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Hey! so my SoD character is based on one I created many years ago, its on my signature. I´ve been thinking about writing a Fanfiction but im not sure its very good. Can anyone tell me, based on the little information given in my signature, if you´d be intereted on reading it? :) any opinion is welcome!


story summary!


Kenna is the youngest daughter of Gorkank´s Chief, she meets Hiccup when her father chooses to train dragons, just like Berk. They become friends, and eventually develop feelings for each other.


However they grow apart and a lot happens in that time (HTTYD 2). After the battle with the Bewilderbeast, Hiccup calls a tribe meeting, asking tribes around the archipealgo to aknowledge him as Berk´s new Chief.


Kenna arrives to Berk in her father´s behalf, representing her tribe Gorkank after two years of not seeing Hiccup. Hiccup realizes much is different about her...for starters: she has a dragon of her own, of an unknown species. Will Kenna and Hiccup fall in love again? Is Hiccup gonna marry Astrid? What species is Kenna´s new dragon? 


Hiccup found the one. The one he knew was his soul mate. The one that understood him like no other. The one he loved so selflessly. He found the one he would give up everything for…


And he let her go. 



Fire Warrior

Character Background

Kenna Fearstone is the Chief of Berk´s ally tribe Gorkank. With Hiccup´s help, Gorkank too trains their own dragons for protection and company. They are known for their abilities in battle with their dragons, giving Gorkank´s habitants the name of "Fire Warriors".

Also known for their famous sport, Capture the Yak. Where 20 dragon riders divide and play against each other to capture the oposite team´s protected yak.

Kenna and Hiccup are good friends and fellow dragon trainers.







DESCRIPTION: Battlecry is Kenna´s first dragon, she´s an albino Flightmare and her best racer. They met when Battlecry kidnapped Kenna from a boat when she was 15 and took her flying, before returning her home safely. Hiccup taught Kenna to bond with her shortly afterwards. She became Kenna´s battle dragon and best friend. She´s serious and very overprotective of Kenna, but tends to be temperamental and adores making an entrance with her landings. Kenna goes almost anywhere with her, specially during her visits to Berk. Battlecry is friends with Cloudjumper since before she met Kenna.






DESCRIPTION: One of stormfly´s babies, Kenna adopted him during one of her visits to Berk, since he seemed to feel very comfortable around her. Kenna´s favorite dragon for Capture the Yak. She had trouble locating him in the night, (hense the name) , due to its dark colors. He loves playing around and has a tendency for hyperactive behaviors. Kenna usually complains about his lack of obedience and for this reasons she avoid taking him on official Chief missions. 





DESCRIPTION:  Kenna rescued Silvertooth from dragon hunters when he was a baby, she took care of him ever since. His skin is unusually pale and green for a dragon of his species, and has some trouble setting himself on fire due to his young age. Kenna is training him to become a battle dragon just like Battlecry. He loves long flights and absolutely hates being left behind when Kenna goes on scouting missions.


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Write it Down

Ooh, I love the idea. A lot could go into this story. I definitely think you should write about it. It could provide a lot of character development, especially for Kenna. You can write the story however you want, but I feel like Hiccup and Kenna shouldn't end up together in the end. For one, it seems like Hiccup and Astrid have had a strong bond since the events in the first movie. But more importantly, I think leaving Kenna without a love interest (for now) could really strengthen her character. I imagine Kenna as a strong leader, as she goes to represent her tribe. Try to ease into it slowly to reveal it. Their interaction doesn't have to stop either. Hiccup and Kenna should still be close, almost like a family bond. I think it'd be perfect for them.


Of course, you don't have to listen to me. Write however you want as long as you're having fun! I wish you luck!


Hello everyone! My name is Sigridd, fellow Viking of Berk and trainer of dragons. I attend the School of Dragons to learn the history of dragons and how to train them, using "The Scientific Method." I love to make new friends at the school, whether Viking or dragon. All of us together can have a new adventure and learning experience. 


The world of dragons just keeps growing. After years of being at war with this species, it seems now that the Archipelago is centered around these reptilian creatures. Every day, we can learn something new about them. I make it my goal to learn about dragons, using techniques and information to bond with them. Each dragon is different and requires different care patterns. I've learned a lot on my journey thus far, but I still have so much to learn. I hope to become a great dragon rider, just like Hiccup Haddock III and the rest of the Dragon Riders.


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Skully------------------------Sweet Death


Enigma--------Night Fury (Sand Wraith)

Sarafina-----------------Fireworm Queen

Darkstryder-------Monstrous Nightmare




The Dragon Racers is a clan dedicated to the art of dragon racing in Berk. This community is very welcoming and very passionate about the traditions of the school and Berk's community. The Dragon Racers is one of the top clans on the leaderboard, and they are very deserving of their spot. So much has been put into this clan; the leaders and elders have worked very hard to create a welcoming and fun community that everyone can enjoy, even if you're not in the clan. They wanted to create a message; that if a fellow Viking sees the Dragon Racers logo, they can associate it with positive feelings. Happiness, friendship, and leadership. It means so much to see this logo, and it means so much to me to see this logo every time I open SoD. Thank you!



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I would say absolutely write it, even if you don't get a ton of support at first. You should write what you enjoy, what you (as a reader) want to read, and if others read it and like it, great! That's a bonus. Fanfiction is a great way to practice your writing skills and have fun.


I can't tell you if it's any good because I haven't read the story yet! XD Just go ahead and write.


Something to be ready for: Many people in this fandom are die-hard Hiccstrid shippers, and some will harass anyone who ships Hiccup or Astrid with anyone else. Posting this, whether you do it on here, Wattpad, FanFiction, or AO3, will most likely get you backlash. Do it anyway. Learn to pick out and use constructive criticism and toss the rest.




Hello! I'm Brynne.


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By the wonderful Katarile!


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  • Norbert, Male Death Song- Really likes firing at other players. He's... not quite right in the head, and may retain some cannibalistic instincts. Not afraid of the disgusting smell of the Dragon Bloom.
  • Zappy, Male Shockjaw- Fast. Really fast. We do a lot of racing together, and he doesn't put up with nonsense.
  • Oddmund and Dinkly, Male Zippleback- When I first hatched these guys (this guy? who can tell), I took them to practice their fire skills at a fire pit. They lit it successfully, then promptly laid their heads in the flames and went to sleep. True story.
  • Lucius, Male Groncicle- Named after Frozone from The Incredibles.
  • Adelaide, Female Raincutter- Named after Snotlout's little sister from the HTTYD books. Likes battling Berserkers.
  • The Hulk, Male Rumblehorn- Likes going on stable quests, doesn't really like to be ridden.
  • Dash, Male Speed Stinger- Again, named after Dash from The Incredibles.
  • Puddles, Female Mudraker- She's pink, and lives up to her color.
  • The Whisperer, Male Whispering Death- Cranky, stubborn, tries to eat me occasionally. His name sounds uncreative, but I love the Mysterious Benedict Society. :P
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You can PM me for art requests if you like. :)