Shrieks From The Shadows: The Terrifier- Chapter 2

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Hello everyone!


I am so sorry about the delay in posting this chapter.  I wanted to have chapter three out by now, but then, you know, life happened.


I am happy to say that I have gotten life back under control (for the moment, at least) and hope to make up lost time on this story.  Maybe, just maybe, I can get chapter three out by Monday.  But no promises.


Enough about chapter three, you are (hopefully) here to read chapter two.  I will keep you waiting no longer.  Please enjoy.


(P.S.  I am trying something new to hopefully fix the random font size changes that I have experienced in the past.  If this chapter seems different in any way, its probably because of that.)







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This chapter is roughly 2,979 words.


Night Walker, House Stalker


     With a great effort, I forced my gaze off the dummy and back to my math homework.  The complicated, multi-step equations somehow filled me with more unease then the dummy did and I suddenly longed to put my attention back to the little wooden figure sitting on my shelf.  However, if I wanted a free weekend, I needed to get through as much homework as humanly possible in one night.  I placed my pencil onto the paper and started working out the problems.


     Minutes passed by with absolutely no sound except the scratch of my pencil on the paper.  My mind immediately began to wander and the sound of silence became so overwhelming that I considered putting on some music.  I discarded that idea as I realized that the music would be even more of a distraction.  The silence continued as I made my way through a dozen or so equations.


     The loud crash that tore through the still air made my heart skip a beat as I startled out of my chair and whipped around, my eyes wide with horror.  At first I couldn’t see what had made the noise, but then I spotted it lying, unmoving on the floor.  The crumpled form of the dummy was splayed under the bookshelf.  My heart slowed down and I took a calming breath.  The ventriloquist dummy must have somehow slipped off the shelf and the loud crash was it hitting the floor.


     I walked over, picked the toy up, and placed it back on the shelf.  I made sure to push it all the way back and I placed some of the books closer together to try and hold the figure in place.  I moved back to my table cautiously, keeping my eye on the dummy the whole while, just in case it slipped again.  Nothing happened, so I got back to my homework.  Every minute or two, I would glare at the blasted toy out of the corner of my eye, just in case it started to slip again.  


     Time slowly passed and I somehow muddled through all my math homework.  I was certain I had been totally wrong with most of my answers, but I wasn’t the type to go back and check my work.  Instead, I slipped my math book back in my bag, pulled out my history book, and turned to the assigned lesson.  It was my all time least favorite school book as it had been previously owned.  When I say “previously owned”, I don’t mean by some casual reader, but by someone who had doodled on pretty much every single page.  There was even a page that had what I guessed (and hoped) was a drool mark on it.  I tried to ignore the drawings as I reviewed what I had been assigned.


     Another loud crash split the silence that I had grown accustomed to and this time I fell out of my chair.  Pushing myself back up, I turned to see the dummy once more on the ground.  It was crumbled on the floor in a heap again, almost in the same exact position.  My eyes narrowed and I stormed over to where it lay.  I had had it with these scares and now knew better than to place it on the shelf.  I looked around my room, trying to find a safe, quiet place to put it where it wouldn’t fall.  The only spot that came to mind was the corner directly across from my door.  I gently put the dummy down and leaned him against the walls. It wasn’t going anywhere this time.


     I sat back down in my chair and continued with my homework.  Time went by and minutes faded into hours as I eliminated one assignment after another.  Finally I looked at my clock and decided I had done enough work for one night and that what was left could wait until the next morning.  I went and made myself dinner, ate, and got ready for bed.  Right before I turned in, I made a sweep of the house to ensure all the doors were locked.  My feet made barely any noise as I went up the stairs and entered my room.  I shut the door behind me and turned off the lights, plunging the room into darkness.  Climbing into bed, I let my mind wander as I tried to drift off to sleep.  My mind immediately went to the grinning face of the small, wooden toy sitting in my room.  Shaking my head, I tried to remove the image from my mind, but it didn’t go away.




     It was not the blaring sound of an alarm that woke me, but, instead, a slow, drawn out creak.  My eyes fluttered open and I took in my surroundings.  Even though my mind was still clouded with the confusion that comes with sleep, I knew immediately and without a doubt that something was off.  I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at first, but then I spotted it out of the corner of my eye.  My bedroom door was slightly open.


     It was hardly noticeable, but the second I saw it, it seemed to glare at me as if a spotlight were on it.  I had shut that door when I went to bed.  I always shut the door before going to bed.  Never in all the time I had lived in this house had it somehow slipped open by accident.  Slowly, I climbed out of bed, placed my bare feet on the wooden floor.  I tried to move as stealthily as I could to the door, hoping to catch any foreign sound.  My fingers were just wrapping around the door’s handle when I heard the slight sound of clanking.


     It was not a metallic clanking, but more like the clanking my shoes made when I walked around the house. My blood turned to ice as I froze in place, my ears struggling to pick up any stray sound that may travel up the stairs and to my room.  The clanking continued for a moment or two longer, then paused for a few seconds before picking back up again.  I was home all alone, not even a pet in the house, and yet someone or something was moving downstairs.


     I knew that I couldn’t just stay upstairs and that I had to investigate.  I did my best to swallow back my fear before I slipped around my door and started tip toeing towards across the open upstairs hallway and towards the stairs.  Tip toeing towards towards the railing, I tried to see the lower level of the house, but the darkness was like a veil and eliminated the chance of spotting anything.  The clanking continued, but more softly this time.  The noise was rapid, too rapid for a human to be moving.  There was a slight pause and the remaining sound echoed through the house.  I determined that it had to be coming from the kitchen.


      If something was down there, I really did not want to have to face it.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the light switch.  Maybe if I turned on a light the thing would leave.  Even if the thing didn’t go, I could at least see what I was dealing with.  I admitted to myself that that was a silly notion, but it was worth a shot.  I reached out and flicked the switch.  The lights remained off.


     That got me concerned.  I flicked the switch again and again, but every time the result was the same.  Of all the blasted times for the light switch not to work, it had to be now!  I kept flipping the switch with increasing rapidity.  But something made me stop.  It wasn’t a sound, but the lack of one.  The clanking had stopped.  Slowly I turned back to the stairs and tried, with no luck, to pierce the darkness.  


     Nothing.  There was no sounds from down below.  Perhaps the sound of my rapid clicking had somehow scared the creature off.  That got my courage up and I found myself making my way towards the stairs.  I put my right foot forward and placed it on the top most stair.  One step after another, I descended into the darkness, my bare feet making little noise as I went.  I held the railing in a death grip as I descended.  The terror started to return in my heart as I reached the bottom of the stairs.  


     I turned to my right and entered the kitchen.  The streetlight outside shone through the window enough to let me make out the cabinets, table, and fridge.  Nothing seemed out of place and the clanking had stopped.  I proceeded from one side of the room to the other without incident.  Turning a corner, I entered into the living room where the couch and tv were.  There was still no sign of anything alive besides me.  My courage had just about run out, so I decided that I was done with my downstairs search and I started back to the stairs.


     I took one last glance behind me to ensure that I was alone and then, letting out a sigh of relief, turned to go back to my room.  The second my eyes found the stairs, I let loose a thunderous scream, scrambling back as I did so.  There, perched as innocently as ever on the stairs, was the ventriloquist dummy.  It sat leaning at an angle, its head to one side and hollow eyes locked onto me.  The grin on its face, more twisted and obscured now then ever, was wide and horrifying.  


     My pulse raced as I stood petrified, staring back at the dummy.  It didn’t move and neither did I.  Time passed slowly as I cowered from the dummy.  Finally I realized nothing was happening and my heart rate began to slow.  I cautiously approached the dummy, taking small steps as I went.  With a trembling hand, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the toy’s wooden torso.  I lifted him up and took a good gander at him, trying to figure out why he was downstairs.  There was no one else in the house and the dummy couldn’t have gotten downstairs on its own.  


     I’d had enough scares for one night and decided it was time for me to head back to bed.  I rationalized that the clanking had to have been a mouse or something moving about and that, somehow or another, the dummy must have been brought down by me.  Maybe I had brought it with me in my check of the house before bed and had somehow left it on the stairs.  But then why had I not stepped on it on my way down earlier?


     Reaching the top of the stairs, I made my way back to my room.  I held the dummy up to my face for a moment, then decided that I wanted to put him somewhere out of the way- somewhere I wouldn’t accidentally find him and scare myself silly again.  My closet would do nicely.  I opened the door to my closet and unceremoniously tossed the dummy inside.  I realized that such treatment could reduce its resale value, but, at this point, I really didn’t care about anything other than going to bed.  And that I did.


      I climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up.  My heart was still unsettled and I wasn’t entirely sure if there was something else in the house.  Because of this, I resorted back to the tried and true basics and pulled the covers up over my head as if that would protect me from the world.  Yet, somehow, I found myself lying awake for hours.  The sun was rising as sleep finally took me.




     I stood there, unmoving and almost dozing, as the frisbee rapidly approached.  With a thud, it bounced off my head and clattered to the ground.  I didn’t move.  


     “Dude!  You okay?”  Ryan yelled as he ran over to check on me.  I made a barely audible grunt in reply.  Ryan eyed me suspiciously.  “You’ve been acting off all day.  Is something wrong?”


     “You could say that.” I replied as I forced my eyelids open.  “I only got about two hours of sleep last night.”


    Ryan, obviously shocked, took a step back.  “But…that’s not like you.  You oversleep school at least once a month.  What happened?”


     Pushing through the haze of exhaustion, I dove into the story of what had happened the previous night.  I could tell that Ryan was getting more and more creeped out as I went, but he never interrupted.  Finally I finished and he stated, “Well, that’s just plain weird.  Have you told your parents?”


     “Nope.  I haven’t called them yet today and, even if I did, I don’t want to concern them.”


     “Well, if I can offer my advice, lock your bedroom door tonight.  Maybe even leave a light or two on.  There’s no point in taking risks.” Ryan told me sternly, as if he were a parent getting onto his kid.  I ignored him, like normal.


     “Dude, I’m fine.  I’ll figure things out and deal with the problems when they come.” I said with as much determination as I could muster, which wasn’t very much.


     Ryan eyed me suspiciously.  “Just do me one favor.  If something is really off, you give me a call.  Okay?”


    “Sure.  Absolutely.”  I gave a half-hearted shrug to make it seem like it was no big deal.  I doubted that I’d actually need to take him up on that offer.




      Half staggering and half stumbling up the stairs, I headed for my room.  I’d barely gotten any sleep the night before and I was about to make up for that with a well deserved nap.  Throwing my door open, I slumped towards my bed.  As I raised my half open eyes, I noticed that there was something very off about my room.  The ventriloquist dummy was sprawled out on my bed, its head resting on my pillow.  It’s eyes were wide open and seemed to be staring at me.


     I would have screamed my lungs out like a buffoon if it was not for the fact that I was exhausted beyond belief.  I simply strode over to my bed, picked up the dummy, and, las I had done the previous night, I heaved the dummy into my closet so that I could deal with it later.  With that out of the way, I collapsed onto my bed and closed my eyes, ready for sleep to overtake me.  However, just before I could dose off completely, a stray thought entered my head.


     I don’t know if it was because of what Ryan said, or if it had anything to do with a deep inner feeling that told me I should, (more likely it had something to do with me being so tired I couldn’t see straight,) I found myself back on my feet and propping my closet door closed with my chair.  Once I was satisfied with my work, I returned to my bed and fell into a deep sleep.




     There was something wrong and I knew it.  My eyes snapped open and immediately I could tell that I was being watched.  Slowly and cautiously, I pushed myself up so that I could get a better view of my room.  I realized that I didn’t need a better view as it was right in front of me.  There, at the foot of my bed, sat the ventriloquist dummy.  I was not a sleepwalker, so there was no possible way for it to have gotten out of the closet and onto my bed unless someone had come into my room and retrieved the dummy.  I screamed and tumbled out of bed.  I wasn’t sticking around long enough to find out who had done such a thing.  Instantly I had a plan; I was going to run all the way to Ryan’s house and call the police.  


     I got to my door, twisted the handle, and pulled.  The door did not even begin to budge.  Pulling again and again, I realized that I was locked in.  I paused for a second, looking down at the small lock on my side of the door.  It was normally unlocked, but now it had been turned so that the door was locked.  Reaching down, I went to unlock it, but the switch would not budge.  I was locked in my own room in a house that could have a psychopath in it, and I was all alone.  I banged on the door with all my effort, my screams shattering the air.  There was no sign of help.  No sign of hope.


     Stepping back from the door, my mind raced furiously to try and find a way of escape.  My thoughts came to a standstill as I heard something.  It wasn’t coming from downstairs, or even in the hallway outside, but from behind me.  It was a low, bone-chilling laugh that hung in the air.  I slowly turned around, preparing myself for the horror I knew I would find.  And there it sat.  The dummy’s head had turned almost completely around while I had had my back to it and it was looking right at me.  Then it blinked.


     I threw myself against the wall, pressing myself against it for safety, as the laughs continued to echo out of this abomination’s wooden mouth.  The dummy sat straight up and started using its detestable little arms to turn itself to face me completely.  I opened my mouth and stammered out in a terrified voice, “What are you?!”


     Even though it was painted on, the dummy’s grin seemed to widen.  And then the thing spoke.  “Why…I’m your new best friend.”

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Thanks for reading!


Wow, this chapter seems a lot smaller after seeing it posted.  It took me, like, two-and-a-half-hours to edit (then again, I took many a break).


The font problem seems to be gone....for now.  If you, my dear readers, have the font problem on your end, please let me know.


Also, if you find any mispellings, please let me know so I can go back and fix them.  


I will do my best to get Chapter Three posted in less then a week.  My plan remains to post the final chapter by Halloween (pardon me, Dreadfall).  


Until then, happy candy hunting! 


-Lack Lunason

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Gonna read this soon!


Also... Why are you posting each chapter individually?


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Hello there



Glad to hear it and I hope you liked the chapter.


I post each Chapter individually because I like that style better. Mainly because...


1) It makes each thread solely dedicated to a single chapter so everybody reading the thread is on the same page.


2)  It puts the story up front and center so that people can read it directly and, if they want they can skip the comments on the bottom (and it prevents thread conversations between chapter posts, which delay casual readers from getting from one chapter to another).  


3.  (And this one is kinda selfish) Every new chapter appears in "New Forum Topics", which, until enough threads are created, forces people looking at the new threads to acknowledge that the story exists.  If it was just one thread, it would pop up in "Active Forum Posts", but, depending on how active everyone is, it may almost immediately be pushed out of sight and out of mind.


So yeah...that's why.  Thanks for asking.


Additionally, I'm hoping for chapter three to be posted later tonight.  And yes, I'm still aiming to have the entire story released by a week....


.....I better get back to writing.


Bye for now and see you around!