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Alright, a bit random, but does anyone else want Snifflehunches added to the game? Ever since they got named and added to the wiki, I've just been sorta fond of these guys. They look cool. :P


They seem decently sized for the game, and their shape is pretty unique, with the hunched back, standing on four legs, and the weird head shape with the chin and forehead and nose bumps.


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They should so be added. I have been drawing them excessivy. 


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Nice. :) They seem like

Nice. :) They seem like they'd be fun to draw. I have been meaning to start drawing some of my dragons from the game...

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i want them to be added, theyre adorable



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Right? They almost look

Right? They almost look dog-like with the slouch and the snout, and from the description they seem to behave pretty dog-like as well. ^^

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Hi! :)

Hey just wanted to say I love your profile pic. It's so cute! :)






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I think they're super cute! I

I think they're super cute! I would definitely get one if they released it. ^_^


(I also can't wait to get one of those really fat chubby-cute HTTYD2 dragons that people have been calling "Fire-Fangs". )


It's nice to see a dragon with unique body type... He looks like a big playful puppy! It also has such beautiful, chameleon like coloring... I wonder what unique abilities he has? 


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you mean shovelhelm? it is the dragon with flat tail that kidnapped hiccup :P

and snifflehunch can spread something like sail on its back, but noone knows how yet :|

yeah it is preety adorable but i really want the other similar dragon to be added


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I think that was just an

I think that was just an animation goof.

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okay maybe xD because i have no idea how it would do it

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I think my favorites lunch

The "firefang" was the dragon with two tusks that hiccup showed the fire sword too in the movie. 


Um I kinda wanted to try this?:







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Mysterious creature

That first picture reminds me of lochness monster sighting... Blurry and infamous!! The sniffehunch.. rid by a yeti. Lol sorry just had to thorw that in.






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This dragon is one of my favorites. if it was added, I'd be extremely happy. look how cute xD


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