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Hey guys! Sa hidehere!

So, I've been fiddling with my Siggy for a long time, I could never find the right material for it.

So,what im wondering is what u guys think I could improve on!

Any Suggestions u guys have just let me know!

Anything u think I should take down, post it, anything u think I should put up, post it!

And if u r offended by anything I may have In my siggy let me know!

Suggest away!

(I may refuse to take down or put up pics, gifs, notes.....ect.)




here's a link to the account I use.


Click here!

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I can

I can do you siggy just go onto the fan art and it's called siggy requests :D






(Not finished yet)  
















































































































































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Put things you like in your siggy, fandoms you support, oc's, artwork, dragon stuff, links to your artpage/youtube page, etc. Everyone siggy is different depending on your personality and interests. Some like it plain and simple with a few words and a picture others like theirs pages long with tons of stuff. :)






 Credit to Clarebear and jada and this beautiful drawing of Bandit by Witcherforever

Credit to themasterplan47


A Deadly Howl credit to Wraithskrill

Credit to FireNightStar


My viking's sword "Flightmare Silver" credit to mechfighter




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Your signature looks fine to me! But perhaps running a spell checker over the content might be a good idea.

Your signatue isn't too long or riddled with lenghty GIFs which I can really appreciate. Though some images could be resized (like the triple styke image which is over 1000px in width) as to make images less heavy if you're planning on adding more!



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