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Joined: 03/11/2018

Hello! I'm MysticFrog. I just started up my own clan called SilverSea. Description: A mysterious clan of protectors and adventurers, as wild and reckless as the ocean's fiercest tidal wave.

If you are interested in joining I'd love to have you :) If you love the ocean, riding dragons, fighting against the forces of evil, and fancy and/or reckless insane flying, this is a good clan for you! I plan on attempting v formation flying at some point. I may even make a clan discord server if I get enough members. I don't really have any rules for the clan other than respect others, be a decent human being with common sense, etc. I'm also open to role-playing if anyone wants to.


My SoD Friend Code: FKW42V (if you could reply with your viking's name that would be great so I know who you are if you're sending a friend request)





Leader of SilverSea, a mysterious clan of brave dragon riders.


My Deviantart Profile: (Link)