"Server Time Calls Out",AGAIN?!

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I posted about it a few days ago, but apparently I was not heard, because the error persists ...
Various promotions and news in the Store, and I can't buy anything since the Store DOES NOT OPEN. It will load for a long time until "Server Time Call Out" appears, and I am forced to quit the game. If I try again, the error continues to persist, and it has been for days.
I believe that the error is associated with the 7-Day Trial Membership, since it was after I bought it that the game started showing these errors, but I'm not sure.
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Hmm.... I bought a trial membership but I didn't have any problems, that is, on my tablet....

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Oh Dear Odin...

I've been trying to access the Store this morning to buy new skins, and I'm ending the day with absolutely nothing ...

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my main account is broken,mobile is fixed w update. Im Confused

I update the game to my laptop and these happend,until today i can't get on to my main include my side vikings in this account. Idk my account kinda broken now.My store has "server timed out", while racing "you have been logout out".Everytime i used my laptop.BUT why in my mobile,my account is fixed,doesn't have an issue like this,i can go through the game,but if i play to my laptop i can't go through the game! I've been 6 years playing the game,you give me this "server timed out" and "you have been logout",in past years i never get this issues....Just Why! PLEASE FIXED THIS ISSUE!





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Oh Thor!

With me these messages only appear when I try to enter the game's Store. It is simply impossible to keep playing with this error happening all the time!

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yeah,it it getting annoying everytime i see this server timed out and you have been logout out.

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I already lost the promotion of Thunderdrum because of this Error and now I'm losing the news about Skins too ... I tried to get some support by email or PM here on the forum, but nobody answers ... they used to answer, but this time they simply disappeared.

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subject went out for milk, will be back soon

bummer. ive been struggling with this all day after i got my new deathly galeslash, and it has been stealing away all of my event prizes and any chance of exp.

i hope we can get this fixed soon.


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