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This is my design of the Skullion for the Dreamworks Dragons franchise.
The Skullion is a Tracker Class dragon who has lost it's power of flight, hearing, and sight. This dragon is born without eyes and ears but relies on it's strong sense of smell. This dragon is attracted to odors and perfume or any kind of sent left off and can track that smell for miles. These are pack hunters, one will not be much a problem if you face it alone, but a pack of skullions greater then 50 then you have no chance in survival.
Skullions have a weak fire and rarely uses it. With low firepower and a low range of 15 feet, it is still used as a self-defense weapon.
Hatchlings are born without eyes and ears but have a more powerful sense of smell then the adults. Babies happen to have more fat and muscle, but is not as fast as the adult, nor as aggressive as the adults. However, when they age, they will gain it's full instinct and hunt for food.
Skullions lay up to 10-15 eggs (survival of the fittest does not allow all infants to succeed before maturity); moreover, the eggs take 1 week to hatch and skullions have an average life span of 10 years.
Skullions are savage, aggressive, untrainable, and untamable. These dragons only know the words hunt, kill, and eat. They sleep most of the day but can wake when they catch a sent and eats anything it can track down. Skullions have their own sent so other skullions will recognize their own kind and not eat them.
Skullions lack intelligence, but they have the ability to adapt and learns from past experiences, and sharp memory and may identify what it's fighting based on it's sent. Babies can better determine smell so they can remember sent when they grow up and tell whatever is food.
You can try to tame a baby skullion after hatch, but you can only keep it for 2 weeks before the skullion shows the first signs of aggression and becomes snappy to the owner. Once matured, eventually the skullion will turn on it's owner and consider it as prey and attack. Unless you can keep the dragon full and always provide food, you can be around the skullion but at a distance because even when full, the skullion may kill you and save you for later.
-A skullion's weakness, it gets confused with the smell of perfume, but be cautious it will bite what they smell.
Comparing to the size of a 6 foot human, skullions can grow up to 10 feet tall. They have a 0 foot wing via wingless, so they can't fly. One skullion itself is not much, but is still dangerous.
The skullion has a very wolf-like behavior when walking and swimming. They always keep 0 feet on the ground, or 2 feet on the ground when running. Skullions may not fly, but they are fast dragons running up to 40mph so you will be outran. When swimming, skullions preform a doggie paddle, but do note they they don't exactly like water and will not swim for very long. That means when on an island, they will stay habitant on that island unless brought to others on a ship or carrier.



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Great job!

Cool dragon great job!


I really like how it's not 'all powerful', animals never are. They have deficencies which are matched by special abilities. Weaknesses and strengths.  You put a lot of work into this dragon and I like it. Scary! 


...wondering... doing a lot of work on my Eclipse story here on the forum... if I can fit them in would you let me mention them?



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By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!

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Still... No Subject!

There's nothing I could say against it. Sure :)

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Thank you! ^^    

Thank you! ^^



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Nice! Can I use your design

Nice! Can I use your design for my book of dragons that i am making?

Oh and one more thing. You have inspired me to to fit a book dragon into the movie franchise. I am currently designing the Rocket Ripper and i should be ready to post it by tomorrow!



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You become what you eat. Would'nt that be cannibalism?

I like how you kinda kept the skullion's original design. I guess the only thing you changed was the fact that they seem taller and skinny—I guess the skinny part could be realistic if they lack food, blindness and deafness is quite an intense weakness. If you are going to make adoptables, could you give it the basic dragon statistics such as armor, shot limit, stealth, etc?

The dragon class perfectly fits this one too. You even kept it's details.



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Bubba just scoffed at me. Does that mean he wants a subject?

I have a few dragon design ideas left. For now, I am working on the Exterminator Dragon. I could post aoptables once I get these things out of the way.

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That's brilliant! You've definietly kept in all the great features of them from the books, and you made them look so scary! Really cool! :)


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