Serious issue with multiplayer, admins please read

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I don't know when this started exactly as it was fine some time ago but since a few weeks now multiplayer is messed up. At times I see no people anywhere, in not a single map and after a while they start to show up again then all of a sudden dissapear again and so on. This is not helping me with battle as when I disable multiplayer and then turn it back on often it doesn't work and still leaves me as if I'm in single player mode it's also not helping with TRR when I try to look for a better server or a good one I go single player then multiplayer again but due do this issue I keep getting the error of "unable to connect to a room at this time try again" I press the check mark and the exact same message keeps showing up due to multiplayer issues. The game has started to mess up between single and multiplayer and with racing trounaments so close by this is going to be a problem. I hope admins read this and fix it as it it very frustrating and it's also very important. Thank you ~

PS: My internet connection is just fine so that is not what's causing this.




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The same thing is happening to me! Especially during a battle. Also, sometimes when I switch dragons before a battle, the shot limit doesn't refill. Then I have to turn off MMO, turn it back on, and then realize that I went into another battle and it has almost ended -_- 

I'm sure they'll fix it soon, though.



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Glad to hear I'm not alone in

Glad to hear I'm not alone in this ~ yes I sincerely hope so too hope they read it :3