Shrieks From The Shadows: What Lurks in Ebony Swamp- Chapter 1

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Greetings again to all those who are fans of Halloween and everything spooky!


Yes, it is I, LACK LUNASON!  I have come to deliver unto all of you the third story in my yearly series.  This time I will be trying a few new things as I spin my haunting tale.  But, if you want to find out what they are, you will be forced to go ahead and read this story.  


However...  Before we begin, I have a few things to say.  First off, please do not directly reply to any of my main posts, especially the actual story.  This allows me to go in and edit things if need be.  That being said, if any of you readers find any typos or mistakes, I beg you to bring it to my attention so that I can correct.  Lastly, constructive criticisms is welcome.  It is how I get better.


But enough stalling!  I give to you this year's story!







from the 



What Lurks in Ebony Swamp








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Chapter 1: Welcome to Ebony


Welcome to Ebony


     Seldom was the road to Ebony traveled upon.  It was a long, dirt path that meandered for miles through a forest that, just as the unfortunate traveler was beginning to lose hope, gave way to a large, slimy swamp.  The road would continue on for miles more as it dug deeper and deeper into the swamp, coming near to the bog’s very heart.  It was there, at the extreme end of that forsaken road, where the small town of Ebony had been established.  Barely a hundred people called this lopsided community their home and, having rarely interacted with anyone from outside their backwoods hideaway, they were often wary of outsiders.


     It was for all of these reasons, and quite a few more, that young Katie Stover was more than dreading moving into the area.  Her head resting on the frame of the car door, she looked out the tightly rolled-up window at the murky and uninviting tree line and felt sick to her stomach.  She was leaving everything she had ever known, everything she had cared about, for this?  It was not the nature itself that bothered her, she had been on a few camping trips after all, but it was the fact that this was going to be a major step down from what she had long accepted as normal life.


     Her younger brother and his vastly different personality was not making matters any better.


     “Do you think they have gators here?” he asked eagerly, grinning out the opposite window, a wild gleam in his hazel brown eyes.  “I hope they have gators.”


     “There are gators here, Gabe,” their mom informed them, not taking her eyes off the road as she drove them ever deeper into the swamp.  “But that’s not an open invitation for you to go and find them.”


     “Yes, ma’am,” Gabe muttered in response.  His mom was not too far off with his line of thinking.  He was the explorer of the group and would be more than willing to seek out an alligator if he could.  Actually, now that Katie was thinking about it, if he ever did find one, he would probably try wrestling it like the dudes Gabe watched on TV.  Katie rolled her eyes at the thought and brushed a strand of her blond hair out of her face.


     Silence took hold of the car, the three passengers lost in thought.  Then at last Katie and Gabe heard the sound they had been dying to hear ever since they had entered the swamp nearly an hour ago.  “There it is!” their mom said, pointing up ahead.  “That’s the town of Ebony.”


     Both of the Stover siblings leaned over, nearly banging their heads together, to get a better look at what was just coming into sight.  The town, simply put, was exactly what one would expect to find in the middle of nowhere.  It was barely large enough to be considered a town at all, as there were only ten to fifteen buildings in sight.  Katie and Gabe watched the town come closer and closer until they were upon it.  There was the mayor’s office, which looked smooshed to an astounding degree, and the church, which had its steeple leaning way more to one side than to another.  Everywhere the family looked they saw pretty much the same story.  Everything looked run down and in need of refurbishing.  Badly.  Some of the buildings looked like they were about to topple over or fall to bits.  Possibly both.


     Their mom’s voice came from the front seat and directed their thoughts momentarily away from their harsh mental judgements.  “What do you two think?” 


     “Kinda what I picture of country towns,” Gabe admitted with no hesitation.


     Katie had to agree with her younger brother, but she knew that was not exactly what her mom wanted to hear.  She had to pick something better to say.  “It’s…quaint,” she said with some hesitation as her eyes alighted on another of the broken down buildings.  It was a relatively small shop for the large, wooden sign that was planted out front.  The sign read in bright, neatly written red paint, ‘Guntharp’s Country Store’.  Katie’s heart fell as she realized that, sooner or later, she would have to visit that store for some reason or another.


     The car turned a corner and headed down a road that seemed to be even bumpier than the one that they had just traveled down.  Katie could not help but hold on to the seat in front of her as they bounced down this new road, heading away from the bulk of the town and ever closer to their new home.  Rounding a bend, at last the siblings saw for the first time where they would be residing.  Katie’s dark brown eyes widened, trying to take it all in as fast as she could.  “Whoa!” Gabe involuntarily said as he gazed upon their new abode.  The car pulled into the driveway and, as soon as they could, the siblings jumped out to get a better look.


     The house itself still had the swampy feel that the entire rest of the town held, but it was not what they had expected.  It seemed newer than most of the other buildings, as if it had been built in the last five to ten years instead of the past fifty.  The two story house was not huge, but it was definitely going to be enough.  Additionally, Katie had to admit that the light blue paint was a nice touch.  The only thing that was of immediate concern was how close the neighbors were.  There was a similar house just twenty or so feet away.  But, as long as the people there were quiet and did not stir up any trouble, it would be tolerable.


     “C’mon, kids!” the Stover mom called to her children as she popped the trunk.  “Come grab your stuff and we can head inside.”  Both Katie and Gabe were quick to obey and collected some of the boxes that were inside the car.  They then followed their mom over to the door of the house and anticipated what they would find inside.  The click of a lock and the swing of a door was all that inhibited them from finding out.  Soon enough it came and went, and they stepped inside, their hearts pounding fast.  The interior was not what they had hoped at all.


     It was better.


     “Wicked,” Gabe muttered as he took it all in.  Most of their furniture was already in place, brought over on one of their mom’s previous trips to the area.  In the past, Katie had never wanted to accompany her mom to the town, preferring to stay with her brother at their grandparents’ house near the city.  But this first impression she was getting made her kind of regret not having made the journey at least once before.  


     “Okay, guys,” their mom said as she set a bag on the dining room table.  “Your rooms are upstairs.  Gabe’s is the door on the right and Katie, your room is the one at the end of the hall.”  Katie and Gabe both followed their mom’s example and set their things down on the table before heading for the stairs.  The stairway was just around the corner and, at the top, led to a small hallway running back towards the front of the house.  Gabe stepped into his room and looked about, but Katie took little notice as she continued down the hall, the wooden floorboards creaking as she went.  She paused at the door, her hand hovering close to the doorknob.  This was it.  This was when she would finally find out if her fears of moving were really legitimate.  She was deeply hesitant to go in.  If she saw her new room, it would all but confirm the reality that they…that she, was leaving everything she had known behind and would be starting fresh somewhere new.  


     She did not want to go in.  She did not want to face the reality.  But she knew that she had to.  With a deep breath to steady herself, she turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.


     Katie looked about and tried to comprehend what she was seeing.  It was great.  The room was quite spacious, easily able to hold every possession she had, which currently was not much.  The light tan paint, though not her preferred color, helped to light up the room and make it feel more welcoming and comfortable.  Katie stepped over the threshold and turned about, taking in as many details as she could.  Then she crossed the room to the rather large window that was directly opposite the door and looked out upon the front lawn.  The road may not have been the best one ever made, and the plant life may not have been freshly cut grass, but, under the bright summer sun, it looked nice and pleasant.  It looked like a place where she could be happy.  She took a step back and collected her thoughts.  It may not have been truly home, but, if this was any indication, perhaps the town of Ebony would not be a bad place to stay after all.  Maybe, just maybe, she would enjoy herself while she was here.


     Katie was not sure how long she stood there, unmoving.  She had long since become lost in thought as she imagined the possible future that lay before her.  Then it was all interrupted by her brother.  “Yo, Katie!  Have you seen the backyard.  Looks wicked!”  Her smile fading, Katie could not help but roll her eyes at her brother’s description.  Still, she had yet to explore the backyard, it could not hurt to take a look and see.  Closing the door behind her, she headed for the stairs.


     In a moment she was to the back door.  It was plain and wooden, unadorned save for the window built into it.  But the backyard really was not worth a window.  Katie stepped outside and her shoe almost immediately disappeared into the weeds that were rapidly growing.  Bringing her hand to her head, Katie shielded her eyes from the sun as she looked at what lay before her.  There, no more than thirty feet away, sat the swamp.  There was a very decisive line where the swamp came to its sudden stop and where her backyard began.  Moving forward, Katie tried to get a better view at the swampland.  The trees were growing in a thick mass, their leaves throwing everything below into deep shadow.  Katie rubbed her arm as she looked into the depths of the swamp.  Though there came the normal sounds of wildlife, predominately the hum of the bugs, there was something wrong about it.  It was like the swamp was giving off its own aura of menace.  The summer breeze suddenly seemed to chill.


     “Greetings!”  The sudden burst of human noise made Katie jump and she turned to the speaker.  In her blinding focus on the swamp, she somehow missed the large wooden fence that was built on the edge of her property and the neighbor’s land.  The fence twisted at about ten feet away from the swamp and wrapped around the neighbor’s back yard, sealing it off from anything on the outside.  Standing on just the other side of the barrier from Katie was a woman, probably in her mid-twenties.  Her light brown hair was slightly in her face, but it did not block her warm smile.  “I take it that your one of our new neighbors.”


     “Um…” Katie could not help but stammer as she tried to collect herself from the unexpected appearance of this person.  “Yeah.”


     “Nice to meet you,” the woman said, flashing another smile.  “I’m Cara Parmer.  What brings you to Ebony?”


     Katie did not want to get sucked into a conversation.  She already had enough on her plate at the moment with trying to settle in and adjust to her new environment.  However, Katie knew well enough that it was imperative not to get on the bad side of her neighbors on the very first day.  “My mom is starting up a new job.”


     “Oh?” Cara said, raising an eyebrow.  “Let me guess.  She’s a researcher who’s taken on a study in the area?”


     Katie took a step back as the words hit her.  Cara was completely right.  Her mom was a researcher who had accepted some sort of night time study.  Science had never been Katie’s thing, so she really had not paid much attention when her mom had explained it.  If she remembered right, the job had something to do with the plant life, but she could not be sure.  


     Looking up at the woman on the other side of the wooden fence, Katie slowly said, “How…how’d you know?”


     “I stay up to date on everything that goes on in this town,” Cara said with a wink.  “As far as I know of, that’s the only job available that would draw an outsider to our town.  Don’t you worry, I doubt your mom will encounter the same fate as the last researcher.”  Cara gave another of her smiles as she added on the last bit.


     Katie’s eyes grew even larger as she heard the last sentence.  “What happened to the last researcher?” 


     “You didn’t hear about it?”  For the first time, a scowl seemed to pass across Cara’s face, but it quickly vanished.  “It wasn’t anything serious.  Don’t you worry about it.”  But Katie could do little else but worry about it as Cara went on, changing the topic.  “My husband and I are researchers too.  Just moved to the town a month or so ago.”


     “What do you two res-” Katie began, but she lost all focus on what she was saying as something lumbered out of the swamp.  Her eyes were transfixed by the thing for it was one of the most bizarre sights she had ever seen in her life.  It was a man staggering out of the swamp, covered from head to toe in goo, gunk, vines, and a few leaves.  As the person unlatched the gate to the Parmer’s back yard and stepped within its confines, Katie got a better look at the figure.  It was a man that had to be around the same age as Cara.  His long hair, where it was visible under all the swamp muck, was dark and it cut neatly across his forehead.  He was wearing something similar to what Katie had pictured explorers wearing while out on safari.  But that did not catch her eye as much as all of the scrapes and bruises across the man’s visible body.


     He staggered closer to Cara, completely oblivious to Katie as he locked onto the woman.  “You are never going to believe what happened,” he said at last in an enthusiastic tone of voice, gasping over his words like he had just run for miles.  “I found something.  After all this time, I found something.”  He took something small out of his pocket and, flipping it like a coin, sent it through the air.  


     Cara quickly caught it and, without looking at it, pocketed the object.  “Samuel, our new neighbors finally arrived.”


     “Eh?” Samuel asked, turning as Cara gestured over to where Katie stood.  Samuel’s entire demeanor changed as he saw the girl standing there.  “I was wondering when you and your family were going to show up.  We’ve seen your mom stop by once or twice before but never got the chance to talk to her.”


     “Her mom is a researcher, just like I said she would be,” Cara grinned, but there was a mischievous note to it.  “You owe me ten bucks.”


     “Fine, fine,” Samuel muttered, waving his hand through the air dramatically and unintentionally throwing glop everywhere.  “I’ll pay up later.”  He turned his attention back to Katie.  “Don’t know if Cara told you already or not, but we’re researchers too.”


     “Your wife mentioned it, but she didn’t say what you guys are researching.”


     “Oh, she didn’t?  Well then, let me tell you.  We’re keeping our eye on the animals in the area, making sure their natural habitat is not in any danger.  Gotta make sure that no more animals are going extinct.”  He gave off what could only be described as a nervous laugh.  Then, in an instant, his entire attitude changed and he leaned forward.  “Please, for our research’s sake, don’t go into the swamp unless you absolutely have to.  It is so easy for our data to get messed up.”


     “O-okay.” Katie stammered out, taking another step back.


     “Thanks,” Samuel grinned as he stood up straight again.  “You have no idea how much easier that makes our lives.”


     A sound came from Katie’s house and it made her heart light.  “Katie!  Come on in.  It’s time for dinner!”  She was free.  She had an excuse to stop talking to her weirdo neighbors.


     “Sorry.  I have to go,” she said in a voice she hoped sounded sincere.


     “No problem.  Talk to you again soon!” Cara called after her, flashing one more of her smiles.


     “Oh, one more thing!” Samuel called after her as she reached the door.  Katie turned to look back at the dirt smeared face and saw that it was once more serious.  “A word of advice.  Leave the back light on at night.  Keeps unwanted pests away.”


* * * * * *


     The Stover family sat around the small table as they ate their dinner.  It was nothing fancy, just a microwavable meal, but it was still enough.  For the most part no one said anything, each member of the family lost in their own train of thought, none of them wanting to break the silence.  But at last the kids’ mom spoke up just as they were finishing up their meal.  “Unfortunately I have to prepare for my research.  I’ll be starting that up tomorrow night but I need to drive down to the first site and begin arrangements this evening.”  Something changed in her expressing as she placed down her fork.  “Since I will be gone so much, we need to establish some rules.  While I am gone, you are not to leave the house.  Do not invite anyone over and you must not open the door to anyone, under any circumstance.  I expect you in bed on time.  Don’t even think about trying to sneak another half hour.”  She suddenly turned to face Katie.  “As the elder sibling, I expect you to make sure Gabe abides by that.”


     “Yes, ma’am.”  Katie was quick to respond, nodding respectfully.


     “Additionally, whether I am here or not, you must not go into the swamp.  It’s just a huge maze out there that’s crawling with dangerous creatures.  It would be easy for either one of you to get lost out there.  Do I make myself clear?”


     “Yes,” Katie clearly replied, holding her mother’s eyes as she agreed.


     “Absolutely,” Gabe muttered, though it was more than obvious that he was just saying it because he had to.  


     “Good,” their mom nodded as she got up from the table and began to move away.  “Now I need to get ready to go.  I’ll see you both in the morning.”  With that their mom disappeared around a corner to collect her equipment before leaving.


     “C’mon, Gabe.  Let’s clean up quickly.”  Getting up herself, Katie began collecting dishes before moving towards the sink.


     “Fine,” Gabe grumbled drearily as he followed his sister’s lead.


     In less than a half an hour, the Stover siblings found themselves alone in the house, taking care of whatever they so wished.  For Katie that was emailing one of her closest friends from back home.  Katie had promised that she would share what her first thoughts on the new situation was as soon as she could.  Seeing that there was little else currently available to do, Katie figured that it was the perfect time to jot down what her friend had requested.  


     Katie was halfway through her email to Nicole when she realized that something was not quite right.  It took a few minutes more before she pinpointed what the problem was, her fingers coming to a sudden stop above the keyboard.  It was too quiet.  There was not enough noise in the house.  If she knew her brother as well as she thought she did, which she certainly did, he always produced some variety or loud and annoying sound.  The silence could only be a bad thing.


     Getting to her feet, Katie moved to the door and stepped into the hallway.  “Gabe, you better not be up to something.”  Not hearing a response, she threw open the door to his room and stepped inside.  He wasn’t there.  Of course he wasn’t there!  “Gabe!” Katie shouted at the top of her lungs, storming out into the hallway like an angry bear.  Her footsteps thundered as she descended the stairs and strode into the dining room.  “Gabe!  You better get out here this instant!”  There was no reply.  And then it hit her.  She bit her lip as she realized where he most certainly was, upset with herself for not realizing it sooner.  She hurried up the stairs, threw her door open, and made her way over to her bed.  There, lying on it, was her phone.  She picked it up and immediately dialed up her brother.  He answered on the second ring.  “Get.  Home.  Now!”


     “Wha?” Gabe tried, playing as innocent as he could, but Katie didn’t buy it.


     “I know where you are.  You’re exploring that accursed swamp, aren’t you?”


     “I haven’t gone that far into it.  I’m still plenty close to the house.  No need to worry about it.”  Though she could not see his face, she knew he was flashing his mischievous smile.


     “You are going directly against what Mom told you to do!” Katie snapped at her younger brother.


     “And who’s gonna tell her?  Hm?  You?”


     “Of course I’m going to tell Mom!” Katie practically shirked over the phone.


     “You’d really do that?  Do you have any idea how much of a headache that would cause her?  On our first night here I go wandering off and you, her oh-so-perfect daughter, didn’t notice that your poor younger brother disappeared until well after he was gone.  What would she do with us?”


     Fury flashed up in Katie’s heart.  “How dare you, you little imp!”


     “Look, I’ll make you a deal.  Since I’m disobeying Mom anyway, why don’t I make it interesting?  I’ll come home right now if you meet me half way.  I’ll be thirty feet in the swamp.  All you have to do is come here and take me home.  If you do that, I won’t say a word to Mom and we can both pretend this whole thing never happened.”


     Katie growled in her throat.  The fact that her brother was doing this was more than infuriating.  For a thirteen year old, he could be rather immature.  But what choice did she have?  If she wanted her mom calm and unafraid to leave them alone, she would have to meet Gabe’s demands.  “Fine,” she said at last.  “But know that I’ll find a way to get revenge on you somehow.”  Gabe’s only response was a short chuckle before he hung up.


     As Katie stormed downstairs, yanked on her shoes, and made her way across the backyard, she muttered many things to herself.  Most of the things she said involved revenge on her brother.  A few of the words she said would never have been used if her mother was around.  Pushing a branch aside, Katie took her first step into the swamp, moving out of the twilight and into the dense shadows.  Her foot sank in the wet soil and her shoe filled with water.  As her sock soaked up the liquid like a sponge, Katie said another uncivil word, but she had to keep going.  In her blind rage she paid little attention to her surroundings.  It was not long before she saw the form of her brother standing in a rather deep puddle.  He waved to his sister and gave a confident, if rather annoying, wink.  “Glad you came.  Wasn’t it fun?”  In response, Katie grabbed Gabe’s left ear and started dragging him back to the house.  “Ow!  Ow!  Quit it!  Ow!”


    “Stop whining, you baby!” Katie shouted, turning her glare on her brother.


     Then a change came over Katie.  Gabe noticed it as soon as his sister’s grip loosened and he was able to stand up straight again.  “What is it?” he asked, knowing well enough that something was wrong.


     His sister was silent for a moment, then she shook her head and locked eyes with her brother.  “Nothing.  Let’s just get back to the house.”  She took her brother by his wrist and dragged him along.  As they reached the edge of the swamp, she looked back one more time.


     She had spotted something.  Behind her brother, about twenty feet away, there had been something in the shadows.  She couldn’t make out what it was, but it had chilled her to the bone.  Her brain tried to rationalize it, tried to tell her it was only the form of a tree or two growing close together.  Maybe even a bent vine near a bush.  But there was something deeper in her mind that told her that it was not so.  She had seen something, but what?


     She pushed her brother inside and shut the back door behind her, locking it immediately.  As she looked out the window, her eyes scanned the edge of the swamp.  But there was nothing.  She decided at last to step away, but, before she went too far, a wisp of a thought entered her mind.  She suddenly had the undeniable urge to do something.


     Katie reached out, flicked a switch, and turned on the back light.

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One many more to go?


So...what did you think of the first chapter?  What do you think will happen next?  Any theories you wish to share?


 I did not notice the “spacing problem” I had in previous years, so that’s nice (I think I know what to do now).  I did stumble across an interesting new problem.  When I was giving the chapter a once over afterposting it, I came across the most peculiar thing.  Doorknob is fine but kn.ob got censored.  Maybe I am missing something, but that seems very off to me.  But whatever, I fixed it.


Again, if you, my dear reader, noticed any misspellings, contradictions, or censored words, please let me know so I can fix it.  The chapter has been edited already (three times actually), but stuff can fall through the cracks.


Changing the topic slightly, if you are new to Shrieks From The Shadows, there are actually two complete works from previous years already on the Forum.  Links can be found in my Signature about half way down.  If you liked this first chapter, you will probably like those two tales of terror.


Last note before I go!  I plan to post chapter two by October 8th.  I see no reason why it would be delayed, so keep an eye out for it then.


That's all for now.  Look forward to seeing you all soon!


-Lack Lunason

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

You're a great author!  I'll have to read your other books :)


(By the amazing EmeraldGemHuntress65)



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Chicken is a friend, who will see you till the end.

I used to read the forum sometimes before I joined, and I remember enjoying the previous stories. I haven't had that much time to read lately, but I am excited to read this one as soon as I can.     


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