ShadowTail the Small Shadow

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What you need to know about survive the boy


B boo!

Name:ApertureNightFury12345 ( Harper )




Well, I'm a severe Whovian and BaTIM fan, Portal fanatic, Artist ( though can't make bases ) Pic edittor, RolePlayer, and a Diabetic ( type one ) AND a Ketoacidosis survivor and happy to be alive to this day as well, I started my drawings from night fury eyes to Shoutmon headshots AND one full body night fury and good at paper mache as well, This forum is THE best family I've ever had in my life and I have a birb, hamster and a beagle. I like my roleplays because I gain good friends and family and I let people use their OCs and canon characters how they wish and love to see the stories we all come up with over time and how close everyone can become and let their imaginations run wild.




Hobbies: Rp, Edits, Gaming, Nerding, Running, Caring for Animals, Sleep, Exploring


Fave Quotes:

"But I am the Führer!"
Well now you're the Führer of the cupboard."
"Back to your mum. It's all waiting. Fish and chips, sausage and mash, beans on toast... No! Christmas! Turkey! Although, having met your mother, [sotto voce] nutloaf would be more appropriate."
Mr Finch: [sneers] You... bad dog!
K9: [smugly] Affirmative!





This is a list of my Roleplays:


1.The Core and the fury RP



The Guardian from the stars



A Digimon Story: open roleplay!!


Bendy and Friends free rp


Chaos Travelers: A Sonic X OPEN and unlimited roleplay


I love the Inoraptooorr!!

and the light fury


DayBreak the DawnKnapperdone by the famous AndreaEaston



Toothless httyd3

My BaTIM pledge:


Let's race these black walls unscathedsearching every cornerwe may fall but we have each other to look out for one another all the same

We have trials and tests to face, but we'll pass them..together, channeling our inner demonsRelated imageand tread these shadows fearlessly...


as a family of the shadows


“ “Oh, sure, they have armies, and they have armadas, but we…We have… Our dragons!” ”





dragons 3


No automatic alt text available.

Bubbles and Blitzy

ShadowTail the Small Shadow(thanks to MegaboltPhoenix )


SharpShot the Night Terror Turret Hybrid



Bendy, done by the talented Madoka :D 

Inky also by Madoka


My c.ruddy drawings XD FOR SHAAMMMMMME!!!No automatic alt text available.Dal by Kasanelover

NightTrail by AndreaEastonBendy also by AndreaEaston

Till next time folks! 

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Name: ShadowTail "Or Circuit

Name: ShadowTail "Or Circuit for short


Species: Cybernetic Dragon, Small Shadow


Gender: Male


Personality: Protective, Hot tempered, Quick Witted, Smug, Playful, Fearless, Reckless at times, Ambitious, Good natured, Prideful when it's right for him or called out on it, Somewhat of a goofball, Problem solver, Very submissive if called out on something or given a command since he's not one to start fights, but WILL fight if one is picked with him.




Thrusters: His Thrusters allow have him go 100 mph,


Strong Metal Jawbone: cybernetic jaw that increases firepower and assists him in speaking dragonese and...humanese?  his metal jaws can crush titanium and his blast is either fire or a small glowing ball of light that can do the same damage as a dalek's gun


CyberTail: His tail can also change color and be used as a flashlight, it can also send a certain beam ( located at the ring ) that can send a signal that can be seen for miles.



Biography:Though created by MegaboltPhoenix, his OC biography is that he was experimented on by daleks and was used to be a weapon since humans are so devoted to their dragons, so they used cybernetics to create their own, but they underestimated this one, calling him an abomination due to his impurity, he was rescued by Harper, an alien starchild and was her partner ever since that rescue. ShadowTail now resides at aperture with its residents and his rider, Harper.