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Varför gör vi det här

Scene 1: ~Sun thief

Apollo laid in his bed he was calm and at peace, although the peace was interupped by the sadly normal confused clucking mixed with alarm clock ringing. Apollo brought one hand out of his covers and slapped the concerned bird, stopping the clucking

"Calm down" He tried to comfort it, but It continued to shake and shiver.

Apollo glaced at it once more his ocean blue eyes filled with sorrow for the dumb foul. When he was younger 'Chicken', as Apollo called him, He was a very interesting chicken, He loved to chew on things and was always hungry. but one day, He chewed on the top of Apollo's Alarm clock. and eventually swollowed it. Apollo had feared for the stupid bird's Life, But over time Chicken must have adapted because he was fine now. 

Apollo held the bird in his hand, trying to soothe it 

"Calm down Chicken"

His soothing attempts where interuped by the Blonde in the other bed murmuring something. probably about Chicken's full name. The lazy sandy-haired boy sat up from bed. his hair was exceedingly messy and his eyelids where half covering his eyes. all in all he looked exausted 

Apollo stood up and walked over towards the sleepy blonde. 

"Get up." He ordered. Mercury sighed and blinked sveral times,  then he grinned a bit and threw himself back on the bed 
"but there is nothing to do today" He whined

Apollo rolled his eyes. "Come on. Get up for pity's sake." Apollo grabbed his adopted brother by the arm and yanked him out of bed sending him tumbling to the floor. 

"OOowwwwwww What the he.ck?" Mercury accused.

"Come on Lazy" Apollo Commanded although their 'conversation' was interuped by the door opening. Apollo and Mercury let go of each other instantly and attempted to sit up straight. 

"Yes Sir?" Apollo stated

Ares, Apollo and Mercury's Father was standing there with one thin eyebrow raised. he chuckled a little bit. 

"Alright. Both of you get out of bed, We have work to do."

Mercury gave him a scarcastic look "We? I'm not training to be a guard" 

Ares gave him a long suffering glance and gave a motion for him to follow anyways.

"You'll see."


So both of the youths followed their father down the path to what they both knew as the cook's house and shop

"What are we doing here?" Apollo questioned although his question was answered when the Baker's wife came out with a stearn expression. 

"Alright," She looked accusingly at Mercury, eyeing him up and down. "My 'usband Sweets keep gettin' stole right' off de' tray. and I know 'es behind it" She gestured a Mercury with her heavy wooden ladle. Mercury looked back and forth between Ares and the Ladle that threatened to knock him out.

"I've been asleep all day." He tried to reason. "Don't use' that' on me boy." She glowered "I see right through ya'" She held the ladle threateningly. 

"Calm down Mrs Halgery" Ares said kindly. "My son may be a thief but he knows the punishment of lying."


You may respond


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Yes, yes, yes, yes, they're dancing Russian yaks.

-screech- TRACKING!

Tha''s guud, man. -u-


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Varför gör vi det här

Why, thank you X3

I really appreciate the feedback. Favorite or least favorite part? i know it's not much of a story yet but still 

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, they're dancing Russian yaks.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, the chicken's my favorite part. XD actually, idk, I like it all. 

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looks good so far


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