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I wanted to do some art requests, but wasn't sure how much motivation I’d have to stick with one project. So, I decided to just do sketches. 

These will just be sketches, they may be very messy and will not have color.


I will not draw humans or any humanoid characters. 

Besides those, I’ll draw any sort of animal. HTTYD dragons, dragons in general, real animals, dinosaurs,  fantasy creatures, your own creature, etc. However, I am more familiar with dragons and reptile-like animals. 

You can request two of them. Or even provide a bunch of characters, and I’ll choose a couple of them to draw.

Please include a reference picture.


The Form (Please fill out one per character.)


Personality: (Optional, but it will help me when choosing a pose/expression)

Backstory/additional information: (Optional)




Reference Picture(s): 


Anything Else I need to Know? 


I've been busy with large art projects and other things, so I might not be on the forum too often. If you need to contact me, please send a pm, since I will get a notification emailed to me. 

One Who Tries Again

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Amazing art of my spinosaurus character by Frugal.

Wonderful art of Gronckley by WoollyHowlEra! Amazing art of Skybax the windwalker by Sohki.

 Wonderful art of Purple by AMAZIEing.

A wonderful art of Debbie by WoollyHowlEra!

Amazing art of my velociraptor character by Tigerli1y!

Amazing art of Cloudy by Speed_Stinger_Alpha!

Amzing art of Firebeak by mareenamuse!

Dragon pixels by Chameishida (From the Random Dragon Pixels Raffle)

Amazing art of Amber by WoollyHowlEra!


Amazing art of Monstrous by Slargvarg!

Wonderful art of Monstrous by Frost Shards!

Blue (Request)

Amazing art of Blue by DyliehIdol1214!

Wonderful art of Debbie drawn by LikyLake!

Wonderful art of Garry drawn by Tigerli1y!

Amazing art of Amber, Tuna, and Algae by LikyLake!

Gronkley (art trade)

Amazing art of Gronckley by EdgyShiningLila! 

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Favorite Dragons: Gronckle, Hotburple, Speed Stinger, Purple Death, Thunderdrum, Scauldron, Luminous Krayfin, Foreverwing, Night Fury, and Deadly Nadder.

Creatures in Ark I Like: Trilobite, Trilobite, Trilobite, and Trilobite.

I like fish.   Daily fish: catfish.     Fun fact: Bumpy and Wuzhui are the best dinosaurs.

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Also, if you want to do an art trade you can PM me. 

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Spots (currently

Spots (currently closed): 

1. LikyLake (started)

2. ImDerpySheylaYT

3. EdgyShiningLila

4. toothlessnightfury

5. Frugal 

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You Know It.

I've been collecting art like crazy for the last couple of weeks, and I was honestly trying to restrain myself [It didn't work of course] But I literally love your art style, so here I am -.-


Edit: I'll give you a few options, choose as many or less as you wish :D


The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Zippy and Zapper

Personality: Battlers, sweet, protective

Backstory/additional information: (Optional)

Species:  Seastormer

Reference Picture(s): 

Anything Else I need to Know? Nope c;



The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Amber

Personality: Undecided

Backstory/additional information: (Optional) Also undecided

Species: Titan Deathsong

Reference Picture(s): 

Anything Else I need to Know? I got her from the Call of the Deathsong expantion pack


The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Glowstinger

Personality: competitive, that's all I git for you atm ;c

Backstory/additional information: (Optional) Undecided

Species: Dreadstrider

Reference Picture(s): 

Anything Else I need to Know? nope

If you need better images for any of them, let me know and I can take some better screenshots ^^



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Ikran-Fury by Toothless0603 :D


Profile by DyliehIdol, pixels by Chameishida, banner by EmeraldHuntress65


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Racing: I'm definitely not the best racer, but always got room for improvement c:

If you ever come across an old thread I replied to, please ignore the unbelieveable amount of cringe in them. Thank you.

Amazing artwork of my Titan Deadly Nadder Swiftblade, by Snudoo


Adorable edit of my Night Fury character by WoollyHowlEra


Brilliant artwork of my Nadder Stormfly, by Frost Shards


About Me:

This part will grow over time and is always under construction.


In Game:

Favourite Dragons: Deadly Nadder, Deathsong, Sand Wraith, Triple Stryke, Furies, Seastormer, Dramillion, Dreadstrider, Fire Terror.

Favourite Minigame: Dragon Tactics, closely follwed by Thunder Run.

UDT: 3 Platinum (about 380k)



Things I Am a Fan Of: HTTYD of course, Harry Potter, Big Hero 6, Marvel, a few Disney and Pixar movies.


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor surprisingly, Hufflepuff was close.

Patronus: White Mare.


More work by EmeraldHuntress, thanks HPowers for letting me use it :)


Banner by DefenderBryhild

Looking for a clan? Come see if Isle of Gazoo is right for you! Friendly with all creatures great and small. We are currently ranked around 30th place. Click here to be redirected to the recuitment thread.

If you want to do an art trade, you can PM me!

Thanks again to the wonderful people above c:

Thank you for taking time to look through my siggy!

Have a succesful, joy filled day


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Here's your dragons!   Since

Here's your dragons! 

 Since yo usaid that Glowstinger was competitive, I decided to try and draw a race for this one. 

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Wow, that was quick! Thank you, they look super cool :DD

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Thank you! 

Thank you! 

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Hal Monitor Does Not Like My Tablet's Typings. Neither Do I...

Ohhh, I'd love if you could save a spot! I'm currently not able to provide forms, but surely tomorrow after work! If you can't save spots, I'm fine with that ^^


Haiii, I'm back xD


The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Saron

Personality: A Neutral type of creature, Saron usually hunts for fun, but never kills unless hungry. She would usually leave people alone unless they annoy or attack her. She is definitely not afraid to bite or roar her dominance.

Backstory/additional information: She's lived long enough to have battled against stronger than her, resulting in many battle scars.


Species: T-Rex (Ark)


Reference Picture(s): 


Without saddle


Anything Else I need to Know? 

She is the first Rex I ever tamed on Crystal Isles. She is around 1 year old and is the OG mother of a full Generation of mutated Rexes!




Welcome to my Signature! :D


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Playing Renegade Roundup as Koopper!


Tanooki Mario massed around with us. We made sure he stayed in prison after that!



Racing on my favorite Mario Kart race track! Always did the nostalgia hit me whenever I hear the soundtrack!



Racing with a friend on Royal Raceway!




Amazing banner made by Emerald!



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(This is classed into random xD)

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Things I like:

- Dragons


- My Argentavis Twilight and my Tropical Wyvern Mist :3

- Potatoes

- My Little Pony (don't judge xD)


- Pokémon

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- Spyro Games! (Not counting Skylanders)

- Magnezone (I'm addicted now)

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- Drawing

- More Potatoes

Fun Fact: I started loving and drawing dragons ever since the first day I played Spyro the Dragon, when I was 6 or 7 years old. My favorite Spyro games are The Legend of Spyro trilogy.



-Ark Stuff

- Plays Solo (Bad experience in multiplayer)

- I play on console. PS4, to be specific.

- Likes making themed characters. (Example, I can only use one dinosaur, an Argy, for example. It already has the saddle but was spawned using the command at a random level going from 1 to 150, and I can only tame/breed other dinos for Boss battles.)

- Likes doing mutations.

- I'm a Sauropod dino-lover. I can never get enough of them. Personal favorite is the Bronto, followed closely by the Titanosaur :D

- Likes creating new houses and themed area. (In Creative Mode)

- Likes creating dino characters for fun.

- I miss my first Ptera (And first main flyer) FlareTalon, she was killed by Direwolves when I was going back to base riding my new Spino.

- I accidentaly killed Banzai (My first Argy) while building a house in creative mode. I pressed twice on the "Shoot" button of the "Destroy" Admin Rifle, sorry gurl...

- Twilight is my main flyer, followed closely by Fantasia (Mutated Ember Wyvern) and Mist (Tropical Wyvern)

- I got killed by wild Gigas 1 time and I don't regret it. At least my Blood Wyvern survived. I admit it was funny when it happened.

- If I had to make a Top 5 favorite dinos, here's what I'll reply: First is Bronto, second is Argy, third is Titanosaur, fourth is Wyvern and fifth is Rex.

- My first ever mutation was a red body Pteranodon back in my very first save on The Island.




Maybe new Stuff coming soon :'D

I'm lazy

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Thank you for requesting!

Here's Saron:

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Hal Monitor Thinks My Subject Is Illegal .-.

I can't seem to see the picture. No matter what I do it doesn't appear, mind sending me another one? :'D

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I fotgot to copy it from a

I fotgot to copy it from a document instead of the file on the computer, here it is:

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Hal Monitor Thinks My Subject Is Illegal .-.

It's alright! ^^


She looks wonderful and menacing! Thank you so much to have taken the time to draw her!

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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can you save me a spot? I'll

can you save me a spot? I'll get a form up after school tomorrow



The Form


Name: Prism Shine (or just Prism)



Prism is a very courageous yet reckless dragon who fights for what she believes in. Prism tends to always stay on guard and would attack those who would harm the innocent. Prism is quite weird one as well considering how she sets things on fire just for fun. She is also very caring towards her friends protecting them with her life and helping them out.


Backstory/additional information: she actually is in two of my fanfics/stories and can shapeshift into anything


Species: Shifting Elemental Crystal (her main form)


Reference Picture(s): 

Prism Shine (reference sheet)

Prism Shine


Anything Else I need to Know? : the things on her claws are crystals


The Form


Name: FlightEmber (or just Flight)



Flight is quite a cheerful creature who can be a little weird considering she doesn't seem to care much about breaking rules or creating chaos. Flight may seem like she isn't intelligent but really she is especially when saying weird stuff which are actually good ideas just change them a little. She is also quite shy and has a hard time being in a crowd or in front of a camera as she believes she isn't a star just a weirdo. When angered or saddened, Flight tends to walk away either to find a tree to hit her head into, throw a few angry kitty rages, or dig a hole to cry in but it's rare to see her like this unless facing real emotional feelings about a situation happening to her.


Backstory/additional information: She is made from multiple of my self inserts which is why she's so colorful.


Species: chimera of a wolf, cat, and dragon.


Reference Picture(s): 

FlightEmber gets her picture done

FlightStone and Prism Shine meeting each other



Anything Else I need to Know? :

Not really except that I remade her a few months ago and now she's a sona of mine


Siggy banner by NightFury125

A little banner I drew myself

(made by EmeraldHuntress65)

Warning for PMs : if you are PMing me there's a chance I won't respond to it unless it's for RPs or Art then i'll respond to it sometimes even just a conversation between me and any friends I have on here.


Another warning: some bright images and flashing gifs ahead be cautious as well as some scary beasts and images too (specifically the Young Justice ones and Gravity Falls ones) so be careful for those if they make you really uncomfortable


Profile pic of Baku (my OC villain for My Hero Academia) done by me


Note: school has recently started for me so you can put up a request on the first two threads (I'll probably have the new account reply under the spots so I can do it from this account) but I won't notice it 'til my vacation/holidays/breaks starts which is when I can do art trades again with everyone unless I do ones for important moments like my newest thread


Art threads:


Currently I'm only able to do these things until furthur notice:

Art trade with friends or anyone I'm close to

RPs will be mostly stricted to the ones of doing on discord

Writing my fanfics (more slowed)




Rps I'm in:

Confusion of the worlds (Multiverse rp discord)

Law and Disorder (DC x Marvel x My Hero Academia x Ace Attorney crossover rp discord) Paused

The Arcadia RP (Tales of Arcadia verse rp discord) Paused?

A Strange World reboot (Multiverse rp discord) Slow going but still happening

Guardians of the multiverse (Multiverse rp tumblr recently moved to Discord)


Private rps I'm in:

The Huntermoon Ranch (Star stable werehorse rp discord) Paused

Maagika and Hybrids crossover rp (Discord) Paused

A ghost of a chance (Danny Phantom multiverse rp discord) Paused

It's called furry (Discord) Paused

Powers taken for granted (My Hero Academia AU crossover rp discord)


I'm always out for any multiverse, My hero academia, Big hero 6, DC, Pokemon, Tales of Arcadia, or Danny Phantom rps so if you want to do any private RPs or have a public one up let me know in pms


Four new guardians named Phantom, Glow, Autumn and Creamy watch my signature beware or they'll attack

Pasted Image 0 (11) by NightFury125

Pasted Image 0 (10) by NightFury125

Creamy by NightFury125

(all Ikran-furies and Gleaming Terror were done by toothless0603)

Three nightlights also stand on watch cautious here!

(Nightlight gifs made by VicZarSky)

Warning: I might not be on the forums as much as I use to anymore I might pop in once in a while otherwise I have officially moved to Discord so if you want to know my name there to chat just PM me. I am also gonna become very inactive on the game due to the bugs and errors I keep getting but I'll poof in once in a while.

I am the Shifter Elemental Crystal queen and you shall bow down to me and Prism Shine (my sona)

Prism Shine headshot

(artwork and species was done by me)


NightFury125's avatar Nightfury125guardian

   ^ Da     ^Wattpad

I'm also on:


Table of contents (shows the color of each section and what order it appears in) :


Other Franchise OCs

      -My Hero Academia OCs

      -Danny Phantom OCs

      -Big hero 6 OCs

      -Gravity Falls OC

      -Young Justice OCs

      -Warrior Cat OC

      -Wings of Fire OCs

      -BNA OCs

      -Tales of Arcadia OCs (ToA for short)

      -Pokemon OCs



Viking Profiles

     -Main viking Warmetalgarurumon

     -Second viking Delphox Alpha

     -Other vikings back-ups


My thanks


sorry for being lazy here's some of them

Unknown by NightFury125Nightfury125 as an animal crossing character made by ZestyDragonWing

Mug Sea Shocker hatchling Sea and Shock by Sohki

Techno the Synth Fury made by ZestyDragonWing

Other franchise OCs:

More to be found here on the links below:

Baku (Art trade)Baku (MHA OC) being exhausted from working a bit too much and never sleeping for his well being drawn by toothless0603

Pasted Image 0 (3) by NightFury125An amazing drawing of my ghost girl Sammy Spirit by my friend toothless0603

Pasted Image 0 (9) by NightFury125An amazing drawing of my ghost dragon Spirita by my friend toothless0603

Sebastian Creeper (ArtTrade)Sebastian Creeper made by toothless0603

Trixie the Ghost (art trade)Trixie the ghost made by toothless0603

Sakura Aken as a Swiftwing drawn by chameishida

Fire lookin shady.A fabulous drawing of my edgy nerdy sad gal Sakura Aken (Fire burn) being as shady as her father Obake (Bob Aken) by toothless0603

Sakura Aken (Fire Burn)Sakura Aken (Fire burn) drawn by me

Slasher as a Razorwing drawn by chameishida

Slasher being her ninja-warrior self by NightFury125Slasher waiting on the perfect opportunity to strike Yama's lair made by toothless0603

SlasherSlasher (Samara) the ninja-warrior drawn by me

MelodyMelody drawn by me

Psychotic flamesScary Psychotic by NightFury125Psychotic (insane and regular forms) drawn by toothless0603

Prism in control of Nick by NightFury125Prism controlling Nicole Grayson drawn by toothless0603

The fight that leads to Prism's death scene (YJ)Fight between Prism and Shadow drawn by me
a headshot of my lovely catto who's the leader of Riverclan Froststar made by Tigerli1y

Brokenheart ambushes Frostfur scene (WC)Frostfur (Froststar) gets ambushed by Brokenheart drawn by me

An amazing drawing of my Seawing-Nightwing hybrid Swordstealer (Wings of Fire OC) made by Tigerli1y
a gorgeous headshot of my Rainwing Camouflage made by Tigerli1y

Pasted Image 0 (2) by NightFury125Pasted Image 0 (1) by NightFury125my BNA OCs Daisuke Sato (the lion) and Setsuna Ogami (the wolf) in their beastmen forms made by toothless0603

We did itKaida and Aridam together under the fireworks by toothless0603

Pasted Image 0 (7) by NightFury125Monstrous Kaida by my friend toothless0603

Pasted Image 0 (8) by NightFury125an amazing drawing of my wizard OC Elizabeth Casperan by my friend toothless0603

Lupita, Balance, and Aridam by NightFury125A christmas gift involving my werewolf Lupita (ToA OC), Balance (multiverse guardian), and Aridam (ToA OC) made by my friend toothless0603

TruthSeeker! (Request)TruthSeeker the Reshiram made by toothless0603

Tory the Pokemon trainer (art trade)My other Pokemon trainer named Tory made by toothless0603

Oasis the trainer (art trade)another pokemon trainer named Oasis made by toothless0603

Lila by NightFury125My main Pokémon trainer Lila made by toothless0603


R.I.P. old look of Shine you'll be missed (banner done by AndreaEaston)

Miscellaneous (custom franchise or things that don't belong in the above areas):

Prism Shine (reference sheet)Prism shine the (fire) Shifter Elemental Crystal (who comes from multiple franchises) species, character and drawing all done by me

Prism Shinea drawing of my girl Prism by ImDerpySheylaYT

Prism Shine as a liquid Shocker by NightFury125Prism Shine as an gen 5 Ikran-fury by NightFury125Prism as a Liquid Shocker and Ikran-fury drawn by toothless0603

Prism Shine as a Night furyPrism as a Night fury drawn by me

My cat Duke as a Dragon cat by the amazing LissaFish

Accalia the Aleution by DyliehIdol1214

Flappy, Moa, Chihuahua, and Stella were all made by Moonfyre

Orca by NightFury125my beautiful manokit Orca coming from a custom franchise of mine made by Toothless0603

Bionc by NightFury125my gorgeous protogen Bionic who comes from the same custom franchise as Orca made by Toothess0603

Harvey by NightFury125Harvey the chimera (Cat/Falcon/Dragon) who's my sona lineart done by toothless0603

Splashy DrekkubusSplashy the aquatic standard Drekkubus made by toothless0603

LoveLove the dutch dragon angel by toothless0603

Moon by NightFury125A beautiful Auroclipse named Rainbow Moon (or simply named Moon) was made by ImDerpySheylaYT

Unknown 1 by NightFury125Moon as an animal crossing character made by ZestyDragonWing

Cupcake Sprinkles by NightFury125Cupcake Sprinkles the Skyfyre (Species made by Blue and blacksand) who's friends to Creamy drawn by toothless0603

Bouquet of TransparencyLight Bouquet the light fury x Pelagia Noctiluca hybrid made by toothless0603

EllisIllusionGazer (Ellis) drawn by toothless0603

FlightEmber gets her picture doneFlightEmber (my sona) drawn by me

Viking profiles:

Viking Name: EdgyShiningLila


proud elder of

clan banner by EmeraldHuntress65

Viking Level: 35 (the dreadfall event resetted my level)

Fishing Level:30

Farming Level:30

Dragon Count:over 104 Dragons

Trophies: 2500+

UDT Stars:1 platinum star

UDT Points:20000+ UDT points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragons: Tripe Stinger (titan triple stryke), Toothless (alpha night fury), Bright (light fury),

Tiny (titan terrible terrior), Lightning (titan skrill), Stone Guardian (elder sentinal), Stone Guard (titan sentinal), Midnight (adult Dart the nightlight), Dawn (adult Pouncer the nightlight), Dusk (adult Ruffrunner the nightlight), and Frozen (Chimeragon)


Viking name: Delphox Alpha


BrightMars, BeautifulJupiter, Wisewisesaturn, DialgaTheRulerOfTime, PalkiaTheRulerOfSpace and CurePassionBeat



Pokemon (Gens 1-5 nerd :3)


My Hero Academia

The Dragon prince

Avatar the last airbender/Legend of Korra

Tales of Arcadia (Trollhunters to Wizards)

Big hero 6

Kim Possible

Gravity Falls

Amphibia (currently watching season 1 will get to 2 soon)

Wander Over Yonder

Most Disney shows/movies


Glitch Techs

Young Justice

Danny Fantom

Jurassic World/Park

Warrior Cats (slowly rereading it)

Wings of Fire

Pokemon Palkia And Dialga GIFs | Tenor

My thanks:

Thank you to everyone who's my friend, you guys are always there to cheer me up when down and encourage me when I never believe in myself this helps me to do my best and I'll keep trying no matter what obstacles are thrown my way. Another thanks to all the art everyone has done though it may not be in my signarure, it's saved on my computer on my files so when I'm depressed I can look at them to cheer up.


That's all for now bye!

swampert gifs Tumblr posts -

Yes I like Brendan (don't judge XD)

Who's your pokemon partner? | General Discussion | Flight Rising

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Here are your sketches! Thank

Here are your sketches! Thank you for your patience. 

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What Is This Subject You Speak Of?

The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Vesper

Personality: I'm finalizing his personality so for now here are some traits: thinks highly of himself, a bit arrogant but loyal to his rider and friends, protective of those he deems friends and family, very curious, adventurous, daring, has a sort of hero-complex, a bit on the snarky side, a bit introverted and tends to only talk to those he feels close to, he's also a but on the whiny side. His personality is like a combination of traits from both Hookfang (mischieviousness, a bit of a disobediance streak, snarky) and Toothless (loyal, playful, loves attention).


Backstory/additional information: After being separated from his flock during a storm a group of dragon hunters had forced them into, Vesper found himself on the mainland, where he meets his rider; a lonely orphaned girl. The duo form a sort of friendship out of a deep feeling of lonliness after losing everything, but there's still a level of distrust between them. Eventually Vesper's rider's village finds out about the dragon, and tells the Northern Alliance (Drago's army), who then proceed to try and capture the dragon and the rider. During their risky escape, Vesper was nicked on the left side of his face by a stray axe from a soldier of the Northern Alliance. After the successful escape, Vesper and his rider journey to find a new place to call home, leading them to the Barbaric Archipelago, where they learn to finally trust each other fully and become a true dragon and rider duo. He meets his Light Fury mate, Seaglass, eventually.


Species: Night Fury


Reference Picture(s): 


Anything Else I need to Know? Notice the scar and saddle? Please include those if you can. If you want to do the cuffs, thats fine too, but don't do his warpaint.


The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Seaglass.

Personality: I'm finalizing her personality so for now here are some traits: Sassy, protective, loyal to her family, it's not easy to gain her trust, but she's not nearly as skittish around people as Toothless' mate is, she refuses to be pushed around by anyone, loves the thrill of defending the weak, a warrior at heart. She's kind though, always trying to be a comforting voice to the many dragons (hatchlings included) that have been hurt by dragon hunters, and when she eventually gets to know humans, them as well.


Backstory/additional information: Backstory is in development, but eventually she does meet Vesper and they become mates, and end up becoming a riding dragon of Vesper's human friend/rider.


Species: Light Fury


Reference Picture(s): 



Anything Else I need to Know? She has a scar. She also has a saddle but since I have no picture of it yet, you don't have to put one on her, it's fine if you do, but if you don't want to, thats ok.


Revamping currently!



Things to know:  

  1. Any Artwork in here, click on it to see who made it.

2. My Profile Picture is by 1flower.

3. Do not take art from this signature without approval.


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"If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons." ~Unknown 

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"Whossoureflected my own."

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"Hbecamthe friendthagavmmpurpose."

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"Memories are Pearls! Friendship is a Diamond!!"


"When every life meets another life, something will be born."  


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Here are your sketches, thank

Here are your sketches, thank you for your patience!

I also made a version with both of them in the same image: 

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What Is This Subject You Speak Of?

Oh, thank you! I love them!

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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The Form (Please fill out one per character.)

Name: Black

Personality (Optional, but it will help me when choosing a pose/expression): Caring and loyal to his family but an aggressive tyrant to all other dinosaurs/creatures. He also suffered from depression at one point but has recovered. 


Backstory/additional information (Optional): He, like the rest of the dinosaurs, lives in a brutal environment, where it is very common to suffer from hardship, wounds or death (typical dinosaur place). He once had a family but they were killed (this is when he was depressed) but finally recovered once he was re-married and had children again. Fun fact: I created him and his story when I was 4-6 years old. 


Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex


Reference Picture(s): 


Anything Else I need to Know? Pitch black in color, has yellow eyes with slits, yellow teeth and a couple of scars (you can choose where). So, for the yellow, make it a lighter color since you won't be coloring it. He is also fully scaled. 


I do art trades--PM me if you are interested. 

My dragons, Sparcklee, Keshkaikir, Riiidelmar and Aailunerelm, were drawn fancily by mehhh

Keshkaikir was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Keshkaikir and I were drawn exceptionally by dragon34611!

Keshkaikir was drawn stunningly by Fossilfigalpha!

Pink Floyd, my snaptrapper, and Stratocaster, the guitar, were drawn amazingly by Izzydrawsdragons!

Kaienzer--my original night fury character--was drawn fancily by mehhh

Kaienzer was drawn beautifully by DyliehIdol1214!

Kaienzer was drawn terrifically by Moonfyre!

Parasite was drawn perfectly by Soulofthefoxy!

Air Wrinkle was drawn fantastically by ReliefMoor!

Air Wrinkle was drawn remarkably by Carolinalina!

Aeimero was drawn epically by Lady fighter!

This Mid-Summer Secret Santa gift was done Epically by Lady Fighter!

The Burning Age, a female war-dog child, was drawn greatly by Sohki!

Father of Boards, and his chess-king mug, were drawn greatly by Sohki!

Flangin' (a Charizard) was drawn fabulously by ANIC101!

Sad, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Bengal Tiger Gryphon, was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Heasen, the male Oceanic White-Tipped Shark Dragon, was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Darkness, King, Obsidian dragon was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Bubonic Plague was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Flamboyant was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Strider was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Metenrorice was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Iaiynercine was drawn splendidly by AMAZIEing!




"You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you where to run; you missed the starting gun!" 

--Pink Floyd, "Time"

"Today's music ain't got the same soul. I like that old time of rock 'n' roll."


--Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, "Old Time Rock and Roll"


"You pretender! First take the piece of wood out of your own eye. Then you will be able to see clearly to take the bit of sawdust out of your friend's eye." 

--Matthew 7:5

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Here is your sketch! Thank

Here is your sketch! Thank you for your patience. I like seeing the comaprison between the two different artworks of him, was the one on the left your first drawing of him?

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Awesome! He looks good and it's more detailed than I expected. Thank you!

I drew a storyline of his life via pictures (because I hated writing) in a notebook. So, it is probably the 5th drawing I did of him. But's pretty early on, lol

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Thank you!  ooh! I've often

Thank you! 

ooh! I've often considered doing that with some of my characters (I can never seem to properly explain things with words) but I then remember that I have human characters in the same story. I could not design a human to save my life. 

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I wanted to give an updated on the sketches. Most of them are done, but I have a bad cold, and probably won't be able to upload the files until that's gone.

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Alright. Get well soon!

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Thank you! I am feeling

Thank you! I am feeling better now, I just have an annoying cough.