Setting dragons free

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I mainly have this idea in mind for people who’d like to get rid of their unwanted eggs, though I can see this beeing useful for the adult dragons people might not want as well but for now I’ll only focus on the eggs. 


So we all know at the end of httyd 3 the dragons move to the hidden world, so I had the idea what if when you hatch a dragon, there will be a button with the option to send it to the hidden world. There will be a pop up message, stating that you are going to send it off and that you won’t get it back. Basically just a “are you sure?” to avoid people doing it on accident. If you go ahead and do it, there will be a message saying you gave the hatchling to an adult member of its species and was taken to live in the hidden world. 


I feel this would be a nice in universe way to get rid of unwanted dragon eggs, I’ve seen various suggestions from donating to selling eggs back for a reduced amount of gems. But people have pointed out this could be used to exploit or have people complain. Though this isn’t exactly fool proof either but perhaps some would appriciate it rather then straight up deleting the eggs. 


Anyways feel free to share your thoughts and own suggestions on this idea



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Maybe for the adult dragons they could word it in a way that suggests the dragon was the one to make the choice and you're just helping them with it. Some people have issues with the idea of releasing dragons because they don't like the idea of just sending your friends away but I feel like suggesting in storywise that the dragon is cool with it would help those people accept the idea.



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