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Did anybody notice?? There are Skrillknapper bundles in the store!! I thought I would never be able to get dragons from past events(such as Dreadfall, Snoggletog etc), but here it is!!


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Flowstone(Baby Hotburple, 7)


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None yet!


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Spike(Adult Deadly Nadder, 23)

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My character drawn by the amazing Flitt!


Rhigo the Titan Rumblehorn drawn by again, the great artist, Flitt!


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Yep! It is true

Yep! It is true

Scroll down below! (Trust me,  you won't regret it)


Welcome to my signature!



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My Deadly Razortail, Swiftspine, Made by the talented StormShear57!

A special thanks to Flitt for these amazing pieces of artwork!



Both Night Lights were made by AndreaEaston(Thanks, Andrea!)


Male Lycanwing, Midnight                                                            Female Lycanwing, Shadow

Both Lycanwings were created by the amazing AMAZIEing!(Get it? Amazing? AMAZIEing? Never mind....)


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Calumon Night Light made by InkiDigiWing


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Hi, my full username is SilverAceWing, but you can call me Ace. I am a proud Christian, and for all those who do not know Jesus yet,

"Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household."

I am a very big dragon fan, and this is my second time of school of dragons.

I used to play it, but I erased it for some reason(I can't remember why I did that). By the way, my name was NOT inspired by SilverWillowWing. Its because I like the color silver, in httyd books, it says 'the best is not the most obvious' so I didn't like gold, which is the best. I chose silver, which is second-best. And 'Ace' because I am very fast in TRR, 'Wing' because I mistyped the 'g'. It was supposed to be 'wind', with a 'd'.


Clan : Isle of Gazoo


Current Clan Position : Elder


Trophies : About 320 and counting!


Languages : Korean, English, and Boar Latin(The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were generous enough to give me 274 free lessons.)


Main Viking : SilverAceWind


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Where to Find Me in-game : Training grounds, mostly


Favorite Dragons Top 10 : Dramillion, Razorwhip, Dart, Dreadstrider, Speed Stinger, Light Fury, Death Song, Pouncer, Night Fury, Ruffrunner


Favorite Dragon Classes : Sharp, Mystery, and Strike


Expansion Packs Completed : Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge





Yes, I am a MASSIVE Pokemon and HTTYD fan!


My favorite pokemon is  Lycanroc, especially dusk form! I like Eevee too, cuz, well, who wouldn't like that cuddly cute pokemon?



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Bye-Bye, and thanks to all the users who gave me some amazing art!


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I've been discussing this in the discord...


I hope they put all those '''exclusive event dragons''' in the store so I know I don't have to slog through those horrible events to obtain them anymore.


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Here it is!

Here it is!

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????? Ashfjfkskskfj?!?!! Wonder if they'll do this for the dreadstrider....


Then it go skrt skrt skrt brr brr brr

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800 gems only for an egg?

That's quite a steal :3c







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is it permanent?

In the store the egg is in one of the proper class categories rather than the deal section and there is no mention of a time limit on the picture, so does this mean that the egg is permanent or is it still limited time only?


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Oooh. I'm gonna hold back on it and save for the dreadstrider


We need gem quests back!!!


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Oh my goodness it really is. But wait-its not the egg for a limited time, it's the bundles and the overall discount. This tells me that there's a good chance that the Skrillknapper egg is here to stay.




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Lady Fighter: Lady, you're my very first friend here! You're always there for me, sympathetic and kind. Nyx and Hypnos are fortunate to be with such a lovely dragon trainer!



Gtg work on this soon!



Camicazi the nightlight by Andrea Easton! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!




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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Huh. I honistly didn't expect that after the backlash over that flightsuit. I've got several vikings I don't have the skrillnapper on yet as I only managed to earn it on one. Maybe I'll go ahead and get this. I do quite like the skrillnapper despite my issues with hybrids. I could put Sweetums on more vikings now. (Sweetums is my current skrillnapper. When I get the same dragon species on more then one viking I sometimes color them the same and make them duplicates for the same charicter just for a different viking to interact with)



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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A wild outcast has appeared!

I wake up, saw someone adding "On June 18th, 2020, the Skrillknapper was released in the store for 1,000 Gems" on the Skrillknapper's page and thought "nah, that ain't true".


Until I opened the game and saw the Bundle+Egg sale. 1,000 Gems for an egg, and with the current discount, 800, and it's not even listed as "Limited Time", only the bundles. I didn't stressed over the Skrillknapper AND payed 20k gems for the 2nd Skrillknapper for nothing, but according to SoD, I apparently did and now I'm a tad mad about this funky lil event.


I bet they'll do the same with the Dreadstrider and maybe the Night Lights and Zapplejack (after a few months ofc) which, if that does happen, I'll question the purpose of the Events other than "keeping us busy" while we waste thousands of gems on it if the Dragon prizes will eventually be released on public.


Forum account is only used for some occasions - I'm also sorry for my behavior of the past years.


About me:

For a more in-detail Introduction about me, click here.

I'm LPS100, Genderfluid (any prounouns) and I'm a SoD veteran playing since August 15th, 2014. Still playing because "why not?". I consider myself the "Grinch of School of Dragons" due to SoD being the game that received the most negativity out of me (for multiple reasons).


In-Game Info and SoD Wiki:

I'm only in the game mainly for Wikia purposes. I only turn MMO on during battles but don't bother talk with me as I never use the chat as a form of communication. I have trained all the Dragons Species but the Thunderpede and the Scuttleclaw are my biggest favorite - my Dragon List is currently a WIP.

(Banner made by me)

I'm one of the four major admins from the Dreamworks School of Dragons Wikia so, if you need help, I'm Wiki-LPS100. If you want to join us editing and contributing to the wiki:

Please remember that this isn't an official wiki. It was built and edited by players of School of Dragons and it was created to help and inform players and newcomers.


You can also find me on:

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The NightLights I do not think so, not in eggs. At least a limited time to have all three at a high price of gems Obviously!

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Favourites tvshow and movies: The Secret Saturdays, Pokemon and obviously HTTYD
I like the fiction, fantasy. I love dragons and dinosaurs.
My drawing page:
Adoption line:
Here my dragons adopted by artists from here! Thank you!..
My new friend Rainbowcutter, specie made by chameishida. Very thank you very much!!
Some of my drawings of dragons:
(The white dragon with plumage/fur does not belong to me, that dragon is the creation of Quetzy Dinodragon)
Fan drawings of my dragon:
this was made for FLITT. MY BABY!, thank you!!
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I can't tell you how mad this makes me. First they completely remove LNF, without announcing it. "Oh hey yeah sorry members we've completely ripped you off from getting gems through stable quests. Haha love you not." Then they add BOTH THE F DREADSTRIDER AND SKRILLKNAPPER IN A RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE BOX THAT NO KID IN THIS GAME COULD AFFORD. What next the nightlights? God I hope not because then I'd have wasted 200$ on these idiots. Seriously speaking, if LNF does not come back this year membership at this point is worthless... rant done. 

Oh and, the only reason I chose to actually go ahead and get another skrillknapper was to name it Mistake. Just like these events. A mistake. Waste of time n money. 



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Have a nice day. 



(credit to Pedz)

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A wild outcast has appeared!

Tbh, if they do the same with the Night Lights which weren't in the Dragonpalooza because Fury Species by making them like... 1k each (800 each) then I'll goddang riot because that's just pure robbery to those who worked hard to get them.

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Sorry if it sounds dumb, but what's LNF? I don't have membership, so I don't know what that is.


I am Zombiefangirl. Dragon Rider of Berk. I go on many adventures with my Titan Nadder Zoey. With our strong friendship, we fight for what is right.

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(Keep in mind I've never had a real membership) I'm pretty sure it means Long Night Flight. The long night flight is a stable quest that gave you gems. It was the main reason I've ever gotten trail membership. The got rid of it when the thawfest event happened and everyone was upset. Me included! Hope this helped!


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      Hello all! How are you guys? People who play the game will know me as Maz, that's a lot easier then AMAZIEing... lets just go with Maz instead!


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Personality : ENTP (AKA The debater) and My ennagram type  8 with a 7 wing. I've been told I'm very loyal and I like to think of myself as funny :D I'm a Hufflepuff! (although sometimes I call myself a HuffleSlitherDoor XD) 


Top one made by AndreaEaston, the one below I made after I'd seen someone elses (I can't remember whose though, please tell me if you know!)



                              I have so many dragons it'll take awhile to write it all down!


1: Marya, the green sand wraith, She 2: Sky, sky blue Deadly Nadder, She 3: Will treaty, grean wispering death, He 4: Pendragon Gona (or Morgona, they wouldn't let me name her that though) Purple wispering death, she 5: Jennny, pink purple groncicle, she 6: Arther Pendragon, red wispering death, He

7: Uther Pendragon, grey wispering death, He 8: Phill Colson, blue eruptadon 9: Bomburst (from chitty chitty Bang Bang, I did that play before) red Groncle, He 10: Thanos, Baby purple Groncle, He 11: Jemima (also from Chitty) pink nightmare, She 12: Jeremy Potts (Chitty) blue titan Nightmare, He

13: the Flash, red speed stinger, He 14: Garmadon, Purple Changewing, He 15: Kili and Fili, pink Zippleback, He 16: Zuko, Bronze red Razerwip, He

17: Azula, Grey red pink Razerwip, She 18: TheBalrogOfMorgoth, Red and black Snafflefang, He 19: Regina Mills, purple Deathsong, She 20: Ananis, Purple thunderdrum, He 21: Saphira, Gold (or yellow, whatever you want to call it) Thunderdrum, She 22: Bealfire,blue and gold armurwing, He 23: LunaLovegood, yellow wholly howl, She 24: Shuri, purple deathgripper, She


In game I have 4 accounts, My two main and My two Just-for-fun ones. On my first (Name: Mazhira) account I have almost everything done 'cept a few expansions. an all the other accounts I still have a lot left. You'll likly to find me at the training grounds around battle times under the name Mazhira or AlenkaJackson. Till then, Keep flying!



      I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

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Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing) :D 



           ART!!!!! Oh NO! Were'd most of it  go?!?! Oh wait, here it is!




Here is Pine! My Razortail done magnificintly by  StormShear57!



Here is Spout! My amazing Silver Phantom done by the talented Sohki!



Here is Delila! My Windwalker also Done by Sohki!


Here is Agitha Gold, My eggbiter-in-a-mug! By guess who, Sohki!


This Delightful girl is Honeycrisp again done by the simply fantastic Fun Dragon! I love her!










Confused Stick GIF by How To Train Your Dragon - Find & Share on GIPHY



I do art! :D Look at the top if you want any!

Here's a few of my pieces of artwork in link form! (as I want to show off more of everone else's art and wanted to keep my siggy as short as I can:))

Here's some on paper, top is a person the other one is a dragon


 If you ever need art... I'll be here

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And with that, You have reached the end! Awsome! Wow! Here's laurans and Peggy running away during satisfied. 


John Laurens and Peggy | Hamilton Amino


if you want something drawn just PM me, I'll do it. Onle very few will get this far and read this light font. 


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Ohhh. I remember that quest. I think it was in the top middle section of the stable quests selection in the stables. I really do wish we do have gem reward stable quests again. 

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The NightLights I do not think so, not in eggs. At least a limited time to have all three at a high price of gems Obviously!

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

And there the first couple angry comments start. They could've avoided this hate by just calling the event's prizes early access, rare or even "ultra rare" instead of exclusive. Well, that or simply saving them for the next time harvest haunt came around.

Somebody dropped the ball quite horribly.


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They should definitely not have used 'exclusive' when it came to advertising the event dragons, I agree. It was a lie, to say the least. I wouldn't even have bothered with the events if I knew they weren't actually exclusive but I got tricked and I'm still salty over it. I want my wasted hours back.

Hopefully it'll be a good lesson for the next time. For both JS and us, hahaha.

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I'm happy for everyone who can get it but, c'mon man I put two weeks of straight grinding for this dragon just for it to be released in the store on multiple occasions? I feel like I've really been cheated out of my time :\

*if I've known they'd do this then I wouldn't have wasted my time during dreadfall, this is actually one of the reasons I didn't participate in thawfest, they'll probably pull something like this again*



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  I am slightly excited but slightly upset about it returning, but it isn't fair to the people who worked so very hard and even spent money on the Skrillknapper. I will be very upset if the Night Lights come back and the Zapplejack which wouldn't be fair to me or anyone else who worked hard.




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                Hello! Here is a quick way to find some of my latest art! :D Dreadfall Dragon Drawings                                  Snoggletog Fury Art   Lady's Fury/Viking Art- (Art Thread?)



                    My siggy guardian Cyclone doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with my siggy. >:D

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                     A drawing of Hypnos trying to catch me as I fall was made by Dylieh! Thanks Dylieh!


                                A link to my YouTube Channel! :D Content will be added soon.


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                                            ALL made by The AMAZING EmeraldHuntress65!                


                                                     My favorite class is: Strike!!!


                                                          Amazing Art of Moondust!       




                     Amazing Banners of Nyx and Hypnos by DragonRider'sFury!!! :DDD 


                Amazing drawings of Nyx and Hypnos the Night Lights. :3



                                        By Dylieh!!! :D :3 



                                                    By Izzydrawsdragons. :D   


                                                                  By Frugal. :D


                  By Icee Glacier. :P         

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    By AndreaEaston                                                                                                                                                                  By AndreaEaston



                                                                                                            By Anic101


                                                By Frugal. :D


      By Frugal :P


    By Madoka Miyanzono :3

  By Madoka Miyanzono :D


         By EndlessNight :)


        By Endless Night! :D


         By the ZestyDragonWing


                       By Silver Phantom :D


   By VicZarSky :P


   By ZestyDragonWing                                                              By ZestyDragonWing


                                                  Potato Nyx by Kasane lover


         Potato Hypnos by Kasane lover



                               Cyclone The Windwalker by Sohki the amazing Windwalker Queen. xD   








                                                                                                                                           BackDrop  By the awesome Flitt!!!      


                                                  FireStorm done by the Amazing Andrea!



                              FangBlazer by the talented Peregrinecella




                                              FangBlazer by the awesome Icee Glacier!



                                               FireStorm by the talented Peregrinecella


                                                     MugLug done by the awesome ZestyDragonWing!


                                                              Deadly Shadow done by the AWESOME Icee Glacier!



                                                                                     Phantom by Speedyleaf


                                                            Saphira done by the amazing Izzydrawsdragons









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NightLights may only be released temporarily and based on number of gems, but not eggs. That is obviously impossible.

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Welcome to my Signature


My Dragons


Storm-Adult Nadder

Stormfly-Titan Nadder

Thornado-Titan Thunderdrum

Whispy-Titan Whispering Death

Troyfa-Adult Whispering Death

Roar-Titan Skrill

Dagur's Skrill-Adult Skrill

Meatlug-Titan Gronckle

Koytsoylia-Adult Gronckle

Bone Phantom-Titan Boneknapper

Cloudy-Titan Stormcutter

Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

Fangy-Titan Nightmare

Hooky-Adult Nightmare

Fireglow-Adult Fireworm

Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

Spark-Baby Fireworm

Screamy-Titan Screaming Death

Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

Sand Wraith-Titan Sand Wraith

Toothful-Adult Sand Wraith

Snoggletog Wraith-Titan Wooly Howl

Benny-Adult Wooly Howl

Shocky-Adult Shockjaw

Gronci-Adult Groncicle

Night Light-Adult Groncicle

Speedy-Adult Speed Stinger

Icebreaker-Adult Speed Stinger

Deathsong-Titan Deathsong

Butterfly-Adult Deathsong

Windshear-Titan Razorwhip

Lucifer-Adult Devilish Dervish

Taxi-Adult Timberjack

Lump-Adult Snafflefang

   Axewing-Adult Armorwing

 Fourwing-Adult Singetail

Avocado-Adult Eruptodon

Potato-Baby Eruptodon

 Snowy-Adult Snow Wraith

Maleficent-Adult Moldruffle

Mal-Adult Moldruffle

Thredtail-Adult Hobblegrunt*

Kapnaw-Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Crocodilino-Adult Windwalker

Smidvarg-Adult Night Terror

Skullcrasher-Adult Rumblehorn

Snake-Adult Grapple Grounder*

Grump-Adult Hotburple

Shiren-Adult Tide Glider

Candy-Sweet Death

Pitchers-Adult Snaptrapper

Venus Flytrap-Adult Snaptrapper

Mudstorm-Adult Mudtracker

Rainstorm-Adult Raincutter

Chinski-Adult Changewing

Scauldy-Adult Scauldron

Uma-Adult Scauldron

Sharpshot-Adult Terrible Terror

Toothless-Adult Night Fury

Tailchanger-Adult Flame Whipper

Sleuther-Adult Triple Stryke

Harry Hook-Adult Triple Stryke

Gladiator-Adult Elder Sentinel


I am trying to get two dragons of each species, one being a Titan and the other one an Adult


Some things about myself


I am a 16 year old boy. I am from Greece and I live in Athens. My favourite food is souvlaki. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favourite movies are How to train your dragon movies, Jurassic Park/World movies, Descendants movies and Marvel movies. My favourite series are HTTYD series, Victorious, Descendants and many more XD. I like any kind of music and I don't have a preferable singer.

My favourite characters from HTTYD are Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Stoick, Toothless, Stormfly and the Light Fury


My adoptables


Owl by Wolflight


Shock and Bolt by dogloven


Toothless by ELSA II


Twilight by RoaringOrigins


Indoraptor by RedHoodJason



Σχετική εικόνα

And some fanart that I found through Pinterest and DeviantArt (these are not mine I just found them while scrolling)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για toothless and hiccup httyd 3

Σχετική εικόνα


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We have been back stabbed, betrayed and possibly bamboozled yet again! Moral of the story is to not trust Jumpstart.

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Icee Glacier
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Hoooooooooooooooooooo boy.


Well... I'm glad I can get it, at least.



...Just going to leave it at that.



.....I hope they bring Zapplejacks back sorrynotsorry. I really wanted one but I was not going to grind for one and apparently I'm being rewarded for that mindset. ...Not sure what that says about this situation but there we go.


Stop Boulder Class shaming!



Welcome to my signature.

Here's some stuff 'bout me.

I am a girl.

I'm a Christian.

I like the color Blue/teal.

My favorite dragon class is Boulder Class.

 my main dragon(s) are a Screaming Death named Odin, and a Skrill named Jayfeather.

I love Doctor Who, Avatar the Last Airbender, Chuck, Psych, Harry Potter, Pokemon, G.I. Joe, and other nerd-y things.

My favorite Httyd dragons whose names start with the letter s are Screaming Deaths, Shivertooths, Skrills, Scauldrons, Smothering Smokebreaths, Snafflefangs, Shovelhelms, Sword Stealers, Snifflehunches (+Sneezelhunches) and Seashockers! (that's alot!)

And I am usually friendly :D (I mean, I try, at least.)

In-game name is: IIicedragonII (No, not lice dragon. Those are capital i's not l's. And you simply pronounce it as "Ice dragon" x'D)

Friend code: hmm.. P.M. me if you want it. Can't take any chances o3o

And I'm a proud member of The Phantom Lords! (ROAAAAAAAAR!)

I'll probably post some bios about my dragons, but I'm too lazy to do it right now if ever.


My main viking OC, Eira Glacier, reading a book on top of her main dragon, Odin, by... oh hey, it's by me!

Lovely screenshot I got of my viking and Odin staring at the moon ^w^

Epic picture of Odin done by WutendBonfire!



Cobra, my grapple grounder, by.. me!


Picture of Roach the young Shellfire by me!

Awesome edit of Roach the young Shellfire by Midnight2558!


Picture of Spottedleaf by Tyrannosaur66!

Unglück, the disaster child Titanwing Light Fury by ZestyDragonWing!


Picture of Mage by FlamingHusky!


Amazing edit of Armakillo done by Siren-Spirit!


Great edit of Ignis my Monstrous Nightmare done by Frytha!


Corliss, the Big Bad Boophis by the ever-so-talented Varku!

Ankle-Biter, my Wocky Jabberjaw, by the skillful Chameishida!


The Acidic ScuttleSting! Idea by me and this amazing picture by NightmareRebuff!

Blight the nightfury/razorwhip hybrid adopted from Tyrannosaur66!


Picture of Graveyard discovering a new friend after waking up from a nap by Celestial Dragon!


Trenton, the mega-rad, uber tubular Whispering Death/Thunderpede hybrid, by.. me :'D

Trenton as an Animal Crossing villager, by the ever-astounding Zestydragonwing!


Glorious picture of Trenton by the talented TosiLohi!

Chaz, Trenton's 'little' brother.. (Beautifully generated by Chameishida!)

Wilbur, the adorably goofy Abomibumble gift I got from my friend ApertureNightfury12345!





Proud Winner (by default.. lol) of the September/October Dragon Design Contest! (Hosted by ZestyDragonWing)


Fun fact: Guzzlord is my favorite pokemon <3 (drawn by me, you can tell because it's drawn so small :'D)

Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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I was unable to get one during the event so.. Is it bad that I kind of hope the Dreadstrider will also be added to the store one day? While I do understand it would be unfair to those who got it during Dreadfall, it would be nice for those who, like myself, worked their hardest but just couldn't get it the first time around.


HTTYD & 1960s enthusiast  

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Like several other people mentioned some of us did try and just weren't able to get the event dragons. I really hope they do add all of them. Although I do see why this would be annoying for some people. I wont feel guilty though as I was really close to the dragon everytime and just needed a little more time.


Plus this egg is SO PRETTY!


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This is so cool! I can finally have this guy on more than one account! I sure hope they do the Dreadstrider next! 


As for those upset about this: I worked ridiculously hard to get this dragon, too. However, I see the gain in selling it again. I'm willing to put money on the table that they want to bring a new epic/creepy hybrid to this year's Dreadfall, so they realized the only smart thing to do was give us the eggs for the old ones. 

True, the labelling created confusion, but this is actually in the game's best interest. If you didn't grind for Dreadfall on purpose as some people have admitted, would you really change your mind this year? And for those who worked hard and did get both hybrids, like me and many others, you should actually be grateful they're releasing them because that means this year there's a very good chance we won't be grinding for the same dragons we already have. 


I see no downside to this situation. I mean yeah, they could have worded their advertising better, but remember: This was their FIRST ever event and it really was wonky. A lot of people, despite trying their best, couldn't get this dragon or the Dreadstrider. As far as I'm concerned this is both a smart move for this year's event and a consolodation for their mistakes. 


I'm sure that's something people will debate about for years to come (this forum seems to have a curse of giving people grudges) but I for one am happy with this, so yeah.

C'mon Dreadstrider! 


 | YT Channel | Q&A Video 



Hi! In-game I am "Ramalaclaire" and I'm a member of the clan "The Dragon Racers".

~Signature still in construction~ 


Ohly the Light Fury (Male OC) | Thank you to 'Lady Fighter' for this art piece. :3 

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*runs to the store*

*runs to the store*

now seriously though, why does SoD do the events when they release it in the store a few months later? if they do it with the nightlights I would get seriously upset -_-


by my amazing friend Lady fighter

Warning for PMs : if you are PMing me there's a chance I won't respond to it unless it's for RPs or Art then i'll respond to it

Under construction until i have time to redocorate it

Welcome to signature by NightFury125


NightFury125's avatar 


sorry for being lazy here's some of them

Nightfury125 headshot (dragonsona and mascot)Nightfury125 (main mascot and dragonsona) {normally she wears sunglasses but I didn't know how to drawcthem so she's like this] by me

Httyd with other franchises mix:

Warmetalgarurumon (Wargreymon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight [my mascot for this account] by InkyDigiWing

GatoGarurumon by ShadowFuryTreaderGatoGarurumon (Gatomon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight by InkyDigiWings

Dracomon fury

Dracomon fury who's Warmetalgarurumon's older brother by InkyDigiWings

Catra (She-ra and the princesses of power canoned character) as a nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Liza (SATPOP OC) as a Nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Lizshade (Liza x Nightshade are OCs of SATPOP) by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Sary (Fresh precure OC) as a Nightlightlight by me

Other franchise OCs:

Sary vs Cure Cherry (Fresh precure OC) by me

Sarah Higashi (Fresh precure OC) by me

Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Cure Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Allisa Kurokawa (Suite precure OC) by me

Forum Request + Flamering by ImDerpySheylaMy Yoshi Flamering made by ImDerpySheylaYT

Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

Liza's dragon form Shadow storm (armor) (SATPOP OC) by me

Shadow storm before she got her armor (SATPOP OC) by me

Liza's old look (SATPOP OC) by me

Teenager Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

kid Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

Child Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

NightShade by NightFury125Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade's dragon form (armor) (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade dragon form by NightFury125Nightshade before he got his armor (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade's old look (SATPOP OC) by me

Teenager Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

kid Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

Child Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me


R.I.P. old look of Shine you'll be missed (banner done by AndreaEaston)


Catra fan banner by NightFury125

(this banner was done by me)

Viking profiles:

Viking Name: Warmetalgarurumon


Age:19 (not my real age  it's a role playing age)

Personality:brave, strong, smart and sometimes afriad


proud member of

clan banner by The Bohemian Critic

Viking Level: 17 (the dreadfall event resetted my level)

Fishing Level:27

Farming Level:30

Dragon Count:over 104 Dragons


UDT Stars:1 platinum star

UDT Points:20000+ UDT points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragons: Tripe Stinger (titan triple stryke), Toothless (alpha night fury),Bright (light fury),

Tiny (titan terrible terrior), Lightning (titan skrill), Stone Guardian (elder sentinal), Stone Guard (titan sentinal), Midnight (Dart the nightlight), Dawn (Pouncer the nightlight) and Dusk (Ruffrunner the nightlight)

Favorite Class: strike class

Home Land:Berserker Island


Viking name: Delphox Alpha


Age:19(not my real age it's a role playing age)

Personality: not very smart, confident in self, stubborn and weak

Clan: Leader of winter fire dragons

Viking Level:35

Fishing Level:6

Farming Level:9

Dragon Count:23 Dragons


UDT Stars: 2 Silver Stars

UDT Points:59223 UDT Points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragon: Toothless (alpha night fury) Wise Stone Protecter (elder sentinal) Triple Tail (triple stryke) Mossy Stone (sentinal), Stormy (skrill)

Favorite Class:boulder class

Home Land:Berserker Island


BrightMars, BeautifulJupiter, Wisewisesaturn, DialgaTheRulerOfTime, PalkiaTheRulerOfSpace and CurePassionBeat


that's all i have for now bye!

Wolfrun by otakuangelx on DeviantArt

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I mean if they can make money off of it, that's all they care about. It sure isn't fair to those who worked very hard to obtain the dragon especially since it was considered exclusive...Imo those who didn't work hard enough to get the dragon and those who weren't here for the event should not be able to obtain it, yet here we are with SoD basically giving it away for nothing. :/
It's a good thing I don't waste time on these events anymore though hahaha



IGN: Hannah the Wise (but you can just call me Hannah or Han)


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Wow is right... >.>


Quick note: Don't you dare say "who didn't work hard enough", that event was packed with broken mechanics and was definitely their first event for how bad it was and how the events have changed for the better since. Don't insult people like that. That's a really bad look, and I'm judging you for that. That event was a wreck. Everyone tried.


They're a company, of course they care a great deal about money. No money means no game, surely you know that. 


As someone who worked VERY hard to obtain these dragons, and was just about ready to use actual money, I can tell you we don't all feel that this is necessarily bad. For those who tried but couldn't get it because of this event's serious flaws, this is a really cool thing. And it's also good for this year's Dreadfall. If you did get these dragons last year, would you really play the event again to get the same dragons? Exactly, no - they're probably going to change the dragons we earn and release eggs of past events so they can keep giving us new dragons. That's pretty good business in reality. Some people may not like it, but still. 

ILikeTRR's picture
Joined: 11/13/2017

Oh no sorry to burst your bubble, but I didn't mean "didn't work hard enough" as an insult ;)
im well aware the event had broken mechanics, as I myself participated in the event. If you participated in the event and got the dragon, then great. If not then simply try to work harder next time. There is a difference between players who were able to obtain the dragon and those who were not able to. Do you know what that is? The people who obtained the dragon worked harder than the ones who didn't! Even with all the issues the event had. It's as simple as that and it was not meant to be an insult. The truth seems to upset you : o

I wont reply to anything else you have to say because it's not worth the time to be argueing with people (like you) who respond to create drama. You always find something wrong with someones post and twist it/ nit pick at it. With that being said you are very obnoxious and maybe you should take a break from the internet if you don't see it. If you are knowingly creating arguments on purpose...well I hope you mess up and get bannned from the forums some day.

Have a nice rest of you day : D

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My, my.

What bubble are you bursting? I didn't know I had one other than my bubble of personal space, and I'm pretty sure you can't do that virtually.

There's really no way not to take that choice of words as an insult, because it is one. "Couldn't do enough" would have prevented this confusion that you see as drama. 

As HPowers below said, not everyone could play this game and grind for the prizes. I would try to reason with you about wording things differently but, it seems you've made up your mind on my character, so I won't even bother. 

If it wasn't meant as an insult, that's good. But your wording gave it a very insulting vibe. 


No one's forcing you to reply, and I wasn't creating drama. I was pointing out your wording came across as insulting. Some people don't realize what they've said is insulting, I just had a good discussion about that with someone yesterday on another thread about the "blue Light Fury" thing, go ahead and look if you need proof. 

I find a lot of things wrong with people's posts because this forum is a mess. It's not managed at all and people are free to sling insults without any proper reprimanding. As an admin with years of experience dealing with unruly manners this site is a pet peeve for all that is allowed to happen, but I stay because there are always good people among the nastiness. 


Thank you for your insults, they will be taken into consideration and then tossed out the window because they are unoriginal and very biased, but thank you for your criticism. :3 I would suggest you look in a mirror when you use the word obnoxious, especially with this assessment of my character that leads you to believe I'd ever get banned from the forum. lol It's kind of funny, really. It's hard not to reply to people like you because it's literally a source of laughter for me, at least for the first few posts. 


Have a nice day as well, and stay safe out there. 

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I debated with myself on whether or not to say anything for a while but don't you think it's a little hypocritical to get on someone for being rude while using a sassy Gif., telling them you are judging them and saying you will toss their critisism out the window? Like, I agree with them having been rude but it was a passing statement that was not directed at any one person and is that really how you want to approuch?


The mention of your admin stuff on another site concerns me as well. While I'm sure it wasn't your intention you look like you're trying to bring your authority from somewhere else here. Please keep in mind that we know nothing about the cite you are an admin on and bringing it up really does not add any authority to what you say. 

Wouldn't you be more aprouchable if you spoke to people just as a fellow forumer anyway?


Please try not to become the very thing you're trying to fight. It's easy to fall into that situation. Espessully when you've just had a success not long ago.


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Never an easy day here

Seems I've become a bit of a spotlight for people lately to talk about or allude to. 


I don't find it hypocritical considering the gif was more for humor's sake than anything else. I see nothing wrong with judging someone for being rude and insulting, that's generally the justified reason to judge someone. You can of course argue the same for someone who's sassy but where-as sassy is seen more as a bold behavior, rude is just flat-out a bad trait. So I don't agree I was being sassy, but if that's the word you want to use I won't argue it. Yeah I am loud, bold, and cheeky. At least I'm aware that kind of personality can make people interpret my words as impolite, and I do correct them that it isn't my intent. 

I don't find myself to be hypocritical here because this person reinforced their point that they did mean what they said, and whether they "want" it to be an insult or not, it is an insult. Arguably I'd say it's worse to just classify an entire group of players like that. At least with a person-to-person basis you can verify if it's true or false, but just throwing that kind of description on an unnamed and unnumbered amount of people does not sit well with me. 


You've had many concerns about my mention of being an admin, I'm not sure why. I'm not using an argument from authority, and I don't name the sites because it's irrelevant. An admin is supposed to keep the order, in contrast to what people think it's not a position of great authority or great power. If anything it should be a humbling thing; an admin should be someone you can go to in order to work out an issue. That's why I point out the lack of any active admin here is quite startling. Many people make that mistake in association, admin doesn't mean authority or power; too many people abuse admin rights. I don't believe in that definition of admin. 

Well, it goes without saying that I'm just another forum member. But I mentioned it to put more meaning behind my point that the site is poorly managed, rather it's not managed at all, resulting in all these arguments that crop up in every thread ever made no matter how harmless the OP's intent. 


A success? That's... normal behavior, normal calm behavior with someone who is being reasonable. There was nothing special about our last interaction except for the fact it isn't often seen here. I mean someone even said how rare that was on this forum. Honestly I got really upset(sad, not angry) seeing that post because it just served to remind me how effing cruel people here can be. 

I'm not worried about "becoming" the kind of people I call out for being rude, I see nothing wrong with standing up for anyone when there's doubt if it's a rightful claim. If someone thinks that's the same behavior I can't understand how, but I'm not very worried about my "image" - I'm not looking to be popular or impress anybody, I'm just me being me. Not everyone has to like that. 

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I feel like you must live on a different world then me or something with your weirdly narrow veiw of what rude means. Cuz here's the thing. That gif? That by itself was rude. You're rude. If you're rude while telling people they are rude why should they listen to you? Why should anyone listen to someone telling them not to do a thing while the person telling them off is doing that exact same thing?

You went out of your way to eather find or make a gif. (I assume find because that's less work) saying you're judgeing someone and post it as the start of your argument. That's rude. It's basically starting the conversation with an "I don't like you." in big bold letters and if you don't see the problum with that I don't think I can help you.


I'm not going to go much further with this myself because I don't think this could be explained any better then this by me but yeah.

Shakester's picture
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Different worlds? lol

Wow. You really went there. A different world, huh? That's your go-to when you don't understand someone? If you don't think that is rude than I'm concerned about your vocabulary and understanding of the word rude. To literally alienate someone is beyond rude. We've had our disagreements but right there I lost all respect conceivable for you. 

That gif is a meme, Hypergoof. It's literally made for fun and giggles. I've used that gif in a plethora of places and never once have I had this sort of encounter with someone about it. 


Insulting someone and using a meme are not equal. Not in the slightest. And yeah you can argue "you backed it up with words" but again, that wasn't being rude, I was saying I am taking into consideration that behavior for fututre judgements of their intent. Which I didn't need to do as I already know this person has a high rate of rude, insulting posts on this forum. Go to any thread with any debatable topic and there they are, followed by others like-minded to them who I won't name. Mostly because there are too many. Like I said I only stay on this forum for the few good people it harbors. 

P.S. I actually have reaction gifs and memes in a folder because I like using media, especially HTTYD. I didn't go out of my way at all, it and several others are always there for me to use. It's a quirk I have, I don't quite know why. lol 


I don't see a problem with it if that's your interpretation, because I don't like this person based on their past behavior that is perfectly in line with the posts they made here. They don't deviate from these type of posts, I've had the misfortune of seeing it on most threads. There are names on this forum to just avoid. 

I suppose you've added me to your such list, and that's fine. 


Thanks  but no thanks for your help, Hypergoof. I'm not looking for any help or back-up. I ended my last message to that person politely, so the only one searching for a fight here is you for replying to that post despite "debating with yourself", which you say 80% of the time in your posts, so are you really even debating it that much? I'm sorry to say it but you are drawn to disagreements, it's impossible not to come to that conclusion seeing all of your posts be they towards me or someone else. 


Agreed. We've already agreed over PM that we both find things in each other we do not agree with, so I think it's a smart idea to just separate ourselves from each other. I know very well you'll never agree with me and I'll never agree with you, based on everything I've learned about you even while trying to be nice. 

I think we're done here, unless you find some reason to continue. I really don't want to spend anymore time explaining myself to you because apparently my behavior is too alien for you. If that's how you feel, please stop trying to understand only to make offensive comments in your confusion. 

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

So, a figure of speech is unforgivable alienation but the Gif is ok because it's just a joke?

Ok then. I mean if you wanna call me rude right back and point out that the moment undermines stuff I'd at least understand where you were coming from but that seems a bit extreme.


(I said I wasn't going to take this much farther and that wasn't a lie as I did not say that was my final post on this topic. This however is)


(I also edited this a few times for clarity because it's my last one on this and I figured any responce to it had all the time in the world to be changed too)

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Not being sarcastic

I'm sorry, but that question can't be serious. Right? 

Please tell me you're joking. You think what you said is okay? 


Does this offend you?: 
I don't know what world you're from where you have such a narrow view of what's subjectively funny. 


Yeah. Not pleasant to hear, right? So yes, saying "I don't know what world your from" is generally(I say that generously) not okay, but posting something that I have no reason to believe people would take seriously from countless past experiences is okay. Does that mean it can't be taken wrong? Of course everyone is different and some people may not find it amusing, but that's subjective. 

HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker's picture
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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I'm sorry but you have missed the chance to have this discussion with me. Because instead of asking this question earlyer you stated that I have done something unforgivable and basically blew up at me. I have no interest in continueing even though you may very well have a point to make. Even if you were to take it to PM and politely ask I would still refuse, not because I do not think you have something to say but simply because I have no more interest in this.

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Your word choice, not mine.

You used the word unforgivable, not me. I just said you lost all my respect. I also didn't blow up, I just re-worded your phrase to make you understand it was less than kind. 


And I'm glad to hear that. Next time you're debating whether to post a response to me please remind yourself you have no interest in arguing with me. 


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I'm honestly surprised at the level of negativity over this. Shouldn't everyone expect that any prizes the events contain is fair game to be put in the store by now? I mean, this is definitely not the first time they've done this. There's been a few other things from the events make appearances in the store recently and the Flightmare flightsuit is now permanently in the store. I get that they advertised this stuff as exclusive and I definitely agree that they should've chosen different wording if they planned on doing this from the beginning but what's done is done. I just have to wonder if they had not advertised this stuff as exclusive if there would be this kind of backlash at the event prizes being put in the store. I understand that there are a lot of people who worked hard for the event dragons, but as I've said on another thread, these events require time and dedication to successfully complete and not everyone has that luxury. Kids/teens spend several hours a day at school, have homework, after school activities, chores, and other things to do. Some parents limit their kids' time on devices. Older teens/adults may have college and/or jobs. Not everyone can devote the time to this game needed to successfully complete an event. Is it fair to those people to never have a chance at the dragons that were prizes in those events just because they had personal circumstances that prevented them from being able to get the dragon during the event? What about new players? New people join this game all the time. Would it be fair to them to never have a chance to get the dragons from past events simply because they were not playing the game at the time of the event? I have the Zapplejack and I would more than welcome the Zapplejack being put in the store because I know not everyone had the circumstances to be able to complete Thawfest. I think at this point everyone just needs to realize that any prize in any event could potentially be put in the store. If you participate in an event just think of it as early access to those prizes.


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I think the problum is indeed how it was advertised. I think most people who are mad are so because they feel lied to and not because they don't want anyone else to have the dragon. It would after all still be exlusive and still give more people a chance to get it if it came back annually around the holliday it was released with the first time.

I personally don't particularly care if it stays super rare or not and am happy for those who will get it now but I can totally understand why other people would want that for this dragon and why they might just feel like they've been mislead.

They're mostly mad because the event the skrillnapper came with was hands down the h.ardest event with bugs and all. It was an absolute pain in the b.utt to work with (and I know because I got my skrillnapper from the event via morning to evening non-stop grinding). Many people feel annoyed that they had to deal with that if they could've just waited.


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A wild outcast has appeared!

Hypergoof pretty much said everything, though I was expecting them to do this... YEARs after its release and not months. Hobblegrunt was an exclusive dragon that could only be achieved by waiting for its re-appearance at the Store, only in 2018, four years after its release, they decided to do the ultimate decision and perma-release it in the store.


Not only they (seemingly) perma-release it the store, they also released it with a discount of 800 Gems, months after Dreadfall Event ended. And I was one of the few who did stressed over the Event just to get the Dragons (because of Wikia purposes) and I also bought the 20k Dragonpalooza chest to get the 2nd Skrillknapper and Dreadstrider. So when I saw someone adding the "full release" edit, it came off as a rather shocking surprise considering how it hasn't been a year since the Skrillknapper was released.


That's mainly what's bugging me the most, I was expecting them to do that but not this soon. And now I know they will definately do the same with the other dragons which I'm not even as shocked as I was with the Skrillknapper's "full release". :'D

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I am kind of piffed. If I

I am kind of piffed. If I knew I could just buy it for 800 or 1000 later then I probably wouldn't have bothered spending and working so much at the events. "Exclusive " was the wrong word choice. I figured the Skrillnapper would be available again next Dreadfall in some form and maybe even the cookies, etc we earned would roll over (wishful thinking, I know). As someone above said, if it means a new dragon to work for next year that's okay, but, come on, at least wait a year to release it like this. Or maybe it could be a lesser prize or released for Dreadfall in the store for a limited time (separate from the event) or something. I'd be cool with that.


EDIT: I'm totally not opposed to people having an opportunity getting these "exclusive " dragons and having opportunities to do so. But that totally doesn't need to be just throwing an egg in the store for the same price as any other 'regular' dragon, and so soon after it was released through the event. Make it at least seem a teeny bit special and worth the effort put into it previously ... As said above, making it seasonal would seem fair to me. It'd still be 'special', but people would have the opportunity to get it that didn't last Dreadfall.


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No it's not surprising at all. But the way they LITERALLY CHEAT THEIR PLAYERS OUT through the event is what ticks me off personally the most. The fact they put the SKRILLKNAPPER in a what was it 20,000 gem box?? Correct me if I'm wrong please. And then later release it now to be bought just proves how greedy they are and how THEY HAVE NOT DONE A SINGLE D- THING TO FIX THIS GAME. 


So today this just proves membership worthless. They don't care about their players, they only want the money. And personally, this time they really showed their greediness. Personally I'm not paying 84$ + tax (which in USD is equivalent to 100$ PER YEAR) for a company that only wants to dry out your wallet. Just. Not. Doing. It. 

LPS100's picture
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A wild outcast has appeared!

Confirming: Correct, the Skrillknapper and the Dreadstrider were in the Dragopalooza (20k gems) which is supposed to contain all the trainable species except the exclusive no-baby-stage Dragons and the Furies. :'D

Passion's picture
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Joined: 11/16/2018

Thank you for confirming lol. Didn't wanna go out giving false information being mad for seemingly nothing. It's...just the way they market themselves. If they keep doing this they'll for sure lose long term paying members. (Oldies, be it 2014 to 2018.) Well I'll tell you they sure lost me as a paying member. I already have all the resources I need in this game so grabbing gems shouldn't be impossible..

HPowers's picture
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Joined: 03/25/2015

Replying to my own comment so I can address everyone who replied to it at once. lol.


I completely understand why some people feel lied to. "Exclusive" was definitely the wrong word choice for event prizes. I can see the point of view of people who said they would rather have had the Skrillknapper become a seasonal dragon rather than a permanent edition to the store as it seems to have become(I'm assuming it's permanent. It's not listed as "limited time only", just like the Flightmare flightsuit wasn't.) A better idea on SoD's part may have been to release it every so often for a week or so just like they used to do with the Hobblegrunt. That way it would've always been limited edition and would be rarer than other dragons. However, that's not what it seems like they decided to do. I agree with nakata when she said that it happened, there's no changing it. I understand being frustrated with the decisions that the SoD team makes. I've been there. There's been decisions that they've made that I haven't agreed with and have gotten frustrated and angry over. I eventually calm down though and realize that it is what it is. I can't change what's happened. I have no control over the decisions they make and it's pointless to stay really angry over it. On the bright side, the Skrillknapper is the highest priced dragon in the store. The regular price is 1,000 gems(for nonmembers) so they did at least make it higher than the other dragons.

ladybrasa's picture
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Joined: 05/06/2015
I think people are just

I think people are just venting and yeah, it is what it is. To point out, if I hadn't obtained it through Dreadfall, I would be taking advantage of this opportunity myself, and don't have a problem with others doing it, since it's there now. 

Maybe it will be limited? Maybe they are just bringing it out cuz there were so many problems with the first Dreadfall event and it won't be a regular occurrence for Event dragons? Doubtful, but who knows. 

Also to reiterate, I'm only truly slightly irritated; in the grand scheme of things in my life I don't really care a whole lot. Not really sure why I've responded so much to this thread in the first place ...