. She smiled in awe and touched the surface of the sea. She never expected that flying was such a magnificent gift, the dragon was more than just noble to share such a gift with her. She hugged the dragon’s neck and thanked him. He simply purred and relaxed into the hug. From this day forward Albino never left Yen’s side… She didn’t mind him, whenever he was with her she felt safe and loved, that was all she could ever ask from her dragon and in return she did the same… 





My Seasong Sh'eenaz by adopto66 TYSM!!!^^



My Hopeless Deathtrail - Cahir

by the awesome Snowflake TYSM!!! :D ^^




Solas by Selethesis Thank you!!!^^




Zoltan the Gill Grunter by infinity12356 Thanks ^^


By Natalie TYSM!!!^^


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Screenshtos by Me



Things I like:


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I'm gonna die! XD

Oh ohhhhhhh my goodness... you used the name :D so happy right now, and they look epic

Please save me a spot, Ill try to get a fourm up soon!


-Huntress of the Storms-



Banner by Frytha




Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?






There ain't no kill like overkill!




 My OC: Fireren the Storm Hunter

(Also known as Fireren IV the Stealthy)




Or maybe not so stealthy





My Dragon OC: Thunderclap the Icebane, a Wraith Hunter


lil' stuck up lizrd who will beat you at edge. Don't mess, or suffer the wrath of Khan


Amazing drawing of Thunderclap by Witcherforever


Gorgeous Thunderclap headshot by Natalie Stormweaver

Epic Skrill blinkie by Nessie




 - Fearless Alpha




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The Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon


Made by xXHallaXx




Muzgash and Orcoball


The Glitched Mudrakers


Made by ladybrasa






The Oceanic Seasong


Made by Adopto66




The Hopeless Deathtrail

Made by Snowflake12298




"It's all good in the Archipelahood!"



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im NOT going to die! XD



NAME: hoarfrost


GENDER: male






MARKING COLORS: light almost glowing blue


FIN COLORS: light blue




TAIL SPIKES: light blue

(i baseclly want it like mesaprincss night fury)


SPECIAL MARKINGS:  has two long claw scrapes on his leg, ( the front one) and a wolf bite on his tail, and i would like his eyes to be the same light blue color



hoarfrost, also known as horror, lived on outcast island.  the outcasts were always afraid of him, always looking over their shoulder to see if he lurked in the shadows.  when the outcasts were again attacked by this elusive dragon, they finally begged berk to rid them of the beast.  pearl garmadon, a dragon trainer in training, was sent to rid the outcasts of what they called, the chilling horror.  when pearl found him though, she found he was not visous or evil, but depressed and lonley.  his mate had long ago been killed by the outcasts, and ever since then, he has been terrorizing them for what they had done.  pearl, after earning his trust (which was NOT easy to do)  was trained and brought back to the school where he now lives with Jewels, Sparky, and the rest of pearls adopted dragon family.  has a secret crush on Jewels, pearls night fury.  (dont tell her! XD)


(sorry this story is so sort, i am working on another right now that is EXTREAMLY long)



"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








Art  Chat   FAQs  Comics







(Pearl by my Bff Frytha <3)                  (drawing of Snowdust by DatOneTrumpet)




Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





Meet my Oc's!


Pearl Garmadon


Carl Henderson




Zane Blackhaule


Ida Barnes

Water Phoenix

Henry Mcnire


Robin Goodfellow



Other Oc's





 Zane Blackhaule X Shielle                            Pearl Garmadon X Carl Henderson

(Adorable ship pictures by the talented Tosilohi)


Snowdust X Blitz

(Picture of me, Snowdust, my friend, & her Snow Wraith, Blitz taken by me)


(By me XD)



Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Winter Rider.  Check it out >Here<

(Special thanks to Infinity12356 for the cover)


Short stories


               (By me)                    (By Navlyn Fury)







"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."

~From howtotrainyourdragon.com





(Mountain Sun by 1flower)



i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












((By me))

If you believe in the real meaning  of the rainbow, put this in your siggy through the month of June!  #RememberTheRainbowReason!



And remember.....

(By Megaboltphoenix XD)





Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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Hi! :)

I need to know what the markings are. The markings and then the colors. :)

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Which part a IS the markings?

Which part a
IS the markings? I'm a little fuzzy on that. Is it special details on him that you come up with?

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OH nvm I know what you were

OH nvm I know what you were talking about now XD. Ok, I would like a spripe of the same blue color going from the back side of his head, down his flank, and ending at the tail. That's about it. Can't wait to see what you 've up with ;)

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Hi! :)

Thank you! Yes I can't wait to see what he/she looks like! :)

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OH nvm I know what you were

Ack double posted sorry

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Background or without?



There was so much blue! Ack! :P







JK! I love light blue it's my favorite color. ;)



Also thank you for the backstory! Take your pick of cupcake! ;)


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mmm what a yummy sheep XD

thanks snowflake!  he looks great in both!  i must have both pictures!  and LOL  where do you find these cupcakes?!??!!? XD  i'll take the scared sheep  (he looks so afraid, i bet he knows im going to devor him, muhahahahahaha! XD)

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Hi! :)

Hahaha! I will definitely eat that one first in the next batch. XD


Though I'm not sure Mildew is too thrilled...

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You mentioned the name I came up with! Shiningfrill Daggertail! Thanks for mentioning it!  


Edit: I came up with Goldenfrill Starwing too. Thanks for mentioning that too! :D 



I’m Jade queen 


female/artist/introvert/iPad addict

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Favorite food: Strawberries and junk food.

Favourite color: Green.

Favorite type of music: Pop and Nightcore (even though it isn’t an actual genre)  


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Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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Wow, these looking fantastic! Can you save me a spot? My backstory writing skills aren't very great, but I'll try my best.


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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Hi! :)

Edit: I changed my mind though I do like fun backstories :)

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'I'm gonna die! XD'

Name: Nightshade

Gender: Female

Main Colour: Deep purple

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed): Small spots along the body, from the beggining of the neck to the last tail spike.

Marking colour/s: Lime green.

Fin color(s): Bright green.

Glowing wing color: Lavender

Tail Spikes: Lighter purple

Backstory: WIP.

Personal Details (ex. eye colour, injuries, dragon name on picture etc.): N/A


fight me irl


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Quick, fast, and painless :)

Here ya go! Love the color scheme! Enjoy! :3

(any changes just let me know) Also with or without background? (I need to put that as part of the form)

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This subject fills me with DETERMINATION

I love her, tysm! I like it with the backround, it makes the colors stand out more.

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I'm gonna die! XD

YAMW! (you are most welcome!) :D

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I'm gonna die! XD

If I'm not too late, may I ask for a held spot as well? Thank you!


Also, can you explain Rule #4 please? Do we have to incorporate those items in our story, or is it some sort of guided plot ...?


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~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

(Noelani Dragon species created by Hootowlighbulb)

*VISIT: Wilfred the Wacko and his Scuttling Twin Stinger Zippy

(Scuttling Twin Stingers created by GrumpyForLife2)

*VISIT: Bulljorn Burlyboots and his Hopeless Deathtrail BrendleBlood

(Hopeless Deathtrails created by Snowflake12298)

*VISIT: Beita Thorstabitur and her Thorn Devil Hvasseggr

(Thorn Devil dragons created by Shataikislayer)

*VISIT: Fjara Thorstabitur and her Lullaby WaveWhisper BlueFin

(Lullaby WaveWhispers created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Blasik Fiskrspordr and his Thunderthief SeaTrick

(ThunderThief Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Scampr Scrimpskull and his Shivertooth Shivers

(Artwork by Witcherforever, for a player-sponsored Hideout Competition)

*VISIT: Molda Fungisteinn and her Cave Raider FilchFlame

(Cave Raider dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Leikny Hrindasnaer and her Icecrusher SnowMunch

(Icecrusher species created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

(Thorny Sea Hounds created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Jofast the Jokers' Help and her Field Sprinter Hornswoggle

(Field Sprinter dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Skammel the Stonesmith and his StoneScale Hunter Pumpkin

(StoneScale Hunters created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

(Cave Runners created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

(Spike Rollers created by BlackPanther0211. Lineart by NightmareRebuff)

*VISIT: Qiajuk the Wanderer and her Gribtuk WolfWings

(Gribtuk Dragons created by Bavelly)

*VISIT: Ongull Oltorsk and his Sawback RidgeRump

(Sawback dragons created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Gerta the Grandmother and her Armorhead Jordbaer

(Armorhead Dragons created by FloofQueen)

*VISIT: Nauma Margrkind and her WebHead dragon BoarBreath

(WebHeads created by dragon34611)

and her Signal Fire dragon FlashFlare

(Signal Fires created by donnala)

*VISIT: Bera Brawnyboots and her Mistwhirl ShadeShift

(Mistwhirl dragons created by Zitka)

*VISIT: Herbjert Svellheim and his Whirlpool dragon Naught-Eye

(Whirlpools created by DatOneTrumpet)

*VISIT: Ketiley Margrkind and her Feathered Fan Wing Tatters

(Feathered Fan Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Gaukr Gullbatr and his Singing Fin Wing Yodel

(Singing Fin Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Ylva Yammertung and her Solarflare Skrill Scar-Light

(Solarflare Skrills created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Snotra Snozzlestein and her Glowy Cave Lizard Candle

(Glowy Cave Lizards created by ScarfyWings)

and her Clicking Claw Scuttles

(Clicking Claw Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Barnakarl Thorstabitur and his Dwarf Death SlobberClod

(Dwarf Deaths created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Dillweed Dullum and his Skyworm BilgeBug

(Skyworms created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Shuckr Grimgrange and his Cryaotic Popcorn

(Cryaotics created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Buggi the Beetle and his Marsh Tiger FireStripe

(Marsh Tigers are a Book species drawn by Themasterplan47)

*VISIT: Flaemingr the Fidget and his Deepfisher GlimmerGills

(Deepfishers created by Hootowllighbulb)

*VISIT: Unna Undrdaug and her Dawnknapper AmberEye

(Dawnknappers created by AndreaEaston)

*VISIT: Jackdaw Hagismalr and the Sinistrous Woodreaper SheepSnatcher

(Sinistrous Woodreapers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Alfny Aldertoes and her Howlian PuppyScale

(Howlians created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Snorre the Still and his Nightsealer Spearrow

(Nightsealers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Panik the Lost and her Coalskin ShadowSnow

(Coalskins created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Rannow the Reckless and her Jewel Spinner Citrine

(Jewel Spinners created by DyliehIdol1214)

and her Wacky Jabberjaw Brambles

(Jabberjaws created by Chameishida)




This is Zitkana, the Rocky Mountain Davus Dragon. ----->

She is living here until she can have a page and

story of her own. This species was created by





<---- SharkBeard the Spectral Leviathan 

is waiting for a place to live of his

own. Spectral Leviathans are the

creation of Wutend Bonfire.





Fierce FrostFang is waiting ------------>

impatiently for his own page to

hunt on. Ice Piercers are the creation

of ScarfyWings, and can be found on

ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread.


<---------------- This shocking lady is Static,

the Ukrainian Mistus, created by MegaBoltPheonix.

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ScarfyWings created DashDust --------------->

the Roaming Sand Devil. He is waiting

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<-------- This is StrikeFast the Storm Chaser,

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This fellow is a Perilous Pollen-Puffer,  ------------>

created by Mariella! Presently, requests

of Mariella are limited to Earthgaurd

Clan Members at the Earthgard Trading Post.






This is a Vesupa dragon, made by Bavelly.

She is waiting her for her own page.

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<------------ CleaverClaw the Slitherwing is a creation

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<--------- CropCruncher is burrowing into

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A Shelleye at left and a Boomerwing at right,

both creations of GoldenWraith!






<------------ This Muddicry is named Splat.

Muddiecries are the creations of Chameishida.

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This flashy guy is BriskBeak the Blazing Firemaw. 

These dragons are from the imagination of Zikta,

and rendered digitally by LissaFish.

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This grumpy Grumple Mood Dragon ---------> 

named FrogFace is a fantastic creation of

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<------- This is a Night Trap, a dragon created

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BruteRoot the Dune Carver is rooting -------->

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<---------- This Goldhem variant was

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Lady Brasa's BLUE-SCALE Stables

Selected Dragons:


Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

Foxglove the Sand Wraith

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

Maypop the Thunderdrum

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                         Germander the Hideous Zippleback                       

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath 

Skullcap the Boneknapper

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed th

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Yay! :D

Of course it's not too late. I'm flattered you're interested. Rule #4 you can have these items on hand (like think as if you're going off into the wilderness like the Try Guys) so you can use those items if you need to but you don't have to. :)


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I'm so sorry. I have been

I'm so sorry. I have been completely stumped on a story for another adoptable (prior to the Deathtrails) all week (and also working, of course). So, I know the deadline is tomorrow. I will try my best to have a story out by tomorrow evening, but I figure I'll start the form. If you've run out of time because of your move (congrats, btw!), just let me know. Thanks!


Adult Form:

Name: TBA

Gender: Male

Main Colour: Dark Grey

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed): Sparse Brindle Markings on the body and tail and upper legs, if not too difficult. Otherwise no markings are absolutely fine

Marking colour/s: Black

Fin color(s): Melon Red

Glowing wing color: Wine

Tail Spikes: A little lighter shade of the wing color

Backstory (optional): WIP

Personal Details (ex. eye colour, injuries, dragon name on picture etc.): Blue eyes

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Le forum

Name: Thárros

Gender: Male

Main color: dark, muted green-grey, close to black

Markings: Perhaps a scale pattern with a slightly lighter green across the main body? If that's a bit detailed or doesn't look good, its okay if you don't do it.

Markings color: a truer green than the base, slightly lighter but still dark

Fin color: Mint green

Glowing wing color: Olive Green

Tail spikes: Olive Green

Backstory: "Yeah Thunderclap, thanks for letting me go into blizzard territory with an ice dragon." Fireren grumbled as she trecked through the snow with a Shivertooth, Frostdagger, at her side. Frostdagger snorted as if laughing and breathed a Snow blast in front of Fireren, some of the sleet hit her. In retaliation Fireren punched the Shivertooth's shoulder, "Thanks pal, that helps a lot." As she hiked through the deep snow wished they could fly and get to the cave faster, but even below the forest of towering fir and pine snow managed to fall thickly. Fireren had to watch out for clumps falling off of branches. She could only imagine what flying would be like at a reasonable altitude.

As if mocking her slow pace Frostdagger bounded ahead through the Snow, scattering powder in his wake, looking back micheviously at Fireren when he stopped to wait for her. Fireren scowled at the Dragon as she caught up, but she smirked only faming annoyance. She reached into her satchel and grabbed some dragon nip and tossed it to him, he joyfully snapped it out of the air. "Watch it Frosty." She smiled, but her smile faded when she noticed some tracks in the Snow, facing east from where they were heading. Fireren jogged over to the tracks and knelt down beside them, pulling out her field copy of the Book of Dragons from her satchel. Trotting over to her, Frostdagger sniffed the tracks, and gave a soft growl. Fireren flipped through to the section on markes, scratches, and footprints. "Lets see hmm..." She scanned the tracks "Not fourfooted or snakelike, wyvern probably, but not a wing walker, not a Nadder either..." She searched a bit more, finally finding its match. "Ah ha, here we go, the Hopeless Deathtrail. Highly aggressive, melee fighters, difficult to train."

She grinned at Frostdagger. "I'd like to meet one. How bout' you?" Frostdagger snorted and violently shook his head, Fireren laughed. "Oh come on, our mission is to document the dragons here. Not every day you find a dragon like this." The Shivertooth followed reluctantly as Fireren began following the tracks. They followed them for quite a while, deeper into the forest. They took a turn towards the north towards the mountains. Finally, the tracks abruptly halted in a clear area with less trees "Dang, it must have flown off." She stomped the ground as she noticed darkness settling, "and we haven't even reached the cave." She muttered in concern. Hurriedly, she Frostdagger collected firewood and Fireren set up camp and started a fire. She tossed Frostdagger a few fish from her pack, eating some of her rations and treating herself to some of the mead.

Finally she retired to her tent, but just as she was closing her eyes, a mighty roar resounded through the forest, and the sounds of Dragons growling and fighting boomed outside. Fireren scrambled out of her tent and saw by the moonlight the form of Frostdagger, standing off to a huge dragon with a glowing belly, a Hopeless Deathtrail. The dragon roared and changed at her Shivertooth with its tusks, Frostdagger leaped out of the way and toar into the attacker with his claws, making lightning fast strikes with his wings and tail. The Deathtrail roared in fury and whipped it's tail around with tremendous strength, hurling Frostdagger against a tree. Is leveled its head and prepared to charge at Frostdagger and gore him with its tusks, "No!" Fireren yelled, she sprinted in front of Frostdagger as the Deathtrail began to change. It roared and sustained its devastating run, sprinting straight towards her. Fireren closed her eyes as it closed in.

Just before she was impailed by its tusks the dragon stopped, inches from her face. Fireren opened her eyes and saw the Deathtrail staring confused from her to Frostdagger, who rose to this feet and got behind Fireren, snarling at the Deathtrail. Fireren held up her hand to quiet the Shivertooth as she reached into her satchel and offered the Deathtrail some dragon nip. Now it looked really confused, it snorted, blowing the dragon nip out of her hand before it turned tail and sprinted into the forest. Fireren turned to the Shivertooth anxiously, "Frost, you okay?" Frostdagger shook himself, he was fine, only a moderate gash from the Deathtrail's tail, but it could have easily been much worse.

She looked after where the Deathtrail had run, and saw drops of blood along its trail, Frostdagger had wounded it. She grabbed her spear which was sitting against a tree and jogged along its trail, she turned to and called to Frostdagger, "You coming?" Frostdagger rumbled in exasperation and trotted after her. They followed the trail until they came to a cave, lit inside by a light green glow. "Must be it's nest." Fireren muttered, grabbing her jar of yarrow power from her bag. The Deathtrail stuck its head out out if the cave and growled at them. Fireren could make out bleeding gashes on its neck and body.

She walked slowly towards the Deathtrail, holding out a bunch of Dragon nip towards it. It growled and walked cautiously towards her. Grasping her jar with her other hand, she popped the lid off with her thumb and walked towards the Deathtrail's wounded side, planning to apply the powder to stop the bleeding. As she walked closer the Deathtrail roared aggressively and whipped it's tail up, ready to strike. Thinking fast, Fireren jerked the jar causing the powder to fly through the air spread across the wounded side of the dragon. The Deathtrail roared furiously and as Fireren sprinted towards Frostdagger, it slammed its tail in the ground where she had been. She dove behind a tree just before the Deathtrail let out a billowing stream of hoarfrost at her. She tucked her arms to her sides behind the tree as the frost coated the front bark like icy spears. She jumped out from behind the tree and Frostdagger jumped in front of her, growling defensively. The Deathtrail roared at both of them and charged another shot.

But then it turned and looked at its wounded side, the yarrow powder had stopped the bleeding. It looked at Fireren, who walked through the snow towards the Deathtrail slowly, again offering it dragon nip with one hand, her other outstretched. Frostdagger padded towards the Deathtrail and rumbled amicably. Fireren stopped just in front of the dragon and offered it a hand, it snorted, and bypassed her hand giving her a hard nuzzle, knocking her back a bit and blowing the Dragon nip out of her hand. She laughed and scratched its chin, and the Deathtrail rumbled contentedly. "Well Frost," Fireren said, "I think we found you an ice buddy."


Extra details: Perhaps a few scars across the main body if that's alright.

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Pfft Snowflake can do scales in her sleep :P

This was a good challenge though the scales weren't the hard part. It was the scars and making sure they didn't look out of place but I didn't want to put too many either. Indecisiveness was what got me in the end but I perservered! ;D


I'm impressed with how you were able to tame an injured Titan Hopeless Deathtrail!


Also how did you come up with the name Tharros? :)


Also take a cupcake from the batch for doing a good job with your backstory


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There ain't no kill like overkill!

Oh wow he's gorgeous! The scales are even better than I imagined and you worked the scars in very well! Thank you so much :D oh and I'm so glad you liked the backstory

*munches on cupcakes happily*

Thárros is actually the Greek word θάρρος which means courage (yeah Google is my BFF) I just thought it sounded really nice and was fitting :3

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Hi! :)

Courage? That does seem very fitting for this fearless dragon. :)

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I'm gonna hideXD

Alright I'm finally done with the backstory sorry if it's bad and if there's a lot of mistakes English is not my mother tongue XD (And it was 2 AM when I wrote it so this might have effected things a bit XD)


Adult Form:

Name: Cahir

Gender: Male

Main Color: Dark grey with scale like effects if that's not too difficult

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed):

Marking color/s: Red stripe 

Fin color(s): Red

Glowing wing color: Black

Tail Spikes: Black

Backstory (optional):

Yennefer groaned as she threw her map on the ground.

“ ‘C’mon Yen, go look for the pack of Hopeless Deathtrails, it will be fun, just you, Kelpie and the good old mother nature, a little adventuring never hurts, right?’” Yen said with a mockingly voice. That’s what the school’s Headmaster had told her two days ago.

“Pft, nonsense, I can’t believe I agreed to this” She said and crossed her arms.

Kelpie, her Flightmare, made a laughter like noise and returned to her bucket of algae.

“You too, Kelpie? Great I’m cold, I’m hungry and my own dragon mocks me” She said and threw her arm in the air in defeat.

“You know, Kelpie, I think we should go home, there’s nothing on this censored island, we’ve been here for 2 days, Kelpie, 2 day, and what have we found about the Deathtrails?...Nothing, one big nothing!” Yen said angrily.

The dragon seemed to understand that her rider was having a tough time and she rested her head on Yen’s lap, purring like a kitty.

Yen sighed and started petting Kelpie’s head.

“What should we do girl? I don’t want to spend another half an hour looking for something that will never show up …and on the other hand I really want to see one of those magnificent beasts”

Kelpie stood up and went to Yen’s satchel and started sniffing inside it as if she was looking for something specific, after about a half a minute she pulled out the book of dragons and handed it to Yen.

“Alright then let’s see what we actually do know about these dragons” Yen said as she opened the book of dragons and started searching for the right page.

“Alright, here it is, so, we know that these dragons are pack hunters, their features, and that they are highly aggressive, so we need to be extra careful” She said as she handed the book back to her Flightmare.

“Now let’s get some food girl, we’ll look for them later” Yen said as she stood up, mounted Kelpie and flew towards the camp she had built next to the river.

From up in the air the island actually seemed very beautiful it was all covered in snow, and without a snow storm going on it was strangely calm and peaceful.

Soon Kelpie landed and Yen hopped of the saddle and went to check on the fish traps she had putted around the shallow part of the river. Not that she didn’t bought fish with herself, but if she was going to tame and study a Deathtrail she could have used some of the local fish, that the dragon is usually hunting. The island itself was a whole new place for her it was a bit like Ice Storm Island, but with much more trees and a lack of caves. The only ones she had spotted for now were one high up in the mountain and one on the coast, one of the caves was way too small for a Deathtrail to live in, but the other one seemed perfect for a pack den, she still wondered why there were no dragons in it at all.

After checking up on the traps and storing all fishes in her basket with the other fish, Yen sat next to the campfire and started drawing random swirls in the dirt, it helped her think better and relaxed her at the same time.  Just then a loud roar interrupted her thoughts and alarmed Kelpie.

“C’mon girl, this might be our only chance of finding a Deathtrail” Yen said and hopped on Kelpie’s back. They flew in the direction the roar had come from. When they landed Yen saw a huge grey dragon all covered in scars fighting a typhoomerang, the typhoomerang was much bigger than the grey dragon, but the dragon was not backing up, it was actually intimidating the typhoomerang. The dragon was a deep shade of grey, expect its belly and spine they were a bright shade of red …wait a minute this description matched the one in the book of dragons perfectly. Yen smiled, happy that she finally had found the dragons she was looking for. The Hopeless Deathtrail roared again, its mighty roar shaking the ground. It stopped shooting at the dragon with its hoarfrost breath and landed. With a final roar it charged at the typhoomerang and hit him in the left leg. The typhoomerang roared in pain and flew off. Yennefer was fascinated by the Deathtrail’s fighting skills. But why was it alone. It should have been fighting with its pack. That’s when Yen noticed all the dragon hunter’s arrows on the ground. Then it hit her. That’s why she couldn't’t find the pack of the Hopeless Deathtrails, all of them were captured, expect the one that was fighting with the typhoomerang, she moved a bit to the left and hid behind one big rock. Yen gasped at put a hand over her mouth. Her eyes filled with sadness and horror. There were a few dragon hunter corpses laying on the ground all of them teared apart, it was hard to even recognize them as human. Then next to them were two Deathtrail corpses. The grey one must have done this to them. No creature would have done this in battle. It massacred them after the battle. The grey dragon, must have been to only one to survive. Seeing the fierce dragon in actin Yen figured out that the other dragons must have been knocked out with dragon root. They would have fought to the death otherwise.

“Kelpie we need to get out of here” Yen whispered and started walking backwards.

Walking back, she stepped on one of the arrows and it broke. The Deathtrail turned its head in her direction. She shivered, her whole body was like it was paralyzed by Flightmare mist.

The dragon gritted its teeth and roared at her.

Yen mounted Kelpie and they flew off, the dragon chasing closely behind them.

The dragon was fast, but Kelpie was smaller and more maneuverable, she kept dodging its fire blasts.

“We can’t keep this up forever” Yen said and started thinking of a plan.

“The cave!” She yelled after a few seconds and started flying towards one of the caves she found yesterday. The one that was way too small for the Deathtrail to fit in.

The entrance was blocked with two pine trees. They must have fallen, through the snow storm yesterday.  Yen sighed, knowing she had no other choice, but to crash in the cave. It was risky, but it was either that, or the dragon chasing them.

“I have a plan …and you’re not going to like it” Yen said to her dragon.

Kelpie gave her a questioning look.

“We have to crash into the trees to enter the cave”

Kelpie growled in disapproval.

“Look it’s either this…”She said pointing to the cave.

“…or that” She said this time pointing to the Deathtrail.

Kelpie rolled her eyes and dived for the cave. Deathtrail followed.

Yen braced herself for the impact. They crashed through the trees and landed roughly in the cave. The Hopeless Deathtrail however was too big to enter, it growled in frustration and after a few tries to enter the cave, it gave up and flew off.

“We did it!” Yen said and tried to stand up. Then she cried in pain. Kelpie made a worried noise and ran over to her rider, examining her leg. It had a large cut, and was bleeding.

“Oh, don’t worry, girl, it’s just a small wound” Yen said and took out the emergency kit from her satchel.

She took out the bandage and started wrapping it around the wound. When she was done, she tried to stand up again. This time she made it, but it was still hard for her to put all her weight on it. Kelpie helped her and started nuzzling her snout, in Yen’s hand.

“Thanks, girl. Now let head back to the camp” She said as they started walking towards the exit.

After a short ride they were already in camp. Yen sat next to the fire and took out the book of dragons.

“Alright, except the wound on my leg, I think toady was a successes. Humph, what do you think, Kelpie?” Yen asked.

Kelpie nodded and laid next to her rider.

“Alright let’s sum up what we learned today. First, they must be very territorial, that’s why we didn’t saw any other dragon specie, expect the typhoomerang today. Second, I think I found out why the cave, that was a perfect pack den, was empty. It wasn’t only the hunters, did you saw how hard it was for the dragon to spot us in the cave, it had a perfect view from the entrance, but it wasn’t acting like if it knew where we were, it kept scanning the area. So I think it doesn’t have night vision.” Yen said.

“And according to the book, this one must be a male” She added.

The next day the dragon landed on the other side of the river. It didn’t seemed to mind the rider and dragon’s presence. Yen examine d it more carefully this time, last time she couldn't’t get a good look. This time she noticed that the dragon’s left leg was slightly bleeding. It must have got hut in the fight with the other dragon yesterday. She slowly started walking towards it. The dragon noticed this and started growling, this time it sounded a bit more like a warning.

“Hey, it’s ok, I just want to help you” Yen said quietly, it wasn’t like she had no reason to be afraid of the Deathtrail. She took a step back and the dragon stopped growling.

She tossed him a fish and the dragon gave her a questioning look, before it ate it.

She kept feeding it fish every day, and after a week the dragon was finally getting used to it. He didn’t growl anymore, well sure if Yen got to close it wound start growling quietly, but that was it. It never attacked her.

“You know Kelpie, we should have been back in Berk, the Headmaster must be worried, I want you to go to Berk and give him this, and it’s a letter telling him of why we were gone”

Kelpie nodded and nudged her rider.

“No, you are going alone, I’ll stay here” Yen said.

Kelpie shock her head and grunted.

“I’ll be fine, and after you deliver the letter you’ll come back here”

Kelpie nuzzled her snout in Yen’s hand.

“I know, I’ll miss you too” Yen said and hugged her dragon.

Kelpie slowly pulled back. After a last glance at her rider she flew up towards Berk.

Yen started walking toward the Deathtrail. His leg was healing, but without any medical attention it could have got infected. She knew she needed a way to get close enough, and take care of the wound.

She sighed as she grabbed the basket with fish and continued on her way to the Deathtrail.

When he noticed her coming he stood up from his seeping position and sat down.

“Hey, boy, look what I have here for you” Yen said and pushed the basket towards the dragon.

The dragon gladly took the basket in its gasp and started eating. Yen smiled and started walking around it until she was right next to his leg.

She slowly started walking closer to him. The dragon gave her a strange look, but instead of growling it continued with its breakfast. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to take care of the wound. She took a deep breath and touched his wounded leg gently. The dragon’s body tensed a bit, but soon relaxed into the touch.

“That’s it, good boy, now just let me take care of this for you” Yen smiled and took out her medic kit.

After she was done she gave the dragon one last pet and started walking away. However before she could get far enough, she felt a cold breath against the back of her neck. When she turned around she saw the Deathtrail. Its eyes were not angry, they were relaxed and kind. She gently petted its snout and felt the dragon purr against it.
“You’re not that scary after all, huh?” She asked as she continued to pet the dragon’s head.

“You need a name you know?”

“How ‘bout … Cahir? It means warrior”

The dragon nodded its head and roared in agreement.

Personal Details (ex. eye color, injuries, dragon name on picture etc.):

Eye color: Light Blue

A lot of scars 

And can you write "No one survives alone" In the corner  

Thanks for reading :D



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Omg so many Deathtrail titans! RUN! :O

Here ya go! I hope I did it up to standards. I almost lost the artwork and had to recolor a lot of the dragon all over again. -__-


Enjoy! :D



Amazing backstory! Have a cupcake for your hard work! :D


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He looks amazing! TYSM!

Oh and I'll take the sheep one :D

It has COCONUT on it :3   <3

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Adult Form - This adoptable is so COOL :D

Name: Kiev

Gender: Male

Main Colour: Black

Markings (can be customized, please be detailed): I was thinking like lighting bolts -     http://imgur.com/a/rHwcK

Marking Colour/s: Gold

Fin Color(s): Lighting Bolt Blue

Glowing Wing color: Gold

Tail Spikes: White


I was hunting one morning with my dragon Spike (Boneknapper) when out of no where we heard a loud roar

"Spike did you hear that?" I asked Spike. Spike looked to the left where the roar had came from "Let's go see" I said as i came out of my hiding spot, then put my bow on my back then mounted on Spike "Let's not fly, ok" I said as Spike grunted in agreement then he started walking deep in to the woods, the deeper we went the darker and creepy it got   "We'll be fine. Its not like something is going to pop out of no where....." I said but i was cut short when bats came flying from a tree *Scream* as i try to get them off of me thanks to Spike running away we were able to escape the bats "Those bats are not so friendy" I said then once again we heard the roar and this time it was close, Spike stopped and started to back up "Come on Spike we got this far" I said as i slide off of him and walked to where the roar was.


We came into a clearing and at first we didn't see anything but then this unknown dragon came into the clearing running then came to a quick stop, when i look his leg was snagged by a Dragons Hunter trap "Poor dragon" I muttered as i slowly walk out into the clearing. The dragon looked at me and growled furiously at me as he showed his teeth "Easy boy, easy" I said as i walk closer then the dragon charged me "SPIKE!" I screamed as i start running, Spike came to my rescue and charged at the dragon and slammed the dragon on its side making the dragon fall on its side... Spike give a loud roar at the dragons "STOP!" I yelled at Spike to stop "Your going to make him more afraid and if you do that the more he will be agresstive" I exclaimed to Spike then Spike took one more look and backed off. I walked to the dragon slowly Spike was there with me just in case, i made my way to the dragons leg and took out my knife *Roar* The dragon stood up quickly and swiped at me, lucky i ducked and ran behind Spike.

I remember i had a fish in my bag so i climbed Spike and got my bag and took out the fish then i slide back down

I walked slowly to the dragon once again "Easy, easy... here's a fishy" I said as i drop the fish in front of it
 The dragon bent forward slowly sniffed it then ate it, i got three more fish from my bag and dropped it in front of it this slowly made my way to his left leg... i took out my knive and i started slowly cutting the trap. After a few seconds the trap snapped *Snapped Sound* The looked at his leg then at me "Ok, easy now... your free" I said nervously then the dragon turns and faces me "Um Spike?" I called but i realize now that he knew something at that moment. The dragon bents down his head, looking at me with his eyes, i picked up my hand and slowly 

(To Be Continued) Sorry i stopped, i got tired. Hope its enough if not then i'll continue it tomorrow :)

Personal Details: A scar on his left leg


About Me

Female/18/Hunter/Archer/Gamer/Artist/Roleplayer/Writer/Huge Fan Of Lara Croft

My Devianart

My YouTube Channel

Must Listen To Music

My Mixer (Gaming Broadcaster)





Mi Viking

Name: Mandy ‘The Huntress’ Afterest
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Friend Code: PM Me
Appearance: Has Brown Hair And Light Blue Eyes - Has A Red Warpaint Thats Around Her Right Eye    


Personality: Kind, Brave, Responsible, Adventurous, Smart, A bit of a jokester, Serious when the time calls for it and a thrill seeker. Mandy is a great hunter and a type of survivorist. Because she likes to spend most of her day’s in the woods, she's picked up a few skills like creating fires, building a makeshift home, Snares, makeshift bandages etc. Things to help her survive on her own. Mandy is also pretty good at tracking other animals including dragons, but even though she has all these skills she has a bit of a fear of spiders, deep down she knows that she can overcome that fear but in time. Now even though Mandy is kind, she will not let anyone intimdate her. She will defend herself and she's not afraid to fight.


Backstory: Mandy was part of a Village on Dragon's Edge before it was founded by Hiccup and the Gang. Her people were knew as Byzantines. Her Father Keiv was Chief and her Mother Laura was second in command. Mandy was one of many fighters’ to trained by her father, but sadly, her parents are dead because of an invasion done by the Dragon Hunters around Mid-night when no one was expecting it. Both villagers and parents gone forever.
She's the only Byzantine left for she was the only one that survived the invasion. She'd lived alone for about a month or so until Hiccup and his gang came along, spotting Mandy hunting nearby and of course approached her. At first she became defensive towards them, not knowing if they were foes but Hiccup took control of the situation and explained why they were here on her peoples island. He had told her but dragon's and that they meant no harm to us humans - he offered to take her on a flight on Toothless and that sealed the deal. She came to realize that dragon's weren't as bad as her village had thought.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hiccup took her to the School and that's where it all began...
Likes: Hunting, Exploring New Places/Islands, Fighting Dragon Hunter's, Playing With Her Beloved Dragons
     Dislikes: Bullies, Spider's, Dragon Hunter's, Pranksters
     Weapon Choice: Bow And Arrows And Her Father's Sword
(Bow is painted brown rather than gold)
Extra: Can Create Greek Fire                                                             




Name: Tigerlily
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Escapee, Hunter or Wild?: Escapee
Natural Or Experimetal?: Experimetal
DNA Mix: 50% Human - 30% Wolf - 20% Tiger
This Character Is In 'Caged' And 'Hunted' (RPs)
Appearance: Has a Wolf form but has Tiger patterns on her fur. Has light blue eyes ((See Pics Below))
Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Does jokes in the worst possible moments, Gets the job done type of Hybrid.... She's strong and brave but even though she may be brave... she can also be broken. She's protective of other's.. she never likes to leave others behind, no matter what. But the personality that stands out is that she is kind and caring... but if you push her the wrong way... well... don't expect her to stand there and take it, she will defend herself. Has a cat-like personality as well but it only triggers when theres things that cats like. 
Strengths: Herself and other's. When in a fight she relies on her Tiger DNA for flexibility and agility, those cat claws of her's are nothing to joke about... those things are sharp so don't be on the other end. Sometimes she uses her Wolf DNA for things like - Tracking... she can smell scents that are like 5 days old but one thing that she likes is her advanced hearing.
Weaknesses: Being told shes not good enough, other's that she cares about, remembering her past is something that really makes her bawl and losing her mother.
Extra: Tigerlily was born a human, she was just a normal teenage girl going to school... hanging out with friends. Her human name was - Lily Trail. Her parents are - Elizabeth Trail and Harry Trail but this is not one happy family.. her parents are divorced, reasons .... well... Harry wasn't the most sweetest huband or the most loving. Tigerlilys father is a shelfish man, ruthless and someone who will do anything for money. Because of his selfish personality, he kidnapped his daughter and sold her to a place called the Dome. He did all that just for money. That's how she got into this mess of escaping the Dome and being  hunted down by hunters with other hybrids and is no longer a human but a hybrid. Has a crush on Hawk.
Young Super Character

Name: Elizabeth Newton

Gender: Female                                                                  

                                                 Crush/BF/GF: None Yet                                                   
As The RP Progresses will your character be a Hero or a Villian?: Hero

Theme Song: No Roots - Alice Merton

This character is in 'Alienated'
Appearance(Picture if available, and if not a good description):        

Personality: She's a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you more, she'll be more talkative it doesn't take long for her to get used to someone really. Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Kind, Caring and a Jokester. She's extremely protective of her little sister Susan whos Nine years old. Elizabeth is also brave and strong but even though she's brave.. she can also be broken.
Powers: Animal Morphing And Ice Augmentation
Likes: Loves to take long walks on the beach, Watching the sunset, A game of hide and seek because of her little sister, Art, Singing and Dancing.
Dislikes: Bullies,Thieves, Pranksters and The SGO

Strengths: Multitasking, Stealth, Herself and a Planner


Being told she's not good enough, something that may happen to her family especially her little sister.                                                            

Not good at tracking.                                                               

Powers Limitions: Unable to communicate to others in a Animal form. Has a bit of a problem with controlling her Ice Powers like accidently freezing her door shut.  

Anything Else: Lives in a family of four. Her fathers name is Jake, her mothers name is Lara and of course there's Susan, Elizabeths nine year old sister. Elizabeth was born with her powers but it wasn't revealed until she turned eleven, thats when her parents were shocked to see that their daughter had the powers of Morphing into an Animal and Ice Augmentation. They knew they had to protect her from other people who may try to kill her or experiment on her. Now, once Susan was born and grew old enough.. Elizabeth showed Susan her powers, at first Susan was scared but after Elizabeth started explaining Susan found it to be cool and wished she had powers like her older sister.. though Elizabeth is hopeing her little sister doesn't.           


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is dedicated to my wonderful mother, who kicked 
Bre,ast Cancer in the butt and for all those going through it
Keep Going, Never Give In, Stay Strong, Stay United!
(Special thanks to ShiroKageFox for doing this for me <3)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Credits: dogloven, Fireflash, chameishida, featheronfire, ShiroKageFox, SilverNight...
Coming Soon - Artworks From Others And Other Things




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I'm a little stressed out :/

Here ya go! Backstory doesn't need to be finished I'm leaving tomorrow. :)



Have a cupcake for writing a great backstory! ;) (I predict you'll choose the Sheep)

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Thanks ^^ You did really

Thanks ^^ You did really great with the details. And thx for the cupcakes, i actually picked the dragon eye

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Just posting this here in

Just posting this here in case anyone wants to read it. FINALLY got a story done!  A harty thanks to Snowflake12298!



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Hi! :)

Great backstory! Here are a batch of cupcakes for you! :)


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Hi! :)

Great backstory! Here are a batch of cupcakes for you! :)


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Hi! :)

Great backstory! Here are a batch of cupcakes for you! :)


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Hi! :)

Great backstory! Here are a batch of cupcakes for you! :)


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Hi! :)

Great backstory! Here are a batch of cupcakes for you! :)


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I accidentally spammed you cupcakes XD

More like you're going to buried in a mound of cupcakes haha. :D