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Joined: 03/15/2015

                                      Silver Warriors

This clan is ACTIVE, HONEST,TRUE, and AGAINST HACKING.It is also a new cln trying to make it to the top.

If you want to join do 1 of these below:

1. PM me

2. Meet me iin game

3. Send a friend quest

4. Comment below

Here's the form to join:

Forum name:

Viking name:


How active:


How to become an elder:

1. Earn 1,000 trophies since you got in the clan

2. I can trust you

Our members:

Leader: Electrostinger/JJMAKH

Elders: coming soon

Members: coming soon



If there is something you need to known about me it't that i'm the biggest 11th Doctor fan!

1.Viking name: JJGMAKH Clan: Slan of Valhalla Position: Member Main Dragon: Noctis (Night Fury) Main Racer: Phantom

                                          My adoptables:


He is strong, hardy, and brave.

made by Reiraku


She is clever, kind, and considerate

made by Reiraku


He is brave, strong, and fast.

made by Reiraku


She is kind and careing

Made by Defy

I was once a Phantom and I'll never forget it and when i think about how much i loved being a Phantom,I cry,I cry so hard the neighbrs can hear it,so that's what it feels like to lose the clan you love.,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNE8HPPuaU1_w2bBDeBgSAacsNrqQQ&ust=1432785286890613