A short true story cause I'm still confused about this

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Okay, so I have fun story for you guys, that happened to me today.


Every school morning I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 5 to six, giving me two hours to wake up and get ready (cause I’m super lazy and don’t like rushing). Five minutes later, I have another alarm that goes off, and another ten minutes after, then one last final one at 6:30 that tells me I really need to get moving.

All alarms are a loud beeping plus vibrate that goes for a solid minute and I can hear from across the house if I get up before they’re all done. I keep my phone right next to my bed, on charge, and without fail for three months this thing has had me awake and up by quarter past, at the latest. If these aren’t manually turned off in the minute they go for, they will automatically re-pop five minutes later.


Today: first alarm wakes me up, as normal, and I turn it off then take the few minutes between the next one to contemplate the meaning of the universe and gather my conscience into a functioning single unit of human.

Second alarm goes off, turn it off.  (Cue interesting part of story)

Now, normally, I immediately get up after this one and begin my routine.

At *some point* in the ten minutes between that one, and the next, I have completely blacked out and gone back to sleep. I have no memory of the following two hours, and have managed to ignore the final four, FOUR, alarms.

The only reason I slept for an extra specifically two hours is because my mom wakes me up, tells me its 8:05, and asks if I’m going to school today.


-intermission- I’m the kind of person who cannot sleep outside of my normal schedule, and the rare moments I do, when I wake up I am so incredibly out of it, that I’m pretty sure I disassociate beyond the bounds of the normal flow of the time-space continuum- as in I forget where I am, when I am, and if I am. Recovery takes about an hour and a half, minimum.


Half an hour later, I’ve managed to scrape back together my ability to think. It’s a Thursday; which means things are incredibly boring and unimportant. Should I bother going to school? Answer: yes, I have to, because I’ve got a massive ancient history exam in last period that would require me basically dying to miss. The entire rest of the day does not matter one bit- two hours of a subject that’s basically everything I’ve already done last year and already know, and an hour of the most chill thing to exist (it’s my only non-OP, so I can literally slam a B down on most assignments with minimal effort).

Parents? Super chill. Mom tells me whenever I’m ready we can go- and that is, when I want. I could have literally stayed in my room until ten minutes before the exam and go exclusively for it.

But no, Im a good person, I should go for at least some of the day, right? By this point it’s almost 9, meaning that no matter what I would have to deal with the admin ladies at front office to sign in (as per most schools, incredibly slow and cynical).

I decide to stay home until 11, because to blazes with that two hour subject thing- it is the worst and it is the pointless.

Parent: need a note?

Me: yeah but if they don’t like the reason then I’ll get a detention.

Parent: Hey, Lets Lie About It

(well maybe not that blunt but when you rub it down, literally that)



Yesterday I had an all-day assignment thing for English where we watched/did performances, and had no other subjects; we finished almost two hours early and got to go home.

So I’ve had two super-chill days in a row. And no one ever really pays attention to what’s happening on a Friday, right? And it always feels like the day didn’t exist after its over.

This means I have had/will have two wacked up half-days, the Void Day, and then two days off for the weekend: this five whole days of all-over-the-place has me fearing one thing:

What will I be like on Monday? What is going to happen to me? I already don’t take change in routine very well, so how messed up is my head gonna be on Monday? Whats gonna happen on m o n d a y ????? DOES IT EVEN EXIST??? WHAT IS MONDAY




(that door needs to hecickin,,,,,,,,,,,, quiet itself)


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Woah, buddy.

heckin love your threadds




and on monday?


on m o n d a y you will arrive at school on time

but then fall asleep

then you'll get the detention you were destined to have


prediction! not super possible




move along

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