A Snow Day Surprise ~Screenshot comic by Grumpy

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Hello everyone & welcome to the special addition Snoggletog screenshot comic! :D

So sorry for the delay guys, I have ALOT of school right now being the end of semester.  

I've got tests on everything coming up so pray that they go well! :(  After that all i'll have to work on is a science project

& my screenshot comics.  

Lucky you XD  Anyway, i hope you enjoy this special short comic of a snow day suprise! :D






Its a lovely day at Pearl's house & Snowdust is chilling out.  

But she is about to get the best gift of all.....





Pearl; hi Snowdust! :D


Snowdust; hi mommy! :D


Snowdust; hey mommy, theres a problem with da fireplace.  its cold in here


Pearl; thats what i came in here to tell you.  I have a surprise just for you!


Snowdust; really mommy?  just for me?  ooooohhh i wonder what it could be!  Hey mommy, why are you wearing those warm fluffy clothes?  You will get hot!


Pearl; thats part of the suprise ^^ come on outside with me!

Snowdust; ok! :D


15 seconds later...........


Pearl; ta da!  Its snowing! :D  I know how much you love snow so i thought i would suprise you with the first snow of the year!


Snowdust; -completely not listening & is gazing in wonder around here- Snow?



((P.S. as you can tell, Snowdust is very fond of snow.  She can get a little out of control during the first snow of the year.  Best to avoid her for a couple day or weeks untill shes calmed down if you want to say hi ^^))


Pearl; yes!  I knew you would love it! ^^ But i think you woke up the entire village

Snowdust; -tottally not listening again because she is too obsessed with watching a snowflake fall-


Kordi; hey, look who it is! :D

Carl; Hi Pearl! :D


Pearl; Carl! HI! :D  What are you doing out this late?  I just came out to show Snowdust the snow


Carl; well, my mom accidentlly mixed up my winter clothes with the soup & decided to dump it ove a cliff because she thought it was burning.  She sent me out to get a new coat, scarf, boots, gloves, & hat.  I wish she could have gone though >.<  i hate cold weather

Snowdust; >:O

Carl; i heard Snowdust over from my house.  What are you guys doing..... -looks over at Snowdust-


Snowdust;  :D


Carl; how in the name of Thor did she build that in the time we were talki


Pearl; well, shes not named Snowdust for nothing


Snowdust; YAY! :D


Carl; well, it was nice bumping into you ^^ but i'd better go soon.  My mom wants me home by dinner time.  Only Odin knows what she whipped up while i was gone >.<


Johann; last call for winter gear!  get it while supplies still lasts!

Carl; oh darn i'm not going to get any now! >:(

Kordi; uh oh, someone is going to be a hermit for the next month :/

Carl; by Pearl!  See you soon! -flys off on Kordi to grab the last winter stuff


Pearl; it was great running into Carl again ^^  Hey Snowdust, its time to go inside now


Snowdust; aww :'(


Pearl; don't worry Snowdust, it will be here all through Snoggletog! so you can come back later! ;)

Snowdust; Really?  :D

Pearl; of course!  & i'm glad you enjoyed you're early Snoggletog gift! ^^


Snowdust; YAY! :D  Happy Snuggletog everyone! :D

Pearl; oh Snowdust :3



Hope you enjoyed this special Snoggletog screenshot comic! :D

And remember to have a happy SNUGGLEtog! :D

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Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

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i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

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Winter can be unforgiving

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But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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((OPPS, i forgot to say sorry for the bad quality XD  all my dragons and vikings glow weirdly when i go into my hideout XD  it looks really cool on Cometblaze :D  i think its from the texture & lighting glich.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon :D))

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Same problem




      I Aloha Everyone :P




Ok, I might "steal" because most of these gifs came off internet.



i like blue.

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Sandstrike, give me back that subject!

Awesome comic! 


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Snuggletog? Oh no. You had to word it like that didn't you? (Sees a familiar overly cuddly whispering death slithering in my direction.) Nope. (Flees) It's not actually called snuggletog IT'S NOT ACTUALLY CALLED- (Wiggles catches me) Aaaaaw eel paist. ......Hello Wiggles. -.-

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SOOO CUTE. And Snuggletog.

SOOO CUTE. And Snuggletog. OMG! That is sooo adorable.


Quartz: *sees the word Snuggletog and goes to Sandblast*

Quartz: Cuddles Aunt Sandy?

Sandblast"*rolls eye, but allows Quartz to snuggle next to her*

Sandblast: Things I do for love.






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So cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I think this was probably my favrot moment.























Yes. Use that wingshape to your advantage. XD




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Oh yeah XD  it looks like

Oh yeah XD  it looks like sues cuddling the snow gronckle XD. It was actually really hard to take that shot.  She kept moving >.<  not only that but I had to get her to stand in the right spot otherwise it looked weird.  I can't believe I actually got her to stand there long enough to tale the shot XD

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

And again you made an awesome and cute comic! You're really good at this Grump (I may call you like that right? XD)

What's behind the drawn bush at the screenshot with Carl and Kordi? Just curious =3




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XD it was the shot limit

XD it was the shot limit button and bar.  There was no way to pull it back like the other controls and I couldn't edit it out so I was just like whatever and drew a Bush.  It's an awesome Bush XD. (And I don't mind you calling me grump but for a second I thought you were talking about grump the hotburple XD) 

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Toothless, where is my subject?

Shot limit button, the most irritating thing for a screenshot XD

Yeah, it's the best bush ever! The Bush is going to rule the world soon.... XD

And no, I wasn't talking about Grump the Hotburple but about you XD

(Sorry for so many XD's =3)