Sillydragonrider or DragonRiderMyth for Viking of the Week

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Hello everyone,


   My Character


Name: Sillydragonrider

Dragon(s):  Midnight(Night Fury), Toothless(Night Fury), Groundbreaker(Whispering Death), Hailstoneflyer(Wooley Howl), Flightless Lightning(Speedstinger), Stonefish(Gronkle), Dragon Pride(Deadly Nadder), Fire Spines(Deadly Nadder), Midnight Fire(Mounstrous Mightmare), Thunder(Thunderdrum), Lightning(Skrill), Colorful(Hobblegrunt), Smokey(Smothering Smokebreath), Sandstorm(Sand Wraith), Purple Icicle(Groncicle), Shockwave(Shockjaw), Ground Flyer(Grapple Grounder)

Clan: XxxxxxWings of firexxxxxX

Hobbies/Interests:  Flying around for fun, Thunder Run Racing, Bulls-Eye Lagoon, Fireball Frenzy, COLLECTING DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!, Making Friends!!!!:):):):), Reading Wings of Fire books!!!!!!!!!!!, Writing Dragon Stories:):):)


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Dragons are my thing!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):)(:(:(:(:(:(:


-  I know the name of EVERY dragon


-  I know the class EVERY dragon is in


-  Iknow the name of EVERY class

     I own 16 going on 17 dragons and I hope to get more!!!:):):):):)

I am a Fanwing of Wings of Fire and I own every book.

Wings of Fire is my #1 favorite book series.


     I am in the XxxxxxWings of firexxxxxX clan