Server call time out.

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How to play SoD in 2019
Step 1: Log in.
Step 2: press play.
Step 3: Server call time out.
Step 4: 2 options repeat process several times with no luck and then quit game and play a better game instead or skip repeat process and find a better game instead.

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Can't relate.


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Hi   It happens to me quite



It happens to me quite often, but I have internet problems also, so I can relate.


First make sure your connection is stable and strong then try again.


If that doesn't work, try again a few hours later.


My internet has a way of looking stable, but as soon as I start the game it throws me off or it dips.


There was only a few times where it wasn't my internet, it took a few days but it returned to normal and I could get back into the game.


Hope it helps.



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