Should I wait?

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I'm not sure where to post this so I'll just post it here.

I've noticed that the cheapest expansion packs (icestorm island and battle for the edge) have had their prices changed from a considerable amount of gems to a pocket change amount of coins for most players. I am one of the many frustrated players that had bought these expansion packs for the gem price, only for it to be made to cost basically nothing to us later on. I even bought battle for the edge the day before it was made 500 coins. So anyway, I was thinking that the SoD team might change the secret of the leviathan expansion pack to cost coins instead of gems. I dont want to waste another hard earned 1,000 gems on something that will eventually cost 500 or so coins. I really feel like I should wait but I'm not sure how long it'll take. If anyone has any idea on what I should do, please tell me. Also, I know I'm quite late on talking about this as it happened last year (I think).

Also sorry if this doesn't make any sense. I'm quite tired (and sick) so its hard to think straight, let alone type. But I still wanted to get some answers on this nonetheless. I'll clarify anything in the comments to the best of my ability.


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Personally, I'd save up and

Personally, I'd save up and wait - they usually tend to make the cheapest expansion purchaseable in coins after they release a new expansion so they don't technically lose anything and keep the players playing - however I'm not sure if/when the new expansion will be released, especially due to the current health circumstances?



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It may be a few months until

It may be a few months until we get another expansion pack. I can tell you now that there might be another Dreadfall/Snoggletog event coming.


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        So I'm not sure what to tell you. I've been having a lot of similer thoughts as to if it's worth it to buy something that will eventurally be almost free. I feel bad for the people like you who bought it for the gems 'cause I know I wouldn't want that to happen to me. (I bought most of the exspansions for coins exept for Melody Island, and Hidden World, which are both great by the way)  I'm giving it a year then I'll probably buy another. The joy you get from doing them will make up for if you lost any gems. (YOLO, just kidding)


As for what you can do with all your freetime if you deside to wait, Here's a few ideas (you probably already knew most 'em though, and if not, glad ta help!):

Make another account and play as the other gender. 

Racing, fireball frenzy and dragon tactics.

work on your farm.

Go to almost every battle.

see if you've finnished EVERY free task.

Work in your hideout.

Talk with other players.


Hope you get better! I know how hard it is to do anything when sick. I think I answered your question, although I'm not sure.




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Thanks - not sure what to put here

Thank you. I've been doing most of the things you listed already, I'm mainly focusing on finding more friends on the game and raising more dragons. The first being much harder since the chat is very broken right now. It does get boring sometimes, but that happens with all games. That's kinda why I was wondering about waiting and stuff.
Thanks for helping anyway :)

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My advice is that if you really want to do the Secret of the Leviathan expansion, go ahead and get it. There's no guarantee that it will ever be changed from gems to coins and if they are planning on making it available for coins at some point there's no telling when that could happen. It could be several more years for all we know. I really recommend this expansion. It's one of my favorites.


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Firstly, I hope you get better soon! Secondly, I would gauge how much I need quests. They're the main way to raise and level dragons without spending hours or days on stable quests or mini games and they're quicker to level your viking as well. I like to hoard my gems and coins for an event, it's how I got all three Night Lights. But that means making a few sacrifices (I didn't get any of the Dreadfall dragons or good prizes even though I really wanted them). What I can best suggest if you simply cannot wait is to purchase a 7-day trial membership for 300 gems. You get most of the perks of being a member and all the expansions are free for a week. This saves you coins and gems in the long run, since you never know for sure if the game will change the price or currency.


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Thank you so much that really

Thank you so much that really helps. I didn't know the 7 day membership gives all the expansion packs, I thought it only gave ice storm island. I think I'll get the membership and do everything that way. :D

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Have they changed the trial membership perks recently? As far as I know, you only get Icestorm Island for free with the trial membership.

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No sadly not. I just checked

No sadly not. I just checked before I spent any of my gems on it. It's still the same. You only get icestorm island. :C

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the price does not matter if

the price does not matter if you have fun



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the price does not matter if

the price does not matter if you have fun