Should i save up gems for the new expansion?

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i only have 25 gems but with Toothless stable quests i get once at 4 days(not always tho cuz sometimes i dont recieve the chest) at least 325 gems.Should i save gems for the new expansion or keep evolving my dragons to Titan stage?(i have 6 more dragons to evolve to this stage).Is this expansion and new dragon worth it?Please tell me!


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i don't know what to say in subject

i think that you use the gems for the titan stage. titans are cooler and better ^^. and everyone is walking around with the new dragon, but do you like them? if you like the new dragon more than a titan dragon, you could buy the expansion.




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Do you want more quests + areas (and a free dragon) or do you want to visually change your existing dragons?

Quite the difference in choice there :þ



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Well,i dont really want

Well,i dont really want quests.Besides,i think that the new dragon is not so exciting after all:i mean he s not so special.He does not do anything special.I think im goin to save for evolving my dragons!I love titans and i want all my dragons to be fully grown(i already have 9 titans and i think they are very cool)

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i don't know what to say in subject

but the new dragon is a strike class . he must be very fast for races, but anyway i have too an titan and  she is very cool

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Well if you don't care for quests or the dragon that comes with the expansion, I see little reason not to go for titan upgrades.

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Soon, he could do something special...

Soon, he could do something special. With the new game, SoD could make it so we use our own Dragons.


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Well, lets see; This

Well, lets see;

This expansion focuses alot more on the narrative than the other ones- you don't go on hour-long sidequests 'learning' about stuff you really dont care much about. It trades the small quest number for something you can actually get invested in.

The quests themselves have good rewards- minimum of 200 dragon XP a quest, good gold and use of a variety of mechanics- each one isn't 'talk to this person/fetch item/repeat'.

The new areas are actually quite interesting and fun outside of the pack. If you enjoy exploring an area for the sake of passing time or discovery, the maps are really good for that. The Stormheart ship has great potential for roleplaying (if thats a hobby of yours) and has many hidden sections and things to see. The underwater section is also interesting, with some strange things in it that you could theorize or write about.

The minigame you can access once finished has a really high payback- each level gives 4 chances to earn a low amount of gems (5- 10) and the potential reward is the same for each level. So, if you play an easy one over and over again, you could quite easily make back the cost of the expansion pack.

The Triple Stryke has been done very well. Between aesthetics and practicality, it's a decent reward (plus the chance the game glitches and gives you two of them). Its texture and model is accurate, looks good in a lot of colour combos, has unique and smooth animations, and as far as I can tell, flies rather well. Even if the Stryke isn't your first choice in dragon, you can just send it on stable quests.



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Eh ill save gems after i

Eh ill save gems after i finish the Titan upgrades,or maybe earlier.Maybe it will be available an expansion bundle!(i bought the first one with Icestorm Island,Call of the Deathsong and Battle for the Edge)This way i can have both the previous 2 expansions!