Snoggletog & New Year babies

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Have you got any special dragons that hatched during Snoggletog or the New Year (aka the 12th Night of Yule or the day after)? Are they red and green? Take a moment to share any stories you might have of their births. If you don't want to you can just post pictures of them. Maybe you even helped raise the offspring of one of your dragons. Yuletide was a time to celebrate rebirth after all, and the dragons had their babies during that time.


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Strength from Frailty

Leaving the Island.jpg

Two years ago as winter was seeping its way into the Archipelago, I grew more eager to spend quality time with Sparkflare before she had to return to the Rookery to lay her eggs. We took a vacation by ourselves in the Woods That Howled, with plenty of camping gear to brave the elements.

Sleeping in the Forest.jpg


One time when we had been hiking for a few hours we spotted a Rumblehorn lying on its side on the frosted ground. I was fascinated to get a chance to see this favourite species of mine in the wild. But having read about it in the Book of Dragons, I was familiar with its abilities and thought it might get up and charge at us at any moment. It didn't budge. I sent Sparkflare to check on it first; she nudged it and turned her head toward me, showing that I was her friend. I cautiously stepped toward the Rumblehorn, who dragged her heavy head to look at me.


She looked anything but powerful. A single unhatched egg was nestled between her legs. There was no way such a sick dragon could care for a baby; she wasn't even going to survive much longer. Trusting us with the egg was her last hope, and we were not going to let her down. As she looked at me weakly I caressed her snout to assure her that we cared. At last she let the egg out of her desperate grip and I solemnly picked it up to secure it in the pack Sparkflare was carrying. With that we took off to go back to Berk and give this offspring a chance at life it wouldn't have had otherwise.

. . .


Even though Sparkflare was still away I had a great time celebrating Snoggletog with my family. My parents knew how much I loved Rumblehorns, so when my dad had found out I would soon be training one he had secretly designed a suit of armour for me which was inspired by them. My aunt had stitched it all together for him. It was the best gift I had ever gotten! And then on New Year's Day, the most adorable Rumblehorn burst out of his shell and made his entrance into the big wide world, strong and healthy and unbelievably restless. He didn't quite understand that a human can't find him by scent!

Bulkshield out of the Hatchery.jpg

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Christmas/ Noel/ Why couldn't his name have been Noel

I had a Thunderdrum hatched on 25th December, his name is Christmas (so original). I wanted to name him Noel, but it blocked that name :( I will edit this post when I gets on my laptop to add some pictures.



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My second Razorwhip, Candycane hatched on 24th December. I made her a Titan and coloured her red with white stripes. :D

I have another but he hatched on 2nd December. His name is Mistletoe, and he's dark green-white with the Snogletogg saddle. :P


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I hatched my Woolly Howl, Mistletoe, on the 24th of December. I am aware she is colored like a holly, but red and green seemed to fit more than white and green.


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Bulkshield's warpaint & colours

My Rumblehorn is sort of green and red as well with his warpaint. The stripes on his horns look very festive!


He has worn this paint fairly consistently since it was made available separate from the Skullcrusher skin, but after this Snoggletog season I will take it off until next December. I've been thinking of finally tweaking his colours as well. The purple details are a bit too magenta for my liking.

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Dasher and Legacy

Well, I didn't hatch Dasher around Snoggletog, but as my Snoggletog Wraith stand-in, he was meant to be Snoggletog-themed.


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


And this year, I did have a dragon hatched in December, not a week before Christmas, in fact, only had her flying by Christmas. Meet Legacy, my Silver Phantom!


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


She's not Christmas-colored or anything. I left her default-colored. But she's my Christmas baby! "Legacy" refers to multiple things, including the legacy of the HTTYD book series but also the legacy of Yule in Christmas. (I swear I named her before our conversation. After all, I named her before Christmas. So...there's some irony for you. At least you know what I'm talking about this way.)


Soon her ice dragon would come for her, and she would ride on its back to the land of always-winter.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

HTTYD2 Concept Art by Jason Scheier, Woolly Howl by me

Whisper the Wolf

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Winterwind Flying (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie

Whisper the Wolf by Pixel                                                                   Winterwind by Nessie



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Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight



The Real Winterwind: Jetta

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The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown



[She] liked winter best of all, for when the world grew cold, the ice dragon came.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon

The ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear…


Ice dragons were rare...

Giant Prickleboggle: Cool like its icy blast

[W]henever it was seen the children would all point and wonder...

Tiny Prickleboggle: Cool under pressure

The ice dragon was a crystalline white, that shade of white that is so hard and cold that it is almost blue.…Its teeth were icicles…jagged spears of unequal length, white against its deep blue maw.

Groncicle: Ice in its veins

It was covered with hoarfrost, so when it moved its skin broke and crackled as the crust on the snow crackles beneath a man’s boots, and flakes of rime fell off.

Frozen Groncicle: Carved out of the coldest, oldest glaciers

Its eyes were clear and deep and icy.

Shivertooth: Sharper than the cold of winter

Its wings were vast and bat-like…

Woolly Howl: Creates its own horrible weather

...[T]he beast wheeled in frozen circles through the skies.

Windgnasher: Picks up scents on the wind

When the ice dragon beat its wings, the cold winds blew and the snow swirled and scurried and the world seemed to shrink and shiver.

Snow Wraith: The roar of the chilly winds

Sometimes when a door flew open in the cold of winter, driven by a sudden gust of wind, the householder would run to bolt it and say, “An ice dragon flies nearby.”

Snoggletog Wraith: Guarantees a snowy festive day

And when the ice dragon opened its great mouth and exhaled, it was not fire that came streaming out, the burning sulfurous stink of lesser dragons.


The ice dragon breathed cold.

Bewilderbeast: The king of all dragons

Ice formed when it breathed. Warmth fled. Fires guttered and went out, shriven by the chill. Trees froze through to their slow secret souls, and their limbs turned brittle and cracked from their own weight. Animals turned blue and whimpered and died, their eyes bulging and their skin covered over with frost.


The ice dragon breathed death into the world; death and quiet and cold.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


Ice Dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon Book Series: The Doomfang

Doomfang by Moonlight Phantom


She was never quite sure whether it was the cold that brought the ice dragon or the ice dragon that brought the cold.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


Wingdnasher Fan


Prickleboggle Fan


And only a winter child—and the ice dragon who loved her—could save her world from utter destruction.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


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Beautiful Silver Phantom (& Rumblehorn)

Thanks for brightening my day with pictures of your Silver Phantom. The purple and bright sky colours look lovely on it, and you chose a good name for her. I just wish it glowed when it was happy. But the design changes such as having two legs, a different head shape and a tail fin were clever ways of accentuating its reputation as a high-flying dragon.


The warpaint has been washed off from Bulkshield, and his scales and plates have grown darker. Finally he won't look like this in bright light anymore:

Scauldy at Sea.jpg


I don't really like magenta, but that's exactly what colour his details used to be. Now they are a more normal violet and the green more subdued.