Sky Shadowers- recruiting now!

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We are the Sky Shadowers. We accept anybody that applies to these terms and conditions: must be active (on SoD nearly every day). must have at least 10 trophies. must have a forum account.


Tell me here when you have joined!


(PS: can somebody make me a banner?)


Toothless being adorable as usual.



With Joy, the Whispering cuteness Death.


below you see my skrill.








Stifih - character's age 11

level 14

dragon: Zippy (male Hideous Zippleback, lvl 11)


Stifih II (not the most imaginative name, I know.) - character's age 15

also level 14

dragon: Joy (female Whispering Death, lvl 10)


JJaye - character's age 9

level 7

dragon: Skyler (female Deadly nadder, lvl 3)


We're vikings. It's an occupational hazard. - Stoick the vast

Wow, this is amazing! The wind in my - CHEAT SHEEEEET!!!! - Hiccup





D'awwwwwww! his face!


proud leader of the

great banner by terrisasterrific



^above you see the creepiest face Toothless has ever made.^

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I wish you success! Here's a

I wish you success! Here's a simple banner:


Proud Member of Cowboy Kitty Clan!










Viking name: Sevacus

Dragon Species: Gronckle

Dragon Name: Dregs

Clan: Jormungandr

Friend code: AATMEE


Viking Name : Sevacar

Dragon species: Whispering Death

Dragon Name : Thornbreaker

Clan: None

Friend code: AF3RR3


Viking name: Sevacan (Main Viking)

Dragon name: Skyblast

Dragon species: Thunderdrum


Dragon name: Windthorn

Dragon Species: Whispering Death


Dragon name: Bushwinder

Dragon species: Nadder


Dragon Name: Toothless 

Dragon Species: Night Fury


Dragon Name: Darkslash

Dragon Species: Skrill


Dragon Name: Oceanwave 

Dragon Species: Scauldron


Dragon Name: Snare

Dragon Species: Rumblehorn


Dragon Name: Fright

Dragon Species: Flightmare


Dragon Name: Cyclone

Dragon Species: Thunderdrum


Dragon Name: Ember

Dragon Species: Nightmare


Dragon Name: Bark and Bite

Dragon Species: Zippleback


Dragon Name: Singe

Dragon Species: Smokebreath


Dragon Name: Devil

Dragon Species: Typhoomerang


Dragon Name: Spear

Dragon Species: WD


Dragon Name: Windlash

Dragon Species: WD


Dragon Name: Gripper

Dragon Species: Hobblegrunt


Dragon Name: Snapper

Dragon Species: Raincutter


Clan : Cowboy Kitty Clan

Friend code : AEVLFJ


I accept all friend requests!

Jormungandr Clan Banner

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thank you, the banner's great! :)