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Let me say that for 65% of the time, I go to battle events. I log on 5 minutes

before the battle begins and I honestly feel mad about what's going on. 

I used to get gold or at the very least silver (by using my whispering death who's

shot limit is VERY good) but now i rarley get silver or gold!


The only way i do, (i hate it but i still do it to level up my dragons 'cause i ran out

of options that work) is by switching dragons back and forth. In fact, many other

people i know do it too.


Sometimes i would miss the chance to switch dragons before the battle ends

because of the landing using shift and so i would go to the other battle. I tried to

do that today and when i tried to shoot, it wouldn't. EVERY single one of my

dragons wouldn't shoot. I kinda got extremely mad. Why won't my dragons shoot

fire? The target is there but they won't. Also, If you have any suggestions on how

to get gold/silver in battle events please tell me because i seriously need to level

up and i've been saving up gems for months now and i need about 644 gems to

buy an expansion pack and battle events used to help. Also, not to be rude but

can you guys make the battle a little longer? I go to refill and come back to see

that the battle is coming to an end.


Thank youu!



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Your dragons not shooting after you switched to a different battle is just a glitch. I think I saw someone else say the same thing happened to them one time. You could try switching servers again and see what happens. That's the only thing I know to tell you to do.


Most people recommend using a Prickleboggle, Scauldron, or Hobblegrunt for battle if you want to get gold. I think some people have also suggested using the Screaming Death.


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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

ahahaha thank you for your help! I stopped using this way all together but thanks! <3

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Your welcome :)