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Oh yes yes yes the near chapter is up!!
Quick question, did you change Camicazi's hair? In the books it's tangled and blonde.

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Yeah. I figured we already have Astrid with her hair (not tangled like in the book) so I went for a more Merida look- still tangled although I may have forgotten to mention that.

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Ooooo nice choice

Ah that makes sense. Thanks!

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Bob-burglars or Bog-burglars?

That was a fun chapter to read! You managed to combine some of the book lore with the movie lore, well done! They are so different it's hard to do that realistically. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

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Oops! It be Bog, not Bob :P

I'll have to go and fix that. Glad you liked the new chapter! And thanks ^^

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I agree

Speaking as a die-hard fangirl who can't STAND when characters act out of--well, character--this is really, really good. Camiczi is exactly how she would be if she never been really good friends with Hiccup, Astrid is all tough love, and (my favorite) Snotlout is FINALLY as developed as the TV shows showed him to be. He's not JUST some egotistical nut. Plus, Hiccup didn't stay the same reckless, adorkable dragon nerd--he grew and changed in the way you'd expect him to, what with his father DYING to protect him and his home.

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Chapter Seven




Chapter Seven


Gullgut Island




Thanking the Bog Burglars for their hospitality, we headed out. Bertha tried to marry Snotlout to Camicazi before nightfall. He couldn’t shake the dust off his feet fast enough.

“What’s the matter, Snotlout?” I teased. “Scared of a girl?”

“Who is NOT scared of that girl? I don’t want to marry someone that would steal my dragon and kill me in my sleep!” He shot back, twitching. “Hookfang, watch out!” Snotlout threw himself sideways to turn his dragon, avoiding a collision with Barf and Belch.

Hookfang was still in shock after an unauthorized trip around the island with Camicazi. She was heavy on the reigns and Monstrous Nightmares are very sensitive flyers. Needless to say they crashed. A lot.

“You okay, Hookfang?” Toothless and Hiccup slowed. Hookfang snorted and shook his head. His eyes were wide.

“Of course he’s not okay a crazy person dragonnapped him! he’s been traumatized!”

“Calm down, Snotlout,” Fishlegs and Meatlug came alongside. “You’ll only make him more upset. What he needs is a calm, quiet friend to come along and help him out.”

Meatlug panted like a dog. She got up next to Hookfang and licked him.

Hookfang narrowed his eyes and spat a fireball at her.

“Meatlug stop! Stop we just ate whaaa!” Fishlegs screamed as she reeled back, spiraling out of control.

The Monstrous Nightmare snickered.

“Ha ha ha! You were right Fishface that did cheer him up.”

“But why? Oh, why?” Tuffnut alone was bemoaning our departure. “I was just getting to know Olga, with her massive braids and size twelve boots. She’s the village doctor. I tell you, she is my match, made in Valhalla itself. She even had a mace named Macey she uses for surgery! Alas, my life has in one fleeting moment slipped me by, and I shall live out the end of my days a miserable old maid.”

“Old maids are girls, Tuffnut.”

“You understand my meaning.”

“If you really like her that much just write her Terror mail,” I turned in my saddle.

“He’s afraid of Terrors,” Ruffnut said. “To many times getting his face chewed up or some sad excuse like that.”

“Who got their face chewed up?”

“Yikes!” Hiccup ducked. Dagur was riding backwards and upside down on Sleuther. He stared expectantly, arms crossed.

“Hey where’d you come from?” Ruffnut demanded.

“WE came from Berk.” Heather brought Windshear alongside Meatlug. “I got your message, Fishlegs.”

“I’m so happy you were able to make it!” The Ingerman beamed.

“That’s great. But I’m still waiting for an answer, Hiccup. Who got their face chewed and how? It sounds awesome.”

“Guilty,” Tuffnut raised a hand.

“Dagur, how are you guys doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Flying upside down like that!”

Dagur shrugged. “We just are.”

“It’s amazing,” Hiccup watched Viking and Dragon in awe. “Toothless and I can glide upside down for a while but Sleuther, he’s traveling that way, maintaining elevation and speed. It’s incredible!”

“Cool right? Really throws dragon hunters for a loop and that’s a blast. Hey Ruffnut where can I find Terrors that will attack my face?”

“I’m Ruffnut! He’s Tuffnut.”

“I thought Ruffnut was the girl.”


“Okay, cool. Still want to know where these temple tearing terrors are.”

“And, done!” Fishlegs finished scribbling in his journal. “Got that all written down, Hiccup!”

“Where to find temple tearing terrors?”

“No. That the Triple Stryke can travel upside down, even with a Viking on it’s back. I wonder how this is beneficial to them? Probably for a surprise attack, or maybe it’s easier for long distance flights... or perhaps to protect their sensitive unshielded belly when divebombing. The secrets we’re going to learn from you, Sleuther!”

Sleuther held his head up… or down, however you want to look at it, and proudly spun his tails.

“Welcome back to the gang, guys.” Hiccup said. “It’s good to fly with you again!”

“Same here! Where are we headed?”

“Gullgut Island.”

“Well that’s a bummer.” Dagur was not impressed.


Gullgut Island is as Gullgut Island does. A nasty sort of place where seagulls flocked in the millions. No one knows why, they don’t court or nest there, just flock. Only dragons like to visit the place because to them it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet.

On the eastern side of the island was a cave, and if you traveled far enough in, no droppings. This is where we stayed.

Safely in I had Stormfly start a fire. We let our dragons loose to have at it with the birds. Joyful hisses and grunts saw them running toward the light.

“Not you, bud,” Hiccup held his dragon back. He took the false tail off.

Toothless made a sad cooing.

“You and I are sticking together twenty-four seven, at least until we figure out what’s going on.”

The Nightfury wagged his long tail and made circles around Hiccup. Hiccup got one of the fish he stowed away for the trip and threw it. Toothless caught and swallowed it, then spat the head out at Hiccups feet. They enjoyed this weird version of fetch for some time.

“Man I hate seagulls.” Dagur sat down. “Rats with wings and meaner.”

“I know just the thing to get your mind off them. We should role play as humans in the future living their daily lives.” Ruffnut suggested. “Last time, I was an edgy adolescent who would rather spend her time drawing on her tablet in her cave than going out with her cavemates.”

“Eh. I have to be in the right mood. You know, to really get the right spin on it.”

“How about pin the leg on the Hiccup?” Tuffnut grinned.

“What no.” Hiccup scowled. “And for the record that sounds weird and inappropriate.”

“Cool how do you play?”

“It’s really easy. You just come up with leg jokes. Here I’ll start. Hiccup only has half a dragon army. Now you ask me why, Dagur.”


“Why does Hiccup have only half a dragon army?”

“Because it costs an arm and a leg to feed a whole one.”


“Okay okay I’ve got one!” Snotlout chipped in. “What is Hiccups least favorite game?”

“Guys, come on. This is ridiculous.”

“The hoki poki. Put your left foot in, you put your left foot… oh.”

“Hiccup can’t get his head out of the clouds.”


“Because he can’t keep both feet on the ground.”

“Alright.” I caved and joined the fun. “This is a true story, too. Gobber made Hiccup a special leg for Borkweek’s highland dance once.  My usually spry suitor was the worst dance partner on the floor that night.”


“Because he had two right feet.”

Hiccup crossed his arms. “Betrayal!”

Heather chuckled.

“Gee, Hiccup, as the first dragon trainer and the chief of Berk, it’s gotta be a real balancing act trying to keep a foot in both worlds.” Fishlegs piped up.

“Alright that’s it. As your commander and chief I order you to stop.”

“Aw, come on, we’re just pulling your leg!” Dagur roared. “Gotta keep you on your toes or at least the ones that are left!”

“You’re not our commander you’re our friend. And as for “chief” you’re on vacation. All chiefly orders will be duly noted and ignored.”  I laughed.

A faint smile spread across Hiccups face. He listened to the terrible puns, Toothless at his side, and a heavy load seemed to lift off his shoulders. We were young again, marveling at our world, filled with dreams, so certain of where we’d be and what we would be doing by this very time, making light of everything. He humored the teasers by feigning offence and spouting a joke or two of his own. He was once again among friends.


Our dragons returned, each one with an offering in their mouth for the alpha. Toothless accepted this with nods… and squinty eyes for Hookfang.  His was half eaten. We called it a night and went to sleep.



In the first morning hours I woke. Something didn’t feel right.

I looked around.

Everyone was asleep.

Stormfly chattered softly, raising her quills. Sleuther was awake, too. Both were looking toward mouth of the cave.

Straining to listen, I heard the wind, the waves, some chattering from seagulls that ought to have been asleep, and what sounded like a terrible terror. Couldn’t be sure on the last one though, it was so soft and muddled.

I looked over at Hiccup, who was sleeping soundly, and saw two enormous green eyes, staring, like the others, at the head of the cave.

Toothless slinked out from under his boy and stalked to the entrance. Wriggling, he made a dash pounced.

Something took off. Something much bigger than a seagull or terrible terror.

Birds squawked and flew in every direction. Toothless just stood there, looking up.

Overwhelmed with curiosity Stormfly and I sneaked out and joined him.

There was no moon that crystal clear night. The stars shimmered beautifully, and the world felt small as I looked up at them.

We stood, me between the Nadder and Nightfury for a good ten minutes. Their noses working and my eyes.


At last we returned to the cave.



An aroma of roasted chicken wafted through the cave.

“Morning my sweet,”

“Morning,” I yawned, sat up and wrapped my blanket around me. “Smells wonderful. Where’d you get chicken?”

“I didn’t get it, Stormfly did, and it’s not chicken.”

“Awww, you got this for me, girl?”

My Nadder preened my messy hair.

Hiccup took the bird off the spit. Beside it was a pot of boiling water.

“Seagull al la carte. Hope the seasonings cover some of the gamey taste.”

Eight dragons watched with hungry eyes as I took a bite.

Hiccup threw a couple pieces to each one.

“Now go on, guys. You know where to get your own.”

They slinked, slithered and stalked outside. Only Toothless remained.

“Not bad,” I said, surprised at the flavor. “I can’t believe you brought seasonings, you dork,”

“Oh you think that’s bad?” He laughed. “I brought tea.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did. It’s what I’m making with the hot water.”

Heather scooted up, braiding her hair.

“Morning, guys,” Fishlegs joined us. “Oh, nice! I thought I smelled Hiccup’s cooking.”

“Help yourself, Fishlegs.”

“Don’t mind if I do,”

He made sure to serve Heather first.

“Did you guys hear anything last night?” I asked.

“What, you mean other than Dagur’s snoring?”

“Yeah aside from that.”

“No. Did you?” Hiccup looked at me intently.

I shrugged. “I woke up and the dragons seemed agitated.”

“Hey. Where did they all go anyway?” the twins just realized the enormous reptiles were missing.

“I sent them off to get breakfast- Agh Hey!”

“FOOOOOOOD,” Dagur suddenly appeared behind Hiccup and snatched a piece of seagull.

“Would you stop that?!?” Hiccup snapped, moving away from the Berserker.

“Sorry old habits.” He munched on the bird. “Mmmmmm.”

“Forgive his table manners,” Heather scowled. “They’re usually better when Mala’s around.”

“Hunger changes a man, sister. But a wife that can ki.ll will too. So where are we headed today, brother? Alba? Ship graveyard? BlasterShadder Island? The Boredwalk?”

“Boredwalk? What’s the Boredwalk?”

“Duh. The island where we get bored of walking because we have dragons and can fly.”

“…Right. Actually we’re headed to our neighbors, the Meatheads.”

Toothless lifted his head and sniffed the air. He wandered the cave following a scent, walking over Snotlout in the process.

“Stupid reptile!” The Jorgenson snorted, half awake.

“Hey Snotlout, think you might join the living before noon?”

Snotlout growled and pulled his blanket over his head.

“Meatheads. K. They’re all right, not enough happening in the noggin, if you know what I mean.” Dagur shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong I love a good bludgeoning but there has to be some brains involved. Where else are we going?”

“Well, if things go smoothly, we’ll head to the Bashem Oiks, rest at Dragons Edge, and then check in with the Defender’s of the Wing.”

“You make weird flight pattern decisions.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well the Bashem Oiks are much closer to Berk than the Bog Burglars. Why didn’t you go there first?”

“Because the Bashem Oiks are less likely to burn Berk to the ground over a misunderstanding.” Hiccup stirred his tea and pulled the loose leaves out.

“Man, I wish there was a place on one’s way to the grindstone every morning that one could get delicious hot beverages that were made with beans.” Tuffnut spouted one of his crazy ideas. “A place with drinks so energizing that you felt you could reach for the stars and buck like a wild boar all day. We could call it… Celestial Leaps. And charge outrageous prices.”

“Eeeeewwww who would drink something made with beans?” Ruffnut cringed.

“Do you even know what a grindstone is?” I asked the lazy Thorston.

“Something to be avoided at all costs.”


Toothless’ big paw came smashing down on Hiccup.

With a yell Hiccup jumped, burning hot tea seeping into his clothes.  

The dragon’s eyes were narrow slits, his teeth barred. He swat at everyone in the circle, thrashing around wildly. His tail hit the pot of water and it went everywhere, dousing the fire.

“Toothless WHAT are you doing?!?”

Nose twitching furiously, Hiccup’s dragon threw him to the ground and sniffed all over his face, making worried grunts.

“I’m fine,” Hiccup growled, pushing him off. “Or I was until you spilled boiling hot water all over me!”

The Nightfury snorted and paced, scolding in dragonnese.

“Oh! Heather! Are you alright?” Fishlegs was helping her up in an instant.

“Yeah. But really Hiccup, what has gotten into your poor dragon?”

“I wish I knew.”

Toothless stopped scolding. His ears perked and his eyes grew wide.

The seagulls were in an uproar, but even over them we could hear the sound of dragon fire.

Snotlout sat up like a board. “That was Hookfang,” He said, pulling the blanket off his face.

“I bet he’s hogging all the seagulls to himself,” Fishlegs muttered.

“Ooo. Like he could on this island, judge-face.”

Toothless’s brisk trot was matched by his urgency as he turned and beckoned Hiccup to follow.

Hiccup shook his saturated clothes. With a sigh, he gave up on the current mess and focused on the new one. “Let’s go break it up.”

Dagur groaned. “I’m bringing my shield.”


Outside we trudged through gull droppings, dodging bombs as they fell. Dagur had to get his sword out to keep the seagulls at bay.

The Nightfury was on a mission and he couldn’t stop making Nightfury noises. He held his head high. His ears and flaps vibrated, his nostrils were flared. Once in a while he trilled.

Toothless led us deeper into the island, less occupied by birds and protected from their droppings by trees. He first went one way, then another, zig-zagging all through the small forest.

“Okay. It’s official Hiccup, your dragon has gone crazy.” Snotlout snorted through heavy breaths. “This is a wild boar chase!”

“Every time you’ve said that you’ve been wrong,” Hiccup shot back, trying to keep up with his enthusiastic friend.

We came across an area covered with mossy rocks; the base of the island’s mountain. There we found Hookfang, Meatlug, Shattermaster, Windshear, Sleuther, Stormfly, and Barf and Belch. Not making a sound.

“Somethings not right,” Fishlegs said nervously.

An eerie feeling crept over all of us.

“What are you guys doing out here?” Hiccup wondered aloud.

They stared at him, then away, all at once, in the same direction.

Toothless followed their gaze. He walked right past them. They squawked and snorted and grunted. He went around some of the boulders and stopped. There he waited for us, wriggling impatiently.

We turned the corner…






And there she was.

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*Beep* Subject deleted.

It's a Night Fury, isn't it?! Ooh, is it Ebony?


What did I say, Hiccup? Don't drink the tea!


Also, Celestial Leaps, Starbucks, heh. XD


You got the interactions between the gang and their dragons down really well! They all seemed to be in character. I loved the joking that they did at poor Hiccup's expense especially!

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Haddocks can be a bit slow sometimes

Hehe! It was fun to make everyone tease him. xD  And thanks! I try to do the characters justice (character development is probably my favorite part of writing ^^)

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Tea is bad for you!

The leg jokes......hehe XD I will treasure those forever.

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How come no one did the obvious Break a Leg? xD

Yes those were fun xD. In my first draft I almost got rid of them 'cuz I thought they were too corny :P ^^

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I liked the episodes
I would like to see more of your drawings ... do you have any extra pages where you put your drawings and see if I can follow you?
Signature in process....
You don't want these guys searching you and hunting you. Remember, I have dragons and I will not hesitate to use them.
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Belubel! Welcome!

Not yet, but now that you mention it sounds like a good idea. Will let you know if I get one up ^^


Happy to hear you're enjoying the story! Thanks for stopping by!

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Illustration thread

I just made an illustration thread for the story. You can find it here:


Illustrations for Selene

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Chapter Eight



Chapter Eight



Another One


Black as ebony. Sleek as obsidian. Eyes that burned as yellow as the sun.

She just sat there, staring at us as we stared at her.

We were speechless.


Years of searching. Mapping. Charting. Studying and out of thin air, and on Gullgut Island of all places, another Nightfury.

Bigger than Toothless. Not by a lot but enough to notice. Her head was much rounder but her ears were shorter. There were seven tiny little white scales on her chest, double spikes along her back, and of course, she had both her tail fins.

Toothless’s nose worked overtime, and he hadn’t stopped chattering since he saw her. He looked back and forth from the dragon to Hiccup.

With the rest of the dragons it appeared that we stumbled upon a dispute. She had in her paws a dead seagull.

Hookfang was of the impression that the bird belonged to him. So he hissed, and slithered forward. She put her ears back and held the bird tight in her paw. He wagged his tail in aggravation but didn’t come any closer. All our dragons kept safe distance from the stranger, Meatlug and Shattermaster were even hiding behind a rock… or what was left of it. They were stress eating.

The new dragon turned her gaze from the Monstrous Nightmare to us.

“I call dibs,” Dagur was the first to speak.

“What?” spat Snotlout. “No way you already have two dragons and one of them is a Triple Stryke! I’m practically second in command if you count Astrid and Hiccup as one and that makes me first in line!”

“Hey. if anyone should get an upgrade it’s me. I’ve had to share my dragon with my sister since this franchise began. I will now be the bigger Thorston and let her keep our beloved pet, but Chocolate over there is MINE.”

Ruffnut punched Tuffnut in the face. “I don’t even want your half of our dragon! He’s so annoying.”

My Nadder snorted and walked up to Hiccup. Her spines bristled and she rubbed her face on his wet clothes, agitated.

“Stormfly, cut it out,” I told her.

“Hercules!” Dagur screamed. “Come here! Come here, boy!”

“Yeah I don’t think that’s a boy. Here, Blackie!” Ruffnut called. “I name her I keep her. Blackie! Come here!”

“Spartacus! Socrates! Aristotle!” Tuffnut spouted.

“Still boy names you knucklehead! Come here, Darkie! Or Yellow Eyes! Come here girl!”

“Joan! Antionette! Cleopatra!” Dagur belted out.

“Uhhh, Flap Jack! No, ugh, Flame Thrower! Spitfire!” Snotlout joined in the entourage of names being yelled out. “Charcoal! Coallette!”

“Guys, cut it out!” Hiccup jumped in front them. “You’ll scare her!”

“How do you feel about Indigo?”

“Indigo is blue, Dagur,” Heather finally spoke. “She is as black as ebony.”

“Ebony,” Hiccup repeated. “There. Great name, Heather. The new Dagon’s name will be Ebony.”

The rest of the gang groaned.

“Quiet!” the chief ordered sternly.

Hiccup and Toothless took a few steps forward. The rest of us followed suite.

Ebony was focused on her dead seagull. She tried to set it upright with the wings spread out, seeming to hope it would come to life and fly away.

Toothless watched, mesmerized.

“Well, bud,” Hiccup beamed. “Want to go introduce yourself?”

Suddenly feeling very shy, he slid behind Hiccup and acted uninterested.

“We finally meet another Nightfury and you’re going to chicken out?” His boy teased, stepping back and pushing him forward. “Not on my watch. Go and say hi to her. Go on! Go!”

Toothless edged forward.

Ebony stopped playing with the dead bird and looked up. She growled.

He shrank back, looking to Hiccup with great uncertainty.

“Just be yourself, she’ll warm up to you”

Head low, he took a baby step.

The rumble in Ebony’s throat ceased.

More confident, Toothless sidled up to his fellow Nightfury. He wagged his head rapidly in polite greeting, mouth open and teeth retracted. She didn’t return the wag. He circled, making friendly and playful gestures.

Her eyes followed his every move.

He got closer, and closer, and closer. At last he was right in front of her. He sniffed all around and over her face. She pulled back a little and sniffed him. They looked into each other’s eyes…

And then she slapped him. Hard.

Hiccup grimaced as his dragon let out a yelp. Toothless shook his head in shock. Ebony hissed.

Our dragons watched with wide and nervous eyes.

“Come on back, bud.”

Toothless snorted and made sure to thwack the rude Nightfury with his tail on the way out. He returned to Hiccup’s side, bristling with embarrassment.


“Okay I’m open to other ideas.”

“If she won’t accept another Nightfury then what will she accept?”

“It may not be so much that he’s a Nightfury as it is that he’s a he. Females of many species are often very wary of males.” Fishlegs helpfully chipped in.

“For good reason,” Ruff snorted.

“I could send Stormfly over,” I offered, hesitantly.

“No, I don’t want to risk it.” Hiccup put a hand up.

“Seems to like that dead bird a lot,” Snotlout gestured. The dragon was giving sad little snorts and rolling the thing over.

“Good point. Maybe we should catch a live gull and see how that- Snotlout!”

Hiccup swiped a salmon away from Snotlout, who was pulling it out of Toothless’ saddle bag.

Ebony looked up.

“What were you thinking with this??”

“Uh, training a Nightfury,” He shrugged. “Same way you did.”

“I didn’t train him with food! I started with observation. You never start with food,”


Heated over Snotlout’s comment, he forgot to put the fish away.


The female nightfury realized what Hiccup was waving around in his hand.

Never. Especially with Nightfuries. They need time to read you, and you them. They are extremely intelligent and dignified and should be treated so.”

Ebony dropped the dead gull. Hookfang snatched it. She made a beeline for Hiccup.

“Uhh Hiccup-” We tried to warn, but he was ranting.

“…built off of trust, not food. On a good, foundational understanding between dragon and Viking. If food is all you bring to the table, that’s all a dragon will think of you as. Food!”

“Duh I know that! I thought it was just a good quick start tool!”


“What?” He held his hands out in desperate gesture.


The new dragon had wrapped her mouth around the fish- and his hand!


We gasped. Toothless looked horrified.

Ebony stared at us, at Toothless, then at Hiccup.

Slowly, her lips moved back to release him.

“Ehhhhhehhheh,” He held his throbbing hand, bending up and down at the knees.

Ebony swallowed the fish and looked Hiccup up and down, licking her lips.

Toothless sniffed the injury while Ebony sniffed to see if all of Hiccup tasted as good as his hand. Apparently not; because she snorted and made a ‘pleh’ face.

“It’s okay, bud. Definitely could have been worse. Ewww no don’t lick it.”

Toothless turned to Ebony and snarled.

Ebony returned the snarl.

Toothless spread his wings and arched his back, stepping in front of Hiccup.

Ebony arched her back and growled before slinking away.

Toothless watched with narrow eyes. She returned to where the dead bird had been and looked all over for it.


“Well one thing’s for sure. She’s not afraid of people.”

“Great! I’ll ride her now.” Dagur was suddenly between Hiccup and Toothless, a saddle in hand.

“How-? No!”

Toothless wrapped his tail around Dagur’s foot and threw him back.

“Wow, so smooth,” Ruffnut had slipped past the distracted Hiccup and was now stroking Ebony.

“Guys! Did you not see what just happened?!”

“Yeah. She ate your hand and then gave it back. Pretty cool.”

Tuffnut was working to pry the dragon’s mouth open. She stubbornly resisted, but with his persistence a wicked gleam came to her eye. She opened wide and he started speed-counting.

The chief ran over and yanked Tuffnut away from Ebony just before she clamped her mouth shut on his face. He dragged the Thorston back over to the rest of us.

“Get over here!” He snapped at Ruffnut.

She begrudgingly obliged.

Barf and Belch stood over Tuffnut.

“Uh oh. Guys, that whole upgrade thing I said two seconds ago I’m so over that now.”

Barf poured Belch lit.

“Oh I am hurt! I am very much hurt!” The Thorston ran through the forest on fire.

Barf and Belch put on their gangster faces and walked away.


Hiccup did a face palm.


“Where do you think she came from?”

“I don’t know, Fishlegs. You have any ideas?” He returned irratibly. “Snotlout! Don’t even think about it!”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious she’s comfortable around Vikings.”

“Yes I would say so.”

“If she’s been around Vikings, why didn’t’ anyone say anything about her?”

“They probably thought she was Toothless,” I shrugged.

“She’s the raider,” Hiccup said, more to himself than anyone else. “Everyone assumed it was Toothless, and not a wild Nightfury, so they treated her like a pet. That’s why she’s so comfortable around us.”

“Hiccup I know I saw Toothless out at Bob Burglar Island. He was wearing his tail.” Heather pointed out.

“Alright they were both raiding.”

“Or Toothless was tracking her. It would explain some of his strange behavior.”

“That could be, sort of makes sense with the ‘show’ he gave us at Bog Burglars Island.” He turned to his dragon. “Is that what you were trying to tell me, bud?”

Toothless wasn’t paying attention. Ebony was being smothered and she couldn’t take it anymore. Breaking free of the Vikings trying madly to be the first on her back, she approached the other dragons.

“Meatlug, come here!” Fishlegs called. He wasn’t ready to trust this dragon with his beloved Gronckle.

 Too late. Ebony stood between him and the Gronckle, sniffing her all over. Meatlug cringed, uncertain what the Nightfury wanted.

Then to everyone’s surprise Ebony sat on her haunches and wagged her head, teeth retracted.

Meatlug wagged her tail and they began to play.


“Well I’ll be,” Hiccup muttered. One by one the dragons joined in the fun. Only Sleuther and Toothless stood aloof with indifferent expressions.

Hookfang sauntered into the welcoming party. Ebony sniffed like she did the rest of the dragons, and purred, rubbing against his legs.

“Ha! She likes him guess she’ll have to hang with us.” Snotlout smirked, arms crossed.

Hookfang pushed her away.

She purred all the more, hopping up and licking his face. He tried to pull up but she grabbed his head with her paws. Finally he ran, Ebony dragging on the ground.

“Look at that. BFFs forever, Hiccup!” The Jorgenson rubbed his hands together in delight, feeling that he pretty much had the new dragon in the bag.

“Toothless, would you give it another try?” Hiccup turned to his dragon.

Toothless gave him a ‘get real’ look.

“Come on, just humor me, please?”

The dragon rolled his eyes but did as he was asked.

He followed Hookfang and Ebony as they ran all over.

Hookfang climbed up a tree. Ebony sat at its base calling to him. Toothless came up behind and sat down. He pawed at her tail.

The instant Ebony realized he was there she was a different dragon. Spreading her wings she stood between him and the tree, teeth barred and talons’ lashing.

Toothless wasn’t going to back down this time. He had every right to be here and he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He arched his back and stood his ground.

Things escalated quickly.

Ebony’s first attacks were bluffs but she hit harder and her claws started to draw blood.

Toothless, as any creature would, retaliated.

“No good no good,” Hiccup muttered, “Toothless walk away!”

His dominance challenged, the dragon found it hard to heed the voice of reason.


Retreating in a lope, Toothless growled and snarled all the way to Hiccup’s side. Ebony snorted, turned and kicked dirt his way.

“She really doesn’t like him.” Hiccup said sadly, rubbing his poor dragon’s head.

“So weird. You’d think out of all of them he’d be the one she’d warm up to.”

“So now what Hiccup? Great that we found her, and all, but what do we do about it? We still have a lot of air to cover and no one is going to believe that another Nightfury is responsible for all the damage done in the Archipelago.”

“Give me a second to think. Okay, so she doesn’t like Toothless. She’s not afraid of Vikings, which is for a wild dragon more bad than good. Good that she hasn’t met up with any hunters, but she’ll be dead meat if she does.”

“So we can’t leave her here.”

“No I couldn’t in good conscience do that. But we can’t fly her either. She has no ground manners and if she has no ground manners you can bet she’ll be a nightmare in the air. And like I said before, it takes time to train a dragon, which we don’t have.”

“Why don’t you just get her to follow us?” Dagur shrugged. “As long as we have Hookfang here she’ll follow us to the ends of the earth.”

The other dragons had congregated at the bottom of Hookfangs tree. Windshear had an ornery look in her eye as Hookfang begged her not to cut it down with her tail.


Ebony bounced up and down as the tree fell, hopping over the razorwhip towards the flaming mad Hookfang.

“You could be right. Let’s try it. Snotlout and Hookfang fly point back to the cave and see if she follows. If not we may have to stay a while.”

Millions of seagulls squawked above.

“Great.” Tuffnut returned, still sizzling from his zippleback dispute and now covered in bird droppings. “It’s not like it’s the worst island to be stuck on in the archipelago. Oh wait, yes it is.”

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Yay! Ebony is finally here!

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Monster Kitty!

Yesh! She is happy to be here!


Totally and completely based on my cat in my profile picture. Prolly said that a millions times but meh. I wuvs her ^^




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Awwwww shes so cute! I luv luv luuuuuvvvvv cats...

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She's my monster and a dork. <3

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Cutie kitty!

Such a cute cat! Her round face reminds me of a tuxedo cat I had once. He was my good little boy. I could put him on his back and carry him around that way and drape him across my shoulders like a scarf and he would just lie there while I walked around. Now I have a rebellious teenager with a giant ego who thinks he's a wildcat. *Sigh* I love him anyway.


I knew it was going to be Ebony, though! Who else, right? ^^

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Yep I couldn't help mahself. Must. have. an Ebony!

I love her round head. It's really hard to draw it as a dragon but I try. :3


Aww your tuxedo kitty sounds like he was super sweet! Kinda like a cat we had a long time ago. He was a maincoon and acted more like a dog, guarding the house from the meter man, chasing the mailman, and waiting loyally at the front door until we came home- from the outside. I miss him a lot. 


And haha I know what you mean about teenager cats. Ornery dickenses they are xD



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Can I have an Ebony too? I want a cute little Ebony! :D

Round headed kitties are so cute! <3 Especially as little kittens! ^^


Yep, he was a sweetheart. The best cat I've ever met. <3 Your Maine censored sounds like he was very sweet too. I've heard that they often act like little dogs, guarding their homes and sometimes even playing fetch.


Yeah, my Jazzy-cat (Jazz is his name, hence the nickname) is an ornery little stinker most of the time. Funny thing is, he was a very sweet little kitten. He loved to snuggle with us, especially right in the morning when I let him out of his room. He'd crawl in bed with me and purr, but only after attacking my feet under the blankets for a few minutes. Now he just wants to go outside in the mornings. Oh well. He still has his moments of sweetness. ^^

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He'll grow out of it

Jazz will grow out of it, I'm sure. All our cats went through that same stage... sometimes I wish they'd stay kittens forever :3


Mainecoons are pretty amazing cats. We weren't even looking for one he sorta just fell into our laps ^^ I have many stories with characters that have derived some of their personality from Monty- even human characters.

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I hope...

Hm, yes, only thing is, he's over two years old now... Granted he has improved some, but still... (Heh, he's in a "food coma" right now. He just caught this big rat and now he's unable to move from his napping spot. ^^ He's pretty cute.)


I love taking my animals and giving some of their characteristics to OCs! It's so much fun. ^^

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#News of the year:

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Thank you! Good to hear you're enjoying it :3

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Chapter Nine



Chapter Nine


Follow the Leader



We watched the dragons play for an hour, and by the end of it you would have thought they’d known Ebony all their lives. All but Toothless, who was not in the best of moods and stuck to Hiccups side.

Ebony was particularly attached to Hookfang… although he didn’t feel the same for her. After running all over the place trying to escape her, the five-thousand-pound dragon hid behind Snotlout. She finally let him be.

“I wonder if Hookfang reminds her of another dragon that she made friends with,” Hiccup thought.

Fishlegs nodded.

The chief clapped his hands together. “Okay, moment of truth. Everyone to your dragons! Snotlout, would you and Hookfang lead us back to camp? I think Ebony will follow you guys. If she does then we might be able to convince her to follow us home.”

“With pleasure,” Snotlout bowed.

Each to their own dragon, we flew up and out of the forest.

Below the branches Ebony wriggled and hopped and cooed, but refused to join us in the air.

“Snotlout circle around a few times to encourage her to follow you guys,” Hiccup suggested.

The Jorgenson turned his dragon “Hey Ebony, your new best friend and I are leaving, you should totally follow us home and become a part of the Jorgenson clan,” He cooed.

“I said encourage not discourage. Let Hookfang do the talking.”

“Well aren’t you the rudest Chief I ever met. Fine. Hookfang, do you mind helping out a little here?”

His dragon snorted.

“Oh come on be a pal! I need her to follow us! Can you imagine what dad will think if I come home with my own Nightfury?”

Hookfang looked him in the eye, growling.

“No no no I wouldn’t replace you what? That’s crazy!” he rubbed the back of his neck. “I can’t believe you’d think that you know my dad will take her.”

Hookfang shook his head.

“I’ll feed you one hundred of the biggest salmon in the archipelago, give you three rub downs a day and you can have my hut.”

The Monstrous Nightmare snickered and began calling to the dragon below.

Ebony replied by running wildly back and forth on the ground.

Snotlout looked to Hiccup, shrugging.

“Maybe she can’t fly,” Heather said.

“She didn’t even try to.” Fishlegs added.


Down we went again.


“What’s the matter, girl?” Hiccup asked, looking for clues.

Ebony returned to the place she was standing when we first saw her. She sat down.

Together we followed, but she spread her wings and let out a soft growl.

“She’s nervous about something. Please, just stay here. If I go alone she may feel more comfortable than if we all went.”

“By all means,” Dagur said. “But could you will Toothless to me first?”

“You too, bud,” Hiccup put a halting hand up to his dragon. “Stay.”


Realizing Hiccup was coming alone, she visibly relaxed and allowed him into her personal space. He looked her over and all around while Toothless paced from an unconfrontational distance.

Ebony followed Hiccup’s movements with her eyes, waiting expectantly for him to figure out her dilemma.

“I don’t understand,” He finally said, looking her in the eye. “Your wings are good, your tail is good, what are you trying to tell us?”

She stood and turned. With a brisk trot she led him over the mossy rocks to a small boulder. She put her paw on it.

“Okay, a rock.” Hiccup copied her and put his hand on it too.

“We are now touching this rock.”

She slapped the rock a few times.

He slapped the rock a few times.

Ebony put her ears back and pulled the rock towards her. He looked down for a few seconds.

“Oh,” We heard him say, pain in his voice. “You poor thing,”

“What is it?” Heather called. “What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s not her. There’s a crevice under here. It’s not very big,” He answered, his hands disappearing into it, “But just big enough to hide this little guy,”

He brought out a very limp terrible terror.

“Oh!” We rushed Hiccup.

Ebony chattered. She glanced towards Toothless, who didn’t move but was sniffing curiously. Glaring she circled in front and spread her wings so he couldn’t see.

“Is it…d.ead?”

“No,” Hiccup said sadly, cradling the dragon in his arms. “But I don’t think he’ll be with us long.”

The sorry little dragon’s eyes were closed. His breathing burdened. His scales had all but been burnt off, and only a few shown purple amidst the charring. He coughed a feeble, smokey attempt at a defensive fireball.

“Oh sweetheart,” Heather pet him, voice wavering. “Don’t worry, no one will hurt you now.”

“Who would do such a thing??” Fishlegs’ passionate anger boiled to the surface. “This is horrible!”

“I don’t know but we’re going to find out.” Hiccup growled.

“And when we do they’ll be apologetic,” Tuffnut brandished Macey.

“Guys,” I said, stroking the weak little body. “look at his!”

There was a small metal ring attached to the Terror’s right hind leg.

“A courier dragon! He was carrying a message!”

“I wonder what it could have been?”

“Or who it came from or where it was going.” Dagur mused.

“Must have been important, if somebody went as far as to shoot him down for it.” Snotlout added.

Hiccup turned to Ebony who was currently giving Toothless the lazy eye. “You put him in there didn’t you girl,”

Ebony turned to him looking confused.

“You saved this little guy and hid him from us until you knew we wouldn’t hurt him.” Hiccup put his hand on her nose. “Good girl, Ebony. Good girl.”

At the words ‘Good girl’ Ebony’s eyes grew wider, if that’s even possible. A slow but happy purr vibrated into the ground.

Heather spoke up. “I have a salve back at camp that I use on Windshear when she gets saddle sore.. It’s made of aloe, yak cream, honey, and a few drops of Tide Glider gel.”

“Anything would help.”

I thought of Norbert Haugen’s Prickleboggle back on Berk. What I’d give to have her with us right then.

Hiccup handed the tiny still creature to me as he mounted Toothless. Ebony followed, grunting. I was handing the dragon back too him but she pushed me away.

“Oh, I guess I am chosen now,” I smiled, lightening the mood a little.

“Rude,” Hiccup said, arms crossed.

“Don’t worry Stormfly and I’ve got him. But would you guys do me a big favor?”


“Could you fly above and in front of us, so we don’t run into any seagulls or their droppings?”

Both grimaced.

“Toothless is black, Astrid,” Hiccup argued weakly.


“So seagulls…. Droppings…” He gave an exaggerated sigh. “It won’t be pretty, but we’ll do it for you. And the little guy. But we’re not doing it for Stormfly’s vanity.”

Stormfly rawked indignantly.



They only ran into about a hundred seagulls on the way. New record.

Ebony occasionally came over and checked on her Terrible Terror friend, but mostly followed Hookfang, collecting every seagull he hit. When we landed in the cave she dropped them all and they flew everywhere.

Hiccup and Toothless were in last, making sure to cover Stormfly and I.

Everyone laughed. Although they’d all been hit with bird droppings poor Toothless looked the worst.

“We are so jumping in the ocean later. I don’t care how itchy we get.” Hiccup rubbed nasty white spots off Toothless’ head.

They had landed close to Ebony. She glanced at them, hissed and slinked to Hookfangs’ side.

“Wow she really does not like him.” Snotlout grinned devilishly.

“It’s so strange,” Hiccup shook his head. “Friendly to other dragons except the one that’s her own kind.”

Stormfly squatted low so I could easily slide off with my frail bundle. She cocked her head to the side and sniffed.

Heather got the salve and rubbed it all over the little body. It helped; he loosened up a little and his breathing slowed.

Fishlegs tore his reindeer fur blanket in half and wrapped it around the dragon. Snotlout brought his dearly loved and never shared kippers.

“He needs them more than I do,” He said, holding out one of the tiny fish. The terror raised its head just a little, but didn’t open his eyes.

“That’s it, super yummy kipper. Try a bite.”

Too weak to even eat, he lay his head back down again.

Everyone looked up at each other sadly.

Hiccup snapped his fingers, trying to think. “Maybe if we try something that he doesn’t have to chew, just drink. Does anyone have yaks milk?”

“I do,” Dagur put his hand up. Everyone stared. “Don’t judge it’s comfort food. Should be in Shattermaster’s pack. Shattermaster! Here boy!”

Shattermaster had wandered off and couldn’t hear him.

Dagur growled, fists clenched. He looked to us in misery. “He knows I hate this island. I’ll be right back guys.”

“How are you going to feed it to him?” Fishlegs asked, “he won’t drink out of bowl.”

“We need a funnel of some sort. Like a hollowed reed, with a wide and narrow end.”

“Well my friend, you are in luck today.” Tuff and Ruff came forward. “Allow us to introduce you to Peter.”

Tuffnut held out a strange looking instrument, triangular in shape, made with tall reeds scaling down to short, all in a row and tied together.

“…what is it?”

“It’s a reed. You blow air in one end and noise comes out the other.” He took a great breath and blew out two horrific notes. “See?”

“Hear, actually. Or used to.”

“This Peter Flute has been in my family for generations. We are a proud reed playing family. First it was my great great grandfather, then my great grandfather, then my grandfather, then my father and now it is I. I alone, must conquer this instrument and become a great artiste like my greats.”

“Tuff, you know we’ll have to break it to use it.” I warned him.

“The pleasure’s all mine.”

He ripped it apart.


Hiccup made quick work of his idea. He took the largest reed and cut the wider end at an angle. Then with his knife he drilled a whole through one of our wooden cups, just enough to fit the wide end of the reed.

“I think this will work,”

I put my hand on the creature. I could barely feel his heart beat.

Hiccup placed the narrow end of the reed in the dragon’s mouth. “Someone bring me some water?”

Ruffnut handed him an open canister. He poured the water into the cup. It drained into the reed and into the terrors mouth.

“Swallow,” Hiccup muttered. “Swallow,”

The dragon gulped.

“Good boy.”

“UGH! I’m back, and here’s the yak milk,” Dagur gasped, feathers and droppings stuck to him.

The little guy drank a whole cup full. In the meantime, the rest of us packed up.

Ebony had been wandering the cave getting into everybody’s stuff. But she came back now to see what was happening to her friend. She shoved her face towards the little dragon, getting in the way.

“Move, Ebony!” Hiccup pushed her away. “You’re smothering him!” She stepped back, looking with angry eyes and swishing her tail. She left to torment Hookfang some more.

The terrible terror fell into a restless sleep.

“Well, that’s all we can do. The rest is up to him.”

“Will we stay here with him, until he recovers?” Fishlegs asked, ever hopeful.

“No. We’ll take him with us. I’ve emptied one of Toothless’ saddlebags so I can put him and the fur blanket in it. Is everybody ready?”

“Couldn’t be any MORE READY-Y!” Dagur said with a touch of derangement. He leapt onto Sleuther’s back. “This place sorta brings out the worst in me.”

Everyone else mounted.

Hiccup picked up the blanketed dragon and walked to Stormfly.

“Uhh, what are you doing?” I asked, leaning forward. Stormfly sniffed carefully, bobbing her head.

He put the sleeping dragon into Toothless’ saddlebag and strapped it over his shoulder. Then mounted Toothless.

“You and Stormfly are going to follow his scent and lead us to the person or people responsible for this cruelty.”

“And then we’ll KILL them!” Dagur whipped out two swords. A javelin randomly appeared in Fishlegs’ hands.

“I was thinking more like talk to them. Very sternly.”

“What until they feel sorry for what they did and become solid citizens of the Archipelago? That’ll be the day!”

Hiccup grinned. “It happened to you, Snotlout.”

“Shutup, Hiccup.”

“And if talking doesn’t work?” I asked.

“I’ll try very hard not to let the dragons eat them. Try being the key word. But if they do I won’t be very sorry. Lead the way, Astrid!”

I urged Stormfly. She trilled excitedly, happy to be on the hunt.


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Loving this

Finally found time to read and just got to Gullgut Island chapter. Sooo good XD


Ingerman???? O.O oh my goodness, I'm related to Fishlegs!!! Three of my Vikings are Ingermans XD

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Who forgets to put wings on a dragon? me, that's who xD

Lol just came back because I forgot to put wings on the last dragon I illustrated. Wings! I'm not sure how I missed that :P


Yay! Good to hear you're enjoying the story so far :D

That's funny, I always thought you meant for your character's last name to be the same as Fishlegs- did you not know? Y'all must be cousins ^^


Thanks for commenting!

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Call it... Wingless XD

When I first made my Viking I put in flitt, but that was taken, and the options that came up were flittIngerman and flitttheLoyal or something. flittIngerman sounded better so I chose that. XD

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haha nice xD

Yes Flitt Ingerman has a nice ring to it ^^

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'It happened to you, Snotlout,' hehe....priceless...

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Poor Snothat

Poor Snotlout always the but of the joke. Usually his own fault tho xD

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Hi humans and dragons, welcome to NEW-AND-IMPROVED SIGGY! Toothless is still here, but other editions will be coming..



Een, my adorable little Night Fury siggy guardian by Speedyleaf! Be careful, he bites.


Jellybean, the Death Song who only eats Bunny Grahams! By Speedyleaf!




Sparky Lemon the Yoshi by Derpy Sheyla :D


Forum Request- Sparky Lemon by ImDerpySheyla


Melonionicus the Typhoomerang by Aetherna!

Honeycoat Sally by Sohki!






My adorable Cunning Kyte, Bandit-Shy! Cunning Kytes made by LissaFish.

Flightmare Banner 2

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   Banners made by Dragonriders Fury!

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Midnight headshot made by Kasanelover, credit to them for my smiling gal


My Dragons


Lightmare: Main dragon, level 20 flightmare

NorthernLight: Secondary main, wooly howl

Very Funny: Whispering Death, level 16

Freedom: Level 10 triple stryke

Moose: Crimson Goregutter, level 11

ManaRana: Raincutter, level 4

Wishing Well: Level 3 teen Gronicicle

Sigara: Level 3 Hobblegrunt

Windy Waters: Level 5 siliquifier

Lime: Level 4 Gronckle

Baked Potato: Level 6 Gronckle

Pink Potato: Level 12 Gronckle

JellyBelly: Teen Flightmare, level 9

SunTan: Monstrous Nightmare, level 7

Shadow And Dark: Hideous Zippleback, Level 7

Kling: Adult Armorwing, level 5

Dyno: Level 11 Dramillion

Lemon: Level 9 thunderdrum

Bean: Level 11 thunderdrum

Stormy: Level 8 Thunderdrum

Mr Bone: Level 8 Boneknapper

Cloud: level 10 eruptodon

Fyre: Level 10 flamewhipper

Chamo: level 10 singetail

Stonewing: level 9 ElderSentinel

Batafurai: Level 25 Titan Deathsong, often used for hanging out

DarkLight: Level 11 Deathgripper

SeaGlass: Level 10 razorwhip

Midnight: Third main, level 33 Stormcutter

Comet: Level 15 LightFury, often used for races

BlueStar: Level 25 Toothless, often used for hanging out

Glider: Level 13 Nadder

There's still more... You know what, not gonna list em' all

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Toothless is not very impressive in this scene.. But he's really funny!

Image result for httyd gifsA deathsong to scare off signature-eating dragons

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Welcome Flightmare! I hope you enjoy :3

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*Beep* Subject deleted.

Looking great still! So much mystery and intrigue!

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Intrigue? I don't see no intrigue.

Well what can I say? I love mysteries. ^^

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Chapter Ten



Chapter Ten


How to perform a Dragon Eulogy



Leaving Gullgut Island in our dust, we each took a turn dunking ourselves and our dirty dragons into the ocean below. It’s no fun to air dry after a chilly dip like that and then itch like crazy from the salt, but we all agreed it was better than being covered in droppings.

Ebony was a chunk and had tired herself out chasing Hookfang everywhere. In the air she floated lazily between each dragon and rider.

Hiccup was flying wingman to me. I glanced back at him, and saw Ebony very cautiously making her way towards Toothless.

Toothless felt her wet nose on his tail fin. He looked back.

Unaware that she was being watched, she slowly moved up his tail towards Hiccup and the saddlebag with her little friend in it, sniffing very carefully.

Toothless cooed.

Ebony’s eyes met his. She snorted and fell back.

“Whoa, hey, watch where you’re going, bud!”

The boys ran into me and Stormfly.

“Sorry Astrid. SOMEBODY is very distracted.”

“I know. And somebody else is very distracting. She’s so different from Toothless.”

Ebony was now flying above Dagur and Sleuther. She put her paws on his head, then started playing with his hair. Sleuther rolled his eyes.

“She’s so much more outgoing.” Dagur slapped at her paws.

“So much bolder. Toothless lived in fear of Vikings that’s why he was cautious. Either she’s never seen Vikings as a threat or not the brightest Nightfury there’s ever been.”

“A threat to her, anyway.” Hiccup reached back and felt inside the saddlebag.

Stormfly rawked. Her speed increased.

“She’s got something!”

“Fishlegs, what’s our position?”

“Gimme a second… umm… okay. So we are headed northwest towards… uh oh.”


“Melody Island.”

“Melody Island?” Snotlout repeated. “Somebody had a death wish.”

“Does everyone have their dragon earplugs?”

“We don’t,” Dagur and Heather said. “We’ve never been to Melody Island.”

“Don’t worry I brought extras,” Fishlegs handed three pair over.

“Thanks, Fishface! You the viking.”

Fishlegs shrugged pleasantly. “I always come prepared.”

Dagur tossed a set to Heather and stuffed the plugs in Sleuther’s ears. The Triple Stryke went crosseyed for a second but shook it off.

“Shattermaster! Here boy!”

 “So whose going to put earplugs in her face?” Snotlout pointed to Ebony.

“Viking Bludgeon Yakhide!” Ruff and Tuff chanted, pounding their fists on their palms.

“Yakhide beats bludgeon! Yeah!” Ruff shouted, wrapping her hand around Tuff’s fist of a bludgeon.

“Nooo! How do you always beat me?”

“Try doing something other than a bludgeon one of these days and maybe I won’t.”

Fishlegs tossed another set of earplugs Tuffnuts’ way. “It was nice knowing you,”

He leaned towards Heather and Windshear, putting a hand to his mouth “not really though.” He snickered.

“I heard that my passive aggressive pescado of a friend. Eres muy grosero. Ugh. Here, Ebby Ebby Ebby… nice dragon…”

Barf and Belch flew up on her left, but she veered off. They tried again but she did the same thing. She thought it was some kind of game.


This went on for half an hour with no success.


“Would you guys hurry up? We’re almost there!” Hiccup snapped.

“OH. Well why don’t you get off your high and mighty dragon and try it? It’s not as easy as it looks!”

Hiccup set his jaw. He locked Toothless’s tail in glide, took the saddlebag off his back and placed it around Toothless neck.

He then stood up and walked across the dragons back, leapt off, and landed on Ebony’s face.

She stared at him in bewilderment.

“Plugs!” He demanded.

Tuffnut handed them over looking just a little terrified.

Hiccup grabbed one in each hand and shoved them into Ebonys ears. She shook her head and he fell off, right onto Toothless waiting below.

Getting all situated right, saddlebag with the little terror in it back over his shoulders, he turned and glared at Tuffnut.

“Namaste.” Tuffnut bowed. “Teach me your ways, ninja dragon riding sensei.”

“I’ve been trying to do that for eight years!”

“Teach me harder.”

“WHAAAT! That was Beserk! I knew you had it in you brother!” Dagur was thoroughly delighted with the display.

I couldn’t say the same.

“What if she decided to blow off your head?” I growled at my husband.

“I would have let go before she did. And Toothless would have caught me. Funfact, she is about seven.”

“How do you know?”

“The little… errr- floppy things. You know right here,” He stroked the three under Toothless’ jaw. “She has only one.”

Stormfly rawked.

“I’m guessing that’s Melody Island?” Heather pointed.

“Sure is,” Fishlegs answered.

“We should take it from the backside. The bay is perfect for ships and the Deathsong doesn’t seem to patrol it as carefully.” Snotlout spoke up.

“Good idea. Low and slow, riders. Keep quiet, be on guard for the hunters and for that dragon.”

Heather and I reached for our axes. Hiccup held inferno and Fishlegs’ javelin magically reappeared. Dagur and Snotlout brandished their swords and the twins fought with savage whispers over macey. The dragons felt our tension and readied for evasive maneuvers.

Diamond formation, we dropped about three hundred feet and glided over that sandy beach. Ebony and Shattermaster followed close behind.

Fresh bones warned us that our not-so-friendly neighbor had feasted on monstrous nightmare the night before.

Silently we searched. But not a ship, cage, or footprint was to be found. We split off into two groups and circled the island’s shores, meeting on the other side.

At last Hiccup gave the signal to circle.

“Nothing!” the twins shrugged.

“This place is a rip off,” Dagur returned his swords to their sheath. “No hunters, no dragon, I haven’t even heard a single sonnet.”

“Not one note.” Hiccup looked the terrain over carefully. “Where is the Deathsong?”

“Oh, probably picking his teeth with the bones of one of Hookfangs relatives,” Snotlout bristled.

“He’s always singing. Even when he’s full he sings so he can lure dragons in and save them for later.”

Fishlegs eyes grew wide. “Oh no! You don’t think he’s been trapped again do you?? It was hard enough getting him away from Kroger without being eaten! I don’t know if Meatlug can take that kind of pressure again.”

“Let’s check out the nest. With the earplugs our dragons are immune.”

Hiccup lead the way.


We landed and dismounted in the forest, just at the edge of the clearing.

Dagur put a hand on Hiccups’ shoulder. “Ambered dragon at 3 o’clock,” He whispered.

A remorseful smothering smokebreath turned to us with a listless stare and a half-hearted hiss.

Hiccup snuck out into the open. He turned on Inferno and cut through the amber.

Liberated from a cocoon of death, the smokey dragon flew one grateful circle around Hiccup and took off.

“Uh, guys, you might want to take a look at this,” Ruff and Tuff were peaking around the corner.

We did the same.

The usual collection of Nadders, Terrible Terrors and Gronckles lay hapless in the Deathsong’s lair.

“Yes. We’ll set them free while the Deathsong is gone, but he does have a right to eat, too.”

“He isn’t gone,” Tuffnut pointed.

Our eyes followed to a morbid scene.

The long tail of the Deathsong lay still, trailing up to a pile of gigantic boulders and disappearing underneath. His wingtips, though they had obviously been spread at full length just barely showed between the rocks.

It was dead.

We circled the rocks. Our dragons who had made previous acquaintance of this unpleasant fellow held back, but Shattermaster, Sleuther, and Ebony were curious.

Ebony pranced right up and sniffed the tail. She swat at it, playfully.

Toothless hurried over and slapped Ebony’s paw for being so disrespectful. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

“What in the Archipelago?” Hiccup ran his fingers through his hair in distress.

“A freak accident?” Fishlegs asked, staring up at the cliffs above.

“This happened this morning,” I said.

“That’s too weird, and I know weird.” Dagur joined us.

“You know our cousin Weird? When did you guys meet? And where? Did you invite him to Beserker Island before inviting us??”

“Okay, okay,” Hiccup shut his eyes and ignored the twins, just trying to follow his train of thought. “Snotlout, do you have any Monstrous gel?”


“Good. If you and Hookfang would take that group of dragons and set them free, I’ll take this group,” He sectioned the trapped animals off.

“On it,” Snotlout said. Hookfang lit himself on fire.

“Fishlegs, could you and the others go out and… and get some more rocks and dirt? He deserves a proper burial.”

“Of course Hiccup.”

They took off.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

He turned to me. “I want you to find where this rockslide started. If anything seems out of place, have Stormfly signal.”


Stormfly and I flew up along the cliffside.

First, Toothless goes on a destructive rampage. Then of all creatures we find a Nightfury, who incidentally is protecting a courier Terror, who’s been savagely attacked. Now, after following his scent all the way back to Melody Island, we are faced with the mighty Deathsong, dead under a pile of rocks. A freak accident? It didn’t seem possible.

I couldn’t shake the feeling something sinister was happening in the archipelago.

Stormfly felt my uneasiness. She looked back, concerned.

“Maybe the Deathsong lured in more than he could chew,” I suggested. “Like some Quakens. Or maybe he lured in some Gronckles and the Quakens came to rescue them.”

My Nadder blinked, confused.

Pebbles fell off the ledge above.

“There girl! That’s where the slide began.”

We landed very tenderly on the unstable cliffside. A huge, gaping hole clearly marked where the boulder had been.

Nothing seemed out of place at first glance. Stormfly sniffed the air.

“You got something?”

My Nadder walked on twinkle toes, loose gravel sliding through the cracks beneath her feet, rocks and boulders threatening to give way. We stopped at the edge of where the boulder once stood. She smelled the spot for a good five minutes, but I couldn’t see anything.

We returned to find Hiccup and Toothless had released all their dragons and were helping Snotlout and Hookfang out with theirs. Ebony was very helpful as she followed gnawing on the amber.

“Find anything?” Hiccup asked, carefully prying out a Gronckle.


“Just another wild goose chase.” Snotlout ran with Hookfang as they lit the monstrous nightmare gel.

“I think that’s it,” The chief looked around, two liberated dragons taking to the sky.

The boulder patrol returned.



We buried what was left of the Deathsong. Ruff and Tuff brought out a chisel and hammer and got to work on one of the stones, Fishlegs and Heather gathered flowers.

“Okay, we’re ready,” The twins brought forward the headstone.

“Go ahead,” Hiccup gestured.

“O sweet >sniff< sweet…. whaaa I can’t do it!” Tuff bawled. “Ruffnut take over. Your voice and pitch are perfect for this.”

“Okay. Hmm! Hm hm,” Ruffnut cleared her throat. “The Ballad of a Deathsong, as directed by Tuffnut Thorston. O sweet song of death, you have yourself been called. O Sweet sweet song of death, at last you are now cold. Though savage and cruel and a riddle of fear, we’ll always mourn that you are not here. The havoc and mayhem you wrought was great, may Loki greet you in your fate. O sweet sweet song of death, your sonnet no dragon shall hear, until you meet in Valhalla once more. Copyright Tuffnut Thorston. All rights reserved.”

Tuff sniffled. “Beautiful.”

“It’s not going to be cool meeting him in Valhalla.” Ruff thought.

“Well think of all the dragons he ate that are just waiting for him to come up.”

“That doesn’t sound like Valhalla at all.”

“Hmm. Your right. I doubt Loki would be there, too.”

Fishlegs set his bouquet on the mound of rocks, tearing up. Heather set her flowers down with his.

Dagur walked up with the last boulder he’d brought and set it down. “Yo Deathsong, my man- or dragon. I never meet you but heard plenty. You were bold! Daring! Devious! Confident in yourself! My deranged side tips his hat. I’m just happy that you lived a filling life. Dagur out.”

“Deathsong. Me and Hookie here. Just wanted to say even though I hated your guts I’m sorry your dead. And… I’m sorry I thought of attacking you when I saw you ate one of Hookfangs cousins.”

Hookfang wasn’t sorry. He snorted, head held high and indignant as he walked away from the pile of rocks.

Stormfly nudged me. She had something in her mouth, so I held out my hand and she placed a slobbery rock in it.

My turn.

“Deathsong, thanks for taking Garf under your wing, even when you knew his song was different.”

I set the rock down.


Hiccup came up and held my hand. He didn’t say anything for a long time.

“You didn’t have an easy life but you made it a good one. You were strong and courageous, yet you showed kindness even against your very nature. We will never forget it.”

We stood, a usually rowdy bunch of savage Norsemen in rare silence.

Ebony watched the whole display from afar. As we stood she got up and hurried around, collecting stuff off the ground in her mouth. Sidling up to us and Toothless, looking a little uncertain, she opened her mouth and poured rocks and dirt onto the grave. Hiccup reached out and pat her head.

“So, are we assuming the Deathsong is our Terrible Terror’s antagonist?” Snotlout asked.

“Not by a long shot. He was burned, not ambered. I suspect he turned to Deathsong Island to deter his assailant.”

“Okay! Onward then!” Dagur turned to Shattermaster. “You’re turn!”

Everyone followed his lead.

Hiccup opened the saddlebag and let Stormfly get the scent again. The Terror lay motionless, so he checked for a heartbeat.

“Well?” I joined him.

“Still beating, the little trooper. If he can just go into a healing sleep I think he’s got a chance.”


Stormfly stomped, urging me to get on.

“What is your plan?”

“Backtrack and find the persons responsible for this guys’ injuries,” He answered without looking. “And something just doesn’t feel right about what happened here. You and I both know the Deathsong is most vulnerable in the morning.”

“Yes. Garf can’t fly until his wings have warmed up in the sun. That looks like what happened here.”

“It’s weird enough that it happened. It’s downright suspicious that it happened today, the only day we’ve been back for years.”

“That’s 364 by 24 multiplied by 3 and added to a chance of 1 in 10,000, equaling a chance of one in 36,208. Unless you multiply the chances of both instances instead of adding then it would be 262,080,000. Not good odds but possible, people win the lottery every year my friends.” Tuff eves-dropped into our conversation. I grabbed him by the ear and threw him aside.

“You see my point.” Hiccup continued, un-phased.

“I do. And I agree. I’m just saying we do have other things to worry about, like why we left Berk.”

“To apologize for acts Toothless probably didn’t even do? It can wait. The Bog Burglars are taken care of and I doubt anyone else would dream of attacking a village armed with dragons.”


As we moved out I thought about what Hiccup said. It surprised me. Since Drago and the Bewilderbeast Hiccup had become a different person. A responsible person. And important person. A leader and Chief. But at what cost? His whole life had been dragons before that, now his whole life was people. I hoped our trip would rekindle his old spirit but I didn’t expect it to take over.

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*sniff sniff* poor deathsong. let the song of death forever be sung by his deathsong fellows

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Should old acquaintance be forgot...

Yes let them, and every dragon that their song attracts :'3

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Aw, poor Death Song... :'(  I hope we find out who started the rock slide soon so that they can get punished. Preferably by Ruff and Tuff.

(I loved Tuff in this chapter, he's just like he is in the series! The eulogy that he wrote was great. ^^ You know, no one ever mentions the fact that Tuff knows several phrases in different languages and has knowledge way beyond what he should.)

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Mmm here's a thought

Perhaps Loki (Marvel Loki) when he snatched the glowy cube and disappeared in End Game during Avengers scene went back and told Tuffnut everything he had learned up to 2012 xD


Haha but really I think they just wanted to have fun and joke around with his character- and Ruffs. One of my favorite lines from the show was about social medecine


Thanks for commenting! By the way, did you finish 3Below?

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*Beep* Subject deleted.

Gasp, of course! Ruff and Tuff are Loki's biggest followers, so it only makes sense that he gives them knowledge unknown to the rest of the Archipelago! Ha, seriously, I love those two! ^^ They get some of the best lines.


Yes, I did! Now I'm waiting with bated breath for Wizards... What did you think of it? I enjoyed it, but it made me probably-way-too-excited-but-oh-well for Wizards. Also, Krel is still the best character. (Archie is pretty great too, considering he's only had a few lines so far. Meow.)

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A troll, Arcadian, and wizard walked into a small town...

And it blew up xD


I guess now we know what that guy at the diner is (sorry can't remember his name again!)

A wizard! and Archie must belong to him

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coulda sworn i already

coulda sworn i already tracked this but i guess not. but im here now and aint leaving yeehaw


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Hey Zesty!

Hi and welcome! You are probably remembering the second reboot of this story, which I discontinued because the thread appeared to be glitched somehow :/


Anywho, glad to see you here! I hope to get to the never before posted chapters soon ^^

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Chapter 11



Chapter Eleven



Offspring of Lightning and Death





We flew for miles and miles, Stormfly hot on the trail of our unfortunate Terror.


No one was in a very good mood. The dragons were getting tired and the day was growing old.

Barf and Belch banged heads, both fighting for the lead.

“Cut it out you guys! Only we are allowed to fight like that!” Ruff snapped, re-adjusting her helmet.

“Yeah do you have any idea how much it hurts us when you two argue? Have some consideration!”

Behind us Sleuther and Ebony were having it out. Sleuther was always a little aloof from the rest of the dragons, but he especially couldn’t stand Ebony’s undignified, obnoxious behavior, and she was loving it. A chomp on his tails was the last straw.

“Whoa! No no no you know your better than that,” Dagur sat atop Shattermaster and worked to cool his hot-headed Triple Stryke.

Sleuther growled.

“Who’s the bigger dragon? Huh? Who?”

He literally crossed his claws and looked away.

“AAAAHH Hookfang!” Snotlout roared as his beast combusted, just for the fun of frying his rider. They swung a hard right into Windshear. Thinking the Monstrous Nightmare was lashing out, she spooked and spat a fireball. It didn’t hit him but it came awfully close to Meatlug and Fishlegs.

“Sorry!” Snotlout yelled as they flew around in a zig zagging battle of the wills.

“Easy, girl, easy!” Heather soothed, “it’s okay. Those two are just being mutton heads,” She glared viciously at Snotlout. “When are you going to get a grip on controlling your dragon?”

“What?? I apologized after YOUR dragon tried to shoot us and you are calling us out??” The Jorgenson blew his top.

“She almost hit Fishlegs and Meatlug because of you!”

Windshear hissed at Hookfang and he snarled back.

“It’s not my fault that your dragon has horrible aim.”

And this is the part where Snotlout gets roasted, I thought to myself, looking back in the saddle.

Heather clenched her fists. “I’ll show you horrible aim. Windshear!”

“Come on guys, who knows how much further it is? We’ve got to conserve ours and the dragons’ energy.” Hiccup yelled over the brawlers. They didn’t hear.

I waited for him to look my way.


“What do you think?” I asked, arms crossed.

“We can’t stop. Not now, we’ll lose the scent.”

“Stormfly can pick it up in the morning just as well as she’s following it now.”

I could tell he wanted to argue that the scent could be blown away if we got a storm… but there was little point in flying tired dragons into a gale anyway and he knew it.

“Alright, alright.” He slowed Toothless.

“Hey, guys,” Hiccup flew between the hotheads who were now brandishing double axes and swords. “Lets not tire the dragons out any more than they already are, or make them any more crabby. We’ll find an island and make camp. It’s been a long day for everyone.”

“You can say that again,” Fishlegs and Dagur both looked down to their sputtering Gronckles.

“Shattermaster you’re getting fat. I only rode you half a day.”




Storm clouds mushroomed on the northern horizon as the sun kissed the western sea. An icy wind blasted, creeping into the warmest of our fur clothes while snow flurries stung our faces.

It was going to be a cold night.


Fishlegs pointed us to a tiny little island. Likely a dormant offshoot of one of the bigger volcanic islands, each year it grew a little smaller. It would be nothing but a shoal within a decade. Despite its size it made for good shelter, there were no natives, and best of all, no seagulls.


The moment we landed Shattermaster and Meatlug went on an eating spree. Volcanic rock is rich in healthy minerals that Gronckles rarely find anywhere else.

The twins dug a pit for the fire. Dagur went to see if the dry wood we stored in previous years was still usable. The rest of us pulled out the yakhides and set them up as a canopy. It wouldn’t stop the wind but at least we could stay dry. Fishlegs and Heather took the pot out to a spring of fresh water, chattering the whole way.

“Feels like snow,” Dagur commented, arms full of wood. Sleuther followed behind with a much bigger load in his claws, and another wrapped in his tails. They built a wall along the northern side of the shelter to help block the wind.

A gust whipped through camp, loosening the canopy in two places. We would have lost the yakhides except Toothless grabbed them by a corner. Hiccup tossed me some rope and we worked to get it back down again.

A third corner came loose. This time Ebony was there to catch it.

“Thanks guys,” Hiccup hurried to tie it down.

“She’s warming up to him,” I yelled over the howling wind. Ebony glanced back and forth between us and Toothless.

“I know!” Hiccup beamed. “Maybe she just had to get to know him.”


Thunder cracked and roared above us and the two Gronckles came squealing back to their people.

The water crew returned and we all huddled under the shelter.  

“Brrrr!” Ruff shivered. “First night of fall. See ya, summer.”

“Great idea heating the water.” Snotlout quenched his thirst. “tastes awful, but feels good.”

“That was Heather.” Fishlegs gave credit where credit was due. “Something about cleaning bad stuff out of it.”

“It’s true,” Heather nodded enthusiastically. “I’ve studied this. Vikings and dragons that drink water that has been boiled are safer from diseases.”

Tuffnut nodded in approval. “Ah yes the poison pixy. Long said to haunt food and water, striking down the strongest of Vikings without warning. I gave her a name. Microscopic Bacterial Enzyme. Enzy for short.”

“Told ya sis. You’re talking magic,” Dagur twirled his cup around.

Wind howled through the shelter. Hiccup had wrapped himself in a fur blanket, teeth chattering. He reached a hand out and dipped his mug into the pot of boiling water before glancing over his shoulder. Toothless and the other dragons were playing with a mouse they’d found. He smirked.

“Fishlegs you still have that javelin?” Dagur leaned back against Sleuther.

“Hugh err what?” Ingerman glanced nervously around. “What javelin, Dagur?”

“The one you were planning to throw at some dragon hunters earlier? I need it to roast my salmon.”

Reluctantly Fishlegs handed the spear over.

“Thanks. Anyone else want to roast their dinner?”

Perch, cod, and arctic char were added to the javelin.

“When did you get that, Fishlegs? Ruff demanded.

“And a more appropriate question, why did you hide it from all of us?” Tuff added, standing over with hands on his hips. “Aside from the chance we’d steal it from you that’s just a given because it’s beautiful and vicious and you know how we feel about that.”

“I didn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. I don’t ever want to use it, but a Vikings gotta be able to defend himself, and his dragon.” He hugged Meatlug.

“But you were going to spear people with it today,”

“No, the goal was to look terrifying, not be terrifying. I’m a pacifist at heart, but I will defend innocent dragons.”

“You might be a pacifist but your Berserker side sure isn’t and he wanted to do some damage. I could tell.” Tuff argued.

There was a commotion with the dragons. Ebony came up to Hiccup and put something in his lap.

“Ugh, lovely,” he said. It was the mouse they’d been playing with earlier only it looked like it had accidently been stepped on. “Thanks.”

She put her paw on it and slapped twice.

“Sorry, Ebony, but I can’t make him better.” Hiccup picked the deceased rodent up by the tail and gave it back to her.

Sadly, she took it to Stormfly… who promptly ate it.

Another blast of wind brought us closer to the fire.

“You’d think, surrounded by dragons, it would be impossible to get cold,” Snotlout growled, raising an eyebrow at Hookfang. The Nightmare ignored him.

Dagur snorted. “Tuff it out Snotman.”

“His ride has heated seats,” Ruff smirked. “So he doesn’t acclimate like the rest of us do.”

Toothless was demonstrating to Sleuther his retractable teeth. The Triple Stryke watched, mesmerized, as he retracted and revealed them over and over. Once in a while, when Toothless would retract, Sleuther would duck his head and look under the Nightfury’s chin, thinking maybe that’s where they went.

Hiccup picked up his tea and took a swig. “Ahhhh,” He said, relaxing as he downed the whole cup.

“How’s the little guy?” Heather turned to him.

He opened the saddlebag at his side.

“Sleeping. Very heavily.” His countenance softened. “You know guys, I think he’s going to make it.”


“What a fighter!”

“Oh, I’m so glad I was so worried!”


I leaned across Hiccup and pet the little body. He was warmer now, and the scales were sealing themselves. The healing process was underway.

“What should we call him?” Ruff asked. “I’m sure he’s got a name since he’s a courier, but we gotta call him something other than little guy or terror.”

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Tuff spouted.

“I was thinking of Trooper.” Hiccup admitted. “It seems fitting. Any objections?”

Everyone agreed. There couldn’t be a more fitting name than Trooper for this guy.

Dagur finished the fish and handed them out.

“Dagur,” Ruff stuffed her mouth. “You are a cooking, killing machine. Mala is lucky to have a guy like you.”

“Thanks. Here’s your javelin back, Fishman.”

Dagur tossed the spear. Another blast came through and flung it off course and outside. Meatlug hurried out to fetch it back, braving the thunder and lightning.

Stowing away the javelin Fishlegs heaved a sigh. “There’s no way Stormfly will be able to pick up Trooper’s scent again. Not with this wind and rain.”

“Are we calling off the hunt?”

All eyes turned to the leader.

“Fishlegs is right.” Hiccup agreed, rubbing his eyes wearily. “There won’t be a trail to follow by morning. We’ll have to give it up.”

“We should have pressed on,” Snotlout punched his fist. “I feel so selfish for arguing right now.”

“Me too,” Heather confessed, blushing.

“Don’t sweat it guys, we had to take a break. I’ve been in situations where I and my men were exhausted and we came across our enemy. It’s not a good combination.”

They got to talking about Dagurs deranged days.

Hiccup quietly excused himself.

“I better hit the sack,” he said, only half awake.

“Mmm,” I gave him a peck. “Don’t snore too loud.”

“I don’t snore… do I?”

“You do. And you could rival a hot burple.”

“Well, at least I inherited something from my dad.” He grinned.

Ugh. Guys.


Toothless abandoned the fun and games and hurried to curl up beside his boy, putting his forepaw out for Hiccup to rest his head on. Opening a wing, he used it as a windbreaker.

It didn’t take long for the rest of us to turn in.

Stormfly scratched out a spot for herself and got comfortable. She bruxed and bobbed her head to me, holding out a sheltering wing.

Hookfang ignited, heating the ground around him and Snotlout. Barf and Belch wrapped their necks around the twins. Meatlug cuddled close to Fishlegs, Heather leaned against Windshear.

Pushing Shattermaster toward Sleuther Dagur sandwiched himself between the two. Sleuther seemed a little uncomfortable about it at first, but after a while he wrapped his tails around both of them- poison tips pointed away of course.

Every Viking had their dragon, and every dragon had their Viking.


Just as tired as everyone else, Ebony meandered from person to person. She glanced over at Dagur. Sleuther opened an arbitrating eye and raised the tips of his tails.

She went over to Snotlout and Hookfang.

“Oof! Ow!” The Jorgenson sucked in a breath when she kneaded him with her paws, purring loudly. He took it, all the way up until she decided to sprawl herself across his body.

“G-et- Off!” he choked, slapping her side. “C-an’t- breathe!”

Blissfully ignorant she rested her head on his face.

Hookfang raised his head and yawned, staring down at the dragon smothering Snotlout.

Finally he rolled her away. She tried to come back but the monstrous nightmare gave her a warning snap. So she repeated her personal bubble crushing ritual with both the twins, Heather, and Fishlegs.

About two hours later Stormfly and I started at a wildly loud clang. It was loud even for a howling windy night. We looked around. Toothless was ignoring the sound and Hiccup was sleeping like a rock. Everyone else rolled over in their blankets.


Poor thing, since no one was willing to put up with her antics she decided there was only one warm place left. All curled up in a tight ball, she sat inside the fire pit. The pot and spit lay where she had shoved them aside to make room for her chubby body. Now she looked up at me with those huge yellow eyes.

I lay back down. Offspring of lightning and death in my eye. Dorky dragon.

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Chapter Twelve



Chapter Twelve



Neighbors in Need



The next morning was depressingly cold and dreary. Rain water dripped from the saturated yak hides above us. Breathing out, I watched the steam from my mouth billow up just the same way smoke would from Stormfly.

She yawned and stood, shaking the water off her scales.

I rose and stretched my chilled body. It wasn’t pitch black anymore, but it was still pretty dark. About twenty minutes to sunrise.


“Morning,” Heather whispered, prodding Ebony with a stick.

I greeted the only other early bird in the gang. “Morning. What are you doing?”

“Trying to get her off the firepit so we can start a fire. But she just keeps sleeping,”

Ebony snored, happy as a clam.

“Windshear, do you mind?”

The Razorwhip snaked her head under the canopy, wrapped her jaws very gently around Ebony and picked her up. The black dragon murffed, stretched lazily but didn’t bother to open her eyes even as Windshear dragged her across the tent and out into the elements.



Meatlug and Shattermaster were soon by our sides. They loved to play together. I looked at our supplies of fish.

“Low,” I muttered, “Alright you two, before the fun and games begin we gotta have some breakfast. Be good little Gronckles and get us some fish?” I said sweetly.

Stormfly mimicked me, rawking a few condescending notes of her own. The gronckles glared and turned away, tails up. She bristled.

I couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll handle this Stormfly.”

“Okay guys, who’s a good Gronckle? Who? Who? Is it you, Meatlug? Are you such a good girl? Yes you are!”

Unable to resist the urge to please both dragons turned back to me, tails wagging.

“That’s right! Shattermaster, your such a good boy! Alright, get some fish guys and you can play!”

They spun around in excited circles and took off sideways, making dizzy patterns in the sky.


Bored, the dragons milled about in search of food. Eventually each Viking came to the conclusion that their rain-wet blankets were more uncomfortable than the crisp morning air, each that is but Hiccup who kept sleeping. Being the loyal dragon that Toothless was he couldn’t leave Hiccups’ side yet he was anxious to see what the others were getting up to. He gently patted his boy’s face, then chewed on Hiccups’ hair, waging his tail in anticipation.

“Ok I’m up, I’m up…”

Hiccup groaned, hair a wreak and looking generally miserable.

“Morning, sunshine,” I smiled. Toothless bounced around him joyfully.

“I thought getting some rest would help me feel better.” He held his head.

“You look like you just crawled out of Nifheimoehel.” Ruff blurted.

He shivered, throwing aside his blankets and stealing over to the fire. “My head is killing me and I’m soaking wet. That rain was so awful, it’s going to take hours for the blankets to dry out.”

“If they dry out. Poor widdo Hiccup, he’s gowing to fweeze to deaf.”

Hiccup shot Snotlout a dirty look. “What happened to Ebony?” He glanced over the Jorgenson’s shoulder at the Nightfury; on her back with legs outstretched, snoring.

“This is an improvement. When we woke up she was sleeping in the firepit.” Heather said.

Together the dragons lifted their heads and looked to the south.

“Sh-sh-sh!” Snotlout said.

Everyone strained their ears.

The eerie scream of a Scauldron echoed across the water.

“Where there’s one there’s always more,” Ruff quipped.

“Where’s my Meatlug?”


“Now guys, don’t get excited.” I tried to calm the boys down. “I sent them out fishing this morning, but they’re smart enough not to tangle with-”

A strange hissing sound told us the Scauldron had fired, and it was promptly followed by a gronckle’s blast.

“-Scauldrons.” I moaned. Stormfly glared at me.

“OoOH!” Fishlegs cried, leaping to his feet.

“Great we get to go through this all over again.” Snotlout growled.

Quick as a flash Dagur mounted Sleuther. He reached down and offered Fishlegs a ride. Hiccup jumped on Toothless, but as I hopped on Stormfly the hum of Gronckles’ wings met our ears.

“Shattermaster!” Dagur put a fist in the air. “Vanquish those Scauldrons! Yeah!”

“Meatlug!” Fishlegs gasped in relief. “You’re okay!” He put his hands on his hips. “What would you go and bother a pod of Scauldrons for? You know better!”

Meatlug and Shattermaster hurried to us. They grunted, very upset. Meatlug rushed to Fishlegs, but instead of giving him her usual hug she opened her mouth wide. All manner of fish fell out, along with…

“Another Terror!” We all cried. Fishlegs picked it up.

This one had not been as fortunate as Trooper.

“At least he’s not in any pain,” Heather said, her compassionate heart pricked.

“Hey he was a courier too,” Snotlout pointed to its’ leg. “And the message is still attached!”

Hiccup dismounted Toothless to join Fishlegs. Gently he removed the message from lifeless creature.

“Let’s see if there’s a clue in here about who did this to you.”

He opened it.

 “It’s from the Defenders of the Wing… to us! Listen…


‘To the Riders of Berk, of Dragons Edge, to be forwarded to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, Chieftain of Berk of the Hairy Hooligans.


I am Mala, Queen of the Defenders of the Wing. Greetings to you from the Defenders of the Wing!

It is with urgency that I request your presence. The dragons of our Island, that we have observed are in some sort of peril. Indeed, those left are becoming few in number and erratic in behavior. We have searched in vain for a cause, and I believe that better results could be achieved on the backs of dragons. If it pleases you, and if it can be done in haste, send the Riders of the Edge who know our waters and our customs. If you are able send word to Dagur, Cheiftan of the Berserker tribes, for as of yet I have been unable to contact him about this issue.

We will be ever in your debt.


Health and Prosperity to you and your tribe.

Stoker, the Courier, deserves the very best of care and I am sure he will receive it in your hands.


That sinking feeling I had on Deathsong Island returned. Something was happening in the Archipelago, and it wasn’t good.

All eyes turned to Dagur.


“Dagur you should be answering your wife’s terror mails!”

“I didn’t know she was sending them! I get tons of terror junkmail everyday. Trader Olga’s blister ointment. Trader Garret’s fly repellent. Hers must have gotten lost in the rest of it.”

“What are we standing around talking about terror mail for?” Snotlout and Hookfang snorted. “We’ve got a real lead. Let’s go!”

Dagur mounted up on Sleuther, a new urgency to his step. “Snothat’s right I don’t want to waste another minute here. If the dragons are in trouble the Defenders might be. And if the defenders are then Mala certainly is.”

“There’s nothing I would rather do, guys. We’ll pack up camp as quickly as possible but first things first.”


We said our last goodbyes to the second dragon that week.


I had a hard time properly synching Stormfly’s saddle as we got ready, but I blamed it on the cold weather instead of my nerves.

“Something between us and the Defenders did this,” Fishlegs stated, crushing a rock in his palm before feeding it to Meatlug.

Hiccup put a hand to his head.

“Hey, are you ok?” I studied my husband. He did seem kind of pale.

He shook it off. “I’m fine. Its just a nasty head ache.”

I put my hands on my hips. “And you would tell me if you felt you were coming down with something, right?”

He immediately changed the subject. “Gang,” Hiccup addressed everyone. “We ride to Caldera Cay. And Odin willing we meet up with the people responsible for this!”

The dragons all snarled and spread their wings.

“Somebody wake up Ebony!”

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a nasty headache... hmmm.


>>>is the injured terror Hotshot? and, this is a complete guess, is the person at the start of the story, the one with Hotshot, Garf? Or was it Gorf? i have terrible memory XD<<<

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Encryption B-)

Hmmmm indeed xD



>>> No, it's not Gorf at the beginning of the story with Hotshot... Gorf is just a very random chacter and viking that I have, who appears and disappears whenever I need him ^^. Also the injured terror is not Hotshot, but that was a really good guess!<<<