Sequel to Big Hero 6 *SPOILER ALERT*

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Guys, i was just reading an article on "Big Hero 7" sequel to Big Hero 6...and guess what? TADASHI IS STILL ALIVE! and he returns as the "villian" in the seconnd movie!!! I wonder how that gonna play out? I guess we will find out sometime 2018!



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Actually currently all that's

Actually currently all that's definite is a tv series on Disney XD following exactly where the movie left off.  It will start airing this year. They havent ruled out a big hero 6 sequel yet but it has no green light yet. There are videos explaining that tadashi comes back as a villain or is still alive due to a ring around the rosey game if time travel, where tadashi is just hiro grown up helping his little brother with his life knowing that he(tadashi) will hideand giro will try to go back in time to save him messing up the balence of time making him(hero) have to stay and grow up naturally but as tadashi. Eventually another hero will come along and tadashi (the time traveled hero) will start the entire cycle over again. That is what some believe, but I don't. It's just someone sharing their view. Besides like I said the sequel movie has no green light yet. 


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Heres what I heard

OK so they are saying that Tadashi actually survived, he used a piece if tech inside oif the exhibiting hall to stay alive, unfortunately, he also has had his memory wiped (we don't know why) and is now working as a villain. Supposedly he will go under the name of 'Sunfire' from the original Big Hero 6 comic books/graphic novels.

Hiro and the team are supposed tro help him find who he really is, and together they fight a bigger villain who is behind some ginormous plot.


That's what I Reade on a post that I'm pretty sure was from Disney.


Let's see how that all plays out!






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I think I'd actually believe

I think I'd actually believe that! I read that tadashi was the villian and would come to take revenge on hero but I was like,"that makes no sense! It wasn't heros fault he died(supposedly) and tadashi knows that!" This following comment is from a, I think, reliable site: Although everything about  big hero 7 is just speculation, Disney already confirmed the big hero 6 tv series." Here's the link.

I also read that if there will be a big hero 7 that it will probably come after "guardians of the galaxy 2."   I'm just happy to know about all this! 

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Sources i read from were enstarz and Yibada. Yes, the tv series is supposed to come out this year, but the actual movie "big hero 7" is supposed to come out sometime 2018...Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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I did a little research and I couldn't find anything officially announced by Disney about a Big Hero 6 movie sequel. There was plenty of information from trustworthy sites about the TV series though. I also didn't really think those sites you mentioned were trustworthy, so I did a little research on that too but didn't come up with anything. The only thing I found about enstarz was a 3 year old tumblr post that says they weren't reliable, but who knows. Personally, I'm not going to believe it just yet. I'll ask my dad tonight at dinner if he's heard anything (he's a Disney nerd and knows pretty much everything about Disney).

Something else that raised my suspicion on this "spoiler" is that the "Tadashi isn't really dead and is going to be a villain in a sequel" thing has been around since the movie came out in 2014. Heck, I remember seeing a really awesome fanart/comic after the movie came out that showed Tadashi running into the burning building to save Callahan and seeing him protect himself with the microbots. It also showed Callahan reaching out to save Tadashi but he couldn't save him in time. (censored, I need to find that comic again!) Anyway, I just think that since the sourced may not exactly be reliable, it'd be best not to believe this.

Sorry to say, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet :(

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I know but it was better then

I know but it was better then the other ones I read

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(I would edit my original post but it was replied to, so I'll put it here.)


EDIT: Found the comic. Unfortunately the artist tagged it as Calladashi, which I'm assuming is a ship name :/ They also has Sheith art from the VLD fandom, and from what I heard, that's a pedophilic ship (don't hold me on this one, as I'm not actually in the fandom) so I'm not going to link to their tumblr. If you want the comic, I'll give you the image links but I'd rather not support this comic anymore knowing the intention behind it... :/