Should I hatch another Wooly Howl?

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So over the last couple of battles I kept on winning stables and they're all stoker stables. thanks game now I have 11 empty spaces and four stoker stables. Really helpful


and I also recently bought a Wooly Howl. Now I won recently a wooly howl. So the one I bought is full grown. This also happened with a speedstinger a while back. I still don't know what to do with the speedstinger egg. But should I hatch them? Or save my stable spaces?



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It's your choice, but I would save the spots for dragons I have yet to train, like I still need the Screaming Death


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Depends - Do You Want More Dragons?

If you already have a Woolly Howl, I'd say hold onto the egg for awhile if you have plans to get more dragons. If you don't want any more dragons, then sure, hatch it, but if you do want more dragons, you may want to hold onto those stable spaces for now just in case.


But definitely hatch that Speed Stinger if you don't have one already. ;)


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Weewoo, weewoo

Well, cares about how much you like Howls and Stingers. I just love Howls and I would hatch next one anytime. With Stingers, I have  three just for fun of illusion of small pack. If you are neutral to them and you are determined to buy newer dragons or feel you can get dragon you like better from chest, then I would advise not to. But on the other hand, 11 spaces in stables is pretty much, so be you I might hatch one of 'lil guys and just see what will happen next that will determine future of other one.


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You have limited space and who knows what new dragons will be released. True that the stables you have are the wrong type but any dragon will fit in them regardless. I have one of each dragon, no doubles. I don't need multiples of dragons I already have. I have many unhatched eggs that will remain so. I am hoping that maybe they will allow eggs to be traded or gifted away or at least released.



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Imagine if ...

Imagine if we could sell them away for gems! That will help me a lot. I'm short of gems and I have one Whispering Death Egg (Don't intend to hatch it since I already have three) and two Changewing Eggs (Don't intend to hatch it either; one is good enough for me since I'm not a fan of it) that I don't want.


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In the end it all depends on you

In the end, it all depends on what you want. I love Woolly Howls but one is good enough for me so I wouldn't hatch it if I were you. I would save the space for other dragons that may be released in future. Also, the same goes for Speed Stingers. If I had one (IF; I really don't have one) I would not hatch another one. 

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I like having one of each

I like having one of each dragon. And I already have the stinger and wooly so that's my issue, I accidently once hatched two scauldrons, and then I accidentally hatched another nightmare. I'm not too happy... I guess I'll save them for now.