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Hello guys! I'm xXReynaXx. I'm currently looking for clan. I'm very active, usually online for a couple hours a day unless something comes up. I'm looking for an active and supportive clan that can help me get better. c:


I really like to play Fireball Frenzy, and I'm pretty good at it. I only seem to lose about 1/20 of the time, from what I've recorded. I'm really social online, but I have lots of trouble talking to people in real life. I'd love to join a clan where I can meet lots of new people and make some friends. I have around 600 trophies right now, but lately I have the funds and resources to gain about 100 trophies a day. I also have 2 dragons, a Nadder and a Monstrous Nightmare. Currently I am in Vertex Infernus, but I don't really know anybody in the clan very well, which makes it sorta awkward for me. I'd like to make a few friends in a clan before I switch so I'm not in a group of strangers.


if you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask! :D


Viking: xXReynaXx

Dragons: Umbra ~ Female ~ Deadly Nadder

Vulcan ~ Male ~ Monstrous Nightmare

Rei ~ Female ~ Skrill

Bane ~ Male ~ Rumblehorn 

Bahari ~ Male ~ Scauldron 

Echo ~ Male ~ Thunderdrum 

Aurora ~ Female ~ Flightmare 

Reptar ~ Male ~ Hobblegrunt 

Haze ~ Male ~ Smothering Smokebreath

Soril ~ Female ~ Typhoomerang

Necromancer ~ Male ~ Boneknapper

Omega ~ Male ~ Stormcutter

Snoot ~ Male ~ Speed Stinger

Elliott ~ Male ~ Sand Wraith

Sol & Lux (Sollux) ~ Male ~ Hideous Zippleback

Clan: Dragos Army

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Hi there:) Nice to meet

Hi there:) Nice to meet you!

Fearless here:)

If you want I can help you with anything I can^_^


"Don't waste your time or time will waste you."

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The Phantom Shadows

You are more then welcome to come to The Phantom Shadows clan.  If you are interested in joining us, please pm me your viking friend's code.  Then I will get you into one of our clans..


Here is some links about us:



This video does not belong to me, but a big cheater in this game made this - teaching others how to cheat to win a tournament.  This is a copy of the original, but edited to take what is not appropriate for others to hear.    Stop dummies playing

Related image Image result for standing alone for what is right


Phantoms are now on discord


Not associated with the Phantom Knightz clan, it belongs to adad


Retired from tournaments - Last tournament ride 2018



Fallen Viking - Might Wind Rider (Got hacked by a hacker)

Forever gone 2/07/14 - 1/16/2015

The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers

A tribute to Hiccup of HTTYD, who would never have achieved anything if he'd obeyed the unjust authority figures in his life. If he'd 'stayed put' like he was commanded at the beginning of the story by his father/Gobber, he would never have met Toothless, and would've probably been killed in dragon training. Instead he refuses to obey- he runs from the ideals of his father and what it means to be a 'traditional Viking', and ends up changing an entire society's outlook in the process. To the Phantoms watching this who are losing hope that we can change the fate of SoD, remember that "running is a victory"- even taking the smallest stand against authority (like sneaking out the back door in Hiccup's case) can have powerful, unforeseen consequences. We have to keep fighting, even if we can't see the end of the road right now.  Roar Phantoms!     by Art

Image result for standing alone for what is right

by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

Above Made by Blossom - (used Might Wind Rider as model).  Below made by Stworzydlak

by NightFuryLover Thank you NightFuryLover 

made by Orcawave101

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from Buffert

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Hello! My name is Ellie :)


I'm from Wings Of Royalty, you can check out our forum page:


We are currently hosting The Royal Summer Festival :D



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Wow! I'm very surprised on the amount of responses I got! I'm going to do a little research on each clan before I make my decision. You all seem so nice. :D

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Go wings of royalty!

Join us,Wings of Royalty !

It's the best! trust me


Idk know what to say exept that

this clan is awesome! ^^




(click on my profile pict to see a cool gif and go at the end of my signatureto see my RP character and dragon)

Wolf and Winter




                                            Roleplay character:


Wolf Hofferson:

Viking Name:Wolf Hofferson

Nickname (optional):Wolfy when people tease him



Appearance:messy hair,middle lenght hair,light brown hair,grey blue eyes

leather brown shoes,grey pants,his pauldrons are wolf fur,his top is similar

to the flight suit.


                  _Likes telling jokes

                 _Try to look good in front of people



History (optional):Cousin of Astrid,born to be a warrior.

His flightmare,Firefly,died in the war against Drago.

Extras (optional):_Good with weapons


                           _Likes chemistry

                          _Help Gobber in the forge to make saddles

Dragon Name:Winter

Dragon Breed:Stormcuter

Dragon Gender:Cloudjumper's mate((idk if he's a boy or a girl xD))

Dragon Appearance:


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i think

i honesty think you should join the phantom shadows its a active clan so you can meet lots of new friends and you could also get into the phantom lords and make more new friend and great to meet you and i wish you luck on finding a clan




dragon(s) and Names Main Dragon Whispering Death (GroundSpitter) ZippleBack (Butter and Toast) NightMare (Peril) ThunderDrum (Anemone) Nightfury (WhisperingNight) Whispering death (Glory) whispering death (Fluffy) and Gronkle (Titan Wing) Scauldron (SeaStorm)Typhomerang (SpiralingCave) Skrill (lightningStar)FlightMare NeonStar

BoneKnapper (AshBone)Boneknapper (Squidy) Nightmare (kingScream)

 Currently no clan

 Clan postition nothing

 (I plan to start my own) 



  My lovely bou

ncie nadder Hipster made by the Incredable Rae :) 

Another bouncie made by TildenWolfGirl Another yes another magical bouncie made by  TildenWolfGirl

                                   FlightMare bouncy made by the amazing 1flower


 Dragon(s) Main Dragon Thunder drum (ThunderPhantom) and Nightfury (toothless)

Clan Frozen Stars

Clan Postion Leader 

whispering deaths to me are more pretty than a nadder kinder than a gronkle more fireproof than a nightmare more mysterious than a changewing more amazing then the two headed zippleback more loyal than a stormcutter more fearsome than a skrill and together we are unstopable.

Ground Spitter and RockStarGal

 without eachother we are nothing     amazing whispering death made by Diznits!!!




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Hi there, what do you say if you join The Berk Academy Returned

Hi there, Im the top elder of my clan Berk Academy Returned


If you want to you can join our clan, Berk Academy Returned is a historical clan, and filled with responsible, helpful, active member. You are free to join anytime :)


Info of Berk Academy Returned :

Berk Academy Returned is the repeated clan after the older Berk Academy had been deleted

- our clan is still recruiting and been wishing to have an active skillfull player like you :) 


If you want to join, whats your friend code? :D

Hope you'll volunteer to join the Academy family :)