Should forum users become moderators?

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Should the people on the forum be elected as moderators?

Well yes definitely if it means we have a safer forum and have less fiascos like recently. I'm aware that the admins won't be able to see this today but since there aren't many people posting, I'd imagine that this post won't get buried easily.

There should be a requirement for becoming a moderator such as having the title "supreme viking champion" and replying to a lot of posts ( and that you are a nice and reliable person) There's a lot of people here I think should be elected that might be you, Reading this post, but I wasn't going to list names as people might not agree?

Moderators would be able to delete posts, block accounts and jump the queue on comments (by that I mean put their comment at the top if needed) I feel like that is fair enough... Maybe people who aren't moderators could have delete buttons too? But anyway... Any other ideas?


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Yes and no!


No on the title requirement as it means absolutely nothing and says nothing about the person in question. It only means you've posted a lot, but that's kind of where it ends. I've seen supreme viking champions who got their title by spamming around and being obnoxious because.... something-something useless title.


Also a no because I... I don't think there's many people who would objectively be able to moderate content on here. Giving the people on this website the opportunity to block entire accounts and delete/edit posts? I don't think that's a good idea at all. A lot of people on here lack a sense of objectivity and go for the moral high ground a lot, which is not really a desirable trait for a moderator. I think we have quite a few capable people who could defintitely become good peacekeepers, however, they might not have the time to reliably get online every day or so.


However I do think the forum needs some form of moderation especially since a lot of kids are on here. Kids post inappropriate things, adults think they can swear if they use asterisks for some reason and the spam may infect some innocent kid's pc because they haven't learnt not to click suspicious links yet.


Instead I'll suggest jannies. Give them very little power, like the power to move threads between forums ('get that darned random thread out of GA!' lol) and change formatting on those posts filled with maximum font size text and seven billion GIFs. Allow them to call out half-bug-reports and instruct people on how to file bug reports properly, etc. The ability to delete posts and remove entire threads sounds like a bit too much since I have the feeling that people would go on a power trip rather quickly. Since the admins aren't very active on the forums, having them go through modlogs likely won't happen often, and once an issue with a mod arises, I think it'd take forever to get it solved.


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Well, anyway it would be nice if we could delete our own posts

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Electing moderators can prevent this issue of becoming power-hungry at an immoral standpoint. This is were our people persons come into play. If you know that person well enough, know their intentions and what they do and not do, you can nominate said person to become a moderator. There are specific requirements for nomination like becoming an active member on the forums for a long time, has been on the forums for a long time, they must have at least the maturity of an adult, and they have no history of rash behavior or offense.

Also, the admins can always take away the title of "Moderator" if they catch unfair, offensive, or harsh acts done by said moderator.


Or they should just hire a moderator person and let that one person check the forums during the weekends. The admins want to keep the forums safe for kids.


However, I do agree with you that they shouldn't be given so much power. Moderators can send out a notice to a thread that contains dangerous content for the admins to look at and eliminate. Kinda like a "Mark as Spam" option. This notice would also inform other people that the thread contains dangerous content, and alerts them when they click on it. Removing threads themselves or removing accounts is, agreed, too much power.


I dunno, mayyybe they can restrict a specific forum account when they did an offense that violates the Code of Conduct, and when the admins get back, they will find out what's wrong and kick the forum user if the offense was genuine.

Just to be clear, Restrict as in the forum user cannot make new threads (but can reply to threads the user has already posted in, including PMs, in case the moderator isn't just throwing a tantrum that s/he lost an argument about anime or something). If it is a tantrum or power-hungriness, the admins can lecture, or remove the moderator of their title.




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Not sure about long-time membership being a requirement. How long is long? I'd say make it a 2-3 month membership minimum. Some people who've been here for ages, I wouldn't trust with any kind of 'power'. Having potential mods fill out a survey and allowing others to vet them would be a decent idea, I think.

The other points I agree with. However since the forums aren't the admins' only job (bless), I don't think they can timely solve an issue that has arises whenever a mod goes all nasty-mode. Imagine having to deal with an unfunny, annoying moderator for weeks until they get detronhed. aaa!


I don't think hiring staff for this is a good idea. That's one extra payroll at a loss there, for work one could do in 30 minutes a day. I mean, I'd apply for it lol but it's not feasible.


In the case of 'mark as spam', do you mean flagging? I was thinking of that. Make it so that flagged posts and threads end up unlisted and therefore invisble until they either get deleted on their own after some time or an admin decides what to do with it.

Restriction sounds a lot like softbanning, which is a good idea. Add a couple levels of softbanning (can't make threads, can't reply to threads, can't see an entire subforum etc) and I bet a lot of people will start to behave better.


The hardest thing to 'block' would be people applying to be jannies just so they can get a crappy title or some special privileges. People go absolutely bonkers when it comes to useless ranks on here hahaha it's pretty weird.